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Naval Aviation News - Aug 1945

Naval Aviation News - Aug 1945

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H 2lI.r ...

fl ••



~ A few moments after du H.,Jldiv.,r had cle-nrei:l Ih., Right deck, Ihere was a tcrri6c jolt and Jol'ln E. Novuky, ARMlc:. fOWild himself St .... ggling in the water. Tt1e plane had ~tal1dl and cradled II hundred )'llrd5 dead ahead of the l!IInier.

~ Noyeskyscanned the wate., for his- pil_o! but saw only me sinking plane. Glancing over hil sho·ulder. ->1 fe.w memerits Iatee, lie gUm pled tbe lowenngbow of the ca~ri"r bnarlng down on mm. Nov'Isky chU'~n",d through the Wal!lf loward It;ttboa'~d ~nd

[he .. ext moment" was engulfed bl' the bow wave 'IS the Rat-lOp swept pasr,

• He h""rd a grinding jaT '11& the bow ·struck the !linking plane. th"n ~!lW his pilot Iloallng" shOd distance away. Men on the carrie; had tossed a life ring overside but; the pilot was u.ncoDscipus. Novesky wQr~ed: tbe ring around bim and held the injured Inan's. head abeve waler.

~ "1 kepi swim.!"hi"g to hold him up," N'oVlCJiky ... aid. "be.cause. llcqew .a destroyet' wouJd pltk us up. One gOT there in a.ball.t

1, minu.tes but iI s~emed to Ole like. a couple of dal's. I "'ItS Just .about fagged Ollt whep. they p_ulled aio:ltflsidc. The..y lowen.d a stretcher and r pur the pllot on it. Then tbey I-u:\i·tell me up."

~ While Novesky was changing to dry clothing, the shipis medical office:r came beIl>w to tell him his pilot wid dead. Appar· ently be was injured lataUy when rhe

carrier tr u c k t11 •. ~. _. t

plane. N oveskl' had ~

gambled his own safe-

t'Y tn an effort 10' save "I R~REW"'E'" lb . .,. pIlot's life, and RAVE WHAT IT

:bad prove,d aga.in 'fAKES

that •.••.•••• •



Its Airfields Harbored Jap Suicide Plan.es

C UITING ow KamJkaze: ,attacks at their roots was the jeb that U.S. airmen undertook as tb~ smashed Kyusln, ai.rBelds duriug th past five months. Ileconnaissance in March hewed that the enemy had hundr ds of planes on Kyur hu ready tm hurl against U.S. ships. While the Americ-an FIe t layoff Okinawa, the japs hurried more planes to Kyu hu and launched series after series of suicide attacks. Fucet! wiID this threat, the U.S. command moved to attack major airfields on the southern home island, intent all destroying every possible aircraft and all airfield facillties.

The work of. destruction was humpered at times by strong £IglJter opposition, fiak and eveu by barrage bafluons. Although airfield construction on Kyusbu was less advanced than on Honshu, the i~]p.,utJ W~lS well covered with fffilds. and there was a strong concentratiou in th", south. closest to 01dna~ A.. SOme airdromes like Kanoya, proved to be very large and elaborat ly

quipp d. Presence of a great many dummy planes made Id ntifloation of aircraft; targ ts dilBcuk

Although many Kamikn::zes from Kyushu did manage to attack and damage the Fleet: U,S. J avy and Army Iliers gave the Japa.nese air £{~rc;e and its nest of Kyushu bases a punch fr0ID whicbtl1l.e), will not recover.



Sui-cide Tadies Had Come Long Way Since Philippine Campaig ..

T- HI:: JU,,1>:t:I:KAZF. CORPS, spicidul defenders of the Jap empire. were crashing destructively into the ,S, Fleet. Ship after sh j P sulfered in iJJry as the .N It "'1 waited o.!F Okinawa. Kamikazes were concentrated 011

Iilrfi:elds in southern KVLlShu, and OklJ.l~"va was enly sarae 350 mtles distant. Fiel,ds ill the northern Byuk)'us also were used I-or stagmg. t11cjd:e t$.Qtics had been developed to 11 much _greater degree uf effe.ctivel)ess than was achieved In the Kamikazes' PhilippIlIel; debut, tile [sps, for example, no longer rmlking low~jevel runs at their targets huL diving sharply clown from obscurlrJg clouds, Many KllrnikaZ6S were kuoeked down, but enough gOl through to -~ause great damage.


Islahd/s: Bases Had Served 05 Training Fields fol" Air Force

PlIINCll'A.l_ tllrgot _ [ur Navy attackers W~IS tho JuP ail' Inres, The neru} relied h ea.vily QlI dU£ll1;ny P 1<10("..5 to draw IJ ,5. stmBng; and bombs. No l 55 W'W 99 dummies, lor lnstanee, \' ore obli~rWJ '111 Kanova uirdrome alter pbrJtog~a})hic sortil' 'of April 1.

A gr~ab numlaer ef hangars" Shb,pS. barru 'k, • nd other builtlhlg!l had been erected by the J aps thmughol1 t Kyushu, and these also censtituted major targets for U'. . ruers

~dauy Kyushll ull'fil'ld.s had been training bases in {he da ys when J ,,-P[tll 's CClIll bat air Iorce was ser iug in l:ar-I:lung areas, At some there were elaborate .Army or N1l.VY air depots and wor:kshops. Several were still purtly uncle r oonstructiou, but most were operational, it wUS' fuund that the enemy tended to build se eral smaller, less \"011- equIpped lields around 11. lMge airdrome, TJu: JLlJ)S als Jmi!Jagecl Uti have IlI'l airfield I'?fll" most Sl"flp!mle, l.lfses. C~mou1[a.ge, in the Form of 1"O~r'-IiamtfutJ', netWlg, nlld !'Net! news of trees ljJ_nnted at a.ngla~, wa inteuded 1.0 confuse . - .S. airmen. A lew bur-rage balloon were seen, and photo inte:,..preters cliseerned sueh :rtIiSCfllmneC!us Jap

qulpment us Balm bombs and olher units.






Island Was loaded. with Industrial Targels But rl,jers (o;nqentrated an, Jap Air Bases

KYUmIU IS about 21)0 miles long from north to south and 'Ilpprox.imately ji;o miles across Itt its widest pUill~, with. u total area of 1'G,000 StjWlDI;l ~s, III 1935 the pepulanen of I'he- isluml was reporterl J\S1l;(!5I),IlOO. mostly aCli.c'\OI1tn1ted en eoa!dal <Lot] rwer lowlands. Cloud,fuess is pets:L<ltent, :Inter" faring willi nir operatifltiS, . .fIn~ ~yphom15 o~~ut .f:rofl"l M~y to Ootol'or. Most (If Kyu.~hll IS hilly or mauntatnous. The larg;est a.r~ of inteEctlDil~eteq, lowlands is iii the [l(mthw~~t~ other lowls:nru are lH1IJ:al1 and usually isolated.

A WI line mad nationnillighway filnrrirele KJllsl1u, bill tb:e I:IJUlSportntioIJ JJetWli.lr'k is nat ne_arJy so w_ell develpped ~ 011 Honshu., AS:fl ~on~eq,llen~e. of thj~1 lhee,nemr ts·,fuought to eueountee oomsadel'ilP'le di.lficulty III getting fepalr' materials to h'Om!;l KYUlihlJ air Relds, One vety important t}foduet of K,yU.ii11l is ClJru, vital to lapan's war industries. Steel is made frj rhe nerthwest, the Yawaw 1 mpl1rin I Iroll snd S:teel works being the Iarge.~t producer in Japan. Coke. ohemionla, zinc, synthQtic qil. munitions, .and otlrer war matenials are Inru:JuEa'?ttlred ~lr proeessed in Kyusllu. BUl to lh~ -U.S. Navy the Kamfkaze bases W61'e the most importaot targets.

AtSleki th{' J apanese helid an airlteld with :weJabtl'l"lI te dispt'mru. seaplnne bN% ordnance stl'lrage areas and mine-scllOol (burning,)


8. .mIKE: $HpI'fJl'lI"",M

Carrier Planes Blasted Airfieldsr AirCraft Works" Causins Heavy Destruction

STARTINC ~th the cam!".!' sir'ik,fJ @fMar~h, 18: t,' J $,aU'me!1

I began m earnest the task of deslrOymg Kynshu S Kainikat,e tlwe.lI. Air Rh'jps were C!l'Me:rad, han'gars anel shops sel afire, and hundreds of Jap planes destroyed in the ~r and all the grolIDd. Aircraft aS$,!l:mb1y and engine. works

Wfll;e lmmbea.l:Il KUman\[lto. QmtiJ:a, Tueltiari and OUl<':r eeutees, Seaplrloe statlons were hit hard by U ,5, pilnts. (At llm:suki facililil'l]lware 1110 perot<)nt de~trllyeiil). TIm Japanese plil up lie;rce resistance allhs~1 bl'l.l rouge plane. losses cll:niinlshed their 0ppDsJtion. During lster std'ke~. pilots h,Ld dlfE,cultylpcaling en~y planes, sasne, of which pJ:ohabl;~' had been :fIDwn to sar~ty at more remote. fie.1rk Altllougl1 Kami~Uz~s ,lXlnl:inued to harass Ame:rjeao -shiVs, thu bulk df the Fleet was enabled to remain at its P9st in 5llppOtt of' th,e. ground Iorees takfug OlruI awa, tind the J ap nume lshmds had fait the power (;[ the. American F'Ieet"s earrler ojfellliive.


Strikes Left Hun,dreds of Wre,ked P'I'anes, Cratered Airf,ields in Wake

T l:U:;lUi.: W NlN''1· !Dueh ld't of Kyushu's aitl1elds a£-ter the u.s,. Navyand Army Hnishcd hitting them. Navy pilQt,~ eXperienced. difficulty In spot:tmg real [ap plWle,S'QD the gpnrml because the enemy camouflaged 'them carefully with nelting ana other materials and crowded bon« ,ficle aircraft: anddummles together in the same revetments. Whe_D photo interpreter!l located genume plarses on photog!'aphs. and l'lildts were ails;igoed spet;Jfic revel:n)ents as targets, the rate oE dl;!stntctiqn was speeded. TJ1C. enemy's pmctiee of defueling parked planes pmbribly decreased the number of planes lest by bumiD,g. a"lld JaR,' cm,noufltlg, e and dUDlmtes mnde I?hme dam:'rge assessment a complicated process.

Thrbug_heut Kyushu, ajrlie}d maintenmHie ~aQ'ili1ies were smashed thorol~ghly. Complete aesb]1cQon of above-gto_und .serviee installatfons was visible: Oil photos ()f Kanoya East, KokiiL!ti, Miyakanojti, Miya_zilki ancl Usa B~ld!i. and at others rate of damage was very .high. .ltwes consider~d possible that .the ellemy might have some ,unoergt'llund maintenance lllrcillties sti11 available. Anmamettt areas and pilot trainhig £acilities also were- put out of commisston. }?:ersistent,repai):men tbat tliey a:re,l:be Ja.p» we~e-Ilot able to rebuild hn_:ngtlfs alld shops t€! allY d'egree. although they did patch runways.

The net results of the K)'1.1Shn Attacks were it drastic reduction in the number of ~miklLZe.!U,' '~cr1lft;and a body blo'''Itto the island's facilities :for keeping Kamikazes in the air.

