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Yearly Reflection

Yearly Reflection

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Published by: Francisco A Gonzalez on May 16, 2011
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Francisco Gonzalez Period 8th May 15, 2011

This year I have learned many different things about Microsoft 2007 programs. This would apply for me to write resumes and other important paper in the future. This also help prepared for college if any projects or assignments. The knowledge I have learned in Computer Class would be very useful in the next two years and especially in college. Because I want to on computer engineer, this would help me successes in my carrier of being a Computer Engineer. Next year the knowledge I know would be very useful. This would help with projects that involve making a PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, or any other Microsoft program. Because I learned many things about every program of Microsoft, this helps me brainstorm my projects. The obstacles I have to work the must so I can meet all my goals this year are to keep on we school work. I had some problems turning many papers this year because there were too many for one day. But after all that hard work; I have turned them all in and made A’s and B’s for all my classes. This has been a challenge to many to work very hard to successes with my goals. I have leaned many things this class such as Microsoft Programs and how to make your own website. Because Microsoft programs are very useful to write papers or do presentations. This would assist me to achieve further academics and works related to my goals. Some of my goals for next year are to work hard to achieve my goal of straights A’s. I also would be using Microsoft Word to write college letters. I also would use PowerPoint for any presentation for next year. If I could do any assignment over this year would be the Chinese Video and all about me. I would like to redo the Chinese video and get a higher grade because it was not fully finished. I also would like to redo my All About Me project in computer class because there were many mistakes I did and I made a low grade. I don’t regret anything about it, but I just thought I could have done better. Three words to describe this class the most are fun, interesting, and helpful. I chose fun and interesting because it’s very fun what we do in class and is very interesting what you learned in about the programs people used most of the time. Also I chose helpful because the class help me with other class projects.

My computer skill grew a lot since last year. I leaned many things that I didn’t know about Microsoft Office. Because I pay attention in class I leaned many things that have helped me improve my grades and skills. My greatest challenge in the class was in Microsoft Excel. I had some problems willed working with it. It was really hard to understand the process that you have to go. After practicing for many times I got the process and achieve another personal goal.

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