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Accident-Incident Investigation Procedure

Accident-Incident Investigation Procedure

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PURPOSE a. To ensure all accident/incident are thoroughly investigated and the root caused been identified. To implement the most effective method to prevent the recurrence of the same incident.


SCOPE a. Covers all accident, incident or near miss within company premises.

DEFINITION / ABBREVIATION a. Accident/Incident An unplanned event that occur which may cause injury to self, others or property damage. Safety, Health & Environment Head of Department

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RESPONSIBILITY a. HOD is responsible to ensure all preventive action been taken and practice within their department/section. Head of Department is also responsible to ensure the implementation of this procedure in their department. Supervisors are to report all accident/incident in their area of custodian to Safety Officer. Employee is responsible to participate in accident/incident investigation if necessary. Safety Officer upon receive the accident/incident report to call for a meeting on the case investigation with respective superior.





PROCEDURE a. The immediate superior of the involved person or the affected area shall submit a detailed written report of the accident/incident in their custodian section within 24 hours after the accident/incident to the HOD and within 48 hrs to Safety Officer by using the accident/incident report form. (Sample of the accident report form will be available in this news and articles section) The report must be accurate and full of facts. If the cause of the accident/incident is unknown, explain the most likely basic cause, which it will be considered as an opinion during the investigation.

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The Safety Officer shall then follow up on the implementation and enforcement of the corrective actions to close the report and monitor for a period of three months to confirm the adequacy of the action taken.d. 2 of 2 pages . Investigation team will be responsible to plan and verify the corrective action relevant to the root cause of the accident/incident. witnesses. The members of the investigation team will involved Supervisor. e. Safety Officer or any persons assigned by HOD or Safety Committee Chairman. f.

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