Sldking from e!lrriar~.:, Nfl'\'}' pilolli he_ap,,'f! tODS ..,f wombs on Kyushu n:1r.fie_kls and other wnr-imporlnr:rt Japa,nese insl,l)llaJions

GlIdget Trouble

~ Grmtrpl11" P"lIi"Q"~ sap:

~ Pm ruWljng int.o ,c:on~ider;tWIl difficultY getting cCt'tai.r> w ty deviC\1$ in. >ltlilled in eur plane..s, p;lfticuJarlr II1c;b iteM>I- IU' the ''Automatic S'timnllJtor" .and the "T~·A Cldcnt Emdif;'atol''' which were dl!5l!rib<ed tD ,"""'Dt i,'lSue~.

Fur C>lilmpL... _an IIx.sqUII:dC"on command .. r who now occupies on of mil- Bureau d"igJI d.<!-Jks (lude. the following G'OIDDlII!t1h llpOn i;e.lng faoed with a eecomdatio... fof' ;nstallalioQ.of rarhCJ.· ecmpU.,,,Ij.!d, safety gll'dgC't:

"lnstlllll11ooD of this special eqoipmeDt i5 .. ct considered de~i1tobl~ fUou who tIUIno. b d~end~ upon to operate .ud!. basic equip~eitt as eetraerable tanding gear 11 re nOt qualified ttl all' J:llodeMI air etra ft. \V e ar ol~dy eac-ryiog around a gteat lWlAy potlndi; fJf liO·eaUed ..uety equipment: al the 801C:ri6o:c of bomb- load .. ",d pvfornlO,l,lc_ supposedly 10 pr"~'alt stupid pilou- Eroln m;a_lWrg mon limpid errors. Such illl:ll1lla· don.. however, .001)' ""'~"eto IDake pilou reel lets respon .. lhIll (or ·the_ir cquipmlUll OIInd beeome mort! (lrnJ more f;fI'r..JN.S/'

Yo!' I!l_ighr construe Ih~e cOtnmenU to mean that come pi': C"llUme. wben "doo", bllVe to lug these doggone fion*& around any mQ:tt1, we can replllce them with ",fety eq,uii!ment-the (!lJJy crituion en any device tbellbeing, ''Will tb~ flllln~ be able to take (Jff if thi. is in5t:llled?'

In fhl! meantime, migbt I !!Jige&ttba, you lta.tn how '0 Oy witflollC these special aids. Ask somebody to kindly show YOIl bow to op. rat~ everything yolivegol aboard ru1d use dit <:.hed~ ... If ~ i Jt8 to tell you wben. 1£ you don't, my dell" young fl'iel1d, you llnot'l to crash-alid brea.k yoW' dama "G ecl!;S

Kerplunk in 'he (reek

''-OIIEEPINC COl\&AlR CAt:SBS CAl\llmn C.\'l:APULT ct\.~ml" These- headllnes might l'iave appeared in a. certain ship's

paper reeenlly, following:) Qat.tpnlt accident.

Whi1Q the plane was being giw(m its &rst engine run-up prior fonignt campul~., the held-back tension ring broke. Beth thedispatcher and tl'le eatapult crew tried 10 every way possible to attr-act the pilot's attention, so be could applY' hr:ik.' es, The pilot, however, apparently absorbed in checking his instnuneJilil, did not realize he wru; mav-


ing, nor did he see s,ny of the emergency _signals. lhe- plane continued creeping Iorward nntil it fumbled on' t:be deok into the water.

The accident report contained the ro!lo\ving recomm ndafion: ~'Pilots should be captioned ~gainst withdr<lWillg Ihe:il' aHention from the launching office rtll' 1011g peri__Ods; of time."

.. Gramp(1fll PlluibMle ~(J"jl

ei\~ J WIt anotber of !.he IDOUlltl" -

Wqc)", j n which 1311 olivia tor can get_ int .. ~oubl_indi4atitlg why pilots always have gOt i.o be "Oil their rqes".

WOJ'~. dciiu in oc",uiona1iy maL 10m .. pilots go jnco • foaming HIlD2y o .. er this cype or rep rt. Rere" II too9'& m'lteri .. 1 failure, a~ ret the; pilof i& told what he mould Ita .. .., don.el ·'Gawd. cnn't thlilt old gink pick. CUi ~rtlebod)' besides pilobl once in >I wbilel"

Lets, get It ~tr.aight; ,hi .. is nDt tile Pat· oo·t1 .... ·Bru:k Depal!fwent. Thill Retion _inIy uies to .. how pifllc.; how they can prOI"« thel" own flecks by b",iils: pl'jmed and teady lor ,aD), kind (Of r'oubl~no maUer what happens 01' who'~ the Llame.. W11~things 3mT' gom»: wrong in an airplane; tl11l pilot ~I in I1l' position to argue ~llour "wbodu.ult,<· tlHis, then, but to do or die!'

Tbo'" toore intete!lfe<l ;11 material and mainte-uance. t~nhle' can filld Dut; what is boing donecabour thEllll in lohe lite .. aluce disseminnled .011 dns subject, upea:iaUythe NavAet Maitl/e7l07'c£ pamphlet issued monthly by BuAer's ,Maintll.Ilill1"e_ Division

Be ir nndu,t(loo thell. thi!l section i~ mllin[y' fen: flight personnel-to l¥!lrIl thejn CIt poamfill.l dangel'S, to snggest preventive and ,"onewve ":"tion and 11'1 goad th~ Into being fuU), prllpa:red EO p1:ol.ect ~em. ~elvl'$ ioan), e_m..rg-ency.

Sl,Irvi;,al Advice

E;tcerpl from (m aCfiofl report: "The pre-dawn ditching experience "f an f'M-2 pilot emphasizes the importance of freqtJ~nt nlStrnCtiOI'1. and practice in ditching procedure au :in oper:ation and se of emergency equipment ear-

tif!Q in aircraft. This pilot 'had trouble in the clark locating the I ok pjn hinyaTd of I'he co .. bottle in the- OUINUilll. raft kind de~eniiining tl0W.tO pull it. lie had been previo'\L.uy iPstr_uctell and checkecl in this procedure, both during training and after rep_oMng to Lit !!quadron ..•. He was, daugerously nearexhaustiQo before be succeeded in inflating the l:aft. . . . Tbe Deed YOI' including blindfold practice in ditching Instruction .and ehe 'l«>uts is shown by thls esperience,"

A _report bam atll7.lllier carrier contains infonnation of interest to future dunkers con ermng the use of dyea~ night: "The dye was invaluable In helping !ieArohligllt operators keep trained on the mao :!D the water.'

.. CQmme-.u-DYf> wll1 reflect light and, ~n tihll absence of more Jllir_al;,le nigbt du.ltess slgna!, ean be p3rdcu1arry helpful to ,hipbo .... d lookouts when II; sea ill runni'ng_. Wb.i!re all iudi.\'iduat may be hm ,!chi or between waves, 50me put O'f th e dye will alWllflt be in -si;!>t to lrnI1!k 1:be spot.

This dON llot mean that dye ,hould be used i:udi,erimlnareiy at night. only whlltl thue i" II o:hanc:e of it being seen. Due to t.be I'illl ited 1IIIlOUl!t of .1)1" ..:awJed, pet' 6onne1 1I:[(: advitied (i "on rv" it undl il will do cl, .. moit goo,"

Are Your Wheels locked?

A review of landln J ,ccidents itt whioh wheels collapse shows that mMy of them OCGu.r because pilots either negJect to look at th§rlr eleetrical lauding, gear position indicators or do 'Dot wider tand how they operate.

~. Gr'lbnpaw Pdtib"ne S4)'S:

~ Metel), going thtou.gb the motion" uf lnwering yoW' wbeels im'r eD.ough. Y 011 mu"l cflet:k tha,r they are dl'lwn lind locked.

If "u hove- to make II beUy landing, there's no need nf doing if Mind. 'You migbt as weU look III yOUl" indicator and know about it in advance. Then too, jf ic shows your wh"~ are unJII'cki>d~ It couplemore triM or a !bi£t to the ~crg~cy ;!gllipml!pt migbt even lock the things.

An i:JJustMttlld Techni~ Note No. 3'·45 ~ecentJ}· "'lIB i!so_ed to ~bQw how tbesein· dieators. w()l"k. At least look at the pierures!

Acem.e AA Fire- sent u SlilCille-

bsnt 7.,eke 52 fWtpn t" f1a,flle$ off Ul."irttlwa. Aneler' lVrJ~!I pllOj(lf!.;apll~ ftl{Jmed 1he SflIDkfng Kamikaze in the rigging of h'is cfJfrier, The Jap ~g11fer fell Wfdc at its target. AC'f]llmtc !JIul c.Ollcenrral,l!il AA 1ira [rom Nt1Cllf 61Jrfaoe unil" fook a. l1l(rj(Jt: l£(;(! out "I T o.p(liU'.se atl" pOtU(!f' d" n'ng thl! (retia,! a I"OU 11 d the l{yu.f«lt.

Be,witch.ed,BaH.led and Bewildered

Unft)rhmateiy. movie eamesas were llot .available to record a nightmare- c. n tllpu1t sbot which oeenrred Itt a OQT unit. lime is how il looked to the pilot:

.. Mtel' e.verything WlLS clleeJ.:ed, I g.o:ve rh e ee slgt,L.'l-l an d was immedia tell" shot alY Ule catapult.

"Shortly afOOt b<lc(lII)lllg .urbOFJle. the plane suddenly stopped atld started b(jok,oords. Acteler;.ltTtlll iu Teve:n;e wa~ V'n'\' fllst. I repassed the call1pult tlew and the other Y6F's "'hich were Standing by. Mv wing finn II}' SlTtlol:: We nrB- tJ'l1e1i: whiefl spun me around and s(;flrted me ~iug nose arst I!;ga.in. bur still in the WTonJil difection. I ftna.1ly rolle:Q_ off ills runWay M'lO stopped.

"1 unstrapped my safety belt, tnmed off the switch and illinped out of the plane as first tlS 1 PlJ¥ijbly~ould, r nm nwlfy f:rom it aml waited n shQrt wMI!lc bWoI'e l'~tumjug 10 look it over."

• G,amp,rw Pe/libo",,, ti)!"

~ D~n'l La.u,;h! n yourpliJIne d.w~d N ~WIO'" "5 lnim- of rn III 'Oll during take-gff, 1'D'U' d I.e 1>" m ed 3D d b"w[1d . ered to ""'-p"". tlwl,ul)' tbe "I'~t ($[11".

Tbu plo:oe w!:nln'l bCI.rili:h!!d. however.

AU that happened WIIS- !hat the tall 1 ... ,,,1:: dropped 0'0""-11 wi'fen tin glane W-a5 ear,,· pulle.d and, caugbl tb,,_ taw eable. 'l'h,e lOW .. "bk was pulled 0111 fa~ .enollg,1l to ruodt Ihe tara" u:b, w,hi d> U\Cll tired the ai ,p lane in the reverse dHe!;'tion. Ne\\'lClD i .. ~till tignd

11 W;u cmntatcd the plane gained :I ,peed ot I3pp .. ol<""'!itely 55· Imol~ while! !\:;lveling I:oa(';kw,,-~d~.

AU a.n ·One_ flig.ht

Two combHt,elqll'lrieneed pilol:5 took ,oli in torpeclo planes OD a €fOSS-COUlltr)" famfliarization rught ill mountainous country under eFtI elearll.1ICe. -All \~ent well untll J 8 n'ljle.~ pasL JIlek flr:s l contact: ),Joint. when !:bey :wo iJJf:o bad weather, In.ste,ad ,of tun:Il(:]O' b~!ck, th¢}' clum'g,!ld t;our_se- and Bew aj. a lower I'lltirude on vnrious henrlings w:ltil they BnruIy f()l1Il_da Ct\ A. alfflort \\'here a 1~I1ding multI be mad!!). This field was 112 mi,les beyond their de. .. tination.

