Notes from the Universe

Creating a beautiful New World, one person at a time.

Notes from the Universe

Forward I don’t believe that there is anyone on Planet Earth right now that doesn’t feel that things are much more than just not quite right, nor anything close to what most of us would term as normal. I have the very distinct feeling that the good ‘ol days of ‘normal’ are behind us forever. Life today is out of control, and over the top in almost every way, with many people holding onto their sanity for dear life. This sense of something being very different, whether it’s your perception of time that keeps changing, short-term memory lapses, or extreme feelings of fear, anxiety, depression or even hopelessness for our future, is not unique to you, as people around the globe of every race, culture and religion are feeling the very same thing. This underlying sense of unease and waiting for the next shoe to drop is nearly palpable, and is glaringly evidenced by the recent major uprisings in Egypt, Bahrain, Tunisia and Libya. Last month here in Italy, hundreds of thousands of women from all over Italy traveled to Piazza del Popolo and protested their long on-going struggle for respect and being appreciated for more than just their bodies. In the United States, there is an amazingly fast process of losing both individual freedoms and collective rights, maybe most glaringly evidenced by the enormously supported protests in Madison, Wisconsin. The public union’s efforts towards cooperative negotiations with the staunchly fixed and stubborn Governor Walker, to at the very minimum maintain their collective-bargaining rights, are quickly fading as the Governor pulls every possible trick he can come up with in order to pass his new law without the requirement of the Democratic Senators to be physically present for the vote. And this is happening in the land of the free. Adding fuel to the fire of our collective unease was the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11. And now adding insult to injury is the

Creating a beautiful New World, one person at a time.

Notes from the Universe further potential for global disaster from the damaged nuclear facilities spewing dangerous levels of radiation that will circle the globe. Following on the heels of this, is the allied forces, once again agreeing without allowing time for the proper public support processes to take place, entered into a coordinated US and Western European assault against Libya under the guise of releasing it’s people from it’s ruthless dictator. Is this the beginning of another version of the endless Iraq War we are witnessing? I certainly hope not. With the seemingly non-stop increase in global chaos, tragedy and fear-based news taking it’s toll on the planet and her people, I could not help but feel inspired to find a way to bring the good news out into the open, and hopefully provide a window of opportunity for people to grab hold of, and hopefully jump through. When I sat down and consciously invited direct contact with which I originally believed would be the Pleiadians, my intention was to make myself available for information to come through with what would be in the highest and best interest for all mankind. I truly had no idea or expectations of what would follow, and no one was more surprised than me to find that beings from Alpha Centauri would communicate what they have in this self-directed awakening process of a book that you are about to read. While some of my initial questions were asked from a personal perspective at times, I felt that it was most important to simply ask the first question that was at the top of my mind that morning, and I trust that you will find, that the answers always came back in such a way as to answer the broader issues at hand within the bigger picture in which we all find our selves today. I have been highly intuitive for my entire life, and so it was quite easy for me to close my eyes and start typing as the words streamed into my consciousness field. Some people would call this process automatic writing, however as I am not a big fan of labels, I would prefer to say that I’ve transcribed the following information as I’ve received it from a consciousness outside of my own. It is not important to me whether or not you choose to believe that this information has come directly from beings that reside on another planet or not, as

Creating a beautiful New World, one person at a time.

Without question. I don’t think that anyone can say that there are not big changes we all need to make in order to move in a better direction. and how we manage to move our lives and world from where we presently sit to where we would want it to go.Notes from the Universe I believe that you will find the information will stand on its own merits in its ability to direct each one of us to the task at hand. my only wish is that each one of you will take the time for yourselves and your families. Rebecca Creating a beautiful New World. each one of us stand at humanity’s collective crossroad. . In the vision of creating a beautiful New World together. And In Love. one person at a time. and where it can all begin. is for each one of us to now decide. as this is the only place to start.

when I was fifteen. I have had my fair share of contact with outside or off-planet beings. was that in my own mind I never forgot about it. An older sister was with me at the time. While I have not previously had direct contact from this group of beings. There were more experiences throughout the many years since that first visual contact. . and without any doubt. yet didn’t tell another soul about what we both saw that night. we both saw the same thing. I found that the Alpha Centauri group were more than patient. and with a desire for me to pick up the pace and work harder on the information they feel is of the utmost importance for each of us to fully understand at this time. one person at a time. however this most recent experience of transcribing ‘Notes from the Universe’ has by far been my most favorite. and I experienced my first UFO sighting not far from our summer cottage in the southern part of Wisconsin. Their approach has always been very straight forward. or any other term that you would care to use. It wouldn’t be until ten years later while at a family reunion that we finally talked openly about this shared experience amongst our family members. The most significant was in 1972. ‘Notes from the Universe’. What was even stranger to me than never saying anything to my family members about this experience. or anyone from the Alpha Centauri star system. extremely gracious and very understanding of the minor challenges that I experienced along the way. throughout my life. extraterrestrials.Notes from the Universe Acknowledgements I would like to express my deep gratitude to the group of Alpha Centaurians that answered my invitation to share their knowledge with me in the form of this book. Creating a beautiful New World. yet were completely unable to find a logical explanation for what we saw.

and their simple yet direct analogies to help us more easily grasp what they are trying to get across to us. Thank you to those of you who have shared your knowledge. one person at a time. loving beings who are more than merely interested in seeing us manage to wiggle our way out this mess we’ve so greatly managed to get ourselves into.Notes from the Universe I have enjoyed the Alpha Centauri’s charming ability to engage us through their sense of humor by way of our human vulnerabilities. Rebecca Creating a beautiful New World. In Love. I will continue to offer my writing time and energy to this group of warm hearted. your time and energy with me in putting this first volume of ‘Notes from the Universe’ together. .

Creating a beautiful New World. I really did not have any agenda. I am very encouraged by the information that has been shared with all of us here. It began as a simple daily process that involved my own personal meditation process and preparation to begin writing as they answered my questions. I hope that you will enjoy reading the information and take to heart their prodding us a little more awake with their open and direct questions that they have presented to each of us to ponder at this most challenging. I have not edited any of the information provided here. and hope that you will be as well. one person at a time. but merely asked the question that was most present on my mind that morning.Notes from the Universe Introduction I’ve written this book in the form of an open dialog with the Alpha Centauri. As was requested of me. nor had I organized a list of questions or outline in advance. It is also my heart felt desire that you will feel the strong sense of the loving support and encouragement that I experienced throughout my ‘Notes from the Universe’ discourse. yet inspiring times we live in. . Personally speaking.

It will be of tantamount importance that you describe in detail every thing that we disclose to you in this way. you will have written a new book in this format of a self guided awakening process in which anyone can read and follow. . as we do not go by the individual names that you use on your Planet Earth. I am here along with others who like you. is distinct by its very nature. then it can be the Alpha Centaurians. If you must have name by which to call us.Notes from the Universe Date: October 20. as there is no other being here that could possibly have experienced the very same things that I as an individual have. It is with our greatest heartfelt wish that you will continue to communicate and write down what it is that we have to tell you. While it is not of importance for others to know the details of our lives. I understand your connection with your Pleiadian friends. one person at a time. are dedicated to helping others transform themselves and your world while there is still time to do so. We are recognized not by a name but by our energy pattern. 2010 R: First of all. for within our words that you write will be coded Creating a beautiful New World. along with viewing these vast array of experiences through my unique perspective. thereby enabling them to re-awaken to who they truly are. we will be providing you with some ideas and concepts that you can draw on for your own creative process that will be derived from our world and how we operate within that scheme. without making edits or adding your own perspective to it. as this information can be utilized as a guide or directive that you and others can follow in order to recreate the path that you are currently heading down. not the Pleiades of which you previously assumed we were from. that like a name that you use. but they are not your family nor are they here now with you. I’d like to know more about who you are and where you come from. by their very nature and design. In its entirety. can you share that information with me? AC: We are from Alpha Centauri. as there cannot be two of ‘me’.

While we can say that their efforts will reach a pinnacle in the near future. It is also within you grasp to reach within your own Hearts and discover your place within the Universes’ vast company of communities. As Human beings. Within these codes are the necessary belief patterns. what you see is a play of magnificence that can only be described as one of the greatest awakenings in the Universe. along with the potentiality of your greatest works yet to be revealed. This is not a battle of the strongest or the most clever. for those solutions are but a day away from discovering what the source of all disease is. It is also within your grasp to resolve all of the worlds’ greatest disease and health problems. from our perspective we can say that you will look back on this time and be stupefied at what you accomplished in such a short period of time.Notes from the Universe messages that will need to be kept in their pristine form as not to dilute or distort these codes. When you can begin to see the drama from our perspective. for the designs with which they have drawn for your future will be found futile in their efforts as the increasing numbers of you awake to your own mastery and designs of your own. that your DNA coding will be reactivated from its’ current dormant state. you Creating a beautiful New World. for it will and is to have far further reach than you can possibly imagine at this time. one person at a time. for within your grasp are the solutions to your greatest problems. but a divinely planned arena of the magnitude that many of you cannot still grasp. It is also within these codes. therefore simply healing and transformed through this awareness of the cause rather than the symptoms. and one that was purposely shut down almost fifteen thousand years ago by those that continue to dominate your world today. Things that you now perceive as your greatest challenges will be reduced to a mere memory of strife and struggle. . So it should appear to you as your future holds great promise for a world renewed and reconciled with these issues. we can also say that they will be fruitless in their manifestation and purpose. In the course of the next few years.

Notes from the Universe were originally designed to be representatives of this Universe, as your very physicality represents over 56 different genetic codes from across the Galaxies. Your science will also soon discover that they have missed the most important aspect of your DNA coding, and that is the creative potential within its ability to manifest within your paradigm and planet. This is the grandest Secret waiting yet to be revealed and within that Secret lies and even greater Secret, and this is discovering who your Souls truly are, for when the day comes and you recognize who it is that you see in the mirror reflected back to you, will be the grandest discovery for your species. This is the day that we see on your horizon, just peeking over and coming into view, for it will be the day that you recognize your true selves, that you will be free to reclaim your rightful heritage in the Universe as you will soon come to know it. Within your grasp as well will be the receiving the divine beings that reside within your children, as when you come to recognize them for the teachers that they are, you will no longer poison and harm them in the ways that you do. It is with great strength that they are able to withstand your drugs, schools and disempowerment through the cultural norms that you are no longer in control of. It is within their grasp to simply take the entire process of your society, and all of the structure to which you have become addicted, and turn the world on its side through their insightfulness and full Hearts. For the children are your leaders of tomorrow and stand by to reclaim their rightful place within their families and communities. Leave the course of the world in their hands and you will be living in paradise in a short span of time. This is where you make your greatest errors in judgment, with your children and leaving them to the whims of the deceivers of your planet, for within those schemes are even greater schemes devised to do even greater harm, as these men know the potential of what the children of today are capable of and they fear them greatly. This is how you can see how easy it has been for your captains of deceit
Creating a beautiful New World, one person at a time.

Notes from the Universe to manipulate and control your fears to the point of drugging your precious children into dulled down zombies motivated only to play video games of destruction. This can be one of the most destructive experiences that a child can undergo during their young and formative years, for within the games that are sold as entertainment are deeper subliminal messages of hate, fear and killing. These games are purposely designed to brainwash your precious children into growing up to be nothing more than drone activated killing machines for the purpose of gaining greater profits by the men who think they are in control. This is the definitive moment in your history of your species and planet where you will begin to see the blatancy of this paradigm designed to create these types of hypnotized boys into believing that killing is a form of entertainment and has no moral or spiritual currency. Without knowing it, you are allowing this to continue and while we can say that we understand every parent would not knowingly allow this to take place, it is still being done under the supervision of your purchasing and allowing the games to be supplied as a form of entertainment for your children. It is within your grasp to finally see the dawn of a brighter future, but you must first open your eyes to what is happening all around you and see the game for which it has been designed to control and manipulate you all into submissions as slaves in every way imaginable. We say to you, do not be afraid for what you discover, for within the truth lies freedom from the very things your fear the most. It is also now within your grasp to begin to see the larger world that surrounds you as many of you have been having similar experiences of a greater sense of awareness of things unseen and hidden from your view for eons. These things include the very nature of your spiritual body that continues to exist beyond what you call the death experience. Nothing could be further from the truth, as you are beginning to sense this through your increasingly intuitive minds and senses. While you continue to grieve for the passed of your families and friends, you will soon discover in a most definitive manner that you do not die
Creating a beautiful New World, one person at a time.

Notes from the Universe and leave this world, but continue on in an even greater sense of your previous life. We can see that this will have one of the most far-reaching changes in your perceptions of who exactly you truly are, and why you are here now. When you begin to wake up to this realization and see that there really is no beginning or end, you will sigh a great sigh of relief, for one of the greatest deceptions of your entire modern history can be drawn to this hidden secret that has been designed to keep you in the dark of who you truly are, and thereby enabling you to be more easily controlled. It is not within the design of your destinies that you should be expelled from your planet in one fell swoop, as this would serve no purpose at this time in your evolutionary design. This great fear that many of your foremost speakers continually espouse, is nothing more than promoting a very large paradigm of fear designed to divert your attention from the even larger picture of what you are currently experiencing, and that is becoming personally, even intimately aware of the greatest spiritual awakening in the entire Universe. We cannot overstate the importance of your recognizing this fact. While there are great anomalies within your galaxy as she approaches the great Milky Way Center, it is not with the purpose of annihilating your species and planet, but to facilitate an even greater awakening and transformation of both, thereby transforming the experience of your human species, along with your planet to a higher frequency of existence. It can be no other way, as your planet and you have been on this path of destiny for a long, long time, and nothing can divert you from this path but yourselves, and even then it will be with extremely limited force. The choice that lies before each one of you can only be described as one of tantamount importance, and you can make this a process of transformation of Bliss and ecstasy or one of fear and tragedy, however it will only be within the minds of each one of you, as the planet and you will continue on its path either way.

Creating a beautiful New World, one person at a time.

What is it that you truly desire and want for your selves? What kind of world do you want to leave behind for your children to inherit? Do you want a world to be there for them to inherit? Wake up to the fire in your belly and utilize your Creating a beautiful New World. .Notes from the Universe While we can easily see how this may seem confusing to most of you. or even better. it is with great clarity that you are being offered the choice that is before you now. and are you going to fall for one of the most obvious deceptions that is being perpetrated on you now with the controllers telling you through the visions they broadcast on your TELEVISIONS what you are to believe as real? Or are you going to wake up and use the greatest power you have within the your very minds and make up your own mind. (think about that word for a moment will you. in a cataclysmic catastrophe? Are your imaginations so limited in their scope right now that you cannot see the option of a bright and magnificent future that can also be? Are you so mesmerized by your televisions. as this is your world in which you create each and every day of your lives. ending. Is it so outside of your thinking that you don’t see what is staring straight back at you in the face when you look in the mirror each morning while brushing your teeth? Wake up and smell the roses. as it is quite clearly being demonstrated to you through your current state of what’s happening in every area of your lives and planetary survival. one person at a time. Why do you think things look so grim for you now at this time? Do you truly believe that it is simply telling you that things will only continue to get worse? Do you truly believe that this is your only option in a world of great potentiality? Is this the only way that you can see this magnificent story of one of the greatest collective minds in all-of-the Universe. with the cooperative and combined efforts of those you love and care about? Your free will is your ticket to freedom by way of choosing paradise as your next stop on the train you’re currently riding. tell-e-visions). all by yourself.

It’s merely been a grand game designed by you as a theory that was posited and played out. . They are just playing their part in the game YOU designed. if there wasn’t something BIG happening here? Creating a beautiful New World. or you may also be feeling an almost overwhelmingly level of emotional and physical stress to the point of increased emotional and physical problems. You cannot go on wasting your days wondering what it is that you will do tomorrow. as your tomorrows are about to change in ways that You have to figure out. Your FREE WILL is the tool in which you create with. you have simply been lulled into a deep sleep and no longer utilize it in the way that it was intended to be used. The game that has been designed by you in order to see if you could wake up in time to save yourselves and your planet from utter disaster is about to end. They have no real power over you. one person at a time. This is your greatest weapon against the dominators of deceit that persevere in keeping you slaves to their mastery of domain. This has been a grand experiment designed by each and every one of you to see what it would take in order for you to reawaken to whom you truly are if you would give your power away through not utilizing your free will.Notes from the Universe greatest power and that is your minds and Hearts to gather together and design the new world that your children inherently deserve to inherit. not by the perceived monsters that you call them as your enemies or power elite. The game has been developed by the willing players. Do you think that there could NOT be a connection between the timing of all of the current chaos on your planet and in the minds of almost everyone participating on planet Earth right now. This has been a grand scheme of endless delight and fantasy played out in the realm of a Universal scheme with an even greater game in play. They’re not the bad guys and you are not the victims. and this is why you feel this enhanced sense of urgency to do whatever you can. only in the manner to which you ALLOW them.

You knew that you would become complacent and succumb to the nullifying effects of playing the game of controlled and master. Now we can tell you that as your old world game is ending that you’ve already planned a new game. of making it nearly impossible for you to wake up and see that the game was up and ending. It’s all in the game plan as this was the only way that you believed you could wake from the dream you’ve been dreaming. How much longer can you take the pressure of not listening to your own Hearts’ wisdom. one person at a time. and you can skip along through your stress-filled days trying to make more money and keep up with the Jones’. as it’s beckoning to you to make some changes in each of your lives? How much longer can you continue to go along pretending that everything is the same. you are already getting glimpses of that new and wonderful game. This is where you get to choose which team you want to play on as it’s no longer going to seem as if the team captains are choosing their teams without you having anything to say about it. This is how it has been for millennia.Notes from the Universe What will it take for you to start talking with each other about this instead of listening to the nightly bad news? You as individuals will not be able to ignore the chaos much longer. but a much greater breakdown of your programs and belief systems that have been put into play by your nemesis game masters. for those of you who continue to choose to ignore the obvious. the road will increasingly get bumpier. if you will. . and for many. and it was wise beyond your expectations to devise this safety net. We say this not to cause you concern. only to jiggle you awake a little bit more in the hopes that you will start to pay closer attention to the inklings you are getting on making some much needed changes in your life. or manage to pay your bills? These are not the symptoms of a mere economical melt down of enormous scope. Creating a beautiful New World. it’s been pretty much status quo for most of you as you’ve floated through lifetime after lifetime of playing either the good guy or the bad buy in your master plan game of life. And.

would there be crime in your world? Imagine every detail exactly the way that you want your new world to be. or would you even need to eat anything at all? Would you sit around all day playing on a computer or would you create things of beauty? Would there be small towns and big cities of industry. Design it the way you envision it with the very best of everything that you would want to exist in your world. what would it be like? What would you do every day? Would you need to sleep and dream like you do today. not someone else’s idea or construct. the birds. the flowers. for this is totally up to you to design and imagine. as this is your new world. however we can promise you that it is real and one world in which you will never want to leave. or would there simply be one or the other? Would there be a people of many designs and differences or would you all be the same? Would you use money for the things that you require to sustain your lives or would you simply exchange what you needed with others? Would you be ruled by governments or would you self-rule your own lives? If everyone had all that they needed in the way of necessities for a comfortable life. the lakes and streams. WE know that is difficult for many of you to imagine. Why not have it your way if you are the creator of your world? Creating a beautiful New World. at any given moment in your existence. . without becoming tired or requiring sleep? What would your homes look like? How would they be built and maintained? What would you eat.Notes from the Universe The new game is all about you and what you decide to play. the trees. Imagine all that goes into your new world. Imagine your life on your new Earth. the ocean and all the diversity that Nature can offer in the way of her creatures that go along with it. or would it be daylight every waking hour. Imagine it in all her bounty and beauty. one person at a time. and write it down. Begin each day before you rise out of your beds and begin to imagine what the most beautiful and peaceful existence on Earth would be like.

