1 Mission is spoken in terms of beneficiary of business. 2 Communication system must include method of feedback 3 It is difficult to say when man competes and when he cooperates 4 That which cannot be reworked or returned must be chosen as a critical point 5 Some respite is essential in work life and you can enjoy this by being a follower 6 Self control and self correction is of utmost importance 7 we must classify stakeholders and see what satisfies their interest. 8 Richer you are with plan related information, better your premising and chances of success 9 Planning and controlling are two sides of the same coin. 10 one of the tests of good management is organizing resources and then utilizing these to its optimum level. 11 computer are described as …….. Media no one guarantees a business success forever until and unless the management continues to strive for it all 12 along 13 In human resources thus it does not make any difference between sex, religion, caste or creed 14 managers work within two extreame concerns for the people and for production 15 continuous planning is a system more than a process 16 The values and organization culture are to be built to support controls 17 a man needs social companionship and seeks it throughout his life Management is contingent to the situation and performance according to results is planned to 18 its test 19 a programme consisits of different projects for common plan purpose 20 owners and employees form important stakeholders in a business organization 21 it is big management challenge to keep all the stakeholders satisfied 22 The father of scientific management refers to 23 mere motivational tools will not be effective if it is not backed by concern for people 24 the work stress is a feeling when work is going out of …. one now admits that along with activities one gain knmowledge and is worth 25 exchanging 26 unplanned benefits arising out of situation need not be treated arising out of managerial efforts 27 textile industry is variedly organised as follows:




People differ in needs, ambitions, attitudes, accepting responsibilities, knowledge, skills, potential, values 28 and perspectives. 29 Services as a resource comprise of 30 the best way to start human relations is to accept 31 koontz defines management as a …. the overall choice of a specialized will have lot of positions and levels which may suit or go against your 32 inclination 33 dciding minimum performance with a given time and effortis known as 34 CPM means 35 Planning helps as 37 which of the following are conceptual plans : 38 in order to maintain principale of unity of command, a person must be under control of 39 the team spirit is indicative of purposeful

TRUE house keeping, water supply slavery process TRUE Standard Critical Path Method Navigational tool, Performance standard, establish synergy Rules, Budgets, Mission one person Emotional ties Unity of direction, 6. Subordination of individual to general interest, Adequate remuneration to employer and employees labour he has moods health, vigour, address plan objective, performance, meant for implementation Budgeting technique activities network control personal observation social control Synergy Assuring Experience The figurehead, leader, liaison Primary

40 some principles written by Fayol were 42 process of organising goes through division of … 43 the human resource is unpredictable resource because 44 Fayol describes physical managerial qualities 45 planning is directed towards 46 47 Zero base budget 48 PERT 49 Management by wandering around 50 employees club 51 52 The extra energy which is produced by coming together is called….. 53 your outwardly observable behaviour by others must be Frequent job hopping gives you a total job experience and lack confidence in handling a job 54 with required 55 Manager's play the following interpersonal roles 56 The data which is collected direct interviewing is called

78 A broad statement of purpose for future is called …. Man as a social anomal became the subject matter of study which was terned as organisational 79 behaviour and early contributions were : 80 ….. Tool room. we must weigh its benefits againts its … 59 An organization goes through stages of inception. Promotions do not come because you work in the present position efficiently but a feeling that you can 77 handle …. 64 Which of the following is the formal organisation? 65 66 Pune management association 67 Sahara airways 68 Janta co-op. 73 …. both for employer and 72 The environment around work is called …. what is the orchestrating factor to produce work results which are ultimately satisfying to 74 customer? 75 Sales administration is characterised by 76 Controls which are communicated without loss of time are known as …. forecasting trend in terms of finance and is connected to numerical information The analysis done on the basis of strenths. Partner 'A' and 'B' partnership business. Members of co-operative society Time A company under companies act Society Company Cooperative bank Partnership Employee Work Ethos Motivation Synchronising More field orientation Feed forward Next Job Vision Max Weber. is a process of acting towards Satisfation. Elton Mayo Budgeting SWOT Money . bank 69 Vithaldas and Mangalda 70 71 The employment remuneration is guided by affordable. Decision 61 The organisation should take …. As a resourceis that it has alternate applications and storing value 29 Standard.. 62 Following Can be called 'owners' 63 One of the important managerial quality is action in …. Exit interview to know whu people are leaving... growth and maturity and can be revitalised by 60 The decision are taken by time due to inacyive are called …. 81 Analysis.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 57 Identify sections operating under 'operation' function 58 Each time we plan a control. Pareto. Quality assurance costs Planning fresh business initiative Proactive Exit Proprietor of swastik shoe mart. weaknesses. 82 The added advantage …. opportunities and threats is called …..