Ten minute$ after landing, Ihese Gel1l:rs.~fw-l,')UnrsJ;1l1aot Again were in the- _ ;dr. heaaed baok through the 5 Ime stufI. Onoe in it,. they H"ew tIlf"ugh incessant rain, 11 good pm of the way at low altitude aTong a .railroadtraak. Finally, with rllel getting l(!Iw, rlle}' ma4e fmeed landiu~ in a cleareu ~m~a .. Fornm.:Hely. none of the personnel wa.siIljttred although e1rteI)sive damIlge fo ~gille.~, propellers :arnd fme-


t8g_e of ,bOUl of the planes I'lcctLfteci. . This Ili,ghl iii e-lo. r{uer~t P[OO£~ if-such JS lleetlecl. th'll expanenoaalld proficiency in one type of BY'I~g O(.l(lOt necess::\cily mal,'e Y'{~U an e..-..:ped- in an}' other lYJ1e. Iilvestigafion by the [oc;il Aviation StU'ety Board showed that these nvintol$ inad~ the fo]1owing erfors an thisoue hentlc High"!

1. l='ai led, to ched: their airways tran.~ ~ mihting fr~u'llne)' priOf ~ taRe·ofF

2 •. 'lI p0510l)n J'epllrls with range sm~ l.j 01'1 50 were eff eel teiJ enrn ute

3. VIolated CAJI procedure wlUle contiu:uitJll to let' dQwn ID Ole f!r(l~~Ss. Qf ~rflssing lIirWIl)'S unrler ITIIJtglnnI w.~ther t1ondil:ions.

4. Op"'l'I en:aoWl-lerl!lg illli-tnnnenl eondttiOtlS. failed to return J8 roHes tlJ their 1it$t cqlttuol whleh they knew to he -clear

5. Continued 'In into totally unfainilllJ,I nlQunmmm.l,o; t.:ountry tmder instrument (f(l~J~MOt1S without ~l~antlehavh:igbeen granted !li ccmm unrea tio us es t.abllslioo

6, M.ade j;]O eifrJl'!: 10 oblu'IJn nd,equate weatlJer irtf(nnllltiOn fWIlI reletyp-e repom at lile eM. airport

'I. AlSIiI mede j1U aliemj>t to' replenish rJj elr f uel S\'pply a t ~is llefd

8. Fwled Il.g_am to 'hiaCk !.heir lmll' n ,iller" ,IL lids field

fl. F .. 1J.._-d 10 110LIJ), depart-uri"! and destinallo\l l~ints of auy ~rJ; in fiiwt pla.n

/(/. U StlH pour judgme.nl in beading UlJ.cok intp the same harl weather area they HlcMlly- had traversed and failed 1.\1 reverse course as U1e weather became Erogres!!l\"l!~f wortoe-tLi$ lP viiJlatfo~ o[ CQn. tae!: :£ljght rules

11. Place they landed was. 1lt miles from .an .ainitrip wi lid, W3$ elearly marked nillbe.il: regi(}n1l.1 ehnrts .



Au ..... VIXVOIl5 ,o:h'lllld kllnW th4 (ill",WeI's to these q,IIC81.jnfL~. I" t)w fltf' flu; .!~IlIlQli!J for riOt KtH',Iwhlg ml'ly 1111(11',(7 J'IlML IJ ynllmiu' un iJrlstull'T ,m /ho grorr1!d. wmalize !!Qltr,~df by looking up dl~ rejMGlrae.

1. 01'1 ",hidt ,ide Dlu&t ),011 pass ;on ovwtaketl . .1il:pbne?

2. Wbat i,~ tile I?r~ribcd visual lig· na! for- ipdicating YOUf itt~n.tioU' of m'lI,king ~ fore.,,;) landing Whett in ilomp;any w.ith other ,l\irCfllf1 or in vhu41 signal dj.t~n(le ,of ,11 SJlt· h<:e vessel?

J. To prnent faulty oil IWaV<lngi:ng dUring prolonged dive.o; • .,vhllt pta· pil!ller ~eftU:tg- s honld be ul<l!d?

4. Whllt 'IIlre e.eillng -;Ina visibilitY n'linimum5 for Bight in a contrnl ,zone1

j, Wbnt puhliOlilhl['Ji oollt"in the. maneu"erm& t~sld:rt'inDI of .l\II.",,J aira.rrt?

(AnswC!t:5 00 .. page 48)

Harness Wor,ks As, Adve.rtised

This is part ilfc Un F6"f'. TIll' rest of il is seatrered over 11 broad area,

It got thtit w·a.y when the pilot lost flying speed and spU~J in du.rillg a la;ndingapproac:h, followiag enghle fallure.

The- accicli'!llt report stared "the- pilot appeal!ed l1Iiglltly- dazed as he [d,t the coekpIt". Undoubtedly. dle shoulder -harness sa v ed his life.

• Gr .. mpmv PNlibll"l!'''.y~,

~;~ Wilh a p.oI<lg.~ , o Oliver Crom. \feD, 1 recom mend ;u tbu f1iCld<1rn avi,,~or'~ sltlim:

.. Pul: ),0'''' JTU'" ;11 God; but k"QP rori~ ll)(wld-er "llfrrt!.1'$ li.gllt."

D d St' 'k la dinea· Ie .. n_.g

Willie conducting fi carburetien test in an se~l.cblIlplete engine. failure wa~ experienced at t'1.000 feet. Tills pilot was luek,), for he was O~Cl' au air field while he still had 10,1)00 feet -altitude.

Not too lll:Ckv, however. for be had to make II l'8o.~egT!l:e lW·(1 t-a eriler the l:anding 'approocli and, e'VI;m lhoqgh he had ~oo hours flight time,lw was UJI4 able In. jucl,ga b;is ;Jpproncb properly. He u1lders/oot and was forced toIand h;. a r~lIg.nh' field. sburt Of .. lbe- fUIlWIl)'. The au-p;lane plowed thIough some !iMn1l trlles. crossed. II dikh ana then nosed ever, The plane- llnfferer1 strike dnmage. but the pilot was u11i:nJuredbecause 11e had His shnulder harness secured.

The Accident Bo·ard afulhllWcl the pilot ~·o. II. this dend·stick lapdin:g to two factors; a. tack ·of recent experience in f(ll'Oed landing proeedure, and h. the necessity for JlHtkiug (t l~o-degree turn menter the landi!lP' appmadh, The BOlUd made the (~Juwing pertinent comments m:mcenling power-eft- land. ings:

".AU pilots Rhollcld be<lf in \)'lind. tlmt a co/ttbinatio1'l of rapid l'lI~e of deSWlt Il1ld :U:ltldlJ~lltely strong Winds. lmlil.~s cumJ1!ln sn ted. will invariably {'aliso under~ looting, particularly 1I! II tum nm5t hI' J1J11~ whiq]l mil}! double or hiple thl!

nOl'rtial l3 til af de-~e(l.TIt. ~

'"It is r e~m.-m!'UJilil d "that ill ili.,l fum!l rllr\Zation fH_gnts nlw"-ys illclud~ in addition to sta.11s and other hancl.llng ehllmcth!risl'Ia~. power-oH' glidps and tntns il:tlI1J<l-tJ_'n~ rlIg'iru:: fai I me" with ru.Q >vil'houf .wheel~, doWIJ.-SO that t~1 e ;pilot can note his i ITSlr~l read:i.D,gS llntl ~()W Wl'll.t to ~1(pw" WI1(tfl he ,is (Med \~'ith the tool tbing:'

.AlNA V 16] ·45 on flig'h, Trainin.g

~ec:lllces ARPUl=Gfloll.$ Prom01ficel"s

Requests for llight training from offi. eess, othel' than u.s. Naval ActldenlY gm~u-afes. cJ~s~s 194~ ~d 1:945, are not ilesu:.eil hy a uPJ;;R S II It til futt1iet n_otice. pending.. considrmtinn of pr.esent large ba_cklog of appLic{!'tions lrorn B.eserve Dffice!:!. Fw,ther jns.truct-itlDs will be issoou later.

Application:s Irorn U.S. Naval head. 6l11Yf·adlIDles, ctl;t~seS l'9"@.dl9llJ;, mow bear endorsement bv medleal ~ine:r 85 so physical quali.f1mtfknls For BIght trainlng_ and give scores 011 aviation aptitude tests.

ThiS wonnntic,Jn is contained I~l ALiNkY 161 0'£ July 16. 194>, whiclL earroels ALN'AV 1l3-4!1.

War Bond SCI I es Hit Peak Again

""flUGr)' AUofm",u.h: la,c:ru!u.e fn JII.I!!!:

Going ever the hundt;-d~~lli?n~d~l~ Jar mark Ior Ihe seCo)lJ_ tiIhe III the htstory of the Navy Will' bond ptogram, hand purohuses for JWle' totaled '$llo.j\l7.1:i6~.75". bringiurl the Nltntl.Jativ.e tf)~al ~in~ the pmga-arn was estfJ.b1iShed to .~1,HIJ1>2M.%i12.IiO. The .lUi!> tob~l was outranked only hy thAt n[ last December when $12O~l11)l>91Q in bUild. purchases for

that month set 'illlllij-Hme higb- .

A nether new h:igb. was placed on the record boeks in Tune when lb. e $4G,9(i!l,- 056.25 ,I'tltl!.lof cllotm.c:mt purchases I:)y military personnel broke through all previOUS peaks. Qtllel' l!Om,POilClIll> of the June tfltlll were $4!>,394.:mI.75 In ~b purchases (including It JlorticlO of the Independence Da:y camprugn TBStiltS). 811d $18~L6~;II9J."5 in olvilian purchases LInder the payroll savings plal1.

June showed a WI percent -inCl'eas_e over the- total for the. same mcuth last year, while the $a2)f$li,4:'98.50 .Ggn'Fe fC1~ the fust six rur.:mths of 19Mi -refltlCted !'I jump flfUi percont over the enrresponding pe.riod in uu.

Naval air .stations with a combined em~l~cy index of 10'7.9 percent, tl,nd led by NAS CClHPUS 0J:Il1IST1, were- hllmers~ Ill> III the Navy yartls for leadul'5hlp -in the PHYTOl] savings plan, FOr the entire. ·na\'Ill estahlishment, 93.1 percent of the eiVili~ persennel invested 1.11.9 percent of gross pay in boods.

Effective allotments bv uniformed personnel as of ao J IlIIC ,tofaIetl 2,~8:2,358. 11£ which 1,89.2,927 were N:1VY, 2lI1,OO(} MarmeCorps.nnd!l8,43' COnllt Gplll':d.

AJlatmflnt purch"lse:s in June were $39.- 9'GS.906.l!5 by Navy, $4,71Jyt.8.75' by Mi\~ rine Co~ps,. ilnd $l!,27S,231.2S by Coast Guard.

