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Early Mini-Chembuster ballast
Originally, I built this device to use as a ballast for a smaller, 1-pipe Chembuster built in a section of stovepipe. The unit was designed to slide inside one end of the stovepipe. It consists of a mini poshaust,
an orgonite pyramid, a copper pipe (with a quart crystal in one end and a magnet in the other. the quartz xtal has magnetic compression on it, arranged by fastening 3 small neodymium magnets to it with aluminum tape. around the outside of the pipe is wound a coil of insulated copper wire), a cylinder of orgonite, and an EELF - Earth Energy Line Filter (which is a thick disk of orgonite with an hourglass coil and some quartz xtals in it). originally I had the body of the stovepipe connected to the wires from the coils. Sorry the pictures aren't very high resolution :) I have since decided that the device is better without the stovepipe, and I have left the copper wire which formerly attached to the stovepipe as an aerial, about 16" long. still playing with it, but it seems to work best when the copper wire aerial is parallel to the ground. I plan on making a few improvements to the design, and when I release these plans it will be a slightly different device than this, but basically the same concept. The device is connected to ground with a section of heavy copper wire and an iron spike. I have had this device in operation for several moths now, (since fall of 2002, it is April 2003 now) and have recently moved it to a location near my home where there is a natural energy center. It seems to continually draw in the chemfog and dissipate it. Some days it leaves a wide clear band in the sky on one side of it, and on other days it makes a large clear hole. For the first couple of months it was up, it caused a lot of fog, but that seems largely to have passed for the moment. IMO it was drawing in a lot of DOR/etheric ice and breaking it up, and this is what caused so much fog.

The chemtrails still don't generally stick over my house, and it appears to have a similar effect to a Chembuster, but maybe 70% as powerful as my cb was. I am confidant that with the second generation I can bring that up at least as high as my cb was. I have noticed that it responds very well when I have one of my large generators running, it's effect is multiplied. This applies whether or not the generator is targeted at the mini-Chembuster ballast. The chemfog at its worst has not lasted more than two and a half days since I put this device into operation, and instead of burning a hole like my Cloudbusters and chembusters did, it produces an effect that is distributed over a wider area, in my estimation about three times as wide. hahaha a built a ballast to put inside the stovepipe and the decided to hell with the stovepipe :) The next device I make along these lines will probably be lacking the exterior coil around the cylinder of orgonite, and incorporate a mobius coil instead. Also, the radial pipes of the poshaust stage will be copper (I used steel in the one shown above), and a little larger. Still tinkering with it, but I am satisfied at this time that is is worthwhile pursuing it, and kudos to Saso Burja for coming up with the poshaust design, which I incorporated onto the top of this device. Not interested in offering this device for sale at this time, but will post an update to this page when I have finished the second unit. Unit does not function correctly without being grounded or without EELF on base.

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