Notes from the Universe This is the simple process by which you can now redesign your current world as well. It doesn’t require anything more than working through this process of utilizing your creative power to imagine the world you live in the exact way that you want it to be. Too simple for you? Try it out for one week and see if you don’t feel just a little bit lighter in your step and vision of your children’s future. Talk about it with your family and friends, and get them to start doing the same thing for one week. Then get together and compare notes of your world that you’ve imagined and the world that they have imagined. See if you don’t find some similarities in what you’ve all imagined that you would want to create as your ideal world. In this way can you begin to create a new world of limitless potential and design it your way, and the way that you want it to be. For within your grasp is the ability to have everything you desire in the way that you have imagined it to be. This is the way of your limitless creative abilities that lay dormant yet at the ready to be waved like a wand of magical proportions. This is but one small example of the power that you hold within your Hearts and Minds, and for that we are here only to remind you of this great and magnificent power you have at your fingertips. Use it, manage it, and mold it within your hearts and minds that you are reawakening to now.

Creating a beautiful New World, one person at a time.

Notes from the Universe

Date: October 21, 2010 R: Can you help me with the direction of my own life right now in terms of making money?

AC: While we can say that your life is about to take a turn for the better, we can also say that you are at the pinnacle crossroads of your life. Which way you turn will be up to you but we would encourage you to stay focused on the path before you rather than becoming mislead into thinking that you will be more fortunate in turning back on something that truly no longer serves you. While you may find the creative expression of your home decorating fulfilling it is not the best way for you to create income at this time. Look to the work that you have already created and see if there isn’t something within that scope of work that can produce immediate income for your family, for we see the beginning of something tremendous in your writings and work in this manner rather than returning to the past. It is always your choice to pursue whatever it is that you enjoy doing, but we can tell you that your effort will not reap the rewards you would like. Stay the course and pursue what it is that you enjoy most and once the income begins to flow you will enjoy the process even more. Your exercise will become a goal post for you to continue, as your books are your greatest work yet to be achieved, you only need to continue with increased vigor in that direction and success will be only a day away from your reaching. Include all that we write with you today in your quest for success, as many are facing the same quandary as you are, in their efforts to pursue a more fulfilling path while still providing for their families. The struggle of creating a path that is clear and productive can be a daunting task of continued struggle and confusion.

Creating a beautiful New World, one person at a time.

Notes from the Universe Your process of defining your own path has taken longer due to your great variety of pleasures and creative abilities, as this is also one of your greatest challenges to stay focused. While we encourage you to stay on your path, it is also necessary for you to enjoy the vast creative expressions that you have come here to enjoy and share, and therefore it is also critical for you to balance these forms of creative expressions within your work and play modes, for in this way will you only be fully satisfied. It will never be for you to express in only one form of creativity, for you are a multidimensional being and therefore capable of expressing on many different levels and forms. It is the way of all people should they only tap into the same creative force that you were naturally born into and have maintained that connection through your many creative pleasures. In this way will you find true fulfillment in your life, for a boring life it would be if you were to only do one thing in one manner for your entire lifetime. This is where many people can get stuck on their paths as they resist their own natural ebb and flow of creative expression as the fear of change so dominates their being that they cannot allow themselves to move through one phase of expression and into the next in what should be a natural evolution of the their own lives. While they can often times pursue a new career in the name of making money, most people disregard their natural creative energy and repress it from fully expressing it in their lifetimes. This makes for a very disappointed end to many peoples lives, for they look back with great regret that they did not follow their Hearts more and accomplish what they originally set out to do. In this way do most people die unsatisfied and unfulfilled. Your lives are intended to be creative and fulfilling in every way. Regardless of what it is that you choose to express, most of you never achieve anything close to what you’ve dreamed of doing. It is with great sadness that we see many of you now resist this natural calling for creating great works of creative expression, as if not now, then when?
Creating a beautiful New World, one person at a time.

Displaying a common thread of violence and one of the greatest distortions of all and that is of your sexual nature. and beauty in its every form of expression. and discovering the truth about what is available to you through this communion of sacred sexuality that is a gateway to your ascension into the fifth realm of the new Earth. Your sexuality is a gateway to the higher realms of consciousness and its ultimate purpose for you together with your divine partner is to reach this height of spiritual awareness. one person at a time. . then you will recognize that accessing this point of conscious awareness with your divine partner is a vehicle of the highest form of creative expression that you can achieve while in a physical body. music. Your society however. Creating a beautiful New World. we all see many finally succumbing to these initiations leading back to whom they truly are and what they’ve actually come here to do in their lifetime. When you recognize that you are here. you are missing the most important part of your very sexual nature. as divine beings capable of great works of art. Yours is a creative mind that is limitless in its ability to create massive and magnificent amounts of beauty in every form. While it is an important aspect of creating new life. the higher expression of your sexual nature is not primarily designed for this purpose. together in a primordial fashion of combined ecstasy and enlightenment.Notes from the Universe By the same token. is distorting much of what you are experiencing through the utilization of money as a way to corrupt and control your musicians and entertainers. as you are fully capable of determining when and when not to conceive a child together. While we understand your need to express this in the form of energetic release and physical satisfaction. It is with great pleasure that we can point you in this direction as many of you will be meeting your divine partners during this time of calamity and chaos on your planet. This is the great Bliss that is spoken of in many of your ancient texts and yet the truth has been hidden from you for eons as to the true nature of this most sacred of physical acts that you can experience in your lives.

When you can seek out your divine partner and pursue this course of action in the greater scheme of discovering who you truly are. It is not without challenges that we see you as parents struggle with this conflict in your own lives. knowing that when you are in the act of sexual intercourse most of you females are left with the sense that there must be something more to this than what you just experienced. you have access to the greater cosmos in which you reside along with a clear vision of your joint destinies and purpose. then you will have achieved a great and purposeful achievement in your lifetime. It will be necessary for you to understand the great opportunity before you with the potentiality of what we speak in these terms. Nothing could be further from the truth and this great deception along with the great distortion of the facts will be one of your greatest challenges now.Notes from the Universe We can tell you that it is within your ability to reach great new heights of achievement through practicing this act together with your divine mates. . We can also say to you parents that it is of the utmost importance that you teach the same to your children. bringing you both through the doorway to great achievements and clarity of purpose. as you too have been deceived into thinking the art of sexual engagement is purely for reproductive or recreational enjoyment. as reaching this heightened level of awareness can be one of your greatest achievements in changing the world as you know it today. but in fact they should refrain from it altogether until they are of sufficient maturity to handle the great responsibility that comes with engaging in this sacred form of expression. Within this realm of higher states of consciousness. For we can see the great confusion this has caused you. Creating a beautiful New World. one person at a time. as they are particularity susceptible to the corruption of this divine act. Before they are twelve it is important that you speak to them about this truth and they are to respect their bodies and its capacity to create this higher expression of who they are with another. When you can relax long enough to fully grasp what it is that we are saying then you will begin to live it in your own lives.

and which can in their later years transfer to their partners. It is within the females’ ability to use the key that she holds to open this door of greater awareness and achievement through the use of her body. This is also the reason that men often have an unquenchable thirst for more physical contact as they too are left unsatisfied in their sexual experiences. which is why you feel so empty and unsatisfied by your sexual experiences. Creating a beautiful New World. The male must follow the females’ lead in this process. This is an aspect that most know on a subconscious level but do not fully understand what it means. In an effort to find the missing ingredient. as this is the mental level of this act. In the course of your making love with your partner we would tell you that you should not be submitting your power to the man in his sexual quest. breath and heart so that together they can enter through the doorway to true enlightenment and cosmic awareness. one person at a time. . many are lead down a path of no return of sexual proclivities that are so distorted that they not longer represent anything close to where they started. It is a fear that many men try to overcome through their physicality to control and dominate their partners. as his physicality is always secondary to the spiritually creative energy that the female holds within her capacity to create new life.Notes from the Universe Of course this is not what most of you would immediately think in terms of your partners inability to properly pleasure you. that barely scratches the surface. The innate fear that many men in the western world experience is this perceived power that their mothers have over them. which often times lead to what you would call perversions of the act itself. but in fact be initiating your ability to create the opening of the door to greater awareness through your ability to open with the key that only you have within you.

Creating a beautiful New World. In this way do we see great ideas being exchanged as the others of your planet take charge of the world in ways they have been waiting for the eons of their existence. and governmental levels. one person at a time. with the men more than likely not completely finished with theirs at this point. Many of you have already experienced this process in your own lives and we can say that we know it has not been easy for you or your mates to make this transition. Be gentle and kind. This is the greatest advent of what lies as your turning the tides of your challenges faced today in every area of your lives. . only that they can drop the façade of being superman and permitting you as the female her right and divine place in the world. While your men will continue to suffer within their own minds and hearts about who they are. Encourage them with the compassion you hold in your hearts and it will lesson the load they carry. Begin in this way and do we see many lives changing for the better and ones in which great joy can be shared throughout the world. not harsh and judgmental for their deficiencies have been achieved through a system wrought with deception. It is the fundamental flaw within your entire culture and will change with the advent of more women taking back their inherent power through many different forms of expression and changes in their lives. religious. When the women of the world unite. While we can say that sitting in your kitchens and enjoying a coffee together can reap extensive rewards. you will have turned the corner in your evolutionary process and you will begin to see vast and sweeping changes for the better in every way. we would suggest that you begin this way and move out in every other way that you can imagine so as to make a greater impact sooner rather than later. you can console their misery by expressing that it is not that they no longer serve a purpose or know who they are.Notes from the Universe This is the fundamental distortion that has been created within your societal paradigm and can be linked to every level of your societal. familial.

It is within their hearts and minds that the future can be created in an effortless manner. When you can claim to sit and listen quietly to your own inner voices. Listen closely to their words of wisdom when they speak. It is with great strength the women of the world will teach her family to do the same. as the pressures of the vast changes that are taking place are pulling at you to make changes in your own lives as well. Creating a beautiful New World.Notes from the Universe It is within a grand plan that you arrive at this point in your destinies and we applaud you all for getting this far. and take to heart that which they plead you to go. one person at a time. Be in the moment of the now where you can always access the answers by going within your own Hearts. . Questions arise and go unanswered. then you will begin to see the calm return and the clarity of what purpose your life holds more clearly. In this way do we leave you today and be happy in all your words and deeds. bringing her children up in a way that has not been seen on this planet for eons. as you are not taking the time to be quiet and listen to your own Hearts. It is only a breath a way that you can begin to see with clear vision. you will begin to treasure your little children in a far greater way. Listen to the children and see what it is that they can show the way to your bright and promising future on planet Earth. and not the struggle that you perceive it to be. When you can properly evaluate the purpose with which you all come into this world. as all Truth resides there and within each and every one of you. Many of you are feeling the stress and strain of life today in the western world. for they are your teachers who are here only to love you and help as the showers of the path to a brighter future for you all. and begin to build the new world in which your joyful hearts will express their greatest achievements yet.

It is within your very cellular make up at this time that you do not want to continue working in this way as it is not supported by your current societal paradigm of life. but have these little bursts and then lose my motivation almost altogether? AC: Good morning. however. We would say to you to work on what you love the most and move forward in such a way that it is in direct contrast to you current paradigm of belief. This places you and others in direct conflict with the very thing you are attempting to create. In this way can you create effortlessly within the Universal Law of Attraction rather than a man made construct of a false reality. . and one that you currently see crumbling around you. Creating a beautiful New World. Your belief systems of working for money is created by the very system that you are attempting to overcome with your efforts to write books and teach. one person at a time. 2010 R: Why is it that I haven’t been feeling motivated lately to create through energized action. your mistake comes in by your very attempts to do this in the same manner of which you are trying to overcome. While you may want it in your mind and heart you are actually functioning at cross-purposes with yourself due to this energetic block that has existed for a long time. We are here today to discuss this very subject with you. In other words do not create the outer manifestation first. as it is quite apparent in your energy that you have several blocks to feeling more connected to your work and purpose in these and other writings that you have almost completed. but create the inner manifestation first so that the outer manifestation can then be created in the most appropriate and beneficial manner for everyone involved. We would suggest to you to find the greatest motive for moving forward and going in that direction as this is the greatest way to replace these old ways of living with new ones.Notes from the Universe Date: October 22.

and thus your world is reflecting back to you only that by which you reflect back from the many screens that you watch the same images on. you say? And who is it within your government that is creating this chaos and confusion? Your president you say? Creating a beautiful New World. as that too will be the path from which you can create a new and beautiful world in which to live. We can see that when you learn to utilize your innately intuitive abilities to create through divine inspiration and intuition that you are creating from the ground up. What is limited by the imagination is only what you place the limitation on. one person at a time. and this is the very reason it is falling all around you. In other words there exists no limitation other than what you choose to create through your thoughts and deeds. How can you possibly think that the world will change when you take no responsibility yourselves to manage and contribute to the world in which you live? How can you possibly believe that anything will change until you wake up and see that it is you who create your world and every single experience you have while in it? How can you possibly believe that it is any other way? Who is creating all of this chaos and confusion? Your governments. It is within your scope and ability that each and every one of you can and will move into the realm of limitless creation. When you work in this way the effortless flow of the Universes’ divine force goes to work for you and the energy in which is required of you becomes much less all while providing even more success as you go.Notes from the Universe This way of creating is not what we see as sustainable. like a house of cards. You are just not currently utilizing this power within. . building a strong foundation upon which you are then able to build something of a sustainable and lasting nature. over and over and over again. In this way do we instruct you to begin by using these gifts that you and everyone else has and begin to create within the limitless bounds of your Universe.

and that by saying that it is ‘they’ who are responsible for creating this mess that you all resist with such vigor that you give up your power and continue sleepwalking through your lives. then you should not be looking in their direction at all but only to yourselves. . by and for the people. your very sense of apathy. It is within your easy grasp to simply step out of these belief systems and understand that you have no further need to participate in them. and to cause for your rightful indignation and anger to be directed towards. your kindergarten teacher or your priest or rabbi. you are schooled from day one to give your power away to others that seek to control and manipulate you through these pervading schools of thoughts that so dominate your world.Notes from the Universe And who is your President but one man? And who is your congress but a small group of men and women? And who created the possibility for those people to be in those positions of power? You do by the very nature that your government was created. It is a system of divine right that each and every one of you has the ability to change your world and every single misdeed. for that is the only place and person that is responsible for the mess you currently call Earth. Whether it is in the form of your boss at work. and mishap that occurs upon it. and can go on to rule your own kingdom called your life. It is through your very lack of responsibility. some one higher up and in control of your lives. one person at a time. This is not what you are taught in your schools. So when you look for someone to blame and point the finger at. Wake up! Wake up to your morning cup of coffee and realize that you are in total control and hold within the creative power with which to affect real and lasting change upon your Earth and within your very lives. or in your places of work as you’ve been taught that there is always someone more important than you. Creating a beautiful New World.

Turn instead inward to where your Heart speaks to you about what it is that you truly desire for yourselves and your world. if not harmful device of which many of you are currently being influenced beyond your comprehension.Notes from the Universe This is a simple adjustment in perspective that will free you from the dominance of the empire at hand. as this is only another piece of the puzzle in their agenda to further dominate you and the world. as this is not productive for you or your family. it is a useless. It would be ideal for all of you to simply turn off your televisions all together and never watch another minute of this mind control devise. . and one that seeks to further control you with every means it can enforce. In this way can you begin to make a real impact your lives and your surrounding world for the better. Unless you are watching something that makes you laugh. Integrate some amount of time within your day to become quiet and begin to get a sense of what you would like your life to truly look like. one person at a time. and only this way can you begin to make headway in a world that is crashing down around you. Turn your attention away from the chaos and bad news that is trying to permeate your every thought and minute of the day. But this is not where we would have you focus your energy. as there are people who would wish to control your every thought if it were possible. as this will only promote more fear within you. What is it that would make you feel joyful again? What can you start to do today to add a little more levity to your life and that of your families? What can you do today that will make a difference in how you can see a brighter future for the world and yourselves? Creating a beautiful New World. In this way. Make no mistake about what is currently happening on your planet.

and that is that the each one of ‘you’ do not take full responsibility for your actions. This is the immense contrast by which you find yourselves. the inspiring stories that are happening more and more in your world as those will add light to your Hearts and Minds and hope to your Heart for a brighter future that does indeed lie ahead for you and your planet. turn away instead and fill your Minds and Hearts with the desire and images in your own mind of a world that is safe from harm. fear and damage being wreaked on your planet. nor for your thoughts. or your dreams for a better future for all of mankind and your planet. for those problems exist by design and will continue to exist for as long as your collective humanity is willing to go along and allow them to exist by staying in a weakened and controlled paradigm of denying who you truly are. This is where you can as an individual make the greatest difference. nor some hapless global financial collapse. not to establish you as free people with inalienable rights. These problems exist for one and one reason only. but of divine design created by you. not by fighting against cancer. disease and destruction. Instead of filling your eyes and minds full of the hate. one person at a time. “What will it take for me to wake up to my innate divine right for a life of freedom and reclamation of who I truly am?” “What will it take for me to recognize that I do not live in a world without design but a magnificent world with a very precise design by which I have the free Creating a beautiful New World. . This is the immense contrast that you find yourselves in now as a wake-up call to your souls who ask. or war. not because of some accident of nature.Notes from the Universe Search out the good news. as a collective within the game of life as you’ve most assuredly and consciously created it. You are sleepwalking through the nightmare created by this very fact of giving away your divinity to the powers that would seek to keep you as slaves to their empire. or starvation.

yet I continue to ignore it out of fear of making some very simple changes in my life?” “What will it take for me to step off the cliff of my fear and into the great unknown adventure of being free from fear?” “What will it take to for me to recognize that I along with my brother have nothing to fear but fear itself?” “What will it take to finally recognize that I have chosen this life out of the great desire to live it to my greatest potentiality at this most important of times within our world and the Universe?” Creating a beautiful New World. one person at a time.Notes from the Universe will to experience and create my every adventure of delight. disease or destruction?” “What will it take for me to wake up to the very idea that I am a great creator by design that has the innate ability and power to create the very world in which I live?” “What will it take to realize that I am my brother’s keeper only in the sense that what I create in my reality also affects each and every one else within this paradigm of third dimensionality of Planet Earth at this time?” “How can I possibly wake up to see that this is my destiny now to wake up to this clarion call of facing our utter destruction or finally choose to make some changes in my life?” “What will it take to see the grand simplicity in what can only be seen as a most obvious choice of Love over Fear?” “What will it take to see that I am my brother’s keeper in this choice and I will not only doom myself to even greater calamity should I continue to ignore the loud sound of the alarm clock ringing?” “What will it take for me to recognize what it is that my Heart calls out for me to sing? As the voice is loud and clear. .

healthy fulfilling life?” “And what will it take for me to stop allowing the continued rape. . and not in the ways I previously thought the gifts of things and distractions rather than simply love?” Creating a beautiful New World. pillage and rampage of her precious resources?” “What will it take for me to recognize that I have a direct. and appreciate the magnificence around me for longer than a second while I drive my car thorough non stop traffic while talking and texting myself into overwhelm before the day has begun?” “What will it take for me to wake up and see that every minute I delay. protecting them and providing all that they need. but in the ways that they only ask for. deep and intimate connection with all of life in it’s every form and diversity the mind can possibly imagine?” “What will it take for me to wake up and finally begin to love life again and treat it as the precious treasure that is?” “What will it take for me to recognize the immense beauty and bounty that is given to me through the loving family and friends that I have in my life?” “What will it take to recognize the incredible gift that I have received with the precious children that fill my heart and mind with their unconditional love?” “What will it take for me to wake and do a better job at nurturing them. who gives me everything I need in order to live a happy. that I lose another opportunity to make a difference in my own life and others?” “What will it take for me to finally wake up and hear the clarion call of my Planet Earth. one person at a time.Notes from the Universe “What will it take for me to wake up and begin to listen to Nature sing her songs of beauty again.

