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'Round the Year on the Farm - A Sample Program

'Round the Year on the Farm - A Sample Program

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Published by Eric Fairman
This program was created for a proposed Steiner-Waldorf inspired 'farm centered' educational project. Written by Eric Fairman.
This program was created for a proposed Steiner-Waldorf inspired 'farm centered' educational project. Written by Eric Fairman.

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Published by: Eric Fairman on May 15, 2011
Copyright:Public Domain


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A Sample Programme

Preparing the Earth for Rest
Science (Environmental) Health and Nutrition What is the difference between Agriculture and Horticulture? The farming cycle – the weather – organic/in-organic farming Fruit harvest – apples - pears Wild fruits (blackberries, hips/haws, sloes, nuts) Jam/preserves – etc Leaf collection and ‘rubbings’– apple ‘star’ stamps Preparing the bee hive for winter – honey harvest – the role of the bee Medicinal value of honey – honey as a food Candle making – rolled an/or dipped What to compost – what is ‘humus’ – manure/dung Collecting organic matter - mulching – compost heaps Composting at school: The ‘worm farm’ concept The grains (wheat, barley, oats and rye) Seasonal baking: harvest loaf - honey cake Building a shelter (Succah) Festivals: Season: Autumn Equinox Michaelmas (29 Sep) Rosh Hashonnah Sukkoth World Animal Day (4 Oct) Apple Day (21 Oct) Hallowe’en (31 Oct) National Tree Week (21 Nov)

Art Science (Insectology) Health/Nutrition Craft Science (Environmental)

Health and Nutrition Science (Physics)

Whilst the Earth Sleeps
Science (Soil) What is Soil? – Rock/slate/clay/silt/sand/loam Which soil is the ‘best’ for the farmer – which holds water the longest Planting seeds in sand, clay and loam. (for classroom experiment) Ploughing and tilling the soil Trees/hedges - Pruning – hedge cutting/laying Hannukah Art Science/Nutrition Creating a ‘staff’ – whittling Advent Animal husbandry – caring for cattle in cold weather - lambing Dairy cows - milk production – Milk ‘separator’ – cream - Cornish cream - butter making butter milk – cottage cheese and of course: ice-cream! The milking machine – farm machinery – maintenance – bio-fuels Chinese New Year Citizenship (Culture) Science (Physics) Health and Nutrition Threshing Time – farming history Plough Monday Grinding wheat – mortar/pestle – hand-mill – Huby mill Pancake Day Health/Nutrition – grains (wheat/oast/barley/rye) seasonal baking Purim Christmas Yule New Year Science (Physics) Festivals Season: Winter Winter Solstice

Science (Botany)


The Earth Awakes!
Science (Plant Biology) Citizenship (Culture) Spring sowing – identifying grains (oats and barley) – winter wheat The blackthorn clock: ‘When the blackthorn blossoms white, sow the barley day and night’ and other Country Wisdom!! Growth Forces – new grass – how it can be bad for cattle Preparing for – silage – haylage – hay crops Chickens and Ducks – collecting eggs – hatching chicks Painting/coloring/decorating eggs – make a scarecrow Preparing the soil for crops – applying compost and manure Preparing seed trays for ‘bringing on’ young plants The cloche and green/hot-house - crops to plant out in the garden The herb garden and wild blossoms for delicious drinks (linden/elder) A school permaculture garden Constructing ‘pole pyramids’ for runner beans Wire netting for peas Seasonal baking Festivals: Season: Spring St. Patrick’s Day Equinox Pancake Day Easter St George’s Day Passover Baisakhi May Day

Science (Plant biology) Science (Zoology) Craft Science (soil) Science (plant biology)


Health and Nutrition

The Earth Lives!
Science (Environment) Craft Science (Plant Biology) Sheep shearing – protection against ‘flies’ – trimming hooves Care of cattle during the summer Wool: Carding – spinning – weaving - dyeing Caring for the plants – weeding Identifying wild flowers Plant rotation Safe edible food in the wild! Herbs and their uses Seasonal baking Haymaking and harvesting – history of machinery within living memory – The Agricultural/Horticultural Show Using the Fruits of the Earth – recipes – baking Food chains – habitats – Sustainable future for our Earth Carbon emissions - Bio-fuels – Bio-energy from the elements earth/air/fire/water Summer Solstice St. John’s Festival Festivals: Season: Summer


Citizenship (Culture) Health and Nutrition Science (Enviroment)

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