B'uships IS5ues New Painting Rul'es Air/SoC! Resc.lle. Target Craft A"e~'ed

C~fies. 0-1 It B:uSHII""s ~~ettW'. giv~g speclficP-l;ions f01' standardized ldelltification [li$inting [or ttll'/sea rescue. !lnd bmnhing target ~oats. da,ted July ~ •. lMli._ have been mailed to .all naval aviation activities.

Purpose ot speciBca:l'ions Is to pl'l'lvide ilclequflte means for spolting. identifyIng antlRartipuhuly lor dUfenrot1aling between craft_ assigned to airlsea rescue cluti .. m and -those jn. os€: a!< bl'lll'lhin,g tllIgets. Applicable idtmtif'lcatiull painting s~il1. be ecusld ered mrlucl~lflry f(lr all boats In actual use as borllbwg tsrgets and for aU craft wirhin the limits of the aon.!:in-6l'ital sea £rol1tier~ that are ~peoifioo.ny assiglled to ;tirlse:a resetlu duties.

All llir/s_C_1t rescue Ci'nlt oper:a:Jing in

'}fhor -areas. shall he painted .{J,t the discretion oJ force or ;I~ c(,!ri!ri'mncleJ' C'IHlce.rl'led with the ~tandlll'd painting de.sign mll;line.cl in the gillJeraJ. specifica~ nons or with nil :lp~TQpriat6 eamoufLage measure, No other craft shall be palnteCl witb any p!IUerl'llli:l t might be (."fll1fused with ak/sell rescue or bomb-

ing tarsal" bOllb, -

The painting jll$trllctionll olJLffQ~n~ ,vi til reeommendn (j0!l~ made by the A,ir/Sea Heseus Agency that identificll. Dun painLin'g ol aireral] resene boats for all services be stfl!lfJurdll'.iCd to improve eiBcjen!ilY.

The Bu$JRPS lett~ specHles that yeic low ,striping vainl be used for top!> of aD dec:khotl.se and upper olilJ'bQllr~ porlions of their bulkheads and attached conmings and bcidge wings on air/sea rescue cr:aft.

On bombing target bonis ready-mixed internatilliualtlrangc p;utft 1s speciIied for weather decks. l'rul'wh C()V6rs and e fl rer extel'inr appendages and items that may be- seen de_arly f rorn the aU.

Whit i'l it? Tire wt£st fGt~f'(jPelle4 TifertjJr? ,,\ n m'rrior-p.i(llr:d mitglc carpet wftl, rm:lqr tl)pl>ide .and h. (li(Jw? l:t ('tJ1.~I.d eveo-be rn-is/;al;en fot a pfane ffJsein,glJ Oiewe.· d from a/woe. 'EIJ(I"I it ups(d,e"tJ_oHlfI. Tltls lItl~!lhg photo, loken by Army Sigrwl Cal'p~at i3r~en harbor, actually 'i8 a I>unkerl submarine'8 GlJllfli.ng lotv,,1' Pl'QfOlCtil'lg II few feetcWo08 watettie:ol' the di)ck. CII)~ iMfJecl1QII .~lj(J.rtt$ /lUbmarfm:-'1I' (lutUTIe lleu;'w .the ~mtQce.



which emanates from Lisner Auclitodum oI Goorge Washin.gt'en Uiliverslty to Washington, D.C.. is furnished by enlisted UHm of Navy. Marines or Com Guard, who broad ast by a dire:t hook-up witJ:t one of the nghrn~g ·sh.ips at sea, making the pdbl1c Feel 10 olose ooutaet with the men as they are

def~ting the enemy. .

'Th-e pro ram w~s sugg~t.ed by I'D. ' has SECNAV baekmg and IS put on m cooperation wnh Navy's Office (')f Publtc Information. Famous Ilallywood stars now ill the- Nav)' and other big names in rndin, screen and stag!! ure l;t~ing cast in the prugram, which is dedicated primllrjly to enlisted men of N~vy. Marine COl.'pS and Coast Guard. Music is furnished by the sn-pieee U.S. Navy SymphODy orehestra.

NavAer 2126 Reduces Red Tape Pd lit atlo 11 , 51trJptlfy MOflY Il&quuts

_A new form, N'AvAErt 2126, provides <I t;ooV'eniont method of repQrting to Chief, BUMl1 (Plibliealitlns .Braneh 1 sll requirements fol' aemnanlieal .technictU pub1iC,'ations. TWs was IUl encloSUre to AV1Rlion Olroular Letter ~O-4!> dated ~ June t~Distflbuti(Jn of AerOtl(J.utica£ 'feolmioa! Puvllca#oTls.

Puhlicati0llS Branch 1Ifges all a.ctivlnes to ke~p BU:M;n o.dvised regarding clurnge fu aircraft and type of publicaLicllls desired. An "0" mar.ktld on .... vAEn 2126 form will caned racdpl q[ thl!. publlcations ehat are not Deeded.



DOh't BeaG Hog

J L seems that in every squadron th tf:l are flUe III two pilots who alemp't to e."{ .... e J I e limits of perfcnuouce set down by de ign experts. None of these I piluts is loolJil~ out for b.irn~elC liar Is

he cOl1Siueriug JUS fellow pilots. This i.s unfortunate beot\1.ssi;! SOUle inllN~ent pii()t is hl.ely III suffer for the C Hog's stupidi • The C Rag will over. U'e5S structrm

I of the p1ane .,luring Lib UigLr with lUI

I vlsual material flrtlurc. but subsequent flights \vill find his roru;CJ-i.~ ntieus .lIuad. rnn mate h'llving a structural failure doing an :wtJlOrii7..eu maneuver and not

(t.l(ceedillg III G limits.

Speed and aoceleration llmits as well n,~ permislflble maneuvers have been e."u·efully se~ hy Tecill1ical ,Orders .. Fur cue" l ype ~tttpL.'l.ne to permit opsration

of hilih speed aircl'ntt within their 'afety limits. It must be realized that adrlitional speed requires reduced G accelerulkm ttl prevent tlle plane from teuching: dangorous limits where disintegration rnny occur. For example, an PotU in il'li norma] [oRileu coe:dition suf-


Jars a rupid loss of pel'miS5ible accelerations with in()1<~ase~ in Lilli: high speed rf1l.1ge. II you .merease speed &om 3411 knots to <UO knob> below 10,00(1 feet, you reduee permis1dWe Gs Irom seven t6

I four. Similar limiting necelemttens I old for llnr type plane. '-


e.mtiug Ieebaicul Ordcl'li un mm..'1lfU1UI permissible speeds and (!cl'oieru.tiOIIl>:


Ca e T. An 1"4 piJtll eomm need his first dive-bomhing run from HI,OOO feet. TIl dive was made rut U11 .male of se to 60 degrees ill 11 cleau eonditioo with wheels up lind no external tank. A speed gr;elltt'!r than 350 lmlJts, confirmed by other pilots of the flight, WM attniDed and a sharp pull-out WM st.llte'cl at an aJli~e of ~IJOo--.szoo feet. During pull-out varinus paIl~ W6:J'1} seen to sepa_l'at6 lrom the plane, At this point the plane started a se,ries of violen] snap mils ami then entered • steep div into, the sea,

SHAlt" puu.-OUT$ DO


Navy Hour Is Weekly Air Show

.NCI'vv • .MaI'IIJe5. Cood Guard TGie Parf

The Nl1vy Hour, ... new \ve~kl¥ breadC st spohliorrec.i b' 'Iti(mul Broadcasting Company, now i on the air every

Tuesday night tr<lln 9.00 to 9::m swr, I 1II __ = __ ======~~:iii:i!!ZI_ESlIB!IiI!!!:! :' •

!iputUghLing the Navy and its major tllliK in the war ;Jgain:;:t t}ie laps.

l\ (hl~mntic Sl'O[ ill elIcll program.

Mtlder.n Cru:n:b'lt airplanes readily are maneuveralr] • coo LtO] forces are ligbt, and amount of 5tidk monO! necessary for control Is small, pnrNculn:rly tit high speeds, These {actors. in addition to p'rovidin~ for good eeotrol, make it posSIble to nnpose severe loads that might result in overSlr~ssing structure of the allJlllU:,l~. 1lhis is parlkulncly ltue when e~agbIS in m:weuvers invol jng high divmg SP!led" if smooth dontrol of t.he

THE COVER, 'Fife B ht.· Hirpl'lJj~:is IlGrexerci~~d.

g It bofls dO'-'1fI to thIS: V01I mill! ()V'er-

111£ erews of U.S. B1m- ~

Re r TNT fou~h1 to brinE! I stress the sttocture. of the plane by r.jd~ fir and ;plosiOIl under ing too hard on the controls even at (lorlttol after /tIdy hit 1imit!; 0 pettn1ssible maneuvers and

flmorn~ plllues w'aitlng speeds, So take it e41s)'.

1.,1 tilLie olf for s!rlkt, The foUov;dng typical 01$6 histories

are direct resul fS of disobedtence of

The bomb ~o-ttal"s statement as to difference in alhlode from start of [lull-out to aWhJde of plane at the time ot separation 0 parts ubstanti tes the aceident board's opinion that this accident was caused by a high C pull out.


Case IT. Durmg Tock61 training an

F6F pilot attmnpte(f.tp turn hIS plane on pull-out in order to see the results of his rocker tun. This maneuver imposed severe loads on the plaue due to high C puli.,.out and accompanying high speed tum, resulting in follOwing sl'ruc~al damage: Right wing. fuselage and tail assembly S8 rely buckled. This

il'arait was Bowll back to base but was adjudged unstable for flight.


Calle 111. All ]"61' pilot was practicing pemmsslble sh1;lrp pull-outs and vertical hanks during irnulated combat maneuvers. Upen rerun'! to base, pilot noticed a separation of naps from t:lie port wing_ Further investigation found evidenee of old damage to botb wings whico:h indicated dlat excessive loads had been imposed on this llircr-uFt ill pt(,!v~ous Bights. It might have collapsed.





Am GROID>." IIssi'gtlflcl to PaeiRc theatess fl_ g.et .llmC1icr.! Iu close air stqlpor~ ef grollncltroups under t.1t!! training office~> Comm'\lnuer AiE: Support Con~ '~wl lJniU. Amphihious Farces, 'FaCi.fl:c:


Live bombs nod rockets Me used nn the various imPllrct areas, and ground trQOPS are used, where HVai1~ able, Pilou are briefed aocordfug to standard doctrine, an air plan is, pr.epared ~,~ complete report is made.by the trammg, oB':icet onellch exetruse.

Planes report ou station and are aslIigned m~ss;i.ons. hycASPU, Early fortifications On the tslands he1P. make IriLinfug realistio. c.oncrete. pillboxes were moved up from be~hes ap'd put

in iJnP!lct area.~. and two dUmmy rz. inch mortars were. sel up as targets.

, To sbnnlate target marking by "white phosphorus. a timiag device firing an AN-l\d8 ac ,smOKe glCen1Ide' is: uBsd. The clock is a standard Nary Timer and Battery Bolt iMX Jl and is placed inside n pillbox and. CJl.Ilobe r&Uli.ea indefi· nitel.y• The greIlJlde~s fu~g ~e~.ic~. is remlWBd . and an electr:iet sqwb Inserted. The clock is set to go off al a certain time and planes are called to strike. SmQlce gre.riad'6s are used to stimulate interest in strdlng. A yard. S.quilf.e piece of plY'yood is eovered with copper screening separated by In· 5UIating paper S£I that abullet hit doses electric circuit md Ikes smoke gr~ade.