Take time in your every day to pursue one or more of these questions we pose to you today. This is the paradigm that you have created together and now it is the time that you will create a new world. This is only the beginning as there is more for you to ponder and question within your hearts. your minds and your role as a conscious provider of what happens or doesn’t within your construct of your world. Creating a beautiful New World. . It is with our greatest hopes and desires to see you as a species along with your planet make an easy and swift transition into the bright new future that lay ahead of you both. you will be taking the first step into the new world in which you are also responsible for creating. This is a starting point from which you can gain an even greater perspective upon your lives and the world in which you currently reside. a better world in which to live. as this where true responsibility begins. without death and without a potential for the demise of the very beings that create it. When you begin to recognize your direct and very real contribution to what happens in your life and world around you. without Fear. one person at a time. It is with our Love and greatest admiration that we congratulate those of you who step into this brave new world with your eyes wide open and Hearts ablaze with renewed passion and joy for a world without disease. These are the questions that we would want you to start your day with in the chance that one of these grabs your attention long enough to take hold and equivocate your mind and heart to enacting some real change in your everyday lives. With this we say to you a farewell for now and until next time we wish you a most production and happy wake up call. We are with you in this quest in our effort to see the world of mankind take a great leap forward and pursue even greater things in which beckon to you from afar. and where a new future can take hold.Notes from the Universe These are the questions that we would begin to have you ask yourselves now as you sit at the precipitous moment in time.

one person at a time.Notes from the Universe Date: October 25. While we can see from your perspective that nothing happens by mistake. 2010 R: How can I. by releasing the old habits and belief systems that you have been programmed with through the fear based paradigm that you have lived in for many eons. we can tell you because of your paradigm of free will. nor the Universes. they Creating a beautiful New World. and with their ability to dissuade your higher realm of spirit. however it was through a misalignment of your trust that these beings gained your belief and trust that they were Gods from the cosmos. In this way can you most effectively transform yourselves and your world by releasing these old and worn out beliefs that there is death. destruction and inevitable destruction coming your way. While you as a species have made the best of a bad situation. These are all parameters that have been purposely designed and created to keep you exactly where you are and have been for eons. you did allow these beings to over take you from one perspective. When your planet and your species were over-taken by these outside beings. as this was not in the original plan of your destinies. and others move into our true identities and begin to work in expressing who we truly are? AC: In ways that you just experienced yourself. for this was also not of your design. While we do not judge these other beings that are dedicated to their pursuit in staying on your planet and raping her of every last drop of her life force. and that is as slaves to a network devised to keep you in fear. you’ve slowly fallen into their trance of forgetting whom you truly are. and in that there is great travesty to be told. it was a calamitous moment in the Universal design of a planet’s provenance. and keep you as slaves to their empire. as she is a great and wondrous alive being here to offer you the ideal circumstances in which to live your lives through a paradise of creative play. we can say that this is not within the designed purpose of why you came here and what your Planet Mother Earth was created for. .

as they are a vulture species in the Universe. eventually leading to this knowledge being completely hidden to the masses. Undermining great systems of society and life sustaining spiritual practices. you created a way to redesign your path back to salvation and sanctuary on this planet. one by one. This is where your free will has come back into play. . or at least some of these hidden truths. In addition to these men. This was their plan from the beginning. as while you were in physical bodies.Notes from the Universe succeeded in disarming your ability of perceiving the truth of who they truly were thereby deceiving you into a false system of beliefs and fear. Along with the help of other species that have a keen interest in seeing what they view as family descendents succeed rather than succumb to these outside beings plan to take everything for themselves. Unknowingly. however once you left your physical bodies you regained your full vision and understanding of what was being perpetrated on Planet Earth. taking advantage of the weak and will pick them to their bones if given the chance. And the loss of such wisdom further depleted your strength of spirit relinquishing you to the depths of their control. And this is where you began to regain your control and devised your plan of regaining not only your sovereignty but also that of your Planet’s. Creating a beautiful New World. You are witnessing the total collapse of that control paradigm now as a direct result of your abilities to wake up and smell the coffee you’ve been served for eons. their families were also persecuted should they not fall into form and expand the controllers network to further infiltrate and devise schemes in which to further their control. you or most of you were totally unaware of the game that was being played with you as the pawns. but only by which they could control these men to do their bidding in somewhat of an exchange program. one person at a time. you gave them the chance and here they’ve stayed for millennia picking you to the bone. With a few select of whom were given these. While in your human body. most of you were totally unaware of what was happening as they slowly gained your trust and infiltrated your systems of beliefs.

but you knew it was the only way out. For each one of you. and also why there is such an increase in the destruction and disasters that you are also experiencing. these men and women know not what they do. they are continually deceived by the same game masters that took over your planet eons ago. This is how you’ve devised your way out of the paradigm of fear so that you can release yourselves from the outside beings game of control and fear. and your Planet. you were quite aware that you would have to continue to submit your lives to these outside beings for millennia. for they believed the promises made to them by these beings. For while your government knows exactly what is going on in this bigger picture paradigm. sex or family upbringing of beliefs. This is that time that you knew eons ago that you’ve been waiting for.Notes from the Universe Although you must live within your star systems planetary cycles of growth. divorce or a calamitous event in your or a family member’s life. For this is a battle of wills that is being played out for the very real possibility of either the human race succeeding in regaining their sovereign selves and their beloved Mother Earth. color. your chance to regain yourselves. your sovereignty. as well as collectively at your most important crossroads in your entire history on your planet. This too is why so many of you are facing financial ruin. Deluded by grandeur. This is why there is such a contrast of uplifting awareness blossoming within the hearts of so many around your planet now. . you all have planned your wake up call to come in some form or another in your individual lives. and this cannot be underestimated or overstated in its importance. one person at a time. and therefore came to the conclusion that you really had no other choice. You are individually. expansion and evolution. It is even more reason that you and others along with you move quickly now to do all that you can to help others wake up to what it is that they planned for their own lives at this most critical of times. or falling into another long cycle of dominance and ultimate utter destruction by these outside beings. engaged and engorged by Creating a beautiful New World. despite your race.

and they fall away like grains of sand being blown out of your minds and out of your world. there can be no game at all. but simplistic in their expectations that you will continue to collectively buy into their fear mongering paradigm of false beliefs and continue playing until they have you under total control and submission. then what do you imagine will begin to happen? A paradigm shift of unimaginable beauty and creative expression unbounded by the fear that has been used to control you right out of your minds and Hearts. While you can say that there are other roles to play at this time. the Heart will not be heard. then what can you use that hope to create? Possibly a new world based on the opposite of fear. now all you have to do is cross it. . one person at a time. should the game masters have it their way. and from one perspective it can be seen as the players who are helping to make it glaringly obvious to most that the game is not only in play. This is the great simplicity of your plan and certainly one in which your dominators are unaware. which would be what? Love. unless you all are willing participators. The game is up as long as enough of you wake up and stop playing their game. So if you use your ability to reach within your own Hearts and create a world. you must individually and collectively understand what their expectations are and then do the very opposite of that. If we already understand that they utilize fear to motivate and manipulate you into herds of despair then what is the opposite of despair. This is where the game can really become fun for you. as the line has been drawn in the sand by you. No matter how badly the outsiders want to continue their game of mastery and monopoly. Creating a beautiful New World.Notes from the Universe their lofty delusions of grandeur in a world destined for total destruction and demise. as without players there cannot be a game. For when fear dominates the mind. or a vision of a world from Love. As any means of control will be used against you. but hope? And with hope for creating a different world in which you are the masters once again of your own domain. but that you must wake up to the ridiculousness of it’s ability to continue. as they are devious in their thoughts.

but there is a greater plan in play here. to speak up or to not say a word. and much unlike most of what exists within the Universe at large. one person at a time. This is the promise you all made when your plan for survival and subsequent enlightenment was made. you will see the Human species at it’s best. should you succeed in your ability to simply stop playing the game. as together you are amazing creatures. For within your minds and Hearts lay a seed that was planted a very long time ago. Creating a beautiful New World. Which is why there are so many from outside of your galactic universe that watch and wait to see what it is that you will do now. but those of you who have already awakened. Beings of great magnitude in their own divine right want to witness either the greatest trajectory of inter-dimensional shifts in collective consciousness or the travesty of your species as it falls back into a cycle for millennia before it has another chance like this one. This is only a glimmer of an even bigger picture of which awaits you all. As without you and enough of your brothers and sisters. So simple and yet so precarious do we see many of you sitting on the edge of staying in complacent sleep while slumbering in your comfort zones to continue just going along with the systems of divisive and deceptive ways. and so you can see why it is not only important for you to individually awake now. and within that seed lies the potentiality of germinating into an entirely new species capable of great and magnificent things. you won’t make the leap in consciousness in time. to be your brother’s keeper.Notes from the Universe When you can see the simplicity with which you created your escape plan. Life will go on either way. This is the critical point upon which all of you currently sit. to gently nudge your neighbor and family members and friends awake as well. . and one beyond what your wildest imaginations can conceive. This is the quandary in which each of you will find yourselves.

2012. one person at a time. and yet so many of you willingly go along with the mind. . but that there is a very unique window of opportunity that is open that will SHUT very soon. Once again it comes down to the old paradigm of control that is the key to your very release from the prison in which will deliver your demise. This is not so much about your masters continuing their game as it is about you waking up at this time and doing every thing you can possibly think to do to wake up others.Notes from the Universe Why on earth would you not speak up? If you possess information that can potentially impact the very success of your entire species and planet’s survival. as it does not mean that your planet and you along with it will face it’s total demise on December 21. we just love that word. This is the time you’ve all been waiting for eons. but that your plan was devised to take place during a short period of time in which the planets offer the energetic support in which to catapult you into your new future and a new world. but sit around still watching television. It is not a sense that doom and gloom that is about to drop on you like the other shoe is ready to fall.numbing device. anyone have the answer? Fear. because it says so obviously what it does to control your minds. And what do you do. And that is why you must begin to take action upon the very real sense of urgency that you are all feeling now. Creating a beautiful New World. Bueller. as time is of the essence. Fear of what? Retribution? Ridiculing come back? Scoffing and disbelief? The old rolling of the eyes in disbelief? Who cares about these minor indignations when your very survival depends on each one of your abilities to do what you came here to do and help wake your brothers and sisters to the new world in which awaits them? Keeping your promise as your brother or sister’s keeper should be your ultimate and primary focus right now. The timing is not what you would immediately think of. This is it. what could possibly keep you from sharing that information with everyone you know? Bueller.

We can see the potentiality of what you all are capable of creating and if you could but see the view from our perspective. one person at a time. or a book magazine. and yet so very difficult for so many of you. It is that beautiful. that you would gain a tremendous advantage over the Fear mongering devices you seem so in love with and begin to regain your sanity and sovereignty. Creating a beautiful New World. Turn off you ‘tell-a-visions’ 2. video game. . We can see that if you could do or make some simple changes in your daily routine. Stop eating dead food that is nothing more than chemicals designed to shut down your body and proper brain functions 3. a habit. it’s not our species but our Love and admiration for your great strength and fortitude that we see within your Hearts waiting to take that leap into your beautiful new future and planet. movie.Notes from the Universe The absurdity of it almost makes it laughable. a place. you would literally drop whatever it was you are doing at this moment and take the hands of those that you love. It is so simple. A simple test to help you make these choices: does it make me feel good or bad? Whether they are people. It is that magnificent. 1. word or deed. Very simple process by which you can begin to simply start to remove what makes you feel bad and move into much more of what makes you feel good. It is that amazing of a view that your new world awaits for you but to claim it by simply walking away from your old paradigm beliefs of FEAR as the ruling dominion over your Hearts and Minds. a food. Disengage from every type of negative programming you can identify. or any other type of action. music. As it’s not our world. and leap into it in a matter of your heart beat. These are the just three simple changes you can begin to make today that will make the biggest difference for each and every one of you. however we are not here to entertain you but to tell you what it is that you must remember now.

one person at a time. This is the very real point of whether you make it or break it. and we say this not to promote fear but help you to wake up a little bit more so that you are enabled and capable of taking back the ‘reigns’ of your life. Creating a beautiful New World.Notes from the Universe As you begin to identify the things that you do each and every day that are actually making you feel bad within your Hearts and Minds. Start there and see how you feel after a few short days. your planet and your joint destinies. . love and harmony. Be well until tomorrow for we are here to help in anyway we can in ensuring your success and reaching your next destination on your paths to your new world of peace. you will begin to reclaim your sanity and sovereignty. IN love we leave you now.

Our bluntness does not carry with it an intention to disturb or annoy you but to bring your unwavering attention to what you are truly doing to yourselves. work. as it’s difficult to stay focused on the positive when there is so much to do and so little time during the today to get it all done? AC: Recognize that within each and every one of you is an energy reservoir that is limitless in its capacity to provide you with everything you need. and family care. If you do not take time to rest properly and rejuvenate your soul. 2010 R: How can we best utilize the energy that we have available to us while we move through this time of chaos and confusion. one person at a time. we see that most of you do nothing of this type at all. and all the energy required fulfilling those daily chores. how can you possibly think that you can continue in these ways? Most of you are taxed to the extent that your glandular system is weakened to the point of exhaustion and yet you continue on as if you don’t even notice that your body is slowly being broken down in a quite systematic manner. your air is toxic to the extent Creating a beautiful New World. While many of you meditate on a semi-regular basis. your water is being poisoned with chemical additives and drugs to lull you further into sleep. therefore we must ask the question. It is senseless to believe that you can continue living in the manner you are and believe that your bodies will continue to support your current manner of living. and without the proper amount of time to rest the physical body that it requires to rejuvenate itself. your foods are poisoned with chemicals. how can you possibly expect to continue in the way that you do each day? As without the proper fuel in the way of nutritious and what we call ‘bio-fuels”. And so it should not surprise any of you that the greatly increasing rates of cancer and auto immune diseases are continuing to rise right along with your inane way of living.Notes from the Universe Date: October 26. . Without going into the obvious details for most of you reading this now.

