withering history with those corrosive goals fouling up a mystery I gotta meet doc ock to understand his tentacle

bling machine shake hands with the rest of his team then decide whether to dance or websling, hammer to the clink spillin indigo ink I got a viral spiral in my think, mind thought process to rend flesh for pleasure, so many X's, where's the damn treasure, I'm not a rat, I don't eat cheddar. I'd just like a sharper bloodletter I gave up the feather for the mallet and nail, left bread when it became stale, been impaled by so many arrows sending flares to scarecrows missing and hitting the sparrows I've been harrowed, and I'm still in the gauntlet, jolly skeleton with a waraxe choppin but these beanstalks keep poppin, sproutin, I can't down them, they're surroundin, covered in phlegm and confoundin it's astoundin, but I'm not drownin. I killed the slaughterfish with a shock from the open palm and grasped the jewel with the closed fist, I stay calm, like when I got pistol whipped and I bled all over the clip, I mean magazine, had to convince my homies not to arrange a killing, diplomacy is it insane to say that I like to bleed, I'm not a masochist but they say no pain no gain, penciled a stencil and put that krylon on the train

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