Bo.mbs and Explosions

EJC)!:: lVl:l BES'.!' dwiof:) to complete tIll'/' tfatement§ hB~ then clJcck. your al1stile.~ on 1](Jge 48.

1. Blase waves hom tLe 'explomQll of IL ial"ge bumb ttllvel in air III tile vall:! of aoolU-

o 11-100!l per second

o b-l0DO Lt. ReT second

o 0..-10 • .000 ft pe~ seeead

o d-JOO,OOO H~ perseeend

2. '[he dur:urJ)1:1. of the :inltial pra. sure blase _VI!. from a bomb ,ex, pl.olliolJ is abom-

o a-l/.20 of a second

o ,/)-1/200 of it seeond

o c.-l/MOO of a second

o d-:1/20.00b (ilf n second

1. Prole¢i.on b9.;a log, ~odco~ ¢Olle wl!11 would be. in5ufficiomtlo pnVe.nt ~i01lJ1 1I1Jury or dM.tb if :a IlUUI wele doi!W' to ,Ull): ~iQ1!iol1 of a. 12,OOO:Jb. "bIGck;bu!lter" bpmb than 3I'pro1<imateLy-

o a-50 yards

o b---'£GO yards

o e-eoc yard~

o d-240Q yard"

4. Aside from illjuriuCII~ by fly. io.!;, dcbti5, fatal elUaa of a nearLy bom1o ex,plo$iol'l Gte mOR (ikody ro be the, reil.ut of-

[J a-im.,. pa.ot or P,f f,eesSllre.,.. chan,. gas ~edfhfough the air

o b--ShlXlk eHects transnnttea

throu.w., the ground.

o c--heat 6r othet intense mffiaIit .energy. general ed by therolploSiol'l

o if-.,npts'e. and vjBrati(jl'l

j~ A Ja:rg"<;rI'IIref is mese llkely to be

In.ufe:'blla bomb wbieh-

o a-fixplodj;lS Oil contact

D. It-has a deIn.yed action.!W:!l'

[j a-is desiYleU for fulgmentlltion o d-detono.tes. slowly

6. In ord.er to JPaD the Atlantic fr(llm Berlin ~O· New Yotk wiili .an effective ~JQSivecltarge" ... t'cn:kfl ubmb . would have 10 weigh,. Wci~QUy, abui1t-

Cl a.-6 tonS

o HO tons 0&-2500 tons o d-5Q,O'OO ~ons

i. Th2 mrudpmm "l;Ieedattained by II V.2 ("l,clegrllph pole'n bO.ll1b ill in m.e QI'de~ of-

o a--4S0 Ft, per second

o h-l5'OO ft. p<ilJ' second

o 0-4500 ft. jer second

o 4-15,000 ft. per ~e:ean,d




Fleet Air WINg 4 Qrdn(lncemen lead a IOfp.edo in tJe.mb 'Oil}' of 11 Harpoon prep:uatorr to aerial "Strikes agail1s! Jl'p,we:;e shipping:

Aerology helps Nu.\'y meet cohl WGtJdhcr prebJ~_~. Radio sonde l<ll-n~on is meful in ehar+ing weather conditions hi the. upper air

Navy Publications Tell HDW to !Fight in Cold Areas

As 'l'Im Paoi!i war moves northward n out or the steaming tropics Mel temee:rale clituate. into colder areas, problems of (il&Eliogy. survival tlDd meehanloal nperatior'f llf naval airoral l are ohanged.

Attentton t\'I eold weather uperaliotlS hus not been as stto:ug in reeeul mouths as i was when the Aleutian theatcer was mere active. NAVAL Al'M.TION ~EWS presents on these pages a :USUug ot vminus hnlletins, pamphlets and orders dealing with cold weather o peratioas, This lisling does not attempt to. be it I3Vl11pJete ene of ,everythirig pll hl:isb:ed by the IlVy ur Army 011 the su1:lj0(:1, but detaiLs dah which should be readily svailalrl bbOtU'Cl I.nrger mllft or can be obtnlnod through reglllQI hannels.

Sil1Ja~ed a~they are olf the M t 'con t of .A. ta, the Jilpauese chain of islands bus much the same climate as th eastern coastltne of nned S~tes. raugiIlg Iroin fligid around the Kuriles to warm arourrd the ltyUkytl und Nanpo Sheto chains. Ships openltirlg; Iu these areas 118 conler weather comes on will lind ,thair apcl'l'Itiou~ pl'ohlcms ilifferaJlt lrera th. (1 se eo coun t.ered ins He h areas as the Marshall~ and Philirpilles wllh their \ armer climllte.

S.LNCE. much uf I"OVa! Aviation' ~ perience in colder weather GperaHons has been aruund the - leuti:lJIs, must uf the print·d material detall conditions met in that area. I.Jlflmtmtion obtained from those operations ell! lier in Lhlt war can pl'()V v:{lll~' hJe since weather nnd \,rjllt(lf urouud 111Udl of [apan Cl;ltl be severe. As around the l~Lltlnnli. Iogs and ueuvy weather arc ccmmou-dn fact, weather mtJVtl Irom west to ells thus givillg the JIIPS advance noticeab0\lt weather on the othe side of the Pacific.

The ta ·t that mhny publleadons and technical datu cited ill this article merrlion northem PaciB.c areas h is no tnct1~ cal sign i5caoce. They Me mendoned ouly oeoauso mast of the cold weather l'lpef<! tions rW(Jrma:tiCln to tlH te luis Ileeo based Oil 1inding.~ amassed el1l:lier in the war when the [aps were in Alaska.

Th puulicntioml here an' merely n check list agrunst which shlpboard officers rna I click publieations already on hand, in ease their carrier migllt be cruising off the Japanese coast 1111111('hiflg strike unCleI' adverse w(;luther eondltions. Most of th!Jsii listed wl'oody b.ave ?een SIJ:Il~o\Jt. to Te~1.I1:u distribution lists hUL if nor avaflnble rn~y be obtained from. BuAER's. PubliGntiol1$


Branch, u~ing Fo1'IIl No. Ji\U in the Lack l'lf the BlIl\(i'j' P.ubliaatitms Index.

FMemetgeMY di'st'l'ibutiOil, r quests ['!lay be taken care of at one of the £01- ]O\viug painls: Aeroneutical Publications Oenter, COb-·rAm 7TlI FJ..EE:r (l_,ogisOcs): CoMAmPA or CoMAm:~fJlCQMF'ORWARO. GnntUlent'al eetivities can obtain t:JH:lm Irorn Aeronautical r'ublicati ns Centers at !'.; S QlJO'NSET l"t7JlNT. NO.HFOLX, !iA~ 11IECO, .\1. '£EDA.

~HATILl!. JACKSONVILLE fino MCkS EL .TO)1.o a,nd ClIEl~IXY pam-T. Some survival publications are .:'lvo..ilable Irom B1JM'F!n or Air/Sea Rescue Agency~ Wa.~hingLon, D. . J01!) 1 I'l"lly anY. Navy &1' lclligenc:e Studies (JANIS1nre sent to all ,large craft and GU[OTOanUsc. Tramtn films are distrihuted lhmugh numereus Central and Sub-Aviation Film Libraries listed in the. S(,:ree-71 eW$ Sl;lCtion of ench ,.W,-\L AVIATtO:;r Nro.\vs Issue.

BllAer has many types M. fligh gllU.r to iss\4l aviation pcrsonmd Qpel'uting in (lQld areas SI1c11 {'IS lhe medium Wl'light lelthlll' jncker, above-and the (KmlpJetl: whiter Hying suits be- 10\1'. The man OJ)j 11111 riglrt w ars UI~ winlC'r sh$IJIlg tnJlI~~~ 1).1ld jllcJi:at "lid winte!;, helmet while the l)ilo,~ ou the left wears at) dCGtfm'l.lIy-l1clIlell suil, Alsu uvuill.lble are gluvlls, g!llllJllll~~, helm~~. coats 11I1t1 VNU!T gear \0 pr0l13CI persunuel In nnrthern -ollmes


Publications And ilrns On Cold Weather Operations


URVIV lL DI\11\';

Eilfbl", pl" .. t. ~f "''''0< R~lIj/JlI, ~,\VM.fl) 1111, UU, B II..., .. " of M...JIllU'C &. S u rlle~)' Air~S.g Re6~lIc E~,jifr""": (;wle, NAcCC 1111. b~ ~nst Glll\tU for .'I.lrlS. ... Re~l!U¢ .i\.![cncf H~rq.l Ill' S""~lIr jj,II £'~+uJ .",il SM, til <:110" A~I!l' don T~lnlllil Di'lth"oll.1. NA.Au, ao·gOS'S6 SJfi"/.,wll.l "" Lall/d' "",/ J' /l Utm&"I".Del!~rt-;\n, II~). N~'I'A.Hl~ Ofl,~01:t-~

.s"",ivrH ~I' Lli1irl mill s.~. pr~lliXf~d 1)y Smill1· ~gnm~ lruiHtlJtilll1 fur .!'illY,., N.;vA.R .. 13·1-5IJ1 .!J am~ ", for AJ to,dJ;"I' B'I" (f' "''''' r d'Hr S ~ tvitl.J 01· fictrs. • J.VAJ!R 00·8(')\7 ·36


i1.t~1.c. ..s .... ~e!', iFl,/uUl. mt~r

rueur s,.myaULLETINS:

Fillfht SafeL,. Bulletin 11144, Indu~!i~n Sl"'tom lciI'l!l

Flirbt gate.,. BuI\~tl" l2.4~. Preell-mi<lDll UI!JI1' I· Ing j21<~ a1id Uf~ 01 jJ ~.


,I; i1'l'J'lIft Can'fef (O(j],! W~at.loltt Oll.O!l'lIliolll, Ott. :lot, L943, .Bull", ... J

AtreUlft c;,..yrlor C"ld Wea1her Openlions, Pools of 51'",1,>1 EI[nij.tI("'lt 1et BliIldro 7

Airtt;\(t C;'n'Jer (';;'101 W1:>'"Ilb"er Q""ra'lIb"~, fO"lsiI'D 2, N..... H. 1!l44. Illll!~tin t


To~1U(i;1 ~w.dl1'S (~"N()J,l(nAL) ol are4 (If 1)''''',,')' mk,""t in ~h .. Pad.fi~. l""blWIW jotnti:r b.~ Ih~ .-.l"1'1' Il!1d N')vy, 'Il'C ;wail~blc Ig tHI~ I OA·"~ CJ.,~. C'V's. C' .. 's, D :ROfli,s...anti o't.her Itrp «IflI1l1"lldli. OhWUfd rb",ullb r'lP~l~l'tlJ:I "ullU"atloII" u.suln!: ollice. c1flld~g lll..allllli CMm· lIluni:earlolls <l11icer. Jo;m Mmy O1"d Navy IelelUroence $I"dl.,,;..


nJj·2: F1p-.J •• .2N (~t1r',rm1l~jo" will be 511,,~lied whn ~"a,lllble: l'M·2; t'R·l (iT)(Ql'lnlion will be ''1lpplie<J "" .... al'lIU!!llll!): GK·l ~ JR'_ I; @-Y.l~ PIlJ-Ie. 40. l'llJlll; PJlM·H) z PltJ\f-S; rue.!' R50.1; SilSC·S: SNI-4; .,'BY.2 (~hollid be in rCI""I'l'); Tl):I~J.