In addition many of you must now wake up to the realities of how your food is processed and what it is that you are choosing to put into them. We can go on and on with the drugs that you now take. you will begin to see that your bodies are more than capable of providing you with more than enough physical energy. . for it is one of the most toxic substances that you can possibly put into your body. When you begin to keep a written list of what it is that you put into your bodies each and every day most of you will be shocked at the great lack of vitamins and nutritional value that you are truly getting. Wake up and smell the coffee that you’ve been drinking. emotional stamina and spiritual force to carry you through the time of chaos and confusion. It’s no Creating a beautiful New World. one person at a time.Notes from the Universe that it rains acid back onto your heads. the water you drink nor the proper rest that you take the necessary time out to hopefully help your bodies actively combat this rampage against its very survival. Mostly due to the extensive chemicals that are sprayed on the crops and the sheer quantity that you drink is pushing your bodies to the point of an extremely over taxed system in order to properly dilute and dispose of this over-stimulating neurotoxin. along with the proper time to rejuvenate your soul through regular meditation. refined and further poisoned to the extent that it is no longer alive and nutritious but essentially dead debris that you put into your bodies and expect that vibrant health will be the result. your earth is poisoned from the ground to the water aquifers so that you are constantly being poisoned from the outside in. It is without comprehension that we see you continue living this way and truly expect to be healthy for much of your life. yoga or outdoor pleasant exercise where you are also enjoying and appreciating your beautiful world. the air you breath. or the many different ways that your food is processed. This is the easiest way to change from one bad habit to healthier lifestyle choices and many of you will be shocked at what you’ve actually been doing to yourselves for many years. If you but take the proper amount of time to rest. along with a proper amount of moving your bodies through music. and you or most of you pay little or no attention to what you eat.

what products they manufacture and what diseases produce the greatest profits. Wake up people. medicine interactions. . It’s a disgrace when you can stand back and look at the state of your country in particular considering its tremendous power and advantages. the truth will become glaringly apparent even to the most asleep.Notes from the Universe wonder that the problems many are having with health challenges and disease in the United States. the cost of care. doctor errors. By now your scientists surely could have found the cause of each one of your major killers. what are you doing when you choose to go along with treatments that don’t solve the problem but actually are causing more problems like the very one they are supposedly fixing? Use your common sense to discern what makes the most sense to you when it comes to managing your state of health. one person at a time. you have one of the poorest health records in care. and hospital deaths due to mistakes on the part of every one of the staff charged with the care of your friends and family members. and we would direct you towards a much stronger role in what you perceive to be a medical society that is motivated to help you get better. Creating a beautiful New World. in particular. This is all part of the chaos of an old and outworn system bent on not providing healthcare in the best interest of its patient but in suppressing the truth. As one of the leading countries in the world. It is clearly one of the most obvious and permeating errors of your collective awareness that we can take the unfortunate advantage to share with you now. and yet they continue to claim that they still don’t understand what causes your cancer rates to continue to rise at alarming rates. However. when you open your eyes and take a good long hard look at who makes up your medical system. not to mention resources behind it for the past sixty-five years. This is hogwash and yet many of you still go along with their prescription to treat you with more chemicals and a process that by it s very nature causes cancer. medical malpractice.

or their very real and insidious behavior of causing more harm than good. their surgeries. It is without equivalent malicious intent on what this small and very select group of men do on a very real and conscious level. It is the same with your health that we say to you to wake up and smell the roses. As there is no one outside of you to ask permission for this. their hospitals. For they are the manufacturers of the very chemicals. that cannot be reversed to the extent of total restoration of perfect health. for as again. one person at a time. mind and spirit are yours for the taking. not their medications. then these aspects of your world will simply fall away. and you will find that the health that you seek is but a short distance away from where you are now. There is no disease. This is one of your biggest areas of losing your power to the masters of the game you call life on your planet now.Notes from the Universe And once you discover what it is that is truly causing all of your diseases. For when you begin to take greater responsibility for your self and your life. for within your own minds and hearts lie all the answers you seek and a vibrant and healthy body. but a mere side note of what is happening all around you. and systems that are not only making you ill but in fact killing many more of you each and every year. medications. It is within the very inherent wisdom that your body holds within it to Creating a beautiful New World. they will no longer be required. only you to make some simple changes through gaining greater awareness. for they know exactly what it is that is making you all sick and they are not trying to stop it. regardless of what stage of crisis you are currently in. . While we know that it will be difficult for many of you to accept this truth that we are disclosing to you today. they are actually promoting these insidious manner of death kills through their supportive systems and are making an inordinate amount of money in the process. there is no game left to play. when there are no players left in the game. it is not the most important aspect of what we want to point out to you. This is not a promise that we make to you but a simple statement of truth that we speak.

And when you begin to live from the space within first. When you can begin to slow down your daily pace and begin to implement some of the necessary yet minor changes that we have suggested to you. The problem comes in when you chose to believe someone else rather than the wisdom your heart speaks. but also the world around you. By the same token. then you begin to wake up to your own divinity. you will begin to see those changes that you desire so greatly reflected in the world around you. For it is the opposite manner in which you have been programmed out of your natural ability to create not only your lives. What can possibly hold you back from making some simple changes in your daily routine? Creating a beautiful New World. Again. it is so simple for you to do. will you begin to see real and lasting change on your planet and in your lives. one person at a time. as you are the master of your domain. within and without. and it is not your family doctor. should you only listen to it. For when your ears begin to listen again to its own heartbeat and starts to wonder about the grand possibilities that your life actually offers in its limitless potentiality. This is where real changes can be made. in essence is the greatest travesty that has been played out on your planet and in your lives throughout this long period of slowly starving the soul of its very voice. This. as you have stopped listening to it long ago. and yet we can feel the resistance to it as we speak. therefore there is only person responsible for your health. . This is simply another form of the game masters way in which they begin to feed you false beliefs through their controlled system of advertising and the media at large. This is a place where we see you have given some of your greatest power away through the systematic breakdown of your perceptions of who you are and what you choose to create. you are in charge of your body through the wisdom of your choices on a moment-to-moment basis.Notes from the Universe heal itself of anything it creates.

For within these simple steps that we offer to you now. and yet so few of you are willing to initiate these simple changes into to your own lives that we can see the very idea of change scares you to your core. but apparently many of you must hear it once again. This is another great example of how fear is used to control you and those around you. as the pain of it is promoted over the miraculous beauty of this event. from every corner of the planet. . one person at a time. from the very beginning of your lives to the very end of it. the home and family should continue on in the same form from the beginning to the end. for when you open your hearts and minds to the opportunity that lay ahead of you. For that holds many fears that reach out into every area of your lives with its tentacles of furthering an agenda that is entirely based on controlling you through the use of fear. to the most frightening experience of death. What we will add at this time is for those of you who cannot see how fear is used to control you. Creating a beautiful New World. you would initiate all and more of these simple changes in a heartbeat. lie within the seeds for creating the new world in which you can all grow together in harmony and peace.Notes from the Universe What can be so frightening to you that it could keep you from this most obvious of needs and could accurately display the very real promise of enlightened health or disease to the end? Why is it so difficult to see the most obvious changes and as simple as they can possibly be of which you continue to resist with all your might? These are but symptoms of the mind-boggling debris in which you have been brainwashed into to believing. we would suggest a little exercise for you to practice over a seven-day period of time. Beginning with earliest childhood your brainwashing began and creating within your mind a belief system that change is to be feared and that stability. This is one of your greatest stumbling blocks. We have gone over this paradigm utilized to keep you in fear over and over again. From the promise of new life emerging in childbirth. This is the greatest wish on the lips of mankind today.

Notes from the Universe Take with you a notepad and pen everywhere you go and begin to jot down a quick note on anything you see. and prove us wrong. is it Fear of Love? The answer may seem obvious. . Even if you do not react on a conscious level. Begin in this way and in a week. While we understand we’re actually adding one more thing to your day. If you have any doubts. stories that you see throughout your media forms. for this in itself would be the solution to all of your world’s problems. And. words. news. By the same effort. as that is the truly important part of our message to you at this time. if you will follow through with this little exercise you will begin to see the depth and breadth of how your lives are permeating with the systematic exposure of fear based messages in every way. whether you are driving by a billboard or see it in a magazine while waiting for your dentist appointment. if you are one who wholeheartedly disagrees with us on this point. make a note of any frightening images. Then compare notes with each other and see what is the more dominant game being played out in your world. This will help you to see the truth of what is right before your eyes the whole time it was being perpetrated on you. however we will leave the results up to the facts that you discover along the way. as it is your perceptions that actually will Creating a beautiful New World. For we are not here to tell you the way things are in your world. but only to help you wake up and discover for yourselves what it is that is happening within your own minds and Hearts. experience or feel that causes you fear. many of you could do the opposite of the fear-based list and keep your own log of the positive messages of love that you see and find along the day. see how long your list is. then all the more important for you to move through this little game. try that as a test for one week and see what happens somehow and seemingly like magic in your own lives. one person at a time. For it would be ideal if we could merely suggest to you to pay no attention at all to that man behind the curtain and only focus upon yourselves.

And for that we have no suggestions for you to make.Notes from the Universe be creating the results. And with that you will have a starting point in your newly gained awareness in which to make real and lasting changes. one person at a time. only as a greater guide to discovering how you truly are will be revealed in your respective notes. . but ones in which will not be frightening to you. We are complete with you today and wish you all the best in your embarking on your quest for greater health and improved living on your planet. Creating a beautiful New World. but welcomed with a sense of great relief.

thought or idea that has instigated your own growth and process. Therefore you can only share what it is that has worked for you in your process that might also be welcomed in a way that is also helpful to those around you. as action always speaks to those greater than mere words falling on deaf ears. and that is when you realize that each person holds their own unique perspective and identity. which is Creating a beautiful New World. therefore others will not see that same truth as you have as their perspective is and always will be different. for others will naturally follow in your footsteps but to the beat of their own drummer. 2010 R: What can we do as individuals to help or assist others in their own waking up process? AC: When you look within yourselves for the answers you seek you will always find the truth that has been there all the time.Notes from the Universe Date: October 27. as it does not exist outside of you. therefore it is not for you to go out and seek others in which to share what it is that holds true for yourself. This is why it is so important for each one of you to seek within your own Hearts and not look outside of yourselves for truth. However this is not possible as each one of you has a uniquely distinct perspective. This is where you can discover one of the greatest secrets awaiting your world. They also therefore exist in their own world. be as the beacon in the dark. but only within each of your own Hearts. as your truth may not be the truth for someone else. the inspiration will be as a light in the dark for others to follow. . So when you find a way that works for you. one person at a time. The common mistake that many of you make is in sharing your truths as if they will hold the same significance and meaning for others as they did for you. For when you share an experience.

can you find your way to working together once you recognize this great difference between you. In this way only. the opposite is true. While some of you may think that this will create an even greater chasm between you. or said Creating a beautiful New World. Once you have discovered this difference and gain the bigger picture of the realities in which you are creating together. as that is truly the paradigm in which you all reside. Your free will is there to enable you with complete freedom to design and experience your lives in any way. as it would play in direct contrast to what your original plan actually calls for. Therefore your dreams of winning the lottery may not happen despite your wanting the experience. When there is free will on a planet. In this way will you go forward together and create a new paradigm of living where your desire to share your realities will be expressed in a greater perspective and awareness. it is only your current belief systems that keep you from doing so. . such as there is on yours. you will gain a greater respect for distinct differences in what each of you have come to Earth to create. yet in a collective environment that share some very important ground rules.Notes from the Universe also unique unto their own reality. as individuals. Along with that freedom is your ability to manifest at the drop of a hat. for when you recognize this difference between each and every one of you. can you come to an agreement that respect for each other’s creative reality is something that demands greater respect along with it. you must understand this concept of a dual relationship within the individual and collective consciousness realms. It is within your grasp now to recognize this fact of your world and your ability to create on an individual as well in a collective manner. While we will also tell you that many of you cannot manifest within this instantaneous environment. shape or form that you choose. This is why you must learn to go into your Hearts. one person at a time. as you came into this life with a plan of what you wanted to experience and learn along the way.

While it is not for us to say what. While you will see a direct conflict with what we have just told you. Of course along the way you are also free to tear up these contracts with others. This is the goal that you can begin to work towards as it will release you from the stress and strain of your lives in ways that you will begin to feel immediately. the faster your growth and awareness will Creating a beautiful New World. one person at a time. how or when you need to take up a formal schedule of inner reflection and dialog.Notes from the Universe in another way. you will begin to see your greater responsibility in fulfilling those contracts and your original life blueprint as you designed it. and follow that inner voice of wisdom to guide you throughout your life. confidence and superlative expertise on the quality of your life experience. it’s circumstances and events as created through your creative free will. however you must first be aware of them in order to do that. When you can see the complexity of which your life is actually created. you have also agreed to fulfill certain obligations with others that you must fulfill as a part of the paradigm you’re living in. We can tell that you will have a greater sense of clarity when you can go inside your meditations and learn to listen better to the inner guidance system that is inherent with each and every one of you. This then is of great importance for you to gain a greater level of awareness so that you can make conscious choices in which you want to exert your free will and creative domain. the game rules are such that there are certain guidelines in which you must follow while in your current experience of this lifetime. to listen very closely to what your Heart is telling you. While you do have complete control over your life. When you can begin to hear the voice within that is always there. In this way can you begin to exert greater awareness. then and only then can you begin to live the life you designed in it original plan of expression. should you only move in this direction of self reflection and inner dialog. we can recommend to you that the more you can spend time in this way. .

Without going into too many specifics. one person at a time. . This process of waking up is one that is designed to be experienced in an individually unique manner and one by which it cannot be measured. you will figuratively and literally hold the world at your fingertips. This experience will be welcomed by many of you who already understand that other people from other places already exist within your paradigm of every day life. only as a gradual pace that will pickup speed once it is initiated. This is another way for you to wake up to recognize who you are and where you originated.Notes from the Universe expand. Also within your ability and grasp is the greater awareness and understanding that you are not alone in this universe. for many of those that you would consider to be extra terrestrials. are actually inhabitants of the very world on which you sit. it will Creating a beautiful New World. In many cases your level of awareness will grow at an exponential rate. making everyone’s experience unique unto their own way. however we can tell you that once your DNA is activated in the ways that it was originally designed to function. our purpose in revealing this hidden truth from you is but an inkling of your ability to recognize that you also came for the stars at one time. only for you to reach out for it. We can understand that your comprehension of this fact will be difficult for you to grasp. This is a day of discovery that will soon approach each and every one of you as it is already within your grasp. In addition. we can see that these different worlds and people of which you would consider to be quite different from you will become common-place as your world and theirs become joined in the communities within your Universe at large. and it is only a breath a way in which everyone will know and accept them for being a part of your lives on this planet. This is the very nature of what your minds and Hearts are designed to do as one gathers information and discerns while the other holds within it the entire wisdom of the Universe and all that it carries within it. while others will have burst of great inner awareness that will blossom in a short manner of time. Within the new paradigm in which you are moving and creating.

You all have come from another place other than your perceived home planet Earth. Just as you would travel far distances on your own planet to discover new lands and its associated people and culture. This is where your Hearts will make a great leap in their guidance in your lives. one person at a time. Yours was a great museum of a kind. In this way do we see you going far from home in an effort to better understand the world in which you live and experience your lives. She in her great wisdom felt that she could provide a place within the galactic universe for beings of great awareness to act as the guide-showers for others traveling to her for what was to be a new world and experience never created in the Universe before. so too will you journey far outside of your planet’s domain to discover new worlds of which you will learn much in the way of living harmoniously and in peace together despite the great differences between you. As you were originally designed as these gatekeepers your original duty was to be a showcase of a highly intelligent species that could live within a wildly diverse environment. then you will come far into accepting this reality as part of your new world within the larger community of your Galactic experiences. as there were no living beings here when Earth was originally created. it was your original purpose to be the galaxy’s gatekeepers for greater acceptance and living harmoniously within your world of limitless creative design. . by which outer beings could travel and experience this paradise of a planet in which they could experience a higher state Creating a beautiful New World. for when you begin to accept others despite their outer appearances. you also will become to be seen as the Galactic citizen you were originally created to be. When you can begin to look at these truths without experiencing fear along with it. Designed as a galactic stopover of great significance. or the way in which they behave.Notes from the Universe also reveal a great mistruth about your human species in its origin and who is responsible for creating your physical forms. while maintaining a harmonious world for others to enjoy visiting.

While we said that it is up to the individual to wake to their own truth. For within your greatest cataclysm was devised this time of your individual re-awakenings and the subsequent retaking your domain and sovereignty along with it. . as these words along with your actions will do much to awaken and assist others in their own process of waking up.Notes from the Universe of living harmoniously yet at a lower vibration of physicality. While your select forefathers were not encapsulated in this type of forgetfulness. While failing miserably due to the effect these outer beings had succeeded in pursuing. While your world continued to fall into a great cataclysmic event. Although they feel as if their continued dominance will continue unabated. Our efforts are to provide the jiggling and nudging you awake a little more each and every day. after many millennia of suffering lifetimes under the hands of the now ill-fated powers that be on your planet. as your species along with your planet experienced a subliminal type of hypnosis that gradually wore you down into forgetting your original design and purpose. This is where you are left today. What went wrong was of tremendous magnitude heard the Universe over. and with that your efforts Creating a beautiful New World. your forefathers decided it was best not to interfere with the extensive damage this event would cause as they saw a great opportunity within it to engage an even greater plan in which to slowly regain their original sovereignty and awareness. they were wise enough to discover the outer beings divisive ways and put their own plan into the works. This is the reason why we are here to help so many of you now. one person at a time. they did not give up in their request to regain their people and planet. This was a new and exciting experience for many as they came from across the Universe’s deepest reaches in order to experience this new world called Earth. this remains true within those guidelines. they have failed to see the obviousness of your awakening at this time. It was a grand experiment designed to teach others that they could also enjoy the experience of a diversely designed third dimensional experience without sacrificing their higher state of frequency and intelligence.

In this way do we hold our hopes high for your individual success in getting our words out and triggering a waterfall effect of others joining in the free for all it affects. This is why you are all here at this time. for it is there that you will discover your greatest joys and truths. It is with great honor that we come to share our knowledge with you. and your beacon of light to ignite others to and their own lights. In this way can we bring to you the knowledge that we hold sacred and divine in our best wishes for you to join us and others in the Universe in which you reside. and with this we will leave you to your day of delight. joy and happiness in everything that you choose to create. Begin each day with a few moments to express gratitude for this day.Notes from the Universe will go out in the form of these words. no longer prisoners and captive on your planet of great diversity and wondrous beauty. and go into your hearts to listen to the voice that sings within. not the least of which is to create your new world of peace and harmonious living that is in the process now as we speak. . as each is a gift to be treasured and lived to its greatest capacity and creative potential. Creating a beautiful New World. one person at a time. It is with our heartfelt wishes that each and every one of you would but make the same efforts in your own lives of that which we speak. and within a little span of time many of you will have woken to the reality in which you truly exist and live. It is our heartfelt joy and hopes that you and as many others as you can reach will read these words of love and encouragement for within our words are your efforts in which to wake up to your true selves and go out to do great and wondrous things.

Such as: hey. by the same token we would encourage you to place questions that will also act as seeds for later germination. It is not however within your need of knowing as to when this seed will germinate. However. only for you to ask the questions that may or may not intrigue them into thinking more about what is truly going on around them. and so it is not your ‘job’ to instigate this process. We will tell you not to place your worries or concern in these terms as the people who are currently asleep or continually exposed to the paradigm of controllers and buy into this paradigm hook. . be aware that they will wake in their own time and place. when you talk with someone of this nature. In this way can you effect change in others by asking a question for them to contemplate at a future point in time when it will or can act as a trigger mechanism to help wake them up.Notes from the Universe Date: October 28. So. one person at a time. how best can someone who is not traditionally exposed to this type of information able to gain the information that will nudge them awake? Many of you have friends and family members who fit into this category of personage and would not believe you if you told them flat out what is actually happening in and around them. have you ever considered that there may be another way to handle this problem of our money system? Creating a beautiful New World. line and sinker have planned their own escape hatch within their life’s body of plan. And that is. 2010 R: What advice can you offer that can be of help for those people who are totally shut down in terms of their hearts and love-based consciousness? AC: We would begin by posing the question in another way that would encompass the sector of people we understand you to be referring to.

