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Creative at Piano

Creative at Piano

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Published by: Prince Benjamin Amoakwa on May 13, 2011
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You’ve promised yourself you’d get to it. You’ve told

yourself that when the new year rolls around you’d take
piano lessons. So why don’t you?
So many make New Year’s resolutions to play piano yet
never even get to a piano teacher. Why?
You’re not sure about your own talents and abilities. Well,
the good news here is that you don’t have to worry about that.
Not if you learn a chord-based approach to piano playing.

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Many piano teachers make note reading the most impor-
tant part of a student’s beginning curriculum. But note read-
ing is not necessary to make music!
For example, the lesson, “Refections in Water,” (available
quiescencemusic.com) shows you how to improvise and cre-
ate your own music right away using just a few chords! Imag-
ine sitting down at your piano and creating your own unique
music. It’s possible. And it’s a lot more fun than recreating
something written over 200 years ago.
You can play the piano. And it can be quite easy but please
check out a chord-based approach frst. You’ll be amazed at
what just a few chords under your fngers can accomplish.
Te cool thing about learning chords frst is that you can
immediately get involved in the music making process. And
isn’t this what playing piano is all about in the frst place?
Making music?

Actually, creating your own music is easier than learning
how to play what others have written. Why? Because you’re
starting from a diferent place - a place of inspiration and
creativity. It’s a diferent approach to be sure but one that
you’re going to enjoy.
So, why not resolve to learn a chord-based approach to
piano playing this year. Your New Year’s resolution doesn’t
have to fall to the wayside. Just begin and see for yourself
how fun and easy it can be!


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