H~",b{,,,, P~nrlri~s~(111 7'lIr01fll~ OV e: I', .. ,t, Op.

N.w 16.v.21i~. De<-, 1944

l"fl'HJfr/11 pI Lr. J. L. S .. lw1J. USNR, Opl'fav 16.

Y,E121, JUllC, 1944


A"ti.-f-n.e... eompoun.n. Ai~bo1. "'~Yl-;M1~.

III«: Wlt" w:l!.". fl'J" inj&eti"n in: <logIn", fol' war eM~,~~I1C'Y l1'YJo'tT QP"""J.,.. in colli oli,. male!'-l'N 7~..01~

AkQlwl. Sp" AN-I\.lll-Mj.nur~ with !o\'~ (Dr jn,,,,,llt>n in "'Illi,,'_~ r..,.. "''If erntot c"CY rowel "l'''.NIti~115 ill -,,~Id dRnrl~I'.N 7lH4. TG ;1-"4,4

A1~uh~l. Sl't", .'loN· · .... ·3':1t-Mi,r. u re with lOr- 1'Ir..uli~ fluid Spl!C., M·S74. G""de U b:t ~T"" "0111 Ir""rlult-'TO Hl94·1

l')e-i.ing 611i~Milli>ir" of Sl'~f.'. ¥·SM;, ,\N. 'y·U. lind A:S,A-18 lIu!d .... rmi.sll>1~TO 64-""

Oe-icinlt nl!lM-SJ)e:cific:;>ti~~~ AN·A,IS. ,\N·J! 1$ "n~ M·Uti, "PII!iuIlnn III lltllPeU","~, o:a .. bu. rd01'S uul $IllJU B"d 1l1~ llt;c wind~hi .. h.1.", II" "fI;\inlll .... ob IIJ"_'tO 6'11-11 f

De-Icing' fluld_Uu! (If C'lIl .. ,.bmt.-d hriTrOt'l1f~or,~ in Illa~" of ,,, .. ,~.rlb.d d"·r<r,,,1t n .. ta, v.olublt." ed-TN J6-4'I

D""if~. wtrlObbi"Ir1!r-P,ccedutie for u~ing d.·


l~"r AI'~"f {<y'!~m fur d~b9Ce~"'B mght·1il'!\It!!. "Jlld..ul~ld TO 11l9.H

Dc-iduli 'Y'- 4ttsc IIf m:ln..,hlo'l"i"~l"" '"01- \I\\llU alii! .;~illil wiU, I""~~r 1I.n!l with ,m~I'" c~r\ltT"l' .. ~id ",comm""d.ll-TN !Grt~ .

(klelng Sj!-t~m" corro"'on-U of clrklrimrted

b)·d ........ t"bom ptolii~l,~J U c:c ~ of <:Orr<>"'C&

-TN 36·"

lVu",",ue:lilli. d.,.itio!: .ry.iem-J.l"lllido, S~e", AN']'·13 f<ir gJ/l.Sl; "lndslli~hls oml' and SpOOl. ,l\.N· A·HI iilT ~I ... , r 1,la~tl'__'t (;4.·H Wj!1rl~bi~I_~.. d.,.I~II!! 'Y~II:'l'I-Q.., IIi "pray I" de~1 =;P!! 1IiI,;hl ofillbl~ a",1 "OIV""~5 ttl "0 u".o:I--1'O J 05-44

Oo"iolnlr. "'IN' ..... d"",''''~Ul'l:ratlli. )Tlftf1l.0"O~ r~t ,\"rOlor'llIe- W1f'.' with ro,yot..tblc moM fo 1 .... "'tH ... IOIn,- 'I N oI-H

IV,"d$lt!~I.Js. foul,,!: I'r""'emjQ"-T'~ ';3·44-

'\ u,dst"eld". nll.o·~~l'dr~nt ~omp{"'n~NRL re- 1.~lIenf 0. 19~-AJ>J.lII~ij.tiow;, ~d l:enc_lTl\" lW ..... 4

nmllwbay t.loof~I'(c.,,"tilln~ f4> lUdrnulie Ii,Y.itom bcme flllyin" pjtl(rrll1&-TN 80-42

1le<J,~.r~, ""ttn"~e!~clr",.- .... O"~lIitl~t1. l:!Ulialu

''''''''''. pbolQljr ph. =d lii .... 'YJIljl. ,,1 Colciuu be tei--'l'N ~5,42

fiIea:t"". polti.~l.;-Bl!rmnn. Niliolt--HeI"u. tg be-. uoed on uarn""", IllIlll Y.".l< h~r .ava I· abl.,......TN ~7~13

lleatcDI, IIQTtQble---Opllrlltj~", lItartiog, tlJIUXUo' u~ flhotogt l>bs ami $kctr;he .. of @lti!!!: allU Ibcltu """t~r-TN 8a·,,"~

HC<fteu. ~~tiilt!~~(Jrk ~a.U 1!~;1t:cn, uJl~t-at:Ul1l itlstntlltiOlll;>. "1' N 2-'1'1

U~~. oll,imnle. ... illlf-Ollel:<!li01). m!l.!.l'!=.~ nUll. Y'Ilt!.i:tu!l typ"" for .,pMifie4 ~tt:Plllnca-'rN 6342

11yllrauJill flui<,Il>- .... dditillcl1 of .!caber tD hy~u· lie R\liJ I.Q be lI->cd. in eJllIlTll""CY 10 pr<!VCIl' f~Dg: iIru.I hydraulic: fluid:; (or IlOld·w=tIur ul1<:rtJ.io",._TD 109+1-

l{ydr,,~Jlc fllll.s-1JJI:DIm.,,,tion-'tN 84-4J Il)'d:rlI.uJ.k b~;\r".J,jllg and id<Ulifi .. ,,"'on-TN 1.14>43

FlyU.",u:n~ Qil!~P"'~\UI~ to "am, up licf ...... ~·off-TN 8042

HYdrnuJ\u p.d.ltlll_L ..... 1:h&- 1/ rill'lls 'MIl tt.Il!,,_ TO 9'1-43-

l!"l'lrauli~ p.~ .. k~ngr-M"rki:ut' unci. itll!1lt!ficlllioll -1'1" &4-4.~.

Jaydrnu1io sy~t_O.,.".atlJ\' pT.e""~iD'" hlufe tlllt ... "n u.j 111 AIgb'l-TN ~ "'2

Il:;d""ul1~ uhlI,S--,M"'r~';ngc nud idt'ndll""tion- 1'''' !i'H3

I<:W-Ai.nll""1t sl.udiu~ ,wd Ill'rbllnltor~1c. lng {QtlIlS 4Dd ~nnditiolm-TN JJ-4J. leifl.ll.-Wlng_Elr~lS (Ili , .. lng·tip .wling-TN 17-1.

OI'HlIAT10~' of 6 cibting naval alrCl'aft lncold weather iuvolves prob ..

lems difIerent from those met in the warmer climates where millS! of the Pacific wsr has been fou.ght thus Iar. Dhta which the Navy was nb! to amas from air operations 10 the Aleutians will be Valuable us the war moves northward and colder weath r b gins.

fany publleatlens and Alms have been issued on fhesubject of bow to make air .. aft opei te best in cold conditions and how to urvlve JI forced down ill frigid ar as 01" wintertime. Mo l of these are alread: available aboard Wip, but may be obtained through regular Nay}' ohann 1 -BoAmt Publications Branch in Washington OJ' Aeronautical Publications Centers in forward areas and eenunental

ru'ted State. Many technical notes and OfGeJlS are available to facilitate upkeep and maintenance of planes .In cold weather areas,

ea.llun·dio"jde "ylln~o;n-P[ecautlOtj .. i" tlQtaKI:" -fO 57-_i7

C:lrbllll·dilllrid:e C}'IJmh.l~_\VlI-!er eljmhmt1tlI1 tQ. ~r~vcnt !re<Orlnll'. ~d ~I.IPpOrt ~~alc rll' 51.1ppl <ytind.rs-'l'N 1:l-44

C-"rbur.l~lT_CbQ"" JI,,>itiOIl fDr .g1J..,ifi~il low r"J1J~lt"" ill rtllt"!,nlf Eclip~ tiiEP-l.A ""d NEl'-11 :-.mci1iRry "ower 'J1'ltii-T!'" 3+41 Idng-CQn~flioM and l."t<:BUtiO)1S itt t!.i~bl>-''ll'N 33·43

l~t"g-It~,'[!b ill ortr.ra:t'~" of nl.lll>l""O'£ witb ~C'J't.nin filtor_T0 N'4~

l~ing-;p,.·" ... tionby I~<: ilf 4h"tn~'" ~ir "Om" par,,0.1 ",hl~ U¥e of ateQIlQl lIJjfolilll1 Or p",lIl'llt -TNJfil.41

Confrol O1'1tem,._Lllb.icnm. t"-'fui .... d. I1lId ."1..,,,· la~dd landi:;>g .on ,,; .. {e al}itu.dJ! oC'C.,......,.y to dottrn,ine Bllth;iart',l'), "~e.nti~n-'TO J 18"1,1.

Illngi""", .n"'H .. ~ """eT$--Ve$1!W .'Ill.! UR with ~II'UI~ ~",,"~""lttll'-l'J"N ,-.44

Enfille, , d<,atfiinll" iIltcrv'iOl.. JlIbricalinll nil-Cnn 1>n aod operat10n wilh nil I" t"",pe."tl1r~ below ",in,mum I'tt,quir;nll .1!""n fl'N~,l'c_'IIY' fo prr· "'''11~ "~I)llmulll:tin" "I wa.t"T-TO 12944

l.j;':u:il\"'~, on tlUtl~iQIl systOJll'-OllermlQn Alld " .... ()IfL1U0I1~ TO 4 .. 1$.3

Eml'ine" 5tB,.[[n~. ClDld w\lll11l.r~rl11 p.C!;.'I11l''''

'S"II" IIrriU,.ti" ".I~,e ;""llll .. tlt)n-T~ 3S~~l

F'lfI1;lfio-Pr.c:tulr ... n< r .... ITYrlm"li".~h'ttl IIf'f",.... .,,,,[1,,,, .. t:nttu~-S« Toxltuioal N'Itt Nt> 3041

Lubricant50-Specifleatfun, gfad".s. 511.t1:lic;!ti"

'tfllC!'~ffl6l. l:il'ltish eQlI.lv:dOJlt. intel1ded "I" pliOntitmll alld ~<lmll"rks-TN jz-45

111 tic;JJ1!~-Lo", Uml' e ra t.)rc. tlen.rin -. Tlon,"-. bti.y dCKin,. c~tllml ,y .. l"rll~'. 'lid Innl< fclwlic, lo,n,Ung: '!lap ~eW5. ~ai' nI~eh;lnifJ1n,_.TN 5fM:l alld TN (>of..4J.

