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Belarus: Reactio s to Subway Exp osion

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Gabon Unrest 20 1

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,.. alavsia. Cyber attacks s ut down independent ne s website

,.1ong Palatmo Eas ASia

,.1a.ays akin, a I depe de t news portal j .1aays a, vas targe ed bV cvber attacks

',' c made i. i access ble 5 nce este-dav, e attacks came a few days be 0 e a

im portan state elect 0 i Sara vak. read •


Cote d' oire: Laurent Gbagbo's fall

SOJ h Ko eans Ba-t ed By fi e Consecu ive University S icides

Cambodia: Songs Abo facebook

Russ a: Bloggers Debate Mili a Ope ation in Ubya

Kenya: etizens Reac to ICC Cha ges Against Six Kenyans


Egypt Revolu ion 20 1

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e boo ,0 icial tl led 246: Aftershocks: Stones from the Ieosn Earthquake, "as (0- vt tte bv pop lar vr te 5 a a artists a a 00% 0 ref/en e ','I I go d rec Iv to the japane se Rea eros 5 Socie .• Sell a Aleec.l

espsro .tu .. r tes u] abou the case of RUSS

Ceorgl Sar Isya , leaaer 0 0 e c tv

tmued CIVIl Front. Sa IS haa pos ed a p 0 0 rul vi

a sogan P t n - p d ... z" (a offenst e vord for homosexu male). Af e tha 0 e ctv Fede al Secu r tv Se ice filea a complain i o-de to sta a c lll'i al case. A com on srorv happened I Komi reoub rc few mo : 5 ago. en, ho ... e e , the p-osecution aga nst the b ogger sopped .• Alexev S de-en 0

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Egypt Revolution 2011 c

der Creae ve COIT.MOn~ lie ns e

OS" 1ub OI'~ 30 ye.1r rule cepu, re the ywo

- pti ~ C.1.11 or .1.1'1 end to Pres ent

tests trom J.1r ", 2:>. 2011 r J 25)

tizens occupied or ore ~ 01 YeO ""ee

~ attention ith rnas s

C -os S t e co ntry .31"1d espcc .. n COl 0 S C

. Ini .31 • the ene bloc ed i terne

trOl .1 rir Square .vhic -id mobi e PM e

eommu c tio" bu r"\el. .... s 0 arrests, and ao ce repression S~ II eire OIC 0 ... ne Accord "9 to lu~ .. n RII~ht~

'/.1tc • police . ole ce 901 ~t o"O~ester~ (es eecia]] te.3r ~ cOl.,is~ers OI'1d rubbe~ ou le~s fired .3t eeopl s heads

ed to he de ths of OI~ le st 300 aeopl _

Victory fin Iv COIm4: 0

. whe ... Hos

\lub.1.rOl ,preside or 10 YC::l s. ste ed d '. Ori9

Oecerr ber 2010, e E9 'ptiOl" protes ~ "0'" i ':"J '!spire

r can reg 0!'1 01 d 01.0 O.3d. SO'TIe polit I u nres t ~ I co trm.es i

spir d V the -unis

olIddit 0'1.11 ICY' C'I r e -n t:1e y" er ort

£ pt as 0 il 20 l.

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• LOl rest :- gypt 'osts

• Fe.3tLr d E9 'P Posts

• CobOl 'oices Egypt Tirr el IlC - , .""'fhr 9 oJfr I .. I

• CobOl Re.3ctio:"ls

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Russia: Regional FSB Tries 0 Pros Blogger fo r Anti -Puti n Ph oto Written by Alexey Sidorenko Kasparov.ru writ case of Georgiy Sarkisyan, leader of Orel city Front. Sarkisyan h ... More»

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Egypt: The K C Revolution


7 =ebruary 2011 1 :3:.1 u

~ __ ..J Egypt

Fr do 0 Sp echo Governance, Media, Prot st. 01 tic~

..__ __ -,

Araalc E 9 ish


Tarek A r

This post also aVcll anle I spario . Eglp:o: La evotucron KfC Fran~ais . Egvp·e La rf! clution KFC

Thi po t is part of our peels! coverage of Egypt Protests 2011.