In this way do we see you in small communities beginning to live in greater harmony through this approach to solving life’s big issues. It can be the best place to begin for many of you. can you move out and initiate the same process in your communities. as once you see that this simple process works within the diversity of you own family structures. This is an easy way to engage someone in a conversation or exchange of ideas rather than a conflict of alternating views. We would also advise to you to create these images of an ideal or utopian world in your meditations. It is our heartfelt joy that you will ponder this advice long enough to feel the power rising from within your hearts and minds to begin imagining what kind of world you desire to create together. Act in the way of the provocateur of illuminating concepts. . utilizing your greatest dreams and aspirations. as without inspiration for reaching the heights of your ideal world and circumstances. how can you possibly hope to change anything for the better? It will not be enough to simply reach for the moon. one person at a time. And what was once an opportunity for adversarial conflict has easily become an opportunity to effect lasting solutions in the best interest of everyone. rather than attempting to stuff your ideas down someone’s throat. as you will want to reach for the stars in your visions of a grand world in which to thrive and grow together. It is a good way to initiate the conversation and begin the process of exchanging ideas that can lead to a powerful process of creative problem solving solutions. for within the home there is much strife caused in the very manner of adversarial power plays between differing views. as this will begin to create a blueprint of change that when combined with the like minded images of others will begin to manifest in your individual as well as collective realities.Notes from the Universe This puts the issue or question in their lap as the person now in charge of the challenge and solution. It is this way and by the very design Creating a beautiful New World. Begin at home where you can see immediate results by engaging your entire family in this way.

Begin to reduce the amount of hours you watch and see if you notice the slightest of changes in your thoughts and feelings around all areas of your life. war. one person at a time. tomorrow and the next day. This is what you have all created together. This too is another means of control utilized to effect mind-numbing effect on the sleeping masses. It is without doubt your most debilitating control device. whereby you no longer even think your own thoughts but simply buy into the messages that your masters desire you to keep thinking. There are those within your natural health environs that have already discovered and disclosed this information. . along with what your expectations tell you about what you feel will happen.Notes from the Universe of your ability as conscious creators. If we were to ask you how many people truly believe that the world can change their collective manner of destruction. and you will find these and more glaringly obvious details of deception and undeniable damaging evidence. how many do you believe would say they did? This is where once again turning off your nightly news and the television altogether can make the greatest impact. This is your greatest challenge and yet your fastest and easiest path to regaining your sovereignty and freedoms. with chemical medications following in second place. your proof is staring you back in the face by the current state of affairs on your planet. you only need to change the images you imagine and watch on your televisions. if not all of what is being purposely perpetrated against you by your controllers is right in front of your faces. You only need to pay closer attention and look slightly further than your mainstream media. your governments and in your lives. Creating a beautiful New World. Right down to your baby formulas that are designed to interrupt the brain’s ability to learn and grow in the proper fashion. For this television is so captivating in its ability to put you to sleep that you don’t even realize it is happening. For the obviousness of it’s mindprogramming ability to keep you in a state of suspended animation. and should you desire to change what you are experiencing. for most. today. you only need to expand your view to a wider horizon of information. killing and suffering.

preferably at the beginning just as you wake in the morning. and move forward into creating the world in which you all most truly desire to live in? It all comes down to one simple concept of creating fundamental change for where you happen to be sitting right now in this moment. . This will go far in leading you onto an easy path to effecting the very real and beautiful changes so many of you so desperately desire. resulting in exactly what you are currently experiencing in your lives and your world today. and finally leave the fear behind. but what kind of world will you all start taking clear and definitive responsibility for creating.Notes from the Universe Until there are enough people willing to gather together and begin real and honest discussions of not so much what has been happening on your planet for eons. and imagine that perfect idyllic world in which you can see yourself and your children and loved ones playing and laughing together surrounded by images of Nature’s beauty and bountiful efforts. emotions and expectations to the collective mix. It is within your grasp as you bridge the dream of what you created yesterday in what you can see around you today. you will remain on the Ferris Wheel of numbing and not-my-problem mentality. It is always our most and greatest desire to see each one of you reclaim your desires as realities and design your world to your greatest visions and dreams. but all up to you. and not the least of creating every single experience and event in your own lives. It is not only up to you. Start to spend as little as five minutes each day. one person at a time. and all about you. and what you can envision today and see reflected in your world tomorrow. Creating a beautiful New World. or also at night just as you fall asleep. as you directly contribute your unique energy and compilation of thoughts. For until each one of you begins to take responsibility for how and what you as an individual have contributed to the current world state of affairs.

then leave your engine in the neutral position and do nothing to exact change in your lives and world. however if you would prefer your life to stay exactly where it is. almost paralyzed to make changes in ways that could free themselves from the very fear it is that keeps them captivated and captive in their own lives. not the pilot. While we can see that you want to free you minds first. Creating a beautiful New World. but we would say to you that it is the complete opposite from that you seek in which it will be found. 2010 R: I know that a lot of people are in fear right now and feel incapable. one person at a time. While can see that this will leave you in a place of ever increasing servitude. It is truly simpler than any of you make it out to be. then you will begin to easily manifest the improvements in your own lives as easily as you now bake a pie. as it was originally intended to be the co-pilot. then the mind becomes secondary to the implementation of your heart’s desires and dreams. for it is not the mind that is imprisoned in your lives but your hearts in their belief that they cannot be heard through the mind’s paramount importance that you each lend to it. . as it is with the logically.dominated world in which you’ve been programmed to believe in. it is once again your free will in which to choose what you experience in your lives and the world around you. If you want your car to go forward then you will have to allow the engine to be engaged and put into forward motion. What would you recommend to help them be able to initiate the changes that they so desperately desire to make? AC: When we say to you that your lives will be free once you utilize the envisioning of a new world paradigm within your own minds.Notes from the Universe Date: November 2. In this way can you most swiftly place your dreams first and the implementation of the dreams in which will manifest before your very eyes once you allow this switch to take place. For when you allow your Heart to be the driver of your lives.

When you can stop long enough to listen to what it is that you truly desire from within each and every one of your hearts. This is the turning point in which each one of you can begin to easily make the changes and see the miracles begin to take place in your lives and those that you love. These paradigms are all built from the inside out. oblivious to what is happening around you in increasing severity. This is exactly why we say to you now to wake up and smell the coffee you’ve been drinking for it is with the poison that you drink. However we would also say to you that this is only the beginning of what you will come to realize that you are capable of creating. can you begin to exact real change within your own hearts and minds. one person at a time. but only from within. . for within your ability as Creating a beautiful New World. and begin to see real changes without and around in your world. breath and surround yourselves with. as it will not be possible to effect change without. It is not however for you to go out into the world and create new paradigms of struggle against the very paradigm you desire to change. This conflict of where you are and where most of you desire to go will continue to gain its momentum of ag-gravational pull. In this way only. for within it lay all the answers you seek. you will continue the dark path upon which most of you are still moving. eat. and this is the fundamental lesson in which we encourage you to grasp and learn. that you must wake up to and change. in ways that you will find increasingly difficult to ignore in your own lives. certainly you cannot deny that more and more people that you know on an intimately personal basis are finding it more and more difficult to manage their own lives within the current paradigm of beliefs and societal structures as they fall down around your feet. you find that you have far more in common with your neighbors than what you would originally believe possible. While it may not personally affect you at present in your own lives. and all of the solutions you desire to resolve your greatest problems with. It is in this way only that your minds can finally release their hold on you to keep you in place and marching to the same old drummer’s beat.Notes from the Universe In which case.

lies a greater destiny for each one of you to embrace as you go along in your own lives. will have enormous impact on your perception of your daily lives. will you rid your species of many diseases and frailties in your minds and hearts and become free agents rather than living your lives as the time clock and calendars dictate. In this way also. to the extent that you will continue to live in your physical bodies far beyond your current abilities based on your current perceptions of time. For when you begin to initiate these small changes in your own lives. as your birthday only holds the significance that you allow it. like counting down the clock to your very death. This same belief system that you count down your lives by and through can also be seen as a control system devised to keep you trapped within your own lives. leaving you free to more fully experience life on a larger scale and thus extending your life into years beyond what you would currently call a normal lifespan. we can say to you that this shift in your awareness of who you are and where you currently stand on the precipice of time. as with every other type of thought and concept that your current world is built upon. For when you fully understand that without the concept of time. then the perception and previous beliefs of aging can no longer exist in your paradigm of living. you will no longer keep track of your days and hours. . then you will begin to grasp the larger picture at hand and the direction that each one of you have chosen in your past to experience in your future.Notes from the Universe great creators in the Universe at large. If you no longer expect to age and grow old based on the number of years that you’ve lived. one person at a time. and years in which you live. as you run around like you have no time and yet you have all the time in the Creating a beautiful New World. While we can also tell you that time as you’ve experienced it is about to take a turn of unprecedented perception in your lives and paradigm of living. We speak of these vast accomplishments not as dangled carrots for you to chase but merely to provide a glimmer of what you are here to do on an even larger scale and purpose. Begin to integrate this concept even now into your lives and see if you don’t feel younger by the day.

It will become easier for each one of you to begin moving out of this time-lock control system when you release your belief that it makes a difference whether you are early. cataclysms of untold disaster and calamity? The rapture or revelation that Creating a beautiful New World. and beyond. and depart at exactly the right moment regardless of whether you are at work or on your way to the soccer game. As from our perspective you arrive. then your mind is more free to explore new ideas. When we mention the date December 21. Time is of the essence you believe only because it has been pounded into you from the beginning of your lives. what do most of you feel or think. This is one of the most obvious changes that we can suggest that you make a shift in awareness and see one of the most profound changes in your daily lives. for there is much that has been withheld from your minds and hearts about your true origins. In this way can you release the bonds of time. for when you release your own perception of beliefs that time has an important role in dominating your almost every move. Within this paradigm is a built in control mechanism that engenders your mind into a slave it lives by. which hold you in a place of running on the treadmill of your lives until you fall over dead from exhaustion. your past and what you about to experience in your immediate future. When you can release what you think to be true and factual through what you have learned in your educational years. 2012. . late or on time. This where you can begin easily and see the biggest changes take place. Another system of control that you can also easily release its hold on you is through your educational system. then you will begin to gain a greater sense of freedom within your lives and release its grip on your reality. and one that most of you create great stress in your lives as well. In this way can you discover many of the ideas and concepts that others have already discovered through their work and research into these hidden truths. one person at a time. beliefs and truths that have been purposefully hidden from view.Notes from the Universe world.

and not for you to experience your true calling of expanded awareness and delight. in every way possible that the controllers can manage in their efforts to keep you slaves to your beliefs and their profit driven machines. so as to keep you trapped within the time lock of the controller’s itinerary of belief system paradigms so that they can continue on their merry way and reap. This is where we say to you is the most important aspect of disengaging from this current timeline that you are being captivated by. so that they get to keep you playing their game of great deceit. . the freedom of choice to choose what it is that you want to experience. as well as directly implanted into your minds. Either way these visions have been foretold for a two-fold purpose. whether it be a pole shift or solar blast that sends you all into oblivion. your families and your planet. Creating a beautiful New World. we can see that most of you are still trapped by the visions and visionaries that have predicted great calamity to take place. leaving others to burn in hell and damnation forever? These too are concepts that have been supplanted and subliminally. and as you always have had. In this great game in play. This could not be farther from the truth of what that date truly means for each one of you. one person at a time. and one is within your ability to change should you but grasp that you. This is where we say you’ve come to your jumping off point. for within this cycle of evolutionary growth and expansion. rape and rampage you.Notes from the Universe some. but not all of you will ascend into the Heavens for salvation. by way of recognizing that you are the creators of the game and not the victims. but to receive the evolutionary grace of your own minds expansion into your heart’s domain and taking it to its highest and fullest forms of expression. lies the opportunity for each one of you to discover who you truly are and what you are here to do next. This is not about dying in the world’s greatest natural disasters. your lives. This is why the controllers of your past millennia are pulling out all the stops to keep you fixed and in a state of near panic. when each of you gets to take your greatest leap of faith and leave the past behind where it belongs.

This is how the game of life is played and it is within the great cycle of transition that you have chosen to reawaken to this truth and take control back upon your very lives. one person at a time. Who’s to say that you can’t start your own game? Why can’t you choose to live where you want and do that which brings you great joy each and every day? Do you fully understand the extent to which you trap yourselves within the very paradigm that you claim to despise and resist? This is not a game of helpless. This is the time of the great awakening. as the dualistic nature with which you have placed within the game is also one of free will and choice. just begin to disengage. and it is with great pleasure that we tell you that you have devised the greatest fail-safe escape plan in the Universe. This is where you can take that leap of faith and reap the rewards of discovering whom you truly are and go onto creating the most vast and wondrous lives you can barely wrap your brains around at this time. for the one pulling the handles and strings to control your very perception of life is no one other than yourself. or rather reclaim your divinity and go on to create your lives and world exactly as you would ideally have it. . fear controlled system. This is a game that you have been the creators of all along.Notes from the Universe This is what we say to you in this regard of pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. you just pay more attention to the negative fear based predictions than you do in the positive ones. dis-engorge yourselves from the paradigm of consumerism that is also designed to keep you in the trap of playing the game as if it’s the only game in town. and the world in which you live. For whether you decide to play in the game of monopoly as slaves to the money based. Break free. for you are the creator of it. It’s all choice and simply comes down to what it is that you as an individual chooses to experience in your own life. which you are also hearing in your media visionaries’ prophecies and prediction. as you are the only person choosing to believe or not believe what it is that you are seeing and experiencing. there is no right or wrong. unintelligent beings that are not capable of great creative thinking. Creating a beautiful New World.

where things will be better than you can currently imagine. And this is also where your planet will emerge into her new body and self as you approach this unique transformational window of opportunity in December of 2012. and into your own game of life. we use this date from your formal calendar of control to emphasize this window of paramount importance. albeit they may try with great effort to do so. along with the birth of your new Earth in to the new paradigm of life and living. one person at a time. at the very precipice of your own sovereignty and the very unique opportunity to jump out of the game of control and fear. This we have emphasized over and over again. Therefore. This is the purpose of your meeting up with your appointed alignment with the center of your Milky Way galactic center. it naturally comes down to regaining your full understanding and grasp that there is no one outside of you that can control your minds. as the true date has also been clouded from your minds. it is simple and easy enough for you to not go along by simply not exposing yourself to the media driven tools that they utilize to gain your mind and numb you to their will. and also how it is being utilized to further set you on your toes in anticipation of a great and fearful calamity coming upon all of you. . as your technologically driven society has been developed for the sole purpose of further controlling your minds so that you won’t wake up and reclaim your divinity and sovereignty with the opening of your galactic entrance ticket in the approaching meeting with your source energy. as this is where your planet came from in its birthing process.Notes from the Universe So. this date is within the true window of which you can gain your sovereign nature and make your way. Creating a beautiful New World. While we will admit that this date is somewhat of a misnomer. This is where you stand. This is the essence of what we want to share with you in terms of what you can to do in moving out of where you are now and into where you want to be tomorrow.

live your lives from your hearts and take back your ability to create it exactly the way you desire and deem in the highest interest of not only yourselves. sisters and the planet on which you’ve so rightly chosen to live and create upon. Creating a beautiful New World. It is with heartfelt joy that we see you going on to accomplish much in your new lives as creators of great and wondrous creations.Notes from the Universe It is with the greatest pleasure that we divulge some of the truth to you in this manner and hopefully along with this knowledge further enable you as individuals to create your lives in the way of your highest possible imaginings. It is ‘time’ now that we are complete and wish you all the greatness in the day ahead of you. . one person at a time. but your brothers. With that we can say there will be much greater accomplishments coming your way as you take back your minds. We are complete.

as once again this will be a highly individualized process that really has no right or wrongs. In this way you can be an example for others as instructions are often times ignored and not followed. and as they originally designed it to be before incarnating into this lifetime? AC: When you ask us what it is that an individual can do to more easily move into their own and very uniquely designed purpose in this lifetime. So if you prefer to sit in a hot tub of bath water and daydream to your heart’s content. . and spend some time contemplating your navel. We tell you that there is not one way to achieve this but only what works best for you. While we would always recommend that each of you sit somewhere quiet and alone. now we know that we’ve just lost at least fifty percent of you. as it will sound too simple to be true and discarded like a paper bag to the garbage bin. beyond what they fill their daily tasks with. When you are willing to finally reach within your own bag of tricks. we can describe to you what we feel is in essence each individuals’ easiest process in following ones destiny and that is to simply follow one’s heart. And. one person at a time. only what works best for you to get quiet and listen to your heart speak what it desires. then that is your way to access your heart’s desire. Begin to find the best time of day or night for you.Notes from the Universe Date: November 3. In another way. away from all the noise and distractions. Listening to your inner voice is what will always lead you to making the right choice when faced with big decisions in your life. Creating a beautiful New World. we would ask you to describe how you have achieved this process within your own life. or at least what lies within your heart. For there is truly only one way to discover your true purpose in your life and that is to follow your heart’s desire. you will find all that you seek to know and learn. 2010 R: How can people learn or discover what their purpose in life is.

I’m not creative. In this way can you move more freely and easily into the dream world in which your heart desires to create. . When we speak of creative expression. through their future of limited beliefs and fear control devises. as many of you will immediately think that oh. and if you don’t choose to believe our word. But what we say to you is that everyone is a creator of magnificence in whatever manner that they should choose to express. for your body is creating every moment you breathe and Creating a beautiful New World. We would suggest to you to discard all that you’ve previously learned in your schools and universities. In this way can you merely move out of the targets focus and begin to create your own paradigm of beliefs based on your heart’s desires and domain of sovereignty. for much of what you have been taught are the histories written by the same men determined to keep you under their control now. Incredible as it may sound to you now. the chatter that will not shut up if you allow it to go on. for within that world lies the secrets to what you and others would find as utopian in its design. you will find yourselves there in an instant should you but only move quickly now in that direction and pay attention to this inner voice as your leader and no one else. This is not the truth nor serves your highest ideals and visions towards a brighter future for all of mankind. I can’t draw or paint or play a musical instrument. one person at a time.Notes from the Universe There is a definite difference between the voice of the mind. This is the voice that we would strongly suggest that you listen to. then simply try it for yourselves and see what comes of it. we do not limit this creativity in any manner whatsoever. and the inner calm voice that will sound as if it is a soothing balm to your wearied soul. You are innately creative in your very being-ness. This is what we can suggest to you to move most easily into your heart’s domain and begin to create a world in which you can all succeed in each of your own unique manner of creative expression. This is where you can begin to separate yourselves from those who wish to control you through fear and mayhem.