controlling…… 105 Principle of span of management result in vertical growth of the organisationif it is 106 Reading and understanding of a situation is the base to management actions 107 Machinery requiires maintance and upkeep because it is : These days. money has become 101 measure of management 102 Management by objectives has replaced by 103 It is very difficult to coordinate competition and against human self interest If we go by process of managerial activities.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 84 To avoid long drawn interview process people now adopt …… interview method 85 one of the was to get acquanted with organisation is to understand authority relations such as 86 one who shows entrepreneurial skills as an employee of the organisation is called …… The principle of synergy states that combined strenth of people coming togather is more than 87 their individual strenth counted together. Results Welder. 104 staffing. in situations 108 such as 109 types of controls can be named as : 29 Walk in Line authority. Functional authority Entrapreneur synergy Direct control R&D Program Evaluation and Review Technique audio conferencing. This is known as 88 The suggests turning up people to the job so well that they would give less chance to deviation. video conferencing handover to subordinate TRUE Needs. Staff authority. Activities. competitors and public Direct. if you manage relations with people under you is also considered management. Nurse. Feed frward. Feed backward . leading. data entry operator Long run staffing TRUE TRUE Used for number of years TRUE Appraisal by trait and replacing by performance TRUE co-ordinating Made narrow TRUE Used for its life customers. Function. we find it dominantes the activities such as planning. 90 PERT means : organisations which do not seem to be physically presenmt but operate as virtual organisation 91 are : 92 when authority is accepted by a person. the responsibility is said to be: 93 Authority & responsibility go Hand-in-Hand 94 We have to plan an organization in terms of 95 Which of the following are operational level 96 In order to build more result orientation we purposely built plans not on Balanced basis but 97 The process of Manning in an organization is known as ___ 98 The division of labour leads to specialization 99 Decision-making is a primary part of the managerial process 100 Machinery is shown as an investment and not as expenditure because Since we can express all our activities in terms of money and measure profitability. 89 Designing new products and developing existing product and service is called….

122 An organisation induces its business philosophy through 123 Automation in controls has been made possible due to : 124 Family works on the principle of : 125 Man can be motivated by : 126 Budget not based on past records is known as ………. Job Enrichment ZERO BASED Managerial Power. communication revolution Division of labour Proper Job Designing. Participation in decision making and Action. achievement Increase in small business set ups. help 112 find the best path to goal 113 114 Given for outsoursing 115 paint it and then sale 116 Much capital is locked up 117 where to keep material 118 computer staff at lower level needs data input operators while at higher level special in information 119 technology 120 Managers trys to fulfill his commitments as to decisions and actions through organizing 121 the ability to utlise knowledge for practical use is known as …….PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 110 Stabilised values which get ingrained in your behaviour is called your individual culture 111 Management works for a business organisation while business is run by the owners The goal approch states that the function of the leader is to clarify and set goals with subordinates. he fails as a manager 131 using materials generally require some of technology and transportation. more business alliance will come up TRUE TRUE Chester Bernard TRUE Human work attitude . Budget 127 Direction is a … function performed by all the managers at all levels of the organisation 128 McLelland's Needs Theory defined needs as : TRUE TRUE TRUE make or buy value addition invontory level storming 129 privatisation will effect the management in the following ways : 130 manager spends most of his time in co-ordinating if he fails in doing so. 132 133 Organisation was described principally as a cooperative system by : no one guarantees a business success for ever until and unless the management continues to arrive for it 134 all along 135 What is the topmost ability that managers require or learninng? 29 TRUE TRUE talent orientation Computer. more business managers would required. affiliation.

sections and out sourcing The recognition that human persuassion contribution can not be dictated but has to be obtained by has 143 been accepted 144 Money is used for purposes such as : 145 Peter drucker is described as : 147 Human being can be convinced by reasoning but we do find that they are swayed away by emotions 148 Marketing staff Characteristics : 149 BY outoutsourcing telephone response work one may save on cost but may loose : 150 in planning one has to make little detours and thus navigate towards objective. it is a mixture of needs at different levels and types. Objectives. Opportunities and … are important considerations. knowledge. Gantt Charts Activity involved. 157 One forms value based work habits to develop personal disipline in order to find out : 158 Self-owned small business is characterised by : Out sourcing increases your ability to do more without investment but weakens your own base of skills 159 and knowledge 160 Staffing is different according to : 161 162 Mnipulating data base 29 Policy. Measure profit. Hardware Maintance PERT.. 156 If an organisation has more levels it is said to be ……. market behaviour Management Guru TRUE Good communication. one must study departments. 151 ERP is a good example of coordination at the enterprise level. CPM. * TRUE Levels. 153 the staffing function must aim at good human relations and conducive …. 154 the ……. positions. Is a method to build right words for communication.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 136 Name some of the plans which can be called 'conceptual' : 137 Information function comprises of : 138 Network control systems can be : 139 Job description includes : 140 the communication is not complete till it is : 141 team spirit is indicative of purposeful : 142 to acquaint with the organisation. Here ERP is : 152 In 'SWOT Analysis'. Physical work and managemnt is combined. skills Acknowledged Emotional ties TRUE TRUE foreign exchange. A skill TRUE Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Threats objective NLP TRUE vertical Imbalance in situations Ownership and management is combined. Product Knowledge. Good human relation One area of specialisation. Weaknesses. Strengths. Procedures System Development. 155 Satisfaction is not pure. expertise Ms access .

Culture can be understood in terms of speed. time. they cannot achieve any purpose unless they get 178 organized 180 public administration is known for : 181 a social body that we create to organise is called an organisation 182 the process of satisfaction goes through : 183 …….. the whole planning process is to make future predictable Business…. Activities the projection methods is to work out pessimistic.. set policies and give direction to the rest of the level are said to 167 be ….. Satisfaction Work Close circuit TV. Own capacity utilisation . Want. 175 It is difficult to say when he competes and when he cooperates 176 future is unpredictable. results and creativity 184 lot of co-ordination is possible through electronic capabilities like : 185 In command and control model of organisation you ……. In terms of emphasis such as goods exchange involves technology while service exchange 177 more human consideration Any time when two or more people come together. (Division. optimistic and realistic budget to verify which way 169 business is moving.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 163 Calculating results by changing factors 164 Helping write reports 165 Helping presentation 166 The people who do planning of business. 186 Structure binds an organisation mechanically but management puts life into it 187 If you want to outsource work one will consider the following 29 MS exel MS words MS Powerpoint Top Business Flexible budget Authority levels. Business and organisation interest TRUE Hawthorn experience TRUE TRUE TRUE Orientation TRUE Power with public ownership to decide policy TRUE Need. Management level 168 all activities which help goods and service distribution and production are called ……….. is known as 170 start PPM-Assignment 171 Manager must try to co-ordinate : Controlling can be designed as ensuring that actions conform to the expected results by appropriate feed 172 back systems 173 people being noticed and cared gives boot to moral and work undertaken was revealed in famous: 174 Planning enables organisation to get linked with its objective business. Departments and setions). Communication Tools Execute TRUE (delivery cost. qualit). time.

