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211.Carbon offset/sequestration programmes undertaken by the reporting entity,
basedeitheron the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), on Activities
Jointly Implemented (AJI) or on similar initiatives, are recognized when the
following conditions are met:

(a)The programme does not violate the development objectives, economic
priorities and regulations of the country of the participating party;
(b)The programme is an additional component and not business as usual
(=baseline). Besides a clear statement of intent to reduce global
warming contribution, the additional component should be demonstrated
by using historical data, future trends and financial aspects (usually the
aspect of carbon offset adds additional costs to a project compared with
the baseline);
(c)The programme does not cause negative externalities.29
(d)The programme is supplied with sufficient financial and managerial
capacity and has the appropriate infrastructure and technological


CO2 emissions are related to the carbon content of the fuel, while other energy-linked global
warming gases (e.g. methane, non-methane volatile organic compounds) depend on the
technology used.


Examples of global warming-related externalities include: activities simply shifting to other
areas, outsourcing activities which were once done on-site, market incentives which lead to
an increase in emissions elsewhere, programme-induced changes in up- or downstream
processes leading to higher emissions. Examples of non-global-warming-related externalities
include:negative impacts on biodiversity, hydrology, chemical usage, waste disposal,
economic development, gender issues, capacity building etc.



(e)The programme is monitored continuously and data on itscarbon effect
are collected on a yearly basis within an acceptable level of certainty;
(f)An independent body reviews the above criteria and a recognized
national or international certification body certifies the effect.

212.If the above conditions are met the offset or sequestrated amount of global
warming gases can be deducted.

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