This is the wisdom that you can also access from within each and every one of your hearts. For out of creation can come only more creativity. whether it be a great work of art. It is in this way that many of Creating a beautiful New World. When you can learn to rebalance your brain functions into a balanced harmony of functionality. For within the Universe’s matrix of knowledge lies all of the information that you could ever desire to create from. Within this library are the limitless creations that have already been designed. thereby reducing your cognitive ability to envision. as you always have access to the full spectrum of the Universal design library. so to speak. as you will start to better understand the complete set of tools required to create anything that you desire. In this way can you begin to see the greater purpose for which you can begin to live your individual lives. a new technology or a toy for your child. It is only that you have been trained to separate your mind and heart in the natural process for which you were created. create and initiate through your natural and innate abilities. Within this ability is the higher level of the hearts functionality and that is to communicate directly with this universal template or source and access what it is that you would like to create. then you will begin to utilize your combined efforts of the heart and mind into a highly effective creative purpose. one person at a time. templated and produced or created. and within your brain functionality is the ability to put those plans into action. It is with great forethought and planning that your controllers have trained and taught you to separate your left and right brain functions. production and suitability within the domain in which you live. for it is within your own magnificence that you are capable of creating anything that you wish and desire. This then is the way of your path to salvation and supreme dominance over your lives and worldly domain. . as well as all of the future designs that have the potentiality within them to come forward into creation either through you or someone one else on your planet. Within your hearts are the connective links to the universal design template.Notes from the Universe exhale.

Imagine for a moment the great sense of accomplishment that you could experience should you decide to take a turn from you daily routine and begin to follow the path upon which you originally designed your life to take? Creating a beautiful New World. and that cannot be taken lightly nor used for one’s own gain and purpose. It is within this Universal matrix of knowledge. especially at this time of the great awakening. not of simply oneself. but for individuals who have discovered that they are connected to everyone and everything around them. This is the creative sandbox for those who recognize their greater responsibility as their brother’s keeper and one whose life’s purpose is designed in such a way as to make a difference in the best interest of all mankind. book or idea. Imagine for a moment the ability to discover something of great magnitude that could make a difference in the lives of those that you care most about. for this is not the playground for fools. and along with that access comes great responsibility. for when you access this library of knowledge you enter into the realm of a limitless creator within a Universe of divine design and provenance. one person at a time. This is not the place to go to discover the winning lottery numbers. that each one of you always has access to. that is and unless you have already planned that experience within your life’s blueprint as originally planned. It is therefore of the utmost importance that each one of you begin to recognize the importance of your individual lives and the potential contribution that each of you make to the whole of humanity. or develop a new technology while someone on the other side of your planet will tap into the same source information and design the same product. .Notes from the Universe you will discover the same information at almost the same time. but also for those around the globe.

So simple and yet so difficult for so many of you to simply let go of the dogma and constraints in which you feel so very compressed and stressed in living your daily lives. Your heart can design it. It is simply up to you as individuals to decide where you want to play and how you Creating a beautiful New World. for within that cup is the very potential of your greatest awakening or your greatest departure from this window of tremendous opportunity. This is your shining moment where YOU can also choose to stay asleep or wake up to the coffee you’ve been drinking. the very circumstances in which YOU have created upon your planet. For you have been designed as the limitless creators you were born into being and now is the time in which you have chosen to awaken to this awareness and begin to access the information and wisdom the Universe holds for each and every one of you. This is what we can tell you is the easiest and most simple way in which to realize your destiny and live your dreams. and the very set of guidelines in which YOU designed your lives to be at in this very moment you are reading this. And you’re your mind can implement the designs your heart can envision as these two captains of your life are more than capable of creating great and wondrous creations. you but need to stop long enough and listen long enough to hear the voice whisper it’s beckoning call. and take a leap of faith into the Universal domain of limitless creativity? What waits for you now in the future design of your unique ability as a limitless creator to make a difference in ways that you can hardly imagine? But your heart can imagine it. your very existence is only here at this time because YOU chose it to be so. . You ARE the creators of your every moment. one person at a time.Notes from the Universe Imagine for a moment what it might feel like to know that you have succeeded in saving the lives of many thousands of children if you would but take the time to access your heart’s desire and fulfill your unique destiny? What untold wonders are waiting for you and others if you would but stop long enough to listen to your heart’s desire. This is the time in which YOU chose to awaken. and one that will not remain open for much longer.

and one in which she will gladly take you along with her. garner and grow into your greatest potential as human beings capable of grand design of magnificence filled with the peace. wake up to recognize that you can have it your way. or your destinies as the outsiders have designed for your demise. It is one of obvious choice from our perspective. Whether you decide to go swimming in the sea. For she is a great and wondrous being in her own right and loves all of her creatures and beings that live within and without her very much. It is within our domain as your heritage seekers and advisers to see each and every one of you rise to the greatest challenge of stepping out of your own way and moving towards your destinies and begin to design your life exactly the way that your heart desires. or fall down at the playground. as you were born into this world as a creator in the vast universe in which you are a grand part of. therefore we can only advise and not choose for you. one person at a time. . love and tranquility that you so desire. for that is where you will find the peace that you seek. and the boundless love that waits for you now. This world and that which you live your lives upon is destined for her own awakening and rebirthing. or full of sand in the box. This is your moment of either moving forward into your destinies as domain masters. in the sandbox or on the playground. the creative expression that you desire. you will need to wake up and make this choice at one time or another. however we are not the ones who are in your shoes.Notes from the Universe want to play and experience your day at the beach. For she is a Creating a beautiful New World. so why not now? Why not cut your suffering short by conscious choice and begin to move into your heart’s domain. not some little meaningless spec upon a planet that has no meaning or purpose of its own. In other words. When would you feel that there would be a better moment than right now to step into your new world and begin to take your life for the wondrous gift that it is rather than for granted? It is within each and every one of your immediate reach to gain.

Notes from the Universe being of wise and generous council for without which you would not be in the position of calling home such a beautiful and diverse planet as she. one person at a time. We are here for your guidance and allowing us to speak to you is of the greatest appreciation in your efforts to transcribe what we have come here to share with you today. . In this we are complete. but also has willingly shown you. Creating a beautiful New World. for the many millennia that you have lived upon her. Give her the respect and love that she not only deserves. Wake with her now and reclaim your rightful place upon which together you will be rebirthing a new Earth along with a new Human as the divinely connected beings that you innately are.

for it is not in your inherent belief systems to live by anything other than the effortless flow of creative expression on your planet Earth. For in this simplest adjustment in the way that you each begin each day.Notes from the Universe Date: November 5. you are stepping right back into the very pile of nonsense you seek to remove yourselves from. What can others and I do to feel less overwhelmed and begin to move more calmly and centered through our days of feeling like there is no way we can possibly get it all done? AC: We are happy to review with you again how living without the spectrum of your previously perceived perceptions of linear time can alleviate this symptom of transforming your mind into moving from a stress-based life and into a stressfree life. you will see it work in take effect in every area of your lives. This is why so many of you are without a clue as to who you truly are nor your connection with your planet and the bounty of Creating a beautiful New World. you can begin to see what we mean by this. one person at a time. It is without question that your lives are currently dominated by the clocks and calendars that you willingly choose to live by. for within this small yet powerful effort you can make easily. however that is by your choice and decision to accept and go along with the constructs created to keep you in a stressed out mode. 2010 R: I have a lot on my plate right now. We can already hear your prognostications in feeling that this concept is a viable one in the very real world in which you all currently exist. and when I start to think about getting it all done. When you begin your day in haste and without taking a few moments to breathe deeply with gratitude for your life and all that you have within it. you will also begin to notice and realize real changes in your life and the world around you. This is a simple process by which you can easily begin to change your perceptions about time and how you live your lives. For when you completely let go of your societal constructs of being on time or being late. I tend to feel a little overwhelmed and it can get in the way of being more productive in my day. .

the faster and more smoothly your individual progression into a new paradigm of living will be. one person at a time. As you move forward in your quest for greater knowledge and wisdom in which to express your heartfelt desires. will appear too good to be true. for you over-schedule yourselves into these stressful situations. which will have great impact upon you lives. Often times we see you make your lives much harder than they need to be. We understand that these simple and easy solutions we offer to you. and we can also tell you that it is easier than what most of you would believe. For within your hearts lie all the answers you seek in what. This is the single most important thing that you can do easily. however we will continue to remind you in ways that will eventually take hold and you will begin the process by which you are able to initiate these simple changes and begin to see big effects in your lives and world around you. . despite the abuses you continue to subject her to. In this way can we direct you to move into creating a stress free life. What is five minutes for you in the day to take for yourselves? Are you so pressed for time that you cannot take your first five minutes of your day upon awakening to say quietly to yourselves how grateful you are for all that you DO have and appreciate through heartfelt emotions the beauty and bounty for which your planet so freely offers to you each and every day you sleep and live upon her? This is only one small way in which you can make an easy and effortless step in the direction of where you want to be living your lives. we can say to you that the simpler you make your lives. where and how you would like to be living and expressing who you truly are. and we can only ask you this question? Who is in charge of running your life. and ones in which you will easily toss away like a banana peel into the garbage pail. you or someone else? Creating a beautiful New World.Notes from the Universe nature she so lovingly provides for you.

for until you stop and begin to take a real long look at your lives and what you have created. which is you. This is a self-sabotaging mechanism with which many of you have fallen into by feeling there is nothing you can do to create the life that you truly want. Creating a beautiful New World. not only in your lives but the world in which you live. . This is in no way something that we say to you without feeling a great sense of responsibility on our part as well. This same responsibility can be applied to every area of your lives and world. Is it not wiser to take true control over your lives and those of whom you call family and friends than it is to give up your perceived control and run around believing that you have to do more than what is truly necessary? How can you begin to feel fulfilled by living your lives this way? How can you begin to expect your dreams and aspirations to be expressed to their highest potential? How can you expect to believe that anything will change.Notes from the Universe It is time to wake up to the reality and responsibility that no one other than yourselves are responsible for what you choose to do. Back and forth do we see you go between running around like the sky is falling. for we are here on your behalf. then you will continue to pay no attention to the person in control. one person at a time. for it is not only this aspect of feeling overwhelmed that you need to address but in every area of life itself. when you are not in conscious and fully responsible mode within your own lives? These questions that we pose to you have only one and very obvious answer. nor is it the life you intended to live. and this is one aspect in which we point out to you that you must wake up and begin to take responsibility for in your lives. It is so simple and yet you make it so difficult on yourselves. and how you choose to react to those things in either a calm and centered manner or move into an sense of emotional banter with which you find yourselves on the losing side of the court. and then falling yourselves into exhaustion and illness. in waking you to the greater picture to which you must now wake up to. and this is one way in which you can release yourselves from the bondage of time and feeling as if you need to live by it. This is not the life that you signed up for.

These distractions that you allow yourselves to be lured into are quite obvious when you Creating a beautiful New World. and this is a concept by which you must try to grasp. one person at a time. and recognize the person in the mirror for whom she or he truly is. for within this reservoir of knowledge is the limitless. The way in which to do this is also a simple process by which you can easily access through meditation practice or at the very least sitting quietly with only yourself to better grasp what it is that your heart desires to speak and express. but the very essence of how you express your life and limitless creativity. It is not a second or minute as defined by your clocks. . disease and devastating consequences.Notes from the Universe In truth. Your world is set up with more distractions than you can shake a stick at. you but need to stop long enough and listen with your hearts rather than with your minds. your life and your destiny of which you originally designed this life to express. boundless energy at your very fingertips. for within those many distractions are the very constructs by which your lives are led down the path of destruction. Being in the now is easier than your mind would have you believe. for once you understand that your lives are not made up of today’s. Within your hearts lie all of the wisdom and abundance that is and ever will exist in the vast Universe. tomorrows and yesterdays. This is your role. for within each and every one of your hearts lies the key in which to open this doorway to your soul and genius of creative expression. time as you have perceived it for eons does not exist at all. then you will have come home to your own hearts. as there will always be the trickster within who would readily deceive you into believing it is better to go out and buy something new than sit quietly within your own heart and listen to the wisdom of the Universe. As when you can begin to see that you have a blessing within each moment of your lives in which to create whatever it is that you desire. you will begin to understand that there is truly only this moment in which you are living.

and that is of your computer screens devised not so much to make your lives better. we would say to you to limit your exposure and time spent on them for informational gathering and social connecting to not more than 2 hours a day. If you but monitor the amount of time you stare at your monitors. you will gain a shocking glimpse at what you have succumbed to in the way of life’s biggest distractions today. but to begin to further disassociate you from connecting you to nature.Notes from the Universe pay close attention to how you actually spend your days. your news media. friends and loved ones. All of your greatest problems are already solved. They are your media devices. you are but too distracted by these media devised to pay attention to your own lives. discovered or revealed the energy solutions and food supply issue you face on your planet. weeks and months of your years in your life. Ideally we would recommend that it would not exceed twenty minutes. These are not daunting problems that you Creating a beautiful New World. your planet and the people that you call your family. We would hope that you could see your situation from your perspective for you would see that the very answers and solutions that you seek to your greatest problems are sitting right in front of your faces. however we do realize that your 2-hour limit will be difficult for many of you to accomplish in itself. your entertainment industries. While we can also say these devices have been powerful communicators for sharing important information on a global scale. They are available to you anytime once you begin to live within a community-based concept and begin to take responsibility for these issues within your own lives. for which most of you are most unaware. This is also a device that is being used to infiltrate your daily lives and freedoms. . your shopping sprees and your inability to pull your attention away from these technology devices. And all are what keep you trapped in this paradigm of feeling that you no longer have enough time in the day to properly live your lives. one person at a time. your music industry. with scientists and laymen alike having invented.

as playful imagining beings creating your world exactly the way you want it to be. you will be stepping back onto the path as you’ve originally designed it and move forward more effortlessly within your own lives. that you only need to stop long enough to begin implementing them within your lives and those around you. And this is where we would direct you to start again. As children this was your natural state of being. but that you have a difficult time seeing past the tips of your own noses. that the mind can barely conceive it. . This is who you inherently are. and what exactly do I want it to look like? This is one of the most difficult processes we can see many of you going through. This is a direct result of your scattered thoughts. one person at a time.Notes from the Universe face together for the answers are so readily available to you. creative playful beings. When you start this process by beginning your day with a simple five minutes of energy focused upon your gratitude and appreciation for all that you have. we would suggest that you also begin to ask yourselves one very simple question. and that is. In this way do we see you making big changes by making small efforts within your individual lives and as it can be the only place for you to begin. While we understand that it is difficult for many of you to grasp these simple constructs and ideas. your overwhelming days of filling it up with too much activity and distractions to the point where you’ve forgotten how to dream and play in your lives. for most of you are so out of touch with the reality of which your heart desires. When you can begin to see within and not look for your answers from the outside world. playing and imagining your world exactly the way you want it to be. what do I really want in my life. and your lives. Get into this place of sitting on the floor with your building blocks and balls and feel what it would be to be that little child again without a care in the world and only knowing that all your needs and wants are lovingly taken care of. not that they are complex. and Creating a beautiful New World.

enjoy being in that space of feeling what it would be like to have what you want surrounded by people that you love and living in a cohesive and harmonious manner. as that is your true self waiting to regain its rightful place within your lives again. however we are not here to rescue you from your own Creating a beautiful New World. It is one in which we would gladly create for you would we be allowed to do so. tossing a ball back and forth with your children or simply sitting on the floor and drawing a picture of how you want your life to be. whether in your garden. for it is never too late to return to the waiting child within. Or was it beating your drum set. Set one hour aside each and every day to begin to play again. Enter into your imagination and domain of limitless creativity and begin to see your life exactly the way you truly desire it. playing the flute or some other musical instrument that brought you your greatest pleasure and fun? For when you can begin to reenter your childlike ways. we would recommend that if you had anything other than times like these that you now create them in your mind. These are the simple ways to reengage your hearts desires through creative imagination and play to reconnect you to what it is that you truly want in your lives. What did you love to do as a child that you have left long ago? Was it simply swinging in your backyard and watching the blue sky rush up to meet you as you swung higher and higher. as nature always plays its important part in every child’s life. one person at a time. and your planet’s history. imagination and muse. Life is what you are more than capable of making it to be. If this is too big of a stretch for you. . and this is one of the most simple yet pleasurable ways in which you can begin to create a new life in a new world paradigm.Notes from the Universe provided for you by your parents. you will begin to rediscover who truly are and why you are here now at this very important juncture in your. Or was it sticking your fingers in to the paint jars and swirling it around on the paper making designs that brought delight to your eyes? For the beauty of art makes her grand entrance into every child’s eyes at an early age.

Notes from the Universe devises but merely to remind you to wake up and begin your very simple process of reclaiming your sovereignty and your world. one person at a time. With this we are complete and leave you to your creative play and magnificence as great creators in the Universe. . Creating a beautiful New World.

and with the ever widening span of the those who have and those have not. 2010 R: Money is a big issue for many people right now. and harmony for all. and no one will have to work for money in order to feed. not just the fat cats on the block. clothe or house their families. either for you or your governments. For within your divine rights lay an integral aspect to any living being’s right to have enough food to eat. When you can see that this system is no longer viable. are facing foreclosure and have been without work for some time with little or no future of finding the caliber of jobs that they are more than capable of performing? AC: We can see the great struggle many of you have with this issue of money. you will be making great Creating a beautiful New World. you will rise up and take back your individual power and begin to create communities based on support. and so what can we do to better and more easily create money in order to support our families? Especially in the US where so many people have lost their homes. a home to call their own and anything else in reality that their hearts desire. one person at a time. we can suggest strongly to you that the sooner you move in the direction of taking responsibility of providing for yourself without looking to the outside world to provide for you. This is one of your biggest points of separation that we can see causes more problems for you on every level of your lives. and yet your leaders gorge themselves in ways that you cannot fathom. than almost any other issue you are currently experiencing now on your planet. . We would say to you now. then the people will regain their sovereignty as divine creators. as it has been your life-blood to having everything that you require in order to survive on your planet.Notes from the Universe Date: November 6. For when your children go to sleep with empty stomachs. along with a collective desire to shift your current monetary system into a supportive and cohesive system rather than one based on competition and greed. including myself. that this is one of the biggest paradigm shifts that each of you will need to make. In terms of your individual challenges now.

and positive thinking will help you to create what you want and that there is this big secret that has been kept from you except for the privileged few. There is a saying on your planet that what you resist will persist. that you are all but ignoring altogether. then Abundance must flow to you. that you can barely conceive of anything other than what you’ve been living as a solution. and what it is that you truly enjoy and desire. when you begin to create from your hearts. and despise your bosses and resist your heart’s desire is because of this blind spot that you have in believing that this is how your world works and that there can be no other way. We can already hear you proclaim disbelief and protest this concept. For it goes so strongly against the grain of what you have been deliberately programmed to think. However. as it is a law of Nature and the Universe in which you live.Notes from the Universe strides in providing the great abundance of all and more that you require in your lives. For when you come into alignment with your heart’s desire. your abundance will flow to you in effortless ways. that this too is far simpler in its solution than what you would dare to think. solutions and ways in which you can find peace of mind and true happiness in your lives. like everything else we’ve suggested to you thus far. and we can assure that each and every one of you have each brought your own unique talents and abilities in which your heart is screaming to you to develop and share with the world. as this is the divine provenance of the Universes’ grand plan and design. and like attracts like. one person at a time. as it goes straight into your perceived conflict of belief systems and what you’ve been taught. however what we would direct your attention to is that there is nothing outside of Creating a beautiful New World. However we would say to you. As you continue to resist the very gifts that you have intentionally brought with you into this paradigm of living. believe and live by your entire lives. . This is also why you are mostly unhappy and unfulfilled in your lives as you continue to look outside of yourselves for the answers. The reason so many of you hate your jobs.