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jua Arella o, Peru

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Russia: Bloggers De ate Military Ope atio in libya

Egyp : Remembe ing Bahr EI-Baqar Incide

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Video: Checking out the BOBs Video C a el ominees

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i r


T ns 0 phon ells hay b n c iv d by th t I vision ch nn I. h by

e II rs mad h sma point h t th Y had s n h pro rs ting rom

C, and this s P 00 t th Y hay or ign 9 ndas. T y s m to

b II v hat no on, c n t from th AI ric n c in I hout bing n

9 nt of or ign ore s.

o Y f 0

av 0 ig ag ndas n d KFC. So h

y ta

" It's Ar


Libya Live Blog - April 11

1:) pm "CfO


Gom.1rd Heinz _ .a. .•.

T Lee R co Of



l~ In ~I~tcr CI - ~:>co It:



Sc~rc .~ 910

IIlI ~.... ~ cerr ~I :;.

FOl C1 I HIS - ex;


S . a Cl h From Two Angles

un reportedly co. tinued in on sda ',drama . c v . do. ted 00

YouTub appear d to show an attac on protesters in the sour •.. city of

Dara'a 00 Friday, durin cl I dad.

hin 0., esday, hews N ecurity • cia}'. "

About The lade

About The lade Bloggar bert -Iackev i.. Th .

r(l I S




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Tunisia Revolution 2011

pd • d 3

• ~CD

Or Decerr er .7.20 0 .l. unemployed T n si m n.IJo med Bouaziz] .1. ed 2G. from S :l130uz d. i

so .... ·hern T sia, ~c: Irnscl' or fire :0 pretest

90vernrrcnt. - wo more s cides 01 -ed s:Ju~ring protests acros s. seve lather unis

movemen i-l ~;]l b I.1.NYe s, jou lis:s. nd 1;].:10" nio.,~ demand more oNO

e so a

ties .1. d reform

o· the

ne 0 _ dine ~en

Clou es be -ee., protesters ;]"d secu-i loeces lasted 10f" ea ~ mont. cco clIng:o 90ver men: COL.nt~. 21

T.J si;rns w re il ed co ce a-id se ..-ity leeces, • ile numerous more .... <ere jur . On J;],U.1.ry :3. Pr-e~idenl

ieh e p ornised to ~tep down in 201<1. e e-esident .1.1:;0 .J;3r.:J.r~eed reforms,

ia a-id Interne: Short· .:J.tter the spe ch, the COL. ntry':; pervasive

r ternet censors oN~re:\I ed or

espi; Be., i's p omises, howe .. -er : e u rest co ~ nued t rOL.gl-o 1 the ni9' ;] d into: e ne d .;]: whien

po erne 9C"CV 1.1..... !. eoacred. Shortl the e.1. rer, e'1e president C osed T i~i.1. .1.irsp ce Ii cd the

s morl''ls. Protester~ CO! ed to 9;]: er ",,5 de of

ter r minis:ry. hOoN!!'> tiOl'l

S led ~ e coune • a-id me lin s.tcr • on mmed Cha 'louchi too o\le. citing C ~pl~"

e .In SlilIl constitu: 0 ;]S the a . de b v.hi he was til in9 po.... • il move w ch SOTC In: e co 'I

COli ed court il:J;:JO rr.ed p r 'il,-e,: spe.1. er FOL3d

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Cote d'lvoire Unrest 2011

pd " d 1"


W st AfriQn -iaticn Cote d v oi-e (I.. COOlS:) ~ e pe-ienc 3 dr,'lw ou' 90\'er once cr si~ since two opposing

COl ers, urent CbOlg OlI1d !O!O.lI'C OL3~ . .lr3 00: cI.:limed .. ctorv in t e ovem er 2 :0 p C!O enti

election. .e~t~ nd out iole e bave <T ed the pe iod smc t e i., . 3 !OtOll1do, d n t r Cb39bo or

o t 3" r !Ono.... !O 9ns 0

Cote d'lvoi-e's 9 i ee dependence rorT' F nee i., 9(;0 nd ~ n.l 0 Pre!O dent e Houphoc e; So

.1"1 led ed in :993. The COLr>try O'Cred een t- gi pea C and eoen con ict ever s nee Pres den 31

elections eld in 2000 were ed ole ce I'd ,'ll'eg3t ons 0 coerupticn 3 iI t ry coup Yo' ~ st ge 0l9,'li'1!Oe

:lr side,,: C gbo in 2 2 nd an rrned cortlie 'Cr'lme"l a-id re el rol.p~ 0 r. vV I(~s

. O];::Ie ce trea V i'l 2007. I too

: e test "~ .... o pr side rs" d sp te to erne c.

