RLS Model

( Rural Livelihood Systems ± An Indo-Swiss Research Collaboration)

‡ Improve the external conditions and structures of livelihood strategies of the target group ( example : enable access to credit for farmers) ‡ Increase the capacities of target group for pursuing a livelihood strategy ( example : train a women¶s self help group in marketing their products) ‡ Support the target group in developing more efficient livelihood strategies ( example : motivate farmers to switch to bio-organic farming)

RLS Nine Square Mandala
9. Individual Orientation
Vision Hopes Aspirations Fears Self esteem/image Role model

8. Family Orientation
Ancestors Caste, social status Aspirations to leadership,education, job Aspiration to power, wealth, social mobility

7. Collective Orientation
Subsistence agriculture Food Security Religion, traditions State laws, world views Capitalistic values, city, new prosperity


6. Inner Human Space
Integrity, identity Awareness Selfishness, compassion Responsibility Affection Curiosity, courage

5. Family Space
Gender relations Nutrition distribution Health Family Planning Distribution of work load Solidarity

4. Socio-Economic Space
Production relations System of cooperation Community organisation Govt. Institutions Market of goods, land, labour and capital Contractors, industry

Space( living Space)

3. Emotional Base
Memories Attachments Feelings Anxieties Boredom

2. Knowledge & Activity Base
Technology Agricultural patterns Experience , skills Traditional knowledge Labour, crafts, services Modern profession

1. Physical base
Natural Environment (topography, climate) Natural resources Animals Habitat Accumulated wealth

Basis(Found ation)

Individual reality
Inner Reality

Family reality

Community reality
Outer Reality


‡ The nine fields cover nine aspects of people¶s livelihoods. ‡ They are arranged in such a way that moving from left to right is moving from inner to outer realities. ‡ Moving from bottom to top may also be seen as a transition from tradition into future. ‡ The window thus opened should help to examine different ways of asking how a rural livelihood system functions.

BASIX Framework
Industry Conditions

Internal Envt

Obj. of Intv.

Asset Awareness

Demand Condns

Nat. of Intrvn.

Impl. People Orgn.

Design of Entrprs.

Factor Condns . Ability

External Envt.

Institutional Conditions Indian School of Livelihood Promot

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