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Umoja Flyer

Umoja Flyer

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Published by: Peter Gummersbach on May 13, 2011
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UMOJA PROMOTIONS      Promotion of Uganda orphanages forum Promotion of self-help group approach Promotion of child advocacy and

orphans network Promotion of Tree Planting Promotion of Livelihood sustainable skills

DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A FRIEND OF UMOJA? UMOJA sponsorships provide assistance for Ugandan children who become orphans due to HIV / AIDS and related causes. If you want to know more, please provide us with your contact information:

Name Street City Country Phone e-mail Areas of interest i.e. Sponsor, volunteering, donating supplies of equipment, prayer partners, etc.


Mail to Rev. Mike Kaahwa Ateenyi - Director P.O. Box 98, Hoima, Rep. Uganda E-Mail: umojaorphanageuganda@yahoo.com

Let us join hands to do God’s work!
“God will provide: Genesis 22:8”


OUR BACKGROUND UMOJA started in the year 2002 by a local group of Christians who felt a need to support those affected by the rampant HIV / AIDS problem in the community. They wanted to mobilize the community to care for children left to elderly caregivers, unattended children and child-headed households. Their coverage now extends to Karujubu Sub-County, Masindi and Hoima Districts. PAST ACHIEVEMENTS UMOJ’s current and past activities have focused mainly on community outreach, helping households and guardians to provide for their families and enabling children to have access to education....

 

Provision of pastoral care and counseling to people living with HIV / AIDS. Progressive Primary School received 10 iron sheets to replace classroom roof plus other classroom furniture i.e. tables, chairs, etc.

UMOJA FUTURE PLANS  Recruit outreach volunteers to provide counseling and home-based care and training services to households.  Purchase [and to build childcare and training Centre and a kindergarten thereby providing children with care and access to education, as well as a venue for training community members in skills i.e. Functional Adult Literacy, income generating activities, etc. Initiate projects on site such as tree planting, poultry, goat and pig projects to maintain the Centre, Provision school fees to 50 pupils in secondary schools. Fees for 10 students doing vocational training in electrical installation, driving school, etc..

UMOJA is an acronym for United Move on joint Action. It is also the Kiswahili word for unity... ...because 'unity is power. WHO ARE WE? UMOJA is a Christian ecumenical NGO working with local communities in Masindi, Hoima and Buliisa Districts in Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom. It aims to promote sustainable development, human dignity, and to bring hope to people living with HIV / AIDS, orphans, and vulnerable children. UMOJA MISSION To reflect God's love by sharing together with those in need, to reduce child suffering and death, and to bring hope to HIV / AIDS victims by preaching the good news about Jesus Christ. VISION To provide care and Relief and bring hope to orphaned children, caregivers, by providing sustainable livelihood development skills, recreation and Bible study to build knowledge of the love of God.

 

Provision of scholastic materials and uniforms to 40 pupils at progressive primary school and other schools in Masindi District Home of orphans and elderly caregivers received donations of blankets, bed sheets, sweaters towels, mosquito nets and food,

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