Electronic gadgets Management by Objective Boss and Subordinates. Lead. boss and working Colleges Authority Staff. Diversification Middle Establishing measurable goals. for 211 example EPR. (telephone. Using web. Suppliers. Hospital TRUE 198 PRINCIPLES OF CONTROLLING are : 199 ………… description is the starting point of staffing 200 Employees are expected to have the following minimum skills : 201 Following are involved in the marketing of finance : 202 Personal observation can act as control room in system such as 203 Organization morale is not an important factor in co-ordination 205 The … is such a resource which does not come back in life 206 Whichcontrolsfollowing is the by organisation outsiders such as customers. participate Mission TRUE Future Focused. etc one example Social of the are contributed formal organisation 207 is : 208 The process of introducing to organisational working is known as : 209 Market information and intelligence department does : 210 If management is universal. leasing. Establishing standards Position Handling email. 197 Management level Use of computers for coordination. Growth. School. we can apply it to the following : Computers can store feed back and proper co-ordination gives meaningful information to co-ordinate. Ability to broadcast simultaneously. organise beside other such 192 as : 193 The purpose of offering goods and services in terms of recipients is called 194 Emphasis on database communication depends on good management information system 195 What you do today Builds your : 196 Some of the strategies can be named as following : The people who work between top and operational management are supposed to work at ……. mobile. Xerox) Credit cards. 29 .PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 188 TOOLS FOR CO-ORDINATION are : 189 MBO means : 190 Identify formal relations from below : ……… relations have become subsidiary to human relations and supplying goods or service to 191 customers interest Process of management describe management activities like plan. Controls must be economical. Hire purchase Management By Wandering Around FALSE Time A company under companies act Users club Induction Up-date marketing trends Gram Panchayat.

reviewing plans regularly TRUE vision TRUE Cost leadership differentiation Question mark Stars …….PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 Managers should be effective ………. So that they may influence the activities of subordinates 212 without dissatisfying 213 Communication can be enforced by : 214 For easy process of work. 219 A broad statement of purpose for future is called ……… 220 The task change with each level even in specialised areas. While motivation refers to the drive to satisfy a want or objective satisfaction refers to contentment one 227 gets at the end of activity 228 229 Personal level Co-ordination 230 ORGANISATIONAL LEVEL COORDINATION 231 organisational environment factors 232 TOOLS FOR COORDINATION 233 235 management must find reason for 236 the sources for possible business application knowledge are : 237 Maslow describes hierarchical needs as : 29 Feedback TRUE authority Vs power Internal and external relations the degree of centralisation Electronic gadgets Demoralisation Trade Journals . 221 222 Selling at lowest possible cost 223 Selling as a different product 224 Low growth rate business coupled with low market share 225 High growth rate and high market share Leader Pictures. activities which are related are grouped together which are called ……… 215 Tools that can help organise are : 216 Planned action need suitable organisation of structure and resources 217 Successful plan implementation requires : 218 Staffing must be a supporting partner in building career of members. security and safety needs. Symbols. Is necessary to see if the activity requires any rework or correction or should be allowed 226 to continue. Organization manual. Motion Departmentation Organization chart. Position description TRUE communication to all. affiliation and acceptance needs . Web sites physiological needs.. develop premises with participation of all concerned..

Man got authority since he was breadwinner and it gave rise to authority. Records. Management found cost of co-ordinating department structure is high and then start to think in terms of 256 process 257 The fax or telephone is an example of real-time controls 258 AS physical activity is essential for physical fitness. 248 Modern communication is 249 Manual prepared for introducing newcomers is an organisation is called 250 The system management by objective (MBO) proved short of expection because : 251 Forecasts are objective studies to find opportunities or threats and establish pointers Efficient. quality conrol Rigidity Grapevine TRUE TRUE Take good sleep 252 How a family becomes an organisation? 253 Central office functions can be too liberal a process may spoil the goods or service and services what does too many controls in 254 management brings? 255 The communication network created in informal organisation is called ………. man and woman). managing directors TRUE TRUE Business Contingent TRUE Short run Brief.It was conceived by peter Druker TRUE (Introduction of division of labour within a group viz. 240 Following non-employees can be called managers : 241 following are the parts of management : 242 one cannot rely on a constant carrot and stick policy since it becomes edge less by too much practice How much an organization should be vertical or horizontal will depend upon what one considers 243 necessary for optimising efficiency and effectiveness 244 managers today are less worried about . Than efficient management. 245 Management still remains to be art as it is to be practiced as per ………situation Principled leader goes by deciding his principle first and then acting on it while primal leaders 246 focus on emotional resonance 247 foreseable future for which we can think of definite action is called …….. for keeping mentally alert one has to do 29 . more than one person with a common purpose Mail. Period. transparent. Part time employees owners. It stress on quantitative results..PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 238 performance of plan must be 239 Compared to dreams plans cause you to implement. direct Induction manual Concentrate on short run achievement. board of directors. Results satisfactory to customer TRUE Consultants. least possible cost.

PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 259 Control techniques are : 260 IIIs of narrow specialisation can be overcome by ………. 264 When others find it difficult to make headway in a job. 261 Management has become more business-oriented because 262 When authority is accepted by the person.. Since the purpose is continuous and loses its momentum on way. more than structure leadership give it 265 motivates the earlier period of human history did not consider 'management' as a function standing on its own 266 through they were managing Because marketing gives opportunity to go to places and meet new people. 29 Budgeting techniques.. therefore.. One can only mange him to get results. Needs for more strategic thinking. Statistical data base control Job rotation* Greater compition. Environmental Instability Assumed by such a person competence Leader TRUE TRUE FALSE work Perspectives Resources Slackness. Materials TRUE . finace. ……. you have to become ……. Areas have importance in studing business. Communication is mixed with authority and. the responsibility is said to be 263 To what level one will reach depends upon competition. 282 In general. Activities network control. 280 Human resource requires evalution throughout the life 281 One cannot buy a person completely. business growth and one's own ……. Creation of political culture Lack of leadership Lack of business growth Lack of conflict resolution Lack of delegation of power result TRUE TRUE Vertical Subject to depreciation Marketing. is not open and free 283 machinery as a resource has the attributes of : 284 Which of the following can be called functional specialisation : 285 Man react as an individual and as a group member differently. Slowness in process. your liking and capacity 267 remain unchange in future 268 CONTROL PHILOSOPHY is 270 writing likely future scenes is called 271 The managers always feel a shortage of 272 Disadvantages in decentralisation of authority can be : 273 274 The owner is not sufficiently interested 275 Business is in its downward phase 276 There are too many differences in running business 277 People are not encouraged to take decisions 278 279 success factors and key ……..

machinery etc. substitute industry. will change in each business application 305 communications system computers can handle 29 . Theory Ylike to work TRUE competitive industry. 298 each one will have a control objective 299 Managers seem to be following styles : when an organisation handles number of business requiring their own strategies. input and process industries TRUE Person to person. Busines unit. there is a purchase and making section under a commercial manager Personal department in our factory is being entrusted watch and ward department our financial department is also handling management information system TRUE Social. 301 According to MCGregor people are of types : 302 You are not necessarily tested on your specialization but on your overall work values. Economic. manpower. exchange) 293 Security (protection of property and production) 294 Accounting including statistics 295 296 Technology would make it easier to do the job and managers will also assume role of workers. developer and facilitator Strategic Theort x-unwilling to work. Technical TRUE Command and control. selling. 297 Which environmental factors create Opportunities and threats ? If every person in the organization decides to place before him goals and objectives in carrying out work. 287 Entrepreneur takes risks on a new idea of business 288 The phase ' the show must go on' indicates : 289 the performance of a task is a managing task and who performs it is the manager 290 291 Technical (production) 292 Commercial (buying. publishing. it is called 300 ……. Organisation TRUE Countinuly TRUE Now there are numerical In our company.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 286 Division of labour creates a problem in co-ordinating with …………. Presentation 303 Compitition arises out of : 304 The need of money. composite industry. human relation model..

Based management 319 bureaucracy implies the following : 320 Some of the principles which fayol advocated were : 321 Internal process are studied in light of : 322 effectiveness and …. Authority and Responsibility. 317 technology changes affect life of business Voluntary service organisation is based on volenteers foregoing some comfort level and call for 318 more ………. system and produres adopted. The promotion of a person more in the interest of ………. It is said to 306 be ….. Tasks skills Knowledge trust Information Competition. Organisation. Unity of Command Technology used. Became watch words of management Matrix Organisation Appointments. Development than personal 307 development. Demand and supply TRUE TRUE Value Command and control. anybody can create a favorable impression by performing it Satisfaction is a temporary condition of the mind. 308 Control automation can be exemplified by ms outlook which helps in controlling 309 310 Everyone agreed that he can do the job. power was considered important than money making TRUE TRUE TRUE Information. Slow and lenghty action process.. administrative process Efficient People were interested in act than thinking about it. dominance of office Division of Work. and needs go on recurring there are periods of 325 satisfaction and dissatisfaction 326 This values does not come by training but by demonstration 327 one can build organisation flexibility by weaving properly the following in the organisation 29 . Business was not considered as respectable..PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 In practice when unity of command is modified to make answerable to more than one person.. 311 He only knows how to operate that machine 312 If he cannot it he will tell so 313 On the machine A is faster and accurate than B 314 315 Surplus is limited by 316 one must visualise a step ahead and wide ways to make career. Meetings. material flow 323 The evolution of management was slow because : 324 Physical work is expressive.

