1. Mendapatkan IPK 4.00 2. Menjadi salah satu mahasiswa with a good prestation 3. Mendapatkan nilai A dalam setiap mata kuliah 4. Menjadi sportif 5. Spontan 6. Confident 7. Be my self 8. Use my own style 9. Contration on my study 10. Finish on 3.5 years study 11. Find a good job and a good salary 12. Make my family happy and proud of me 13. Continue S2 with my own moneys 14. Study in the others country 15. Make a big house with the nice landscaping 16. Bought a BMW car 17. Be the most honoured person 18. Be everything that I likes 19. Understanding with what I study 20. Make a research about 21. HAVE a time discipline 22. Finish the assignment on time 23. No word of lazy, tired and boring 24. Just focust to what I do and ignored the surrounding 25. Don t leave pray to Allah 26. Believe that my dreams will come true 27. Anything that I will be it s up to me 28. Just ignored what peoples say 29. Do what I thinks I need to do

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