M"in' .. ,,""ce, ~bcl!eo' l,e~M""_H" ... n"" Nel .... nOIIet1!ti~n. "tartinll'. m,uQI"'1""cr"-TW 8J.42 Oll"lIlull.", .. y.l"m-o •• el'1S)G" and ~r«.:tlltiOj1~TO >!'04l

O(1';['feSlu",- gat!",,-Drilt!np' .wrl mll,,~ with

tr~,..(orm~r oil-"-TN 43.36 -

Oil-pr .. uure. !l'l~1?I>t~d;111f v~I,'''_'I'llIt4lIGtil'n 01 yillve and inlcrval far fillI~ 1I""l!'el'N 35A:t

O,..'ge., ~'llIil'm"ur-SookJ', ~Iot; """Upbc,,(crl-;:;~ in ~!Jld "eM.: ~tft t'J;)etJHltmB n .. tt qamstcr Mol !lre"thing !uh_TO n~H

l'~w""" '''''fi;. "u.xiliary.-Slurh~ \".u~~lilln~ for J<'Alip"e ~RJ'"lJ\ an') NEP-2 1:1"" ..... 'mols a :tJ1e.ilWd I~w I:!\ml'"rall1rf'5, on.l "" rbUTol~T cbqlte po.hlpII •. 11m! t_ r"l!"l,,,,-TN ':;4 .• \1

s~ .... k Ill>sl)d~,.. l>yd ",,,lic-llhr).1W: a<vf id"lltl. fi(lll.~1nn-'r"f $4-4;\; "I'ln"~tiM.~. T!Il .s1).~2.

"'M .maTl(ent)' flower OJlcratj"" TN" ~I') 44 Mld 'J'O 11 ot4

\~-;\i.~ldl'lli-\'lfint"tip '!:amlll' dP..d.li._-rN 11-.37


Clilflr<tIc /ltll!J (0. AI!1s/:a. Rstffr1 # 144. N:a\', tier 50.11<-5

Itl/~n I)" Wrll/lw (;"",j'~w"", ,'" lil" AI II. tlo" IslaffJi "".1 ,;,,,u(;(-,,. Waters. NavAr,' SO·I!{·iC)

CU,nlll" rHl W~utkel' ~f S.B, All", 111<1;", Bum.a cd ${flltJl Cki"",. .A:AF manual, :('illl(Aer So. ra.ss

ClltIJ«t(: and rf/fafJ<.,~ til S.l\. AJi~. Flirt""" In· <lia 11IId N .. rhl'rl~ltd E~'" ]1lIllrt.&. NBvAer50· H4-3?

Clf'l}ttlt ""d Hhdlkrn- a/ ("",,jul Ii .. sI .dpo 1,). t/",li.lljJ I/Ie Jal'qJlue I.lal1!f,. UF N<lvA ... S(I. !R·4?

1'h~ Clj.",,)t of JIJ,"~I1. N"vA~. ,0·1 R·60

Cj(,nut~ .. f f!tHI l"~,'a 1 s 1tt>11i .. mill $ol<·III."",t AsilJ. NavMr liO·1R-6l

W~1l./II .... C"Plfdi'.,ot.,. Aff€cling r"zynd;g y 8b",}'~/J ,,! J"~<I" (tONT.), !"I!lCvAe,: ~O-rlM:r ..

Cflmali (wI W~,,'.M!r ot fltrt ,act", PU~l.Off 14 ,1,,· v .• ;<1'11 Q1 Sf",j", SocilJ./i.st RlJp .. bliu ami oJ. itl Ai,. ",,,,,roath,rs, AAJi manual 'lIvA", ';6- m·M

j'J.pllo~1'$ olTd "~(Jr~$"iotl~ Olrill;,,~Hj'lJ ;... III' ').Iliff all .. ' ~r Ih,' PhlliPfr1I"'" ~av~'\er 5!l-l R·1l6 r"p.",o""1 C>rillilUlt;"1J ill Ih~ eldi,,, S~II_ N"vAcr n·jR;131

Jl CI;ffl<Ih'" S'lJm,,'B1'Y ~f II,a '3,·,,(/11" ldan~~


W"all;c' '''G ('Ii",,,t.t' 0/ 7'lIt.fhlllla Tsla,;H IIIId is''''",m1td~l1 51'>:";1- (0;1>1 ... ). N:.,yAtIr iQ·J1'-l! tr!;",uh"" lind CllfftoJII Uf p",,,,,,s~ {COII:~.J. N~"", Au 50,11'.9

A Cltm4lil' $,nmm""jI ~I K"I'<la (1:01<,.) ~;I'At. 51)-lT·)J\

(.·/i"'~Il/ ,.,,11 !Vtqrl,tfJ'-Tifit/'tl;1 dha •• "AF Repurt. (c(>~".). NI\\'&r ,0.11'-1')

Cflowt,. ""II WMl!hn, C.I"b"s S.".4 ...... (C.{WII,/ MavA"" 50·11'.23

We~lhl1t' ,,"<I'r •• for PII~I', .Alj·uti",,,, hl/l..ltJs. S.I~IJj~ ••• ~y Fa!r'Wtnll' [l'OIIt' tun.'!'F.) 1Ut'j:A<lr ;Q 2!lT-l

Trl,le, Po".p,. ... " Citro/in .. 1.1aM.s. N'llvA.,,- 511-


11J1",t. Mll'.",nll lslll."i$. NavAer ~o-.w:n.J {lal,.'11"'. lml.l. N'nvAer SO-15R-I~

Ji"'~i>!11i 1~If1iLJ S:."r't$ SiJlt/(' IUKU. N""A" .. 50·


lia;rIf1'~1 JPl'Q uno Hali. N.avAa< 50·13R·H .11/'''''''' Klmll." fI11ll1d.t. l\n,',\"I' SO·I~"R.·11 I,,,,,,,qs,,,, N~\'A~r :5'1 1 SR,I S

HoA'k .. U/." SI)Ufh"'I<!t1 Pa,t. NIt"Atr SO UR.H/ l[~k""'I~, Soiltl, O.-.u"dJ G<lo.Il. Na .. Ae-r SO· HR·


/fQu"ido. fi<;.rI!11''' C vast; N'n"At:J' ~O-J_5R-ll ,'II"'!#fI ,mil W_"al/,,'. fllr FlipM ill NGIJIiJ GPIIN

lion,,1 ZOl'''S. NlI"A'er 00.800·20


..\ (;;l'.. 1!:H..j.-, ill'll I .mot! Itl\lrlhll!: " .. 2:'38--Nigj. Vis.toll

(;1. U-41-FHiThL -e<jU1pm~nt to be worn ~, 1>i1!,ls

TN g~-H J{ain l(,<:!>cl.1='t

TN t(,..j.O- ·l'~U1: a 1 t.r.., of CJ,,,,,1<

,Kli. .2!l-45. ~ll"l,~ 11Q!i~, ""Uc, rtI;llrdwl! In· >l,,jl.d~n "",.I eml11lU.ei:l r~1dllj"n or '''TOll,

.\(;1. 207·44-Ae~o1<lg~. Destruetsve S!O~1l1S; 1u-fc"'m"",,,' Reldb'~" Lu

Air. Aec, lllJll·gl H-A,,~j.j'ltitlg- ",mun, -mGitffiCU.'''fl <Ii ~\li"'oll :: 1

.-\ir. A~ lIull. 12..j5-_uI,i·tl!;',g Pl.ll"l1', eenver~i.m 01

l'P Ace.. Bull, f ..... ·l-Lo1>ll«l lty<l:fu1;llic 1'1Jm1l'. "ll1l""'~hvn of

NavAer 03.1\1J::A-501-@p~rnrli;ill. Service ""'( IJl'crlwul lwil1'l.\~lIl", whll 'Pari" Clll:alo~ t,,~ alll1- ir<'T Ilrlll"lill~' 0 u,;1 I'


SN·l"~-(;l)ld !V<.ntlotr Jil"".,j.,p

M A .. 26Z7-L41'11 ",,,I Livilo .~, fhe A.r.;:"C S,\·~99O--CclloJ /I~f1IC' I'hi>lMr:"ph:JI SC-1231-Q."",/r,pm"llt "I 1/,,' v~_,'~" MN.ll,A-.rI~'(!li)ll;11. 1r-~ F"'r>f11WJi"t1 /)" Ai,,,rtl(f lL .j 1911 A:ffdl"p~. P'orl

.\IA·4Sn2......t11 W.,II'/1f, .... I'liplrl 1I1.lf.0.,(,

MA·J81 ~-l'H"~IUlf l(-tolll, It' SllOW allol E. ... -::~rm. C(Jlq

OlJ<:ralillll. cho;dlibg on.1 * ... ..rcin; of de-ir:ru-s :wli httitlnu :51.IIlm& I1tl iii I L "pes or Nnvy pto.ncs arc 'Wolfulble in rum ~I rip. whi"b. are lnelll<l<:d lU tlll' tQ:lllltfl,llabce I<i~. S~I"'''P NfI.~al ,Urc<W/.




ed U11, TIUlu.l1")U~(J, Isilood recently haw

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~ ~, n IS appill''''''~ tlml the ",ntml)'

-- ~ Deeth to II.e;:';flllrt!' opcraLiooo] air ba~Ci

dosOt tlJ' jllPIlfi. Clos.er a tteution ,SnlJu 11.1 1 UCf0f ose {>!l pn.hl to the ,en I:'m y' 8 ,afFensj v,· I! perat tons with hi, C.uTil;'f task ~orl. 'C" H f' knows ,1Imt he oannet hope to aftru.:k our air ... b!ls"'" elh~dlvel)' witl, luncl,basetl planes r rum 1:1"0 JiJ'lJ;J mid Okj,lij\yu, dl1~ ttl limi- 11lt:klIl or ocu:Isiflg rallgll. Hence he Itopes to ublaiu hi~ ~bjf1l.!tivt:c bv ':nmkluJ; a susil);ilu'JJ aljIntk wltl1 (;)11J·rfllr-lwrne plarflXl, A -TD ].>IP<\).

'" It" h fully ~[ip!Iroot tbat, th ... me!-

my is stressillg: the' imporlallQC of drivirtg_ fUf\wrd lrU1fI Ule air 11 .. ~1 from (he sea f!lr bases III an uttenipt 10 eut tiff Shrmlltl [Singllpo.re] and :\:laJu)'n. SInl"l.Ilt:(Hlcul.lSiy. c:.Jll1pJ~tll'm <If the -Iu!gll' I!!\J®1Y bases unitmg the line FrOl"I1 Okin« WIl- 10 l,OZI')!I, rvliu. dow bland, Pnlawan f:slalldnllcl 1'(1 ~h'" IHlrlh coliSll1f BOI"Il1lQ. 1l10011S tha I ~he r"p;_lo nee homeland wlll be. m!JNl thlUl ever isoluted from the-south,' Also, it cen be cleady seeu I.hl\t will. UHl compleUllu (Ii tmel1l_y

I~ -To 'UIB UMTEll S'l_H£li

'1 .Raid:; by earrier-bcrue pl:wes huv(! ioUuw~d ~ev~l"\lIl d.1;)'s iJf J6pClLted auack Iw IH~9's-aliti ,1'-1»·s an(1 IlIdl~ll~ I httt- Slim,', Iliing is ~titrillg. The g.:tJetlll impression here, is thtH 1:111.' Nil eriesas 'v ill emnm ence their Illildlng qj"l!i'rn.tillJI on the J OIpil!l.t>.!ltc'" frminJand YeT)" ~onn, "The !Jnly point of c1o\\b! is, "WheT"'? Judgl.ng ftwlil the Inet tU.'\1 the AmllrlCllll> lire mtelu[yhIg the[;r allaqks~ lUICl also that the J'WJme,~~ papers areliUcrl w'ltb ft)purUi giltUlg deli1iled .Ill;'(f1~Wlls D~_possib~!' In,lJdii:igs, on .. 'Poight obtun. HI" IllIp~cS51~n thM III eo J ~ pruteor<! pe(lpteil.l:egeLtiI1g JIttery. Nllt hmg <ll1Ulcl he {url.bllr from tilt f:rutl~ l'IlWf'I'I<r, and there is not on.lv determinallou but cunfidmlcl'J. a010ng .the" Jllplmese P(:op!c..