input process output Output Last 335 An organisation can be become a juridical person by registering it with respective act such as : Companies Act. organization. Code of 351 MANAGERIAL TECHNIQUES FOR COORDINATION are conduct and discipline 29 . your qualities like trustworthiness and hohesty will be utilised 347 when the need occurs. Decoding For the sake of convenience. the resource and allocator and the negotiator Decision role. Stability of Tenure. we may bifurcate between business. present 339 The success of any business activity depends on the satisfaction of the customers TRUE 340 Communication process passes through the process of : Coding. TRUE 348 managers adopt different views for themselves and that for their subordinates TRUE 349 Partners …… owners 350 management is more of an application and is an art backed by laws of tendencies. TRUE Use of work manuals. disturbance handler . information role. Depends on charitable 337 Following are salient feature of voluntary service sector funds. all business organisations are built to ……. Streamlining systems and procedures. Actions on 342 control system supported by : Deviations Equity. Underpaid staff. Correct feed back report.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 328 329 Men 330 Planning 331 goods 332 Services 333 334 Exept project organisation. Initiative in planning for all 343 Fayol stated management principles of Individuals are controlled by their own but But more than one human can only be controlled externally 344 TRUE The role consisting of entrepreneurial. in the long run. Sacrifice orientation 338 Time allows you to work only in …. Societies Act communicable 336 The results of control should be actionable and ……. but management must be 341 viewed in totally TRUE Reward system for performance. 345 are called interpersonal role 346 To use emotional intelligently we call emotional intelligence More than specialisation.

Everything on its place Strategic Business Unit.. abide by law. we call it a higher standard of living understanding a job in terms of the organization ………. Make further plans TRUE Medical aid. Opportunities and Threats Ensure quality. 370 The higher authority's inability and unwillingness to mix with lower ranks is an obstacle in coordination 371 Which of the following are goals : 372 Performance feedback planning can act as: 373 A manager's information role consists of receiving. Safety Handling Values Centralization giving best overall yield. Divisions. 361 human beings are not born standard and evolve out of experience 362 Are the following organisation? 363 When the higher service needs are satisfied. Make change of action.. Hospitals TRUE business TRUE TRUE CPM Mistake Shop TRUE Achieve Rs. be responsible to stake holders. 10 lakhs turnover. Sections 376 Fayol stated 377 The principle of departmentation is fashioned in an hierarchical manner such as 29 . dissimilating and transmitting 374 One of the important areas of service is welfare service such as : 375 Proper work ethos facilitated ……… Store production Purchase Marketing Strenths and weakness. remain ethical Flexible TRUE School. we try to coordinate their organizational role with their personal role 366 The present work build direction for future growth 367 By creating goals around each employee the management can control performance. Sealer Chain. At the same time. a problem is building rigidity ….PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 352 353 Store keeper 354 Machine operator 355 Buyer 356 Salesman 357 358 Planning makes us to link 359 Social responsibility of managers include : 360 In organising structure. keep good relations with customers Control. Order . is essential for an individual to to organization's 364 success 365 we think of human resource. This is known as: 368 To encourage creativity one must be willing to …… 369 A place where goods and services are exchanged is called a ………. Departments.

store TRUE activity/jobs TRUE Frequent Situational changes. Dealers< customers TRUE TRUE Vision.. 360 Degree Devoloping displays Purchase. management for particular business specialised subject knowledge is added 396 general management knowledge Since employee managers are dependents on earning aliving. they are interested in the 397 organisation's continutity 398 Management must have some compass with it to navigate in the future such as 399 400 Replacemnet of thumb rules with science 401 Beneficial both for employees and employer 402 working for maximum output 403 Scientific measurment of work TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE Theory X TRUE Steam power.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 378 Entrepreneurs are not scientists but people who are interested inoffering a market proposition. Dependence on team spee Workers. believes that people will not act till they are forced and you will coordinate by using 382 authority 383 Policy is one time umberalla decision against which we can take future dicision Technological innovation made possible large scale manufacturing organisation needinng 384 management such as One must anticipate span of life for an organisation all the time and keep ready to get it 385 revitalised 386 The mechanism through which we recognize value and pay for it is called 387 ………. Electricity TRUE Price Social controls Traits. Forecasting Develop human approch Extra production obtain from If we organise our process we introduced time and motion 29 . aspect of control has not been thought of as a planned effort by the manages 388 Appraising historically went through stages such as : 389 Sales promotion activity includes 390 Materials function can have : 391 A system has linked up functions forming a circular movement 392 Non action-oriented knowledge produces cynicism than ………. time deadlines. 379 It is prudent to use power in getting work done and use authority by exception Coordination is a managerial attitude supported by organization and calls for lot of initiative in places and 380 in actions where ever it is lacking 381 The culture denotes stabilized set of values at any time which people try to adhere to generally ………. 393 Staffing should nurture goodwill with thosepeople leaving the organization 394 The work strain can arise due to : 395 Managers must maintain a human relation with people such as In application. market reserch.

Outsourcing Managerial TRUE knowledge TRUE Manual. by place/location. we talk of it as concerned with management of organization 407 Process of organisation goes through division of … 408 Some co-ordinating factors that organisation has to tackle are : 409 The position description shows : 410 Organisation levels are generally through as : 411 Departmentation can be decided : As you can design an organization. Situation 29 . 404 Views of organisation 405 management is a means to an end and not an end in itself 406 When we talk of controlling. Management was long considered only as an art Owners. Legal formation Contingent Some of the factors responsible for thinking about management were Irrespective of business applications specialization we find lot of common factors in these business applications such as: Management principle are applied ……………. 3. Sociology did not consider business as social problem. Decision.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 The view which stresses co-operation as a key success factor of management is called ……….. Remaining stagnant is a sure sign of imminent death of that position In future even an average worker will HAVE TO BE ……. the extent of authority. System and procedures. you can also design its culture The services which are contracted to the organisation outsider are called …… services Materials involve problems like Now people will have to see business conditions and take ………. Formal and informal. By function TRUE outsourced Make or buy. WORKER. authority designation Top. feedback reporting FALSE TRUE Political economy was main consideration. Creative versus administration orientation line of authority. middle. Stake holders.. one must understand the demands of situation along with the tools of management Organisation discipline is expressed through It is quite likely you may have to play a role which you have conveniently forgotten and thinking one will not go to that level again a vision statement is circulated so that all know the direction towards which management is moving. Operational By time. Contingent approch TRUE TRUE Labour Departments versus procedures. Since management is contingent.

