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3GPP Rel-7 and Rel-8 White Paper (3G Americas)

3GPP Rel-7 and Rel-8 White Paper (3G Americas)


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Published by Amit Chakradeo

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Published by: Amit Chakradeo on Sep 05, 2008
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Inter-cell-interference randomization aims at randomizing the interfering signal(s), which can be done by
scrambling, applying (pseudo) random scrambling after channel coding/interleaving or by frequency
hopping. Sometimes a spreading is also included. The randomization in general makes the interference
more uniform so that a single strong interfering signal (e.g. generated from a cell edge user) will tend to
have a small/tolerable impact on a large number of users in adjacent cells, rather than a large/destructive
impact on a few number of users in adjacent cells (thus increasing outage).

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