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Published by Ginny MacPherson
Hi, I'm Ginny, im 17 and this is my third novel in the making, i really hope you enjoy it, please don't steal it, i worked really hard on it.
Hi, I'm Ginny, im 17 and this is my third novel in the making, i really hope you enjoy it, please don't steal it, i worked really hard on it.

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Published by: Ginny MacPherson on May 14, 2011
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The darkness of human hearts has always astounded me. They tear at each other with words and with their own hands. So when I had to make the choice to give my only child to them it broke my heart. The darkness of the humans had polluted the hearts and minds of my own species, turned them against each other until a conflict broke out; killing inhabitants of my home. During the first battle I gave birth to a daughter, more beautiful than the most perfect pearl or the most colorful fish. I knew when I first saw her face that I would die, the blood that poured from me still was substantial. Slowly I lifted myself from my bed and carried my daughter outside to see the remains of our home. With a flick of my tail I was swept up and into the current that led to land. My baby started to cry once we broke the surface of the water, the chill air was hard on her new lungs. Evening lingered in the sky as I lifted my baby onto the beach; I rolled her tiny body out of the reach of the water and wrapped her back up into her blanket. I wanted to save her from her own fate but I also wanted her to know she was different. I left her for a minute and swam back underwater, I was feeling very weak and I was panting for breath. I found a pearl on the ocean floor, cradling it in my hands as I swam back up, I transferred all the love I wish I could give her into it. The pearl glowed cherry hot and cooled down until it was a faint green color. I wrapped it into her blanket and kissed her once upon the forehead and I slipped back into the water.

Gary ran down the beach on his morning run; His legs pumping trying to keep up with his girlfriend, Brenda, who was nearly a mile ahead. Breath wheezing and holding his cramped side he struggled, he stopped for a few moments to catch his breath. “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Gary looked about, where had the noise come from? “Hello?” “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” Gary turned around and saw a bundle of seaweed on the edge of the water, the bundle squirmed somewhat before Gary realized the sound came from it. Quickly he ran over, ignoring his pain, and gathered up the bundle and wiped some of the seaweed aside and in the bundle was the most beautiful baby he’d ever seen. “Brenda; Come quick, I found something!”

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