employee attitude Just designing an organization is not a total solution to problems but how you run organization is equally important TRUE The operational workers their supervisors are described as ………. Is the beginning of group activities that are generated in form of clubs. 8. TRUE Those who hold capital or its equivalent rights are called shareholders TRUE Every change involves risk TRUE The race between resources and results is a common managerial problem TRUE When in an organization levels are few it is called ………. Material flows. esteem and recognition are dependent on others and. love. free rein 29 . information flow One can create flexibility in an organisation by values does not come by teaching by demonstration. TRUE While reasoning is the best means of communication. 10. Job rotation Jobs are now looked from human satisfaction by Reviewing controls and feed back must be a part of management culture TRUE Informal organization …………. therefore. Organisation horizontal or flat needs such as affiliation. cooperation.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 Management by wandering around and management by objective are two managerial system which contribute directly to control. Competition vs. ……. emotions The real leaders lead because they feel like leading and not because the organization tells them to do so. TRUE Army. church. job enrichment. Are also helpful in creating effectiveness. Personal level involves conflicts such as Ownership vs. more the managing required and more it becomes complex TRUE Managers should encourage creativity bt appreciating out of box thinking TRUE Job enlargement. direction. unions etc Weaving authority relations.. Level manager Operational In future we can only think of actions but cannot perform it TRUE Information is the backbone of decision systems TRUE Authoritative. state administration BIG ORGANISATIONS WERE BUILT IN THE HISTORY SUCH AS Alliance has become a key business word TRUE Participation vs. democratic or Leaders can be classified by styles such as participative. man looks for company and recognition outside TRUE The more bigger the business.

. Project management tackle programs such as Management exixts only at top level of the organisation Too many an approach will spoil goods and services and what does too many control in management bring TRUE Involve sub stages. Believes leader is fair and equitable TRUE policy People prefer to be led because A manager's job is becoming more knowledge and skill oriented The general raise in wages and salaries can be called ……… decision Manipulating data base Calculating results by chanding factors 29 MS access MS Excel . private or social sector. candidate's expectation. He believes leader is more capable. situation Career making is using knowledge and skills which one has gained or go on gaining while making a living TRUE contingencie Generally an interview consists of Peter drucker made popular the concept of ……. stress on different types of different stages. suitability to both knowledge TRUE To lead others To support others To understand others To keep morale Mentor Guide Empthiser Teacher Hierarchical planning is done from business level to smallest functional level possible.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 Whether in public. they all are businesses which exchange goods and services for value management principles are applicable …………. Worker Self management and control essential to manage others TRUE communicating expectations. pressure of time on completion FALSE Rigidity Reluctance to take responsibility involved in decision/action.

Mahila self help group Growth of market. skills and values not only to survive but also to jump on an opportunity Hertzberg feel. Co-operatives. 14. resources availability. Lilian Gibreth. commercial TRUE physiological needs. Profitability vs. Recurrent . higher order needs Atta for making food Oil mixing atta Frying burner store Idlies Input ingredent process Final dish Any organisation undertaking fixed time work is called ………… organisation ………… is deciding the future course of actions in terms of time performance and cost Emergence of human behaviour of scientific was made possible by thinker such as valence One must go on acquiring knowledge.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 Helping write reports Helping presentation MS word MS power point Juridical/ Judical persons are Which of the following are juridical persons? Promises may be based on politics in organisation arise out of effort to find through other people for The concept of life long employment with one owner has almost come to end Some co-ordination is expected at organisational level such as The need for plans is felt at different hierarchical levels. Scott is the degree of favorableness or unfavourableness toward the object/event TRUE Satisfaction.D.V. Societary Janta Co-op bank. Legal vs. social affiliation needs. W. 13.A. Strategic limitation Survival and growth TRUE Line versus staff. dissatisfiers. The needs have been classified hierarchical as Proprietary concerns. society. some needs are 29 Project Planning Mustenberg. liquidity. D.

reduce managerial work*** TRUE Organisation objective. work ethos. Muti skilling. promotion owner shareholders customers creditor interest Divident satisfaction loss 29 . Controls must lead to corrections Human appraisal should include Stability.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 personal co-ordination lacks due to prejudices such as Skinner emphasises reinforcement as a motivation by One must stand in the receiver's position and Thinking of communication from this perspective Jobdescriptions are being designed as Man machine relationship has increased on work floor because of the The ability of money to co-ordinate all types of transactions has made finance as a need of every organisation Managerial leadership works within Male/female. authority given. total product orientation*** Need for simplification. it will be liquidated. Risks/stability Removing obstacles. Training and development opportunities. careful planning. Activity charting Finding stack within activities Finding most critical chain of events to complete project Picture depiction Gantt chart PERT technology CPM Chart and Graphs Organisation needs for co-ordination Organisation can be seen as simply an input-process-output system which works continuously The day people do not take authority and responsibility to run an organization. leadership quality TRUE TRUE TRUE Carrer progression. Risks/stability. extensive use of communication TRUE Multi tasking. need for the standard of quality.