Table 0 Contents

• Latest Cote d'lvoire o~t~

• FC.:ItLred COte d voire Posts

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ibya Uprisl 9 20

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G obal Voices Best 0 2010 Cote d'ivoire Unrest 2011

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Blog Ac ion Dav 20_0 - ate_ G obal oices 0 The Eco orrus

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ussia ildfires 2010 Israel Flo i la Raid 2010 Pak sta Floods 20 0

Jama ca State 0 : e gency 2010 Suda Elect ons 2010

o Ii


I a ·






I I a

au ,



In fact, Facebook is filled with commentary and hate speech on the Ivorian crisis. Ebony Cote d'ivoire shared on March 4, 2011, a video of a hatred-inciting song comparing opponents of the Gbagbo government to 'Mossi' (mosquitoes) who should be killed with L Baygon J (insecticide):

The song literally says:

m I ~ P b yc

Little Mossi will die, we will pump Baygon



Globa '14 ic~

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Cote d'ivoire: Humani arian Aid Via Twitter Hashtag Posted April 2011 14:22 GMT

Cote d'ivoire

Cyber-Activism Humanitarian, Protest, Var & Contlict, Politics La g ages French English

Julie 0 ono

This post also available in:

Espafio] - Costa de Mar I: Ayuda Humanitaria Via ashtag de T Otter

Fran~ais - Cote d'ivoire : L'aide manitaire, via un mot-de Twitter

Malagasy - Cote d'ivoire: Asa amonjena oho ny Maha-Olona Amin ny Alalan' y Tenifototra Ao Amin'ny Twiner

:tIT-~ ~~~~qj,t;J'.:I ~

This post is part of our special coverage Cote d'tvoire Unrest 2011.

IJ Recommend 13

The last eek has been crucial for the West African nation of Cote d'ivoire. The country has been facing a deep political crisis since December 3, 2010, hen the Ivorian Electoral Commission declared Alassane Ouattara to have won the presidential election, whereas the Constit tiona I Cou nci I which proclaimed

inc mbent president, La rent Gbagbo winner of the ballot.

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. .,

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hank you for s pporti

The Global Voic tools to keep m for my eliefs.

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Mozambique: Police Att Workers

Uganda: #Walk2work Ar Strike, Future Protests

Uganda: Is It a Crime to



o al


o S IS a C IZ





2011 o

T Edi







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If you're not already you should really folio v @globa voices - amazing pool a bloggers vriters. activists, and more.

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Louis :lelange • USA

Cambodia: So gs About Faceboo

uss a. Bloggers Je:la:e ilrta One atio in Libya

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en 'a. etizens React to ICC Charges Agal st S x enyans

, I Diogy n twork:

Syria: Implementing Ushahidi to trac protests

Egypt C ac down on ah rr A e' "C ea sing Frida ..

~ Qties S ri.1. Re 0 ution ~p d i i se .'e~1 clties .1.sed.. or •

r •. en

Le r::1 bout I our projecrs

Upda es

jOL. rn I~t nd IOQ9C! ~ e Ade ste :I'"'c!oen:s QU;) eboe len),·il comp )01: 0 0 art 0; 0 ies,

and es s y:; to ~ise 'TIO ev for jOl~~n e r: q Jol e S..J ;vor'S W c started .... i~" 01 single ~y"ce: T.,e 00 ,0 . ciilllv ti ed

Z 46. tte« 5 >. SIOI es .rOr til J.J_{),j/t tsn! U kt:, WilS

co rirten b' popular wri~ers nd ~r' sts a d OO~ 0 everu,e

W I di ece ~o t e jOl ane se ed eros!'; Soc erv • Sci la


Iaoa Ea hquake 20 1 Egy;:, Revo ut on 2011 ige'a E actions 2011 Cote d' voire Un est


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Rez a ..
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ets, Cheap Tra

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.. ~.

