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Published by: Pedro Henrique Nascimento on May 14, 2011
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Colégio Técnico da UFMG

Pedro Henrique Vieira Nascimento Turma:M2c Data: 13/05/11

A Matter of a Chance
A Matter of a Chance is a book, written by David A. Hill. The book is part of the collection Cambridge English Readers , where several books help students learning English. According the Cambridge, this book is a level 4 of reading difficulty, in other words, a moderately difficult language. The Book This book is a narrative in first person , divided in 17 chapters, told by Paul Morris. Paul and his wife, Jack Morris, was a happy couple, who loved travel to Como, Italy. Both worked together, as marketing managers of a pharmaceutical company, where they met for the first time, in England. Unfortunately, Jack dies when, accidentally, a roof-tile drop down and hit her head, killing her instantly. It took a while, but Paul starts recovery and work again. He moves to Italy, where he gets a new job in Como. Working in this new pharmaceutical company, Paul Morrison meets SandraRovello, a marketing manager either. After a while, they both start to go out, and a relationship starts to grow. Paul is falling love for Sandra and, in the same time, he starts worry about some strange things. The apex is when Paul, secretly see Sandra meeting a stranger old man, who gives her a curious package. Paul raises, with himself, a series of questions like: how can Sandra, who has the same job of him, drives a expensive nice car; what is the strangers phone calls she answers secretly; and what her mysterious parents deals with?

involved in a international crime and a car chase across Europe. like: how a sunny day at home prevents you hit the car. how things flows sometimes. breaks with the regularity of this kind of book. for me. The end. David A. He ponders about a connection between the planet Earth and people. helping students of English. Paul bethink about the expression A Matter of a Chance . . what. Paul puts himself in dangerous situation. The Title At some point of the history. or get late and not be stolen. He considers the life action and luck. and it doesn t have much exciting moments. is a pos itive point for the drama. Opinion As an intermediate level book.Colégio Técnico da UFMG Between the love of Sandra and trying find answers. The unusual story is a little weak. A Matter of a Chance hasa easy and objective language. not so happy. also trying to mix mysterious and suspense. Hill tells through Paul Morrison a fiction history with a little of romance.

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