he needs it Family career and organization career move generally in opposite directions and there is considerable pull and push within the two control techniques are based on information and its analysis 29 owner managing shop.. study trends in the past*** FALSE Giving position. structure will not pose a problem in organisational flexibility. he only wants it when 9.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 Forecasting future trend is possible in different degree in any business by Fayol stressed application of management to all business Authority can be delegated but power can only be supported by In planning period we should look for which we can make some action today Analysing the present. the situation needs correction I think spending 10 percent of our revenue is too much I just now received a report that production is on target Control must be flexible* Control should lead to correction* Establish Standard* Control need feed back system* Let us increase price temporarity Why not we decide policy on price? We must take advantage of the present opportunity After three years this product is likely to be obsolete Long term long run short term Short run The promotion of a person should be more in the interest of ……………. Visualising the future. surveys. Adding knowledge. increasing responsibility*** TRUE* To increase sale by double If our production falls below 10. Consultant for manpower management** Workshop FALSE Trends graphs. An organisation is designed for performance organisation Opportunities TRUE From the following who can be called the manager Where production process takes place is known as …………. Charts TRUE TRUE TRUE .. Statistical database control may include Though man is a social animal and longs for social affiliation. Development than personal development Some of the factors which give advantages in environment are called ……. If people's attitude remains the same to a great extent.

Differing stages Clarity. trust act . Insurance. Consultants TRUE Our survey shows sixty percent of would be buyer are willing to buy our products We lack trained manpower No failure in quality deliveries customer satisfaction Experience is not worth in terms of years but how much you have gained in terms of In planning period we should look for future for which we can make some actions today Managerial career is making career in an organised effort and for group business objective Projects has the features such as Communication must have Plan expressed in terms of money and qualities is called budget Which of the following can be called projects Legal recognition is obtained to organisation under Act such as 29 Vision* Planning Mission information collection Learning FALSE TRUE Time limit. Short term recruitment drive Company act. to in order to Manager maintain human relation in relations worth studing outside the organization achieves. Brevity FALSE Bridge construction. Authority involves carring out decisions by way of actions utilisation organisation resources the following may be called intangible input Combination of thought and emotion work differently in different people and it changes that person's perspective to look at things false organisation Group TRUE Bank services. cooperative societies act.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 Worked for seven years His family is in another city He is already 55 years old 8 jobs so far Experience personal role Length of usefulness Unstable Principle of span of management concerns to the optimum limit to which a manager can manage people under him management knowledge was found to be with inside and for managing ……. empathy.. continuous in character.

industry Competition FALSE . SBU. 19. FALSE Privatization ……… is an intangible asset of the organisation and can be preserved by effective co-ordination Business and management are purposeful activities and planning is precondition for its successful implementation Peter Drucker describes Managers job is to prepare ………. calibration of measure tools. more you will amend your present To succeed in careers we should maintain good human relations with It is believed that qualities are additives and. outsider TRUE Long term vs. Societies act Business. one goes on collecting other qualities if one is firm in making career TRUE Environmental pollution. 20.. In-sourcing vs. • Developing performance standard TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE on job training. subordinates. temporary promotions.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 Values formed by overall people in the organisation is called organisation culture Legal formalities may belong to following categories An organisation can become a juridical person by registering it with respective act such as Different types of hirachical plans are drawn such as Some essentials of control system are Listening is very important in communication Business helps economic development Satisfaction creates needs for more satisfaction and more demands on management A team spirit necessarily involves sacrificing for team results Since one joins for organisational role to meet personal role needs. ________ and globalization. The contribution of the service sector to GDP has been less than proportionate to The contribution of the service sector to the employment generation has been proportionate LPG stands for liberalization. the conflict is inherent in personal role For developing employees skills methods have been developed such as The more you think of future. short term. . Liquidity. Tasks prioritization. probationary periods TRUE Owner. outsourcing TRUE employment In co-ordinatin organisation faces certain dilemma such as Humans are delicate to handle and one must be cautious in using them. Pepople to perform The financial analysis remains common to all business and one must understand its implication in terms of The Task prioritization is a static concept but not a dynamic concept 29 Goodwill TRUE Free Profitability. Departmental Nominating a responsible person. if one starts with one quality. incorporation of business. safety of worker Companies act.

industry has now adapted to ……… Business is self survival activity for many and survival instinct also prompts many to go in for More the premising is proved correct. Research Finance can have the function such as Every decision must have an action value The combined strength of persons is more than its mere sum total and this extra energy is called People follow those who direct by leading other major stakeholders can be He focussed on hierarchy. Concern for human versus work. Accounts TRUE synergy TRUE suppliers. authority. 5. entrepreneurial and managerial qualities become integrated in business success In order to promt people to learn. 6. 4. games. Expectations versus satisfaction. Leading vs. Decision making and information.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 The management needs evergreen risk taking attitude and willingness to jump in a fray In organizing we generally think of bringing effectiveness and efficiency in an organization while in team we think of more cooperation and satisfaction Forecasts are objective studied to find opportunities or threats and establish pointers salary and wages cannot work without time keeping section The process of manning an organization is known …………. bureaucracy as the foundation of all social organizations scale of business helps to minimise the overheads for In empoerment. organisations have introduced measures like One can simulate a problem in mathematical terms such as in ………. the managerail function involves co-ordination The whole supply chain must work as an extended organization Human beings pay value for The success of any business activity depends on the satisfaction of the customer insistence on proper work values. Communication and actions TRUE simulations. distributors and collaborators Max Weber establishing and running business TRUE walk in interviews innovation TRUE TRUE TRUE goods and services TRUE 29 . in-house magazines Operations Credit Control. Costing. following. (pending 4. 1. one has not only authority to do but how to do so To avoid a long drawn interview process. authority and responsibility. staffing Which among the following is a component of planning ? Rules TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE work ethics is cultivated through A person has to co-ordinate between ORGANIZATIONAL LEVEL COORDINATION involves aspects like in practice ownership. more will be the chances of getting expected results Since the role is played with many players and amongst number of activities.