Sci I a AJecci •..



u,~· ~ j j - ~ j - .J :

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z 19

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Jeme : Po itische Plane vermehren sieh, veitere Demo st ante getbtet

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Arabische Welt: Die g olie Socia ~ edia-De atte

Libyen: Rede von Gaddafi Junior mit Schuhen und ausschuhen beqru t

auf de H uchel i,oi

e zu fal en

we ter ,.

Peru: Seward wird terner-Beruhmthelt

t. das e innert mit el 9 auf allorca (Dei dcr L


A project of I- D s . Rising Voices lrns

o extend t e b efits and each of c tiz edlcl. by

cornectlnq 0'1 ine rr edra act visrs a 0:.1 d ~e II 0 Id nd s noo ing tr • best ide s.

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aboos: At the iIIion Woman arch

Eduar 0

ur V I -9ypt

any Egyptians co inu to o 0 ore the exoans 0 of r grts for omen in pos -tubar Egypt. 0 e part cipa t in t e Explo ing

Taboos o-ojcc '!'ote :)0 his part cipa ion I h lIio

Wo an ,arch h lo on lei c 8,20 . a a Ivai

p otasts and harassrru r·o those that d CI ot agree wit he

Ukraine: Harm Reduction Activists Discuss Association's

n ry ~!il't

T e weos tc of tre As sociat on of Sues it ion Therapy Advocates

of U raine -ecern y ras 0 b lshec a tide' ere activist

Y e r Sia s ya analyses the currert st of affa rs ard the


Announcing the ewest Rismg Voices Grantees

Edu r 0 A A ounce e s Feat

R sing vole s is pleased 0 ar.r ounce tne - e ne 'lise oers to join it!. global c mmunity of c tiz rr adra 9 ante s. Eae of t e

s ect d p ojects ' II rece v croqrar ts to irnplam t t ei

p oposed ;) ojec to teach ctr e-s 0 to use va ous cit z n

dia tools. Pie se joi 'tV in co .gr ulati 9 and we coming t e

co rie.s of Cuine -Brssa • G eete. Br LI. India. d ali.

carnands. r d»

R' ·ngVolc

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om our Facebook Group

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Nov 2010 - Sep 2011 Drag me e to explore ,. ap elo

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o e'

Doc menti 9 e use of 0 Ii e a d mobile tec nology to promo e transpa ency and accoun abili y arou d t e vo Id



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These listings are brief desc iptio s of projects ve have not esearched but that may be of interest to others in the tec ology for ra spa ency field.





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as I

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y rr mad




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Knoll about a t 'eatened or +ested b 099 r • he's no on ou map?

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A project a Clonal ices 0 in , • e ~ee to bui a a glooal

n i canso !. ip ne vork of blogger!> d a llne ac i I~t~

aedicated to prot <.t 9 do 0 expr ssion and (ee cc ~~

to informauo 0 line. l.ear mo c

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Blogger Sen eneed to 3 Years for J suI ing the i itary

~.trT1V Roof Egypt

Along he an yd'!. v er the o· e p esid t Hos oarak

ruled he count y '1le d a 't wit E!~~ la ge seal of cases '/ E! e a bagger 9 t!o ja lcc fa a blog post. The -r!>t cas in Egypt " s 2007 wh Karee Arr-e- It as ser-ter cec a 4 ye s jail bas d or blog posts, he vas c arg c (0 I ult rg Istarn ar-c arak.

Blogger Release in Azerbaijan: orgo e Human Rights Crisis Unfolds a Cou cilof u ope's Doors ep

Gu ~t Cart b~lO Az erb j

I spl ad by pro dernoc aey uprrs rg!> in t e • iddl E sao

ort Africa, a r cent vav 0 protes s in AL rb j ell esul ed i sec ~ of a ogg s, cybe act vists, journalists. civil soc,i ty

c Ivi~!> o opposit or political party merrbe-s d as sed,

-ested and beaten. ad It

arassmen Oiwan Ldrr en

ot only do O-inl!!oe d !o!>ld u and humar rights c ivis !> face

polit ca prosecuuo from tt"e go 'e nment, ya c. so

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