What is a Social Entrepreneur?

Scott Edward Anderson
founder, the green skeptic: blogging the new green economy advisory board GreenMicrofinance, LLC, and former Ashoka VP

one who organizes. 1. Definition from Merriam-Webster .en · tre · pre · neur n. manages. and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise..


so · cial en · tre · pre · neur n. society’s change agent: pioneer of innovations that benefit humanity.. Definition: Skoll Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship . 1.


“People said I was Crazy…” .

Why Not the Government? .

What if…? .

You Can Be a Social Entrepreneur… .

Resources •ashoka.org •socialedge.org •squidoo.org •schwabfound.org •skollfoundation.com/changemakers •greenskeptic.org •echoinggreen.com •David Bornstein’s How to Change the World •John Elkington/Pamela Hartigan The Power of Unreasonable People •Gregory Dees.blogspot. “The Meaning of Social Entrepreneurship” .org •acumenfund.

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