exchange of goods and services for value Managers handle a variety of decisions at te same time 29 communication Operation Level Management TRUE coordinating risk taking. Is a mechanism. all organisations require social approval TRUE The mechanism through which we recognize value and pay is called price Deciding the time frame and then seeing that short term and long term interests are coordinated becomes a job of a manager TRUE Voluntary service organisation is based on volunteers foregoing some comfort level and call for more …………. time keeping A function of operations can include Manager plays a facilitating role.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 Material handling. intead of command and control role TRUE One can utilise an informal organisation for the purpose of a formal organisation TRUE Emotional Intelligence is advocated by Chapman PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION is a term used for activites handled by government or semi-government TRUE owned bodies. TRUE TRUE . we recognize value and pay for it price Business is a human generated organized activity and thus it has to be managed TRUE Decision fail because of inept handling TRUE We cannot buy time but only use it TRUE A budget considers as circumstances as being new each time and reworks total income and revenue in the light of expectations for the future is zero base budget According to whom there are three managerial models Miles Many books treat decision making as aprt of planning because planning poses a number of fundamental problems The Microsoft Power Point is one of the simplest tool where presentation is equally emphasized in which is generally the front line work with compensation than making of structured nature people seem interested in what they receive asday to day decision what competence in return they can give If the process of building organizations is dividing then the process of running an organization Decision involves The ultimate aim of all planning is doing business . dispatch. one must have a degree of self-control to maintain Equity To undertake social transactions. A person starts business with some innovative way is called as Entreprenuer If one has to direct and control others. change. Based management value business is now being equated to war and we plan strategy not only to establish ourselves but also to weaken the competitor TRUE ………….

more easy and effective the communication TRUE Machinery as a resource includes all equipment used for producing further goods and services TRUE Men bear different perspectives because of difference in Knowledge. Taj mahal It is managing that is important than through whom the managers manage TRUE The 14 general principles of management. Data entry. managerial dimensions are cost and time Give examples of monumental creations requiring group human efforts in the past Pyramids. taking a short term view time elements in a decision can be handled The use of computers and other electronic gadgets has made global coordination possible TRUE Decision making being a highly subjective art and not totally objective. we need people with discretionary power TRUE Profit or loss in the business plays major part for the development of Economic Technical Knowledge.. Values The following are desk oriented jobs Book keeping. spare parts. since it has to weigh so many aspects that one has to use judgment Planning is now no more how to produce goods and services but how to plan overall strategies to competing competition failure TRUE programmed TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE there always seems to be a central office in most of the organizations dealing with various persons and groups of persons comes under Decision role Due to short term life of business propositions. Jigs. you last more than te job TRUE The relationsip with employees. Ajanta. Fixtures and tools The use of machinery as a resource involves To hold different perceptions is a human quality and one has to anticipate different reactions to the same action TRUE More clear and understandable to the receiver. which fayol then evolved are still valid today TRUE Fayol emphasised the principle of union is strength which he described as Espirit de Corps TRUE reactive. Letter writing 29 . Experience. Decision Limiting fators need good self and environment assessment More the ability to think in future. more will be the capacity you need to take risk Decisions making is more of an art than science. customers.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 Preventive maintenance is done so as to avoid last minute Woman can equally succeed in the field of management Structured decisions can also called ……. proactive. suppliers and shareolders is an internal relationsip TRUE the use of scientific attitude in measuring work.

tempo. events and its balancing true Coordination can be easier if it the below named factors are favorable The establishment of measurable goals is a prerequisite to controlling. work ethos. sequence. more the managing required and more it becomes complex TRUE Personal observation as a control technique. an organisation needs Stability. organising. The priorities change according to time and situation promotions do not come because you work in the present position efficiently but your present work shows that you can handle the next……………… building alternatives for decision making is very creative and innovative process in order to prompt people to learn. was revealed in the famous Hawthorn Experiment The limiting factor is something that stands in the way of objective true synchronization involes time.games. organisations have interoduced measures like Many decisions fail because they are not backed by values of those who purpose it and pursue it any group function is possible by applying division of labour ………. 4. Is the right to take decision deserve and desire a person who holds characters like planning. tone. avoids paper word and time TRUE Activity in which production of goods and services and its distribution is done is calls Business For co-ordination. space. Scale of business True True job true simulations. 2.in-house magazines false true authority true manager . The team work spirit. which are necessary for the growth of business 29 The degree of centralization.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 He wrote a letter He send a picture postcard The door bell rang There was no entry ahead words pictures sound symbols The leadership come out of Coleman's emotional intelligence approach Primal leadership Life long employment even with the Government will not be feasible in future TRUE The more bigger the business . leadership quality People being noticed and cared gives a boost to morale and work undertaken. leading etc.

In designed from true false cost benefit 29 . Is a crazy follow up of concept without discretion entrepreneurs help economic development Feedback is essential but can be the growth of an organization to a great extent is related with the risk taking capacity on part of individuals and the organisation tv is an unorganised social activity and one enjoys tv because of that ………… analysis is th ratio of costs versus benefits fad true Oral.PPM GET DONE UR ASSIGNMENT AND ANY INFORMATION CALL ON 09999606151 ………. In writing.

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