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Submitted by: Jaykishan Fefar (P.G.D.M.)

Jagannathan is appointed as the Chairman of the TTK Group and also the Managing Director of TTK Prestige Ltd. ´ TTK Prestige Limited was incorporated as a Private Limited Company at Madras in 1955.INTRODUCTION OF THE CASE This case is all about the how TTK has adopt recipe for growth in the north and the east of India. ´ . ´ Mr. In 2000.

´ In rural area of north. nobody had a pressure cooker.17 crore during 2002-03. ´ TTK has done marketing research of the north part of the country and decided their target market. ´ . ´ TTK had launched a pressure cooker in this area with the strategy.BRIEF OF THE CASE Operating loss of Rs.

their product is very attractive which is known as mantra.CONTINUE« ´ For the international market. .

the traditional North-Indian cooking vessel. It has launched pressure cookers with long-lasting coating and one that is built like a handi. . It launched the Apple range of pressure cookers which were shaped like an apple.STRATEGY ´ ´ ´ We always begin by understanding the needs and requirements of our customer and then we design and deliver innovative products.

they have covered rural market for pressure cooker.STRATEGY CONTINUE« With the help of the NGOs. ´ TTK Prestige already had a tie up with the BPCL while it was in talks with Indian Oil Corporation and HPCL for distribution of its kitchen products for both urban and rural markets. ´ TTK Prestige had in 1997 set up a factory in Uttarakhand for inner-lid pressure cookers. ´ .

FUTURE PRODUCT ´ Today. Prestige has matured from a traditional pressure cooker brand to complete kitchen solution provider and we are working to improve and change the lifestyle of every Indian household. .

´ . Gasket Offset Device (GOD) and Double Locking System.KITCHEN SOLUTION BY TTK ´ TTK Prestige Limited has the widest product portfolio covering all aspects of the Kitchen making it the only brand to offer TOTAL KITCHEN SOLUTIONS to the customer. TTK Prestige Limited is one of the world¶s largest manufacturers of Pressure Cookers and it has been forefront in introducing several innovations like Gasket Release System (GRS). all firsts in India.


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