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What is Orgonomy and Who is Wilhelm Reich? GLOSSARY of Orgonomy terms WHAT IS ORGONE ENERGY? by Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D. ©1962 (update by author July 1999) Wilhelm Reich was a controversial but rational scientist who discovered orgone energy and developed the science of Orgonomy. He was born in 1897 and died in 1957. His scientific work spans the period from the 1920's through the 1950's. He should be likened to many individuals who were ridiculed during their life for their search for truth. It may take years for the knowledge discovered by him to be accepted as it was for Galileo to have the world understand that everything did not revolve around the Earth in space. Orgonomy is the scientific study of orgone energy in organisms, the earth, and the atmosphere as well as outer space. It is best described as a pre-atomic energy. Its natural flow is vital to a healthy individual as well as life on earth. Orgonomy is a science created by Dr. Wilhelm Reich who lived in Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, New York, and finally Rangeley, Maine from 1944-1957 until his death. Orgonomy covers many topics but begins with the theories of neurosis in humans as they are related to the natural flow of life energy being blocked in the body by traumatic experiences in life. Dr. Reich worked closely with Sigmund Freud during this work and the results are written in the books "The Function of the Orgasm - 1927" and "Character Analysis 1933". Vegetative-therapy (Reichian therapy) was developed and created by Dr. Reich in the 1920's to 1930's and it is used in part by many of the current therapies practiced today such as gestalt therapy, bioenergetics, rolfing therapy, and primal scream therapy to name a few. His study of neurosis was applied to the masses in his work "The Mass Psychology of Fascism - 1933", "People in Trouble - 1936" and also in his books titled "The Invasion of Compulsory Sex-Morality - 1931", "The Sexual Revolution- 1935", "The Murder of Christ - 1951" and "Listen Little Man -1948". His work continued in the area of "The Bion Experiments" -- creation of life from inorganic matter. "His work continued with further studies into orgone energy (also known as chi, prana, and other eastern names). Wilhelm Reich performed several scientific experiments that objectified the presence of orgone energy - "The Cancer Biopathy - 1948". Many of his articles were written in journals including "Annals of the Orgone Institute", "International Journal of Sex-Economy and Orgone Research", "Orgone Energy Bulletin", and "Core" (Cosmic Orgone Engineering).......... as well as the book "Ether God and Devil / Cosmic Superimposition - 1951". He created instruments to accumulate orgone energy (orgone accumulators which speeded up natural healing of the body). He experimented with the reaction of orgone energy with nuclear radiation "The Oranur Experiment - 1951" which demonstrated the significant health dangers of low level radiation. He also created instruments that could return self-regulation to weather (the cloud buster) "Contact With Space - 1957". He did research on the source of ufo's energy, and discovered a motor force from orgone energy. He should be remembered most for his work for children. Through the entire period from the 1920's through the 1950s , he advocated for natural child-birth, natural parenting, and for the sexual rights of youth and adults. He went to jail in 1957 because an associate didn't obey an injunction -forbidding the transport of orgone accumulators across state lines --. This court ordered injunction was issued by default. Reich wrote a response via a letter to the Judge at the federal court in Portland, Maine.. Since Reich didn't actually go to court to contest the injunction, a default was isuued allowing the Decree for Injunction to become a formal Injunction as issued by the court. The Decree and the Injunction were initiated and sought for by the FDA (U.S.Food

and Drug Administration). The court trial is a one of a kind with intrigue involving W.R. being prosecuted by his previous lawyer. Correspondence between Wilhelm Reich and the Airforce, the CIA, the FBI, were mentioned and made public during the trial. The court trial 1954-1956 resulted in W.R. being sentenced of 2 years in jail for "criminal contempt of court" and fines levied on W.R. and the Wilhelm Reich Foundation. He died in jail in 1957 a few months before a possible release from prison on parole if W.R. agreed never to work or write about Orgonomy again.. The journals and all his personal effects were never released from the jail authorities to his family members even after being requested. The (FDA) was allowed to burn his books in incinerators in NYC on at least 2 different times; once in the 50's and once in the 60's. His work continues today through the valiant work of a few scientists and individuals world-wide. Pore's web page on the internet gives more info about these and him. Microfilms of most of his written work can be found at some universities in several states of America within library archives. Libraries have an interlibrary loan system that allow his books to become available to most. His estate called the "Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund" is located in Rangeley, Maine at PO Box 687 and they continue to publish his works of writing and operate his home as a museum and the land as environmental exploration area for youths. There is much more about him that is impossible to write here in a short form. I can only suggest to those who would like more information, that you read some of the many books he wrote in his life time. Short Biographies Orgone Energy: A Power Alternative by Paul Rourke 1977 - University student USM The Controversial Life of Wilhelm Reich by Tiffany Schenk Grade 9 Feb 10, 1999 Wilhelm Reich (a short biography) by Joe Ledue © June 1998 - posted Feb 1999 Wilhelm Reich: dalla psicanalisi all'orgonomia by Franco Lucchi ©1997 Wilhelm Reich by Kimberly McGee -- 9th grade -- January 10,1999 More About Pore PORE is an opening through which orgonomy information can flow. Orgonomy is the science of energy ( orgone energy ) in living and non living things that is similar to pre-atomic energy. It includes the biosphere, psychology, the weather, the earth, the solar system, the galaxies, and the universe. We share information on the web that is submitted by all and for all the world. Topics include: articles, bion experiments, book sources, cloudbusting, cosmology, dor, oranur, orgone accumulators, orgone energy, orgonomy groups, research equipment, public forums, therapy, Wilhelm Reich museum, ufo antigravity research, and any other topics related to orgonomy. We also publish and mail our annual journal "Journal of Pore"once a year to those who subscribe to it. Small parts of each issue may appear with our web page articles.

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