Ii -'rt~ JiU>Al" 011"0' &lPtnh:

~ TAe fl'lllc1 d!St:ri1)u1]op 16 by 1m

moans satisbell'lJ)' .1110 the. mSltlBci~nlJJI 'fll rice this yOOf bas nmcle thing~ ,more- djfficult than ever, All:hQllgh lhi$ is c.hlll to un.lvoidable eircurilSl.Ruccs. it is extremely regfetrohle that We !d~IlJltfun has come. III sl.wh a pass. To <wc;rCplile prl!se:nt difEl"cullIes:, _tgrmer~ arc asked for gre~l.er ~ffmt!! kI jncnfll:lie ISQd prO'du.lJU'no- ilL the same I:im(:!~ eensumers IIfe:tl>koo to be IJTet:nU'ed to witJiS!Dnd avon : g_rllHt<!r hardships than Illtheno.

,-To J..u'A.N

, Pl.'ople. ll.'1y. ., l'4I,' I do tluylhing when Fm Iwngty," but ~m:e tho idea is to plant oomelhing-----atlylhing-Plld "cat thut, Yo'a she lUcl be- all le til. gel MIlI1 g all J"~ght if we gst used to iI.. We have nlsn 3 mq1lcs't to make ttl (he farm ers, J l1S t h CCtilli> e you Wo~' rice y{llm~ f'.I~~e clt'm'r eat it 3, t all meals bllt p!1Ss It around llilpeQple wor~g i!" airp_lane tn~Wrics and ot~ljlr es8en,t;iii1 fl'Idl!lstrles. Inereased prod IU:110 u of fOlld i.~ right now rmr mOM illll'Orlant husirress, so we wC'lLld like' tn IlJ\V(' the f-rumers matkl!l «\''-''' ,. little "J'l~· dee ihnn hitherto,

Ii -To ''lID'. llN'lTL;.U S"U"!'"ES

'1 Ilia veterau jtlU1'llIlLilt TakutoIni h~s bl'll.fI(led the SlIzuki 'Gnl:iinet a'S r-ailing to refl eet th" I'i;'TlSOnll" 1 cnu:ro ge sf the Pr.emi~r and wasling muc\J precious HIllEl in idl!1 clellbetatfnn~. He stig;m.o.tiz:ed, weir Il1Qvemcnls S!t '~lJii'epam hly inactive··' and c.ounter LQ the 6X peOlal.lOli9 01" th!l peoph at a tim (_! when thl1' E~lp'iI:e ~~. beli"tg, I C"9~ontecl lIy lu JillOSt ~o;_"'l'IOUS w'lm. TdkntolUl aha severely J;:rilid~L't1 Ill", Japllne!le government rot I'ItIt tel1i1ig tIle p~pJc tb(l fJ"Utl, :.l.WI.l~ n dlitaf Y 6el backs in th e . Facific si ItOi.! th e i\ m! '~iea us In \laded G 1l;J.'unlcrulftl.

Ii -Tn 1'IlE: UNll"ED Sl'AT'E~ ·AmJ

~ A DS-l".R'\i.! A

TIlt,"U: Me .mauy l[uJk:ati~lt1s t1rat lhec elleI!JY is plamiing_ a lap-ding ahempt un OLf Ni.col'iar lslmul. Inrormatloll hUll been tC(J~ived tllol.t the 'i"wmy recun!.iy liJ.id bua.l'~ ill waIel'S liajmrent to lilt' Gllr Nlcuba:r grO\lp. :lua Illte! lnor!" than 2nD caITiffi' 1I1AJ1'es fraw 11 British ms_k fG!"1J1!l b'()lrlbed S;Jban~. u,tllil 11 i~l!lnd off lhe "ofl hern tip oJ S'unmtnl. Kl'lelll'l' ngenl:S who were llt1u1-


.. \,. .

..... -, '




Star Id.entification

Hnw good arc you in .'ltilr idetrtlHca ti~ Il?

Ell('h circle repre~ellts Lba field of the .MARK -v or BtH1S.ch MId Lorob SeKtant, 12~ of the sky. Toe stars are drawn 10 Bl:laLe, bol'h as tn position -and to brightness. the scales o[ mlignitudes heW,g the same #s 01:1 the Almanac star cbart. The stars SbOWll iti tbe ll.elcl of the sexfilnt m;e ,en.ough to idenUrv the star indJ(lated. StiltS ate: shown eflt~ side the Aeld where ,!leCeSSllry jor positive jdentifi:cation,

(An.5li'$f$ on pmge 48)

bases on Okinawa, the velocity of the em:IIIY 'UIlerIJ:IiQ[I 111 Bomt'O hilS 1;1 dlte.,;.l hearing on the cOllli']g cpemtions agllins'l our lu:nnclaitd.

~To A tIS'~"lM 1,1 ....

, There 'ruu; ll(lVff been II quarrel be-t'lVllt'i! AL~lra,1i.(l and Jlt_pan. and. tJlere.il;. no 1!."l:e'lO- g;rtnd. J::rp!W lind I. ustrnlia are IU ,1) P osition to wet k to _got! If;Ir ceo nOn'Jiually, Before the WIl£, JI1PM prfJt'l.l1:ep lUll wool from Australfn. ;mel Australia imported ItUine"nuS m;.tnuf"llctured g:oods [rom Japan. The most cOrdia] tclAtionslt;p and goodwill prevailed between the two ccuntrles, and ill.!hQugh they have Uel:!1l..aghling ut C:O:i.~ pUTos~ rut!!ly, Japan \Vl{nts the- E6endsltip -and goodwill of Au~tralia.

.I'ili -To THE l:~ITUl S1".~TE!;

Iii Tht! a.lJt[JOtities are plunnins t"V>I.Cl1l1tlCITI of ,uatiVe IlUlf-cmflOfilfLrll$ lrnm Sfmuall. l il1[<\p.or~J in ul'dei·to. "clefU" the decks ~()f atliou." Hepnrls £1'o,m BriHsh and :\nleriMfl StnJ~('II_s" to the c£lIec_I t.ll_at '"'' have undertaken n illllS$ pmt-!JIJ ~ Irom tho sen them wgio u s ts an, abs urd (.11·1 earp t 1 n distb.rt thell"u_d1. U the Qne-,my nnively belteves in this Wisbfu1tbirlkiog, !:I rude shock lI.wllits ltim should llea!lel11pt to sWnn ShQILQrl i81111111-

4,_., -To ]AP ... N

'Cl The: most slgru:fh::rmt fe.atur1: nf lhll llu611lyseampafgn against Borneo is lilt: £lOl'leellltatio:n, or ,,('tacks n,gainst oilI,,·opucing ar(f!1S. This {sel" (lll;la.rly luclic_lltcs .Lha:t H,,, l'rt"n-ll' i...- h" ... nli~ny set'klrll:§" If! remOil\;! the DO tilen eek iu J;tH 11 spOT lB,ti on of luel hycapturil1g Oil Reith in Bomeo.

,,~ -To THE LJ'III'rW Si'A"!.'ES

~ People are Mt disturbed by the t!estfU,(.,1in'n caused by miemy air raids. The 11Ull1 bet of victi:nlS runs to a hugeligure, b III despite th I! severe .dllura.ge thf,) Ji~ple are chelrrful Al"Id show Httle eoneern, 'J'he)" ssem to be trying ttl suppress IL." rise of tesentmeni, agaiflsl intli5orimlIll'! t.tl elll'!fllY l.l.ltacks.

~ -To nlT>: U"'""TI'E'D S"tNrf::S

~ It ,C3,n!J1;l t be delll eel thai the enemy achieved the. objective uf seizing strat,llgically ill"lIJurta1l1 blUes fln Ok(nll.VI'a. l~)s'~ly as-lbr: pric;~ was. WWl.;: !be e~ed"oOOs> of tll!" battle of Okinawa IrUll"ea8ed UUl" conJjdfU'l~e ill fu:llU Vietti!)" Liley _atS!l g,!lve the- ell.em),. a l~s:iJ)n whieh is bound to proVe valuable :in nttljt:¢ operntiol"ls \l,gutns~ t.he Jall1ltlese for~. To bl>- frank, we mus_' adnl-ll lo~~e$ as losses lI.!l,d blows us blo'ws (lfld tJU.lTl mlfitw- up our courage IlIld Slretlgth tQ find flj way lO o,rClfCOIl;lfi the -prell en! (' risis'.

A ~To l-APA"N

~ -The en(l'J"fiy ~k fur~ which ;wfh,red II :5lJ P emflut \05S .in carrier sb:engtb in Ill" baule Qf Ok-i,.law~, nppears to haW fe_gainerl jt!; norma! stflillgth. At(lt(l_~ of 800 carier llirm:aEt l'ecentJymide& tile Xa:n. t-!l- dMncl, a!tadci-ng airfields and cities. U is clear fh[ll' Ibis lawst enemy attempt is aimed at TEdoction of DIP" a.ir PQ\Ye~ in this 1\.r.li!l. and In \l"ie~1I of the ~ lua lion 1m own so' fa.r, th,i:l OTlI$lY !!pp_ears to ha~,e tDehjli-zed -not only <,:llmQf<S repaired fWllldalnl\gcs J"1lceivlld s-lllt:il" thl! llCII. b~-I-tle qf the I'h111ppin611,bu~ a few rtIlW1Y-C0111111iSJIjnn .. cl eil1:-rltlrs os: well, to 'light \lgo.lnSl Jttpl.l.n.





JIThank God for You 'ellows!1I Is What Rescued Pilots and Aircrewmen Say When Pulled From Sea

HUNl>n.sus of fighter and bomber pilets are flying against the Japs today because of fast action by Navy; Coast GUQI'd and Marine Corps crash hoat crews in rescuing them after water crashes. while tn training.

These rescue craft. which usually operate from a boat facility near an air station, range all the way from big

. lOA t l ,.. els·"'· lid"

see-going '1-woters 0 weas or swamp g; . ers

designed to Iiavigate swamplands: and marshes.

Under the well-organized air/see. rescue program, now in o~a.tion ill the Atlantic;; Paciflc, Gulf and other Bight areas, these boats cooperate with Dumbo planes


to save lives. A. network of radio and telephonic communications links rescue agencies at key points up and down the coasts. As SOOD as a pilot shouts "Maydayl" in his radio, monitor st.'\nons relay the call to all ne_arby rescue points, Soon a fleet of crash beats and planes is converging 011 the spot where he wen t down,

Crews of these <trash boats most of them specially trained, perform a little-'publiaiz~ but higbly-importau~ job patrolling coastal waters where pilots in training 11:),.10 war zones, they frequently go in as soon as an airstrip is launching planes.

Theirs is a job fUled with monotony, bu] when the emergency comes and they make a rescue, the pilots gratitude is repayment for the heurs of watchful waitiug on station. Men who have been pnlled out of the water by crash beats almost invariably say. ''Thank God for you Iellows]" The task can be exciting, often hazard. eus and usually under pressing eondftions when a crash occurs. Minutes may