FIRC Q4 Week Five Agenda May 16 - 20, 2011 FIRC Public Speaking Week 5: Speech #3 Informative Speech Day 1 (180

mins) Mon 5/16 Wed 5/18 Thur 5/19 y Pd. 5 Pd. 7 Pd. 8 12:15-3:10 12:15-3:10 12:15-3:10 y y y Day 3 (45 mins.) Fri 5/20

Speech #3: Informative Speech delivered @ reverse alpha order y Tech Plot Analysis all due day 1 regardless of speaking order y Complete Peer Review Evaluations for each speaker & hand out to each speaker y Complete Peer Delivery SS Evaluations per assignment HW: y Complete Peer Evaluation Summary Form due next class

Meet in Lab 210 Complete video self-evaluation forms, p.30 Review Persuasive Speech Assignment & potential topics

HW: y

HW: y Begin thinking about a topic for your persuasive speech y Read handouts for Persuasive Speech Assignment, evidence, & source citation (pp.55-60) y Read Rules for Writers on intext citations & Works Cited pp.426-430; scan samples; read pp.435-438; scan samples, esp. online (pp.447-451); read p.465 and 474-475

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