And this system or cycle of falling apart is one of necessity and one in which you’ve together actually created in order to wake yourselves up to the real truth of what is waiting for each one of you inside your hearts. you only need to recognize that your solutions have escaped your view as the outside deceptions have lured you into a sleeping belief that your existence is dependent on resources that live outside of you. and within that space of divinity lies what you are here to create. or the feeling of pure joy. This grand plan of leading you out of your divinity and into a false belief system that you must rely and depend on someone else in order to provide your sustenance and support in order to live. you hold within your own heart. such as experiencing love. or the great sense of inspiration and admiration for Nature’s beauty. for within it’s great ability to move you in ways that most would say are their greatest life’s experiences. rather than relying on the lies that you’ve been programmed to believe in. The only place you will find these things is within your heart’s wisdom. You will move through this transition more easily by making a concentrated effort with your time and energy on focusing on where your true passions lie. Stop looking outside and begin to listen inside. we would say to you that you’ve taken the first and most important step in creating a life in which you will not only Creating a beautiful New World. These things do not exist in a reality beyond what you can perceive through your limited senses. one person at a time. for that is the only voice that you require to lead you to all of the solutions for your every need and desire. grace and genius.Notes from the Universe you that can solve your problems or provide you with all that you need and desire. is part of the house of cards that is now falling down around your very heads. however when you walk into your heart’s domain you wake to your true selves. and receive in great abundance. When you can move in this direction. . rather than your own divine guidance.

sorrowful and disconnected from what they hold in their hearts. but one in which you will find true happiness. As they have been exactly where you sit today. It is not so. limitation and control with one of sovereignty and joy. as we would direct your attention to the very fact of many who have already gone through this very process of taking their own leap of faith and start to live their true passions. This is where your voice will be heard. your innate creativity can be expressed.Notes from the Universe exceed your greatest expectation. Where you will not only survive beyond your wildest dreams. For as your creations go out into your world. and for many of you beyond your wildest dreams. but only for you to begin living from this Creating a beautiful New World. We encourage you strongly to jump for your own brass ring in life and take the leap of faith to move into your passions and what you’ve dreamed of doing since a young child. laughter and fulfillment. whether the many or the few is not important. but never the less makes an impact on someone else. but thrive on what the Universe has to offer you in ways you barely can grasp the concept of. the difference is great when you finally perceive the difference. sad. Whether it is one person or twenty is not important. one person at a time. for when you do. rather than the domain and control of the outer worlds’ paradigm. joy. as the line is fine and can be easily mistaken for living from within or looking without for your accolades and sustenance. it touches others in ways unseen and unknown to you. While we understand that you will be creating and sharing your passions with your outer world. again from the heart and not the mind. you will be replacing a system of deception. but only for you to create. When you create from your heart in a way that gives you great pleasure and joy. and that is a life filled with the bliss and joy in your hearts that many feel are the dreams of fools and fantasy. . you are directly contributing to making the world a better place for everyone. and appreciated by others. This is where you can step out of the fear and control paradigm and into your own mastery and selected purpose of living your life to its fullest potential. only to reach a point of pure desperation before they finally had no other choice than to jump into the game of their own lives and begin to create it from their hearts.

and step into your own domain of living in harmony and peace with yourselves and others. It is beyond many of you now to even go back to living the old way under the thumbs of the outside controllers and their fear based paradigm. These many dictates that come from your governmental and societal. It is within your easy grasp.Notes from the Universe place rather than the one you’ve been living and suffering under for much too long. religious and entertainment ‘shoulds’ are integrated into the well-oiled industries of your control paradigms and would that we could tell you that you ‘should’ not listen to any of these ‘shoulds’ is one we would if we could. In this way can you make the greatest difference in contributing to the world at large. each one of you. The ‘should’ of your own world will slowly dissipate as each one of you begins to realize that there are no ‘shoulds’ in life that anyone outside of you can force upon you. for as one person steps out of the matrix control paradigm. only those that you willingly choose to make in the decisions you define your lives by and through. Once you’ve gotten more comfortable with the concept that you are in control of your own lives and that along with that concept comes a greater responsibility that each one of you must also accept. We would direct you to sharing your experiences with others as a beacon of light and inspiration for those that still hover on the fence of their lives in what they want to do against what they feel they should do. . you will also leave behind the looking outside of yourselves for those that you can blame and push your anger and selfpity towards. and how you desire to live. to simply walk away from the outside paradigm of having to work and save for a meager pay in which you are controlled and kept in fear of losing. one person at a time. This is no longer a world of having to work for another in order to survive. Creating a beautiful New World. it triggers others around you to do the same. but one in which you are now the master of your own paradigms’ domain and can freely choose whatever it is that you wish to do.

We would say to you that this is not an issue of trusting others to support you and your dreams but only to protect and safeguard a growing baby in your womb. This is what we can tell you is the best way to begin creating your own sustaining abundance for all that you need and desire in your lives. now what are my new options that lay before me. And. Be not afraid for there is always a soft pillow to land on. as you cannot fail when you take a leap of faith into the heart’s domain of truth. you will not want to turn back. but only to make the very best choices you can in this very moment. how you can do that more easily is only through the voice of your heart. This is where you would also be advised to hold your greatest desires to yourself for the time to disclose your plans will not be in your greatest moment of inspiration. . for there are no deceptions that await you where your greatest desires and passions lay. only opportunities for you to move into the lives that you originally designed to experience and live. so that I can move forward into a more effortless way of living and one in which I am the master of my domain. for there are more and more of you making this very same choice and taking the same leap of faith that you are all facing in this moment. and so you must protect your dream with the fierce passion that any treasure deserves. as any soon to be mother would also do. as when you start down this path. I did this to myself and made all the choices to have this experience. one person at a time.Notes from the Universe This is the greatest defining moment when you can no longer turn to someone else and point your finger of blame. Creating a beautiful New World. as you will be exposing yourself at a very vulnerable moment to those who would dissuade your efforts and place great doubt in your mind and heart. taking full responsibility and care for my life and everything that I’ve created to this moment?” It is a grand step onto your paths of greater creative power and control over your lives when you look behind yourselves no longer for the past errors in judgment that you’ve made. but to look yourself in the mirror and say: “Okay. Although we would also direct you to believe in yourself more than what anyone else can or will say about you.

then and only then would it be wise for you to share with others around you what it is. but only form it’s mother’s body. and your intentions as you’ve’ dreamed them. energy and support in order to develop and grow until it is time to be born into the outer world of your reality. In the meantime. This is how you’ve been programmed to believe that you must work in order to survive and so you are constantly led throughout your lives by the dangled carrot of your next paycheck. for a developing fetus does not get It’s nutrition from the outside world. and into a total surrender of allowing the old paradigm of your worn out life to undergo its own transformation. such as moving to another location or changing the manner in which you live in a dramatic way. will new ideas and solutions magically appear to you. It is a mere point of clarification that we make this clear for you now. this carrot could disappear leaving you in a most precarious situation of survival. Creating a beautiful New World. For the very stress that you create through the worry and sleepless nights on HOW you can possibly make the money that you don’t have and yet need to pay for this or that.Notes from the Universe You will of course want to provide the necessary nutrition for your growing baby and that would only include the positive energy that you are uniquely capable of providing. We would also say to you that this is not so much about keeping secrets from those that you love. but these concepts are not the same as what we are directly referring to in regards to your heart’s desires. . then of course you must share you plans with them. In the case of creating a new life where your family is involved. we can assure you that when you can move away from the stress and worry of paying your debts. This is one of the most important guidelines that we can recommend to you as it is necessary in order to allow your dreams the required time. will you let go of the most pervasive mind control devise that has kept you all in fear based living for much too long. and that at any time. but only for those that truly and unconditionally support you would you want to share your new life plans. one person at a time. When you feel it is time for your own rebirth.

or judged to be bad will only draw it closer to you. whatever you resist will persist. This is not how your life was designed to express your greatest potential as limitless creators in a world of vast and magnificent potential. but merely your inherent divinity as the limitless creators that you are by design and divine provenance. but one based on total fear of a survival mechanism that is your trigger for NOT listening to your heart and following your master mind into the depths of the control paradigm in which you’ve been living. There is no hope until you give up the fight and turn in the only direction that you can. and that is inward and into the domain of your own hearts. or submitting yourselves to the mastery of others that only see you as a human resource for their own selfish gains. There will be no battle that you can win in the fight against something. They are not interested in seeing you succeed. While we can say that to gather information and knowledge about Creating a beautiful New World. as you can be easily replaced by the next person in line.Notes from the Universe This is no way to live. This is your greatest hurdle in moving from a belief system of distrust of taking care of yourselves through living your passions. as their only interest is in their own self gain. These props and constructs are utilized to create a vast empire on which the upper echelon sits above and dictates the ones who will be granted the access to the secrets you’ve been relinquished of in the long history of your modern societies. This big secret is not a magic formula of alchemical ways. This system of competing for your very survival does not engender the greatest potential of the human heart to create great paradigms of living. . Why do you think that there are so many distractions to take your attention away from anything other than the dualistic dramas being constantly played out for you in every type of medium that is available? This is quite obvious if you would but look around you. one person at a time. For always remember. as your very energy that you push out towards that which you do not like. as you are surrounded like the Indians at the Okay Corral. or to teach your children how to live.

Speak to her from your heart and express your love and appreciation for all that she gives you freely. Be now silent for the gift of her life is within your hands and ears. supported by her glorious and bountiful beauty. as the efforts of one’s heart speaks volumes to rise above the past mistakes and errors. For that is where your successes lay and your happiness lie. one person at a time. Creating a beautiful New World. Begin to see with greater clarity upon which your world has been designed and the new role in which you have a leading part in the play. Hear her now. In this way we are complete. leaving their past behind. for she is here to extend all her bounty of life giving forces in an endless variety of options for you to live upon her in great harmony and peace. . for she is but a whisper away for your desires to be met and fulfilled. and not of someone else’s. it is only to the extent that you gain a greater awareness of how you have been controlled and manipulated so that you can see yourself more clearly and go on to make the wiser choices that are first and foremost in YOUR best interest.Notes from the Universe the truth of your controllers paradigm is in YOUR best interest. holding on to the dramas being played out around the world serves no purpose. Beyond that. regardless of what they’ve done. but would be your beacon of light if you would but allow her to do so. and into one’s future. Be as the dove and reclaim your peace within by learning to listen closely to what it has to say to you now. We would direct you to learn quickly about your outer world domain of control. for she is your Mother in ways you cannot yet understand. There is not one person on your planet that cannot move into this same direction. It is now our time to retreat and leave you to your day of greater awareness and expansion of what it is that you have come here to do now. so that you can even more quickly move into your own domain of provenance and mastery. and see what voice returns to you in kind. Bring this awareness into your minds and then your hearts. It is within your ability and grasp to understand fully why you are here now in the most important of times on your beautiful planet Earth.

yet needs to be changed. and not without. When you feel that you have a belief that you hold that is indeed holding you back from fulfilling your greater potential then we would suggest that you access it through your meditation processes or to even seek outside assistance. as we do not claim to do otherwise. For when you begin to search for deeper meaning and success in your personal worlds. one person at a time. as that tends to place you in the very same mindset that we would prefer to see you move out of. . judgments are ill equipped to manage this process of letting go and releasing of these energetic attachments in a less harmful way than submerging them deeper into your subconscious beliefs through the use of recreational drugs. We would wish that you could see this as a wake up call to your greater awareness when you expose these deeply seeded resentments that are with increasing frequency raising their ugly heads for you to acknowledge and finally release. resentments. alcohol and sexual proclivities. released or healed in my own conscious or subconscious beliefs? AC: We are here to help mankind in their collective awareness of the bigger picture. In these ways can we direct you further to you own greater self awareness that always lay within. we do understand that some of you with little or no experience in dealing with your deeply harbored anger.Notes from the Universe Date: November 7. These types of outside stimuli are only but another distraction and device that is being promoted and utilized as another form and tool to further distract you from yourselves and what is most important. you create a ripple effect that will go out and touch others in unseen ways. shifted. 2010 R: What can you share with me today that I am not consciously aware of. While we are not here to promote your efforts in seeking outside help. These are more often carried over from lifetime to lifetime and can eventually cause your body to gain your attention to these annoying details of lives past by Creating a beautiful New World.

These tonal frequencies can be used through simple devices that have already been designed and implemented within your practitioners of these types of healing modalities. Healing your body. These devices can also be used to clear your energetic fields of the vast negative thought forms that are being created by you with your own thoughts. and over again. Creating a beautiful New World. This can be easily done through learning to effectively clean out these energetic fields through the use of musical frequency. light frequency or pure energetic frequency. and over. Should you not eventually stop long enough and pay attention to these subconscious inklings. then why would a body continue to remain and function in a perfectly healthy state? In this way can we direct you to most of your present issues that are currently being replicated by your past misdeeds or errors in judgment. . emotions and self. however it is with great simplicity that you can also release these harbored emotional patterns by simply recognizing the issue and how it has been played out in front of your very eyes over. For when you continue to live in such a state of total disharmony and neglect. the body is actually receiving the message that you no longer care to live. When you can no longer ignore these patterns once and for all. as will as picked up by you as you move through your day of activities. eventually your body will destroy itself in one manner or another. not necessary for you to recall the full details of every difficult experience you’ve had in this lifetime in order to recognize the gift of the lesson within. can you let them go.Notes from the Universe initiating your attention through chronic illness and disease. It is however. one person at a time.destructive memories. minds and energetic fields of existence are but one way to easily release the old patterns of self-destructive behavior that many of you are experiencing. As if you are not dealing with these old patterns. as well as the light frequency devices that are in plenty of supply and easy availability to you on a global scale. but only to release the current judgments and energy that you hold within your energetic fields.

you only need to learn. your energetic field at all levels also requires this type of cleansing on a regular basis. nor does it accomplish any of the great potential that achieving this Creating a beautiful New World. This is somewhat the same of your own bodies. As you or many of you already understand that your body is made up of a multidimensional system. and one in which all of the surrounding environmental impacts can have absolutely no damaging effects whatsoever. but is a homogenous. one person at a time.Notes from the Universe From getting your car washed and to doing your dishes. Once again your belief systems must be replaced by a fully cohesive belief that you are engineered to withstand even the worst natural disasters or energetic disharmony. If you can better understand that your vehicle that you drive everyday to work and home again requires not only a bath on the outside. This is the furthest concept of the actual truth. for your medical system is once again designed to break you down systematically rather than treat the entire vehicle system as the cohesively designed multidimensional vehicle that is capable of wondrous abilities. we can tell you that there are simple and free ways in which you can align and attune your multidimensional body system into a smoothly running and functioning person. synchronized and harmonious system that works best under the ideal circumstances in which it was designed to function. for this actually serves no purpose. then it is also known already to you that your car also requires maintenance on the inner workings of the engine as well. While we can see that you are not living in ideal circumstances. . When we can direct you to meditating on a regular daily basis. or remember how to do so. we mean by that not to sit and empty your mind into oblivion. rather than what you have been taught to believe is simply a physical manifestation of matter. Your body was not designed to be picked apart like a puzzle and simply put back together again. and that like a machine is simply made of up of separate moving parts. however we would prefer to emphasize the energetic displacement of negativity to a simple analogy of your car or your body vehicle.

. This represents the greater aspect of your consciousness field and how it interacts with those around you and the world without you. but within the outer field of consciousness that you carry in and around you at every moment throughout time. then can you move more freely into your futures of peace. It is in this way that you can best initiate these types of release healing and processes in which you can not only gain the greater awareness and experience of who you are. It is within your easy grasp to sense the difference in these different states of consciousness by your mind’s ability to let go of its tight grasp and allow your natural guidance system that resides within your heart to take over the control of your life and your multidimensional body system Begin in this way by always surrounding yourself in the Universal Divine White Light of protection when you enter into the realms of spirit and your energetic processes of meditation and healing. you can move up through the deeper states of meditation and access the higher realms by which you are fully capable of relinquishing all of your pre-historical memories and eliminate any energetic residue that resides at a subatomic level. harmony and love. In other words. we are not saying that you carry these memories at the cellular levels as many of you believe. you are contained in this white light of energetic protection as a safety net from outside influences that would be interested in creating a game of influencing Creating a beautiful New World. for when you are able to fully release the harbingers of the past through your negative emotions that you all so dearly hold onto. This is the simplest and fastest way in which to initiate change in your life as well. For within a light alpha state of meditation you can easily begin to bring down the pillar of white light that will connect you to your higher self and greater sense of your multidimensional light body. one person at a time. for without describing anything more. but initiate the natural healing abilities that each one of you are fully capable of encompassing for your very selves.Notes from the Universe higher state of consciousness is capable of offering you. Once you have achieved this state.

Notes from the Universe you beyond your own ability to think your own thoughts. then your imagination can take over and Creating a beautiful New World. In this way do we instruct you for your ease and comfort and health to move through a cleansing process by which you will eave the past behind you where it belongs. for while the Heart will hold and reveal your true self. for when your heart’s desire is able fully express itself in the inspiration and true passions. one person at a time. It is with equal pleasure that we can also tell you to self direct your mind in the direction of what it is that you truly desire your life to look like. your mind is the activator button by which your imagination is expressed. vitality and inner guidance. and this can be a nuisance and a danger should you allow outside influences to garner your attention and energy to them. This is where your ability as creators can get caught up on the fine wires that you place around yourself. . for when there is health. only as information and knowledge that is required of everyone who embarks upon this most natural of ways to connect with the greater Universe around them. Just as you would also use discernment and protection in your daily life. passions. In no way can anyone or anything of an energetic form cause you harm directly or without your agreement to engage in their games. rather than carrying the baggage of past life dramas and emotions around you like a garbage truck that never empties itself. you would also want to practice the same discernment and protection when entering the realm of opening your energetic body to the greater world around you. We encourage you strongly to begin this process of cleansing so that you will move more effortlessly through this time of tremendous transformation ahead of you. you will be better capable and enabled to self guide yourself through your life and into a bright and more harmonious state of living. so it is not for you to spend time focusing on this as a fear. and the messages are sent out as electrical charges to the Universal store for your order to be fulfilled. desires and what you are here to fulfill through this lifetime. strength.

one again we must remind you that this shopping spree is not what you will want to think it is. so that they can no longer trip you up on your way to living the life you came here to create. then it is only for you to continue on your happy way as you joyfully expect and KNOW that your shopping spree is on its way to fully manifest within your life. Once you are in alignment with what it is that your heart desires. one person at a time. and your emotional expectations have designed fully. as the Universe’s response will deliver to you what your heart’s desire. your minds imagined. These wires are also those in which your past missteps can create. In addition it is important for you to recognize that only that which you are destined to experience in this lifetime will be completed in this manner. Therefore you must be careful about what it is that you wish for. and this will work in both a positive way and a negative way.Notes from the Universe create the visions. Now. Creating a beautiful New World. you cannot simply impose your free will and create something different. which in turn will activate your emotional body to actually prefeel and experience the visions your heart desires. as your greatest dreams can be designed and made manifest just as easily as your negative worries and fears can also manifest. Now for the wires you hang around your own neck. and your feelings of emotionally experiencing is in place. that your activator-mind envisions through the imagination. for this will not be in alignment with what your heart knows to be in your highest and best interest. and that is where you must then let it go out into the Universal store of shopping spree that you so desire to seek. which is why we tell you it is so very important for you to clear out this old debris from your prehistory file cabinets. those are the misinterpretations that your mind creates by it’s left brain functioning to figure out through a logical process as to how you will now accomplish to create these visions of your desires to come into to your manifest world. and put in the order for. . which is the greater self’s higher wisdom. for once again when you step out of your heart.

or why you seem to continue to attract the same types of relationships and challenging situations that you are faced with. and if you are paying any attention at all. love-filled ones that so many of you desire. In this way does it make the most sense from our view that each one of you would desire to change these monkey-go-round experiences and go within to access your original plans and begin to live those out as you originally intended. and we can only remind Creating a beautiful New World. These are the lessons of which you chose to experience. In this way would we hope to see more of you see that grand plan of simplicity. and in utilizing your own free will you are also free to be faced with the same issues for as many times as you chose to go through it. awareness and energy you put into your very delightful experiences on planet Earth. we can tell you that in order to create a new and different path on which to travel. This is the level of awareness that we would desire to see each one of you take. one person at a time. for you are the one in charge of everything in front. as the responsibility of embracing this truth is so easy and simple for you to grasp and engage. You can have it your way. . of synchronicity and of explicit delight in the delicatessen menu that lies before each one of you. you will always return to the your original path as originally designed in order to give yourself another opportunity in which to now go forward on your original path as originally designed by you. or happy and joyful as you want it to be. that we would see that your lives could be the joyful. This life can be as simple or difficult. to the side and behind you. if you would but take the small amount of time in order to change your perspective.Notes from the Universe While we can see that this may create a bit of confusion for you on the subject of free will and what you have originally designed your life to be and experience throughout it. you will recognize that the pattern of disobedience to your original life’s blueprint brings with it ever increasingly difficult situations and challenges for you to get yourself out of. over and over and over again. This is why so many of you find yourselves making the same mistakes. This is why you are continually frustrated by the challenges and struggles that you constantly are encountering.

and that at this very juncture in time do we see each one of you at the grand crossroads of your life. the future you. and envision in the same way we have already directed you towards your Universal shopping spree in this same manner. that you will die in some tragedy or catastrophe or some Armageddon experience. where and how’s of your today’s and tomorrow’s. Our hopes are that you will be duly inspired to take up the reigns of your own mastery and domain and pick up the pace of your energy focused on creating the clear and definitive picture of this new work. of your enlightened and expanded consciousness. and a new species of humankind of which you are only getting the smallest glimpse of here now.Notes from the Universe you once again that this is your life to live the way you envisioned. . but to ready and prepare yourself for your grand entrance into the Universe’s greater plan for you and your planet. and so when we speak of your survival it is not intended for you to think that if you don’t do this or what we are recommending. your future and your very survival on the planet you are very blessed to live upon. will continue to create through your sleepwalking lack of effort and will take you down the road that you won’t want to find yourselves on once you get there. so are you. Creating a beautiful New World. you will not make this leap into your new world paradigm in time. And whether or not you choose to go down the path of least-resistance and enter into the new world of a new earth. one person at a time. And. that unless you each begin to fully grasp that you are in total control of the what. In the same way that we are eternal. What we can tell you is this. Your survival refers to the difference between your mere continuation of existence on a planet that will no longer be capable of sustaining you and your species should you continue to go down the path of least-awareness. The glimmer of hope that we continually provide for you is in essence what you have created thus far through your collective thoughts and energy that you have to date created.

But this is exactly where and what you’ve been doing all along. While we can understand your desire to feel as though this is just a fantasy and that nothing really bad will happen. that you can someday soon return to your life of normalcy and everything will be fine. oh. This is where you can choose to take the lazy man’s way out and into a future you will sorely regret. if you don’t get up off your couches and into to your hearts and choose to do something that is so simple yet meaningful in the most important of ways.Notes from the Universe This is all about the potentiality of your ability to recognize yourselves as the master of your domains in every manner of which we speak. Creating a beautiful New World. and one in which we see great potential in every one of you. Your moments of disengaged and engorged self pleasuring is soon to go the way of the dodo bird. and that soon the economy will be fixed by your president or some new president. if anything has changed for you in the last twenty years of your life. . There is no turning back from where you sit upon the point of no return. and that is nothing less than your very lives. This is not the moment in which you can say. one person at a time. and we would ask this question to you now: Is your life better and improving in the last twenty years? Has life on planet Earth gotten better or worse for the majority of people on her in the last twenty years? Can you envision a bright future for your children to inherit? Do you feel safer today than you did twenty years ago? Or do you feel more frightened and scared about your life and it’s future on planet earth? What. that way I can sit here on my couch eating potato chips and watching TV. and do you see any relationship whatsoever between what you think. I think I’ll let that other guy do the hard work of meditating and imagining the perfect world in which he wants to create. and then I’ll just go along for the ride. your planet and your interconnected futures. or step onto the high path of envisioning your very highest idealized world and life exactly the way you want it to be.

Is it worth the small effort and time that it will take for you to begin making this effort and seeing if just by chance there’s something to what we’re saying to you now? Or do you feel that there’s really nothing that you can do to make a difference? And. destruction and depletion of life. capable of living out a life filled with ecstasy. one person at a time. This is your time of greatest potential to fill those shoes in ways that you can barely yet grasp and imagine. but to help you to fully grasp that you are not dreaming this scenario. however we can also tell you that you are not only Creating a beautiful New World. We are not here to frighten you with more predictions of calamity and chaos. or not surviving long enough to see your grandchildren have the same opportunities that you were once given through this very unique opportunity and window of time. joy and love. This is it. The time has come for each one of you to finally stand up and step into the shoes you been waiting eons to walk in. this is not something that is going to magically just go away so that you can get back to your lives of normalcy. then are you willing to take your chances? This is what will separate the boys from the men and the woman who are already fully and consciously aware of what needs to be done. now not later. liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This is your wake up call to the bright and wonderful future that you are fully capable of creating.Notes from the Universe how you live and where you thought you would be by this point in your life than you did ten or twenty or even thirty years ago? These are some very basic questions that you can ask yourself and your friends and family as to what it is that each of you wishes to do now. with the look of pathetic participation in your own life as if you are sitting on your couch watching a movie. . this is not a drill. one person at a time. so if you are destined to watch the world you love either make it. This is nothing less than deciding whether or not you survive into to the glorious future of thriving on a planet of limitless beauty and bounty. or not. And not one of you can be remiss in your efforts or time that you dedicate to this very real situation that you’ve found yourselves in.

go get ready. and expecting with great anticipation the New World that you are creating not only together. what would it feel like. so that together you can go forward into this new world as domain masters of a world bright. and join in the fun. this very moment. for eons. you would jump off your couches and jump for joy. excitement and fun it is that each one of you can make and create by holding a New World Party of your own. Creating a beautiful New World. and for real. and full of all of the good things that your heart’s can desire and your minds can imagine. Invite your friends. if you could create an entirely New World. inspire. and encourage everyone to begin imagining and envisioning. This is a party of which you are only just beginning to plan.Notes from the Universe more than capable. so if I were you I would jump off that couch. . Imagine what joy. invigorate. as this is one party that you will want to be a part of and share with everyone you know. and this is one that you definitely don’t want to miss. for what you can envision as your own perfect world. what would it look like. but by and through each of your unique contributions of talents. but for one last thought and that is. This is the power of which we speak to you in ways that you can better begin to utilize it in the most delightful way. exactly the way you want it. abilities and love. for this is what you’ve all been waiting for. In this way do we leave you today. for would you see the burning desire of your hearts as their flames begin to burn brightly from within. The party is about to get started. one person at a time. family and even strangers. We would suggest to you that you plan and hold New World parties of your own. you are more than ready. It is only one small idea of how or what you can do to start creating the life that you want while creating a New World along the way. and how would you live upon it? In this we are complete and wish you happy party planning. create your party games to incite. and in doing so making a difference in your own lives and that of the entire world. that will and can have far reaching effects.

Notes from the Universe Date: November 8. one person at a time. and that is when you watch a movie of characters that are not related and yet are affected by something great or grave that happens to another. 2010 R: What can you tell me about why you are so interested in helping mankind make this jump in consciousness. or on an even larger scale a drop in the Universal ocean. Although from your viewpoint it will not seem possible that we could possibly be affected by your individual actions in any way whatsoever. you will impact us and everyone else in the Universe as well. For where one man goes. and that is how we have come to achieve our own state of enlightened perspective and growth is in the same way that you face your own self-created challenges as well. . it moves out into your world as ripple in the ocean. but actually reverberates out as a Creating a beautiful New World. however when you gain this greater perspective of your place within the Universal design of life itself. and that is where the ripple effect of what you choose to do at this time affects not only everyone on your planet. we are all affected by it. you will gain the entrance into a greater perspective of life itself. For when one fails in their quest to endeavor in their own unique abilities expressed fully or not. as it is one of the Universal laws of which you are but vaguely aware. For when you understand the larger picture of the Universe and its purpose of divine magnitude. another must follow. rather than fail. and touches all that are contained in the ocean. can you better grasp that we are all in this grand Universe together. And so from our perspective we have a very deeply vested interest in seeing you succeed now. You are the same in that each of you represent a drop in the ocean. as do you have something to gain from this or are you just kind hearted beings trying to help us out? AC: We would answer your question in this way. and so when you fail or succeed in this effort of jumping into the light-speed of creation. which is difficult enough for you to understand. In another sense you could picture it this way.

as you cannot NOT feel the movements of another person on this waterbed. for within each of you are the codes in which you can go forth and wake your brothers in your own way.Notes from the Universe ripple effect through the web of energetic resonance that binds the entire Universe together. will also affect you as well. one person at a time. It is by the same token. that many of you can also create your own words of waking motions. This only adds the greater impetus for us. or doesn’t choose to do. who are making great efforts to help get the word out to your masses of sleepwalking brothers. Decide not what is the right time or wrong time for you to speak up or write what is in you heart. This web of energetic resonance is the stuff of which all life comes forth. It is as if the very choice you make as an individual is resting in your brother’s hands and heart. . for there is only this moment of monumental design in which Creating a beautiful New World. and with that can come great fortitude and strength in the growing numbers of those waking to the motions in the waterbed your words make. and so you cannot expect your efforts to go unnoticed in what it is that each of you choose to do now in the time of making or breaking the opportunity before you. In another sense do those of us who would see you succeed at this time. and one which will take you down the road you’ve thus far created that has brought you to this very point. for it is in these ways that many are destined to wake up now. and others like us. And so it is as if you are all sitting on a waterbed of motion that is felt when anyone moves in one direction or another. and one in which will put you on the path that truly none of you humans truly desire to go down. It is in this way as well that many of you have also chosen to be the sound speakers or the wakers for your brothers. others desire to direct you in another direction. for what he chooses. for these words in which we give to you now are but only one way in which to help waken the others who still rest in their sleep.

By whatever name you choose or prefer to call it.Notes from the Universe we continue to draw your attention to. The similarities in which you and we are the same go to the very core of the existence of every being. This is where you will either make the leap you are poised to take and enter into the stream of consciousness that the Source is You. is still and always will remain within your own domain of mastery. And so when we say to you to go into your heart. your world and every other world out there amongst the stars that your eyes can behold are but made up of the same thing. our purpose is the same. In all its glory and diversity. or to express your heart’s desire. world. we are in essence directing you to the very heart of all that is. For this magnitude of importance cannot be overstated in its divine intelligence and design. our worlds. the very same essence and that is the source of all creation. is of no importance for the Source of All that Is can not be known by any means other than through the core vehicle of expression called our heart. And whether you choose to continue to make your life in the same images that have so dominated your minds and shut down your innate connections to this Source. While we do not wish to distract you with the details of what our world is like. for only you can make this choice that rests before you all now. or its simplicity of magnificence. We are from a place that although is quite different from your world. and that Source is held within each of your hearts. and therefore our lives are connected in a way that can never be separated by the differences of our worlds or individual lives as we express them. . galaxy and Universe that can exist in this moment. for within this unique window of opportunity lies all the potentiality of your greatest works and creations. we do desire for you to understand better that although our lives are different and our worlds vary to a great degree. for within the very spice of life lay the same seed. Creating a beautiful New World. is solely upon the choice you make. was also very much like your world in many respects. one person at a time. and that is from the center of creation and form of expression.

for she is within as well as without. your fathers and all that you have been and will be for all eternity. Within its mastery lie all the varieties of potentiality and with that comes your free will to choose. and once again we can only hope. your mothers. In our efforts to assist you during this window of opportunity lay the restful Creating a beautiful New World. For if you could but see the great masses of beings that take your opportunity with great interest and expectations. for this is in truth the only direction you can go. By the very design in which you created this opportunity for yourselves. you would be amazed and delighted that so many stand by and cheer you on in your quest to awaken at this time. and that we would take each of you by the hand and lead you there ourselves if we could. many others from close and afar wait and wish to see you all succeed in your time of great awakening. and empowering opportunity before you. along with many. one person at a time.Notes from the Universe It is not for anyone to talk you into or out of. In it’s entirety the Universe in which you live is standing by to welcome you home with open arms and love in our hearts as we are your brothers. do we stand by at the ready to silently guide you with your hearts and minds towards the Source that is and always will be. your sisters. What you make of our words and energy that we infuse through these writings are but a step for you to take in the direction that your hearts are also welcoming you to take with open arms. and it is she who also prompts you with her stirring awake process in hopes to shake you awake into your grand entrance into this divine provenance that you have waited so long to enter upon. For we. only for you to begin to understand the bigger picture in front of you now. It is nothing less that the most powerful. If you would be see the magnificence that is before you. . would you burst forth with great joy that you have come to this awareness and embrace your world with great love and appreciation. Within this opportunity lay no judgment or harsh criticism for your individual choices as it is only within your ability to move forward or stay where you are that you can decide. push and prod you in this direction.

Creating a beautiful New World. In this we are complete and leave you to ponder all that we have shared with you here. If we can extend our reach to assist any one of you in opening your hearts to the greater opening of understanding. sleep soundly for your rest and rejuvenation and wake with a big smile on your lips for the days ahead greet you with much love and delight in all and more than you can possibly imagine. grace and love. one person at a time. It is with great appreciation that we say thank you for your time in listening to our words and guidance and our efforts to help guide you to your next step in waking to your new life and world. the Alpha Centaurians.Notes from the Universe knowledge that we can only do and offer what we know to be in the best and highest interest of all mankind and her planet Earth. It is our heartfelt joy that we graciously step back now and will be watching and waiting for your inspirations to take hold and your steps to move forward towards what we see as your very bright and promising future. we are here for the ready and waiting for your invitations to guide you further along your path. Until next time. In love. it is time in which we are complete with our first volume of efforts in our guidance and gentle nudging you each to wake up to your new life and world that is waiting for your welcome home party. we are your brother’s keeper. . It is with our deepest heartfelt joy and love for you as our brother’s keeper that we say to you now.

and at twenty expanded her focus to include. The Course of Miracles. The Science of the Subconscious Mind. Workshop & Retreat Leader. Over the years. Meditation. Iridology. Numerology. She continued to compliment her expanding view of the healing arts through further study and integration of the Akashic Records.IsabellasEarth. Homeopathy. one person at a time. This innovative concept for children to create their own community chapters is supported by contributions from like-minded individuals. she began studying a wide range of esoteric subjects. 2011. companies and organizations around the world. Past Life Regression Therapy. www. Rebecca studied under three Master Intuitive Teachers in Los Angeles and New York. schools and communities. As the creator of the ‘RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine’ Retreat in Tuscany. Tarot. ‘Forces of Doom’ scheduled for release in expresses the books’ mission to fully empower and educate children around the globe to help develop sustainable living practices within their homes. with the first book in the trilogy series. Born highly intuitive. Creating a beautiful New World. Rebecca is the Author of the new children’s book series. and with a knowing acceptance of all people. further fine-tuning her intuitive talents and energetic healing abilities. The recently launched website. . The non-profit proceeds from IsabellasEarth. Feng Shui. Cherry is a leading expert on topics of living a life full of Passion and Creative Expression. ‘Isabella’s Earth’. Fair Trade and sustainable living products. taught by a Professor at the UCLA Brain Institute. Reflexology and a variety of Energetic Healing modalities. At the age of 15.Notes from the Universe About the Author Rebecca Cherry is the Founder of Tickled Pink Productions. Rebecca grew up enjoying a close connection to Mother Earth and Nature. Western will also support micro-financed manufacturing. Crystal and Gem Therapy.

com/?expert=Rebecca_Cherry Favorite Subjects: Mother Earth. but also the one they are divinely destined to live. Websites: To make a donation. start a local chapter or become a Contact Rebecca: rcherry@pinklight. Bach Flower Remedies. Energetic Clearing and Balancing techniques. Her comprehensive and gentle approach offers the divinely inspired guidance to assist others in transforming their lives into the one they not only desire.pinklight. Rebecca’s innate intuitive and healing abilities. extensive knowledge and combined expertise create a cohesive and unique new system she calls Integrated Energetics. Dream Often and don’t let go until you are living it! Creating a beautiful New World. Nature.Notes from the Universe Aromatherapy. She offers an extensive menu of Akashic Blueprint Blog: http://tickledpink. .isabellasearth. Amino Acid Therapy and Nutritionallybased cleansing health and techniques. The Universe Personal Motto: Dream Big.pinklight. one person at a time. please send an email to: Isabella@isabellasearth. and working with reprogramming the subconscious mind with supportive beliefs that are in alignment with your Heart’s Published Articles: http://ezinearticles.

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