Gerald D. Jennings MAYOR Philip F. Calderone DEPUTY MAYOR

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 13, 2011 Contact: Bob Van Amburgh 518.434.5100

Mayor Jennings Comments on “Chicken Ordinance” Albany, NY – “After thorough review and evaluation, please be advised that I have elected to veto Ordinance Number 98.121.10 (commonly referred to as the “Chicken Ordinance”). My specific concerns/objections are as follows: The ordinance as written is a piecemeal approach to a broader issue and does not move the City forward in terms of sustainability, as it does not address the core issues of urban agriculture in general. A more comprehensive plan will identify best practices, and include community input that develops a roadmap toward building a truly sustainable Albany. The ordinance also fails to address the financial impact of enforcement during these times of budgetary constraints and is silent on the issue of fines and penalties for violations. Additionally, the ordinance fails to address issues of health, safety and welfare, including: 1. The failure to limit the type of breeds of hens that are permitted within the City. 2. The failure to require an applicant to submit an insect and rodent control plan. 3. The failure to include an anti-slaughtering provision.

I am confident that the Albany 2030 Plan shall present a comprehensive plan that addresses all of the concerns raised above, and will implement a truly sustainable plan that accomplishes the goals articulated by the Common Council, community leaders and all of our citizens.”


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