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ote Specification Output Torque 112000 Ibfins/1375 Nm . at 100 psi? bar : m Angle of Travel {adjustable) 180° - 100° (restricted travel versions available) inotes / “oe Saou —} Displaced Volume 4100 ly te navaeepen sh PeD 201 inia294 om? senso Tyner Shane Finish wees TI 1G Fall safe spring return units - clockwise oF counter clockwise 1B Limit switch boxes for openiciose ication - various switches for hazardous areas AP pneumatic positioner - full range of options see pages 17/18 [EL electropneumatic pesitioner - full range of options see pages 15/16 Bi integral solenoid vaive see page 6 [5 stop positioner - full range of options seo pages 13/14 KINETROL i 180° model see page 23/24 El Female drive and mounting details to DIN 3337 and ISO 5211 Bl Geared manual override see page 40 Code identification see page 53 Gi Torque outputs see pages 51/52 See pages 44-46 for English dimensions and dimensions of spring options [I Accessory mount plate for positioners, switch boxes and clear cone monitor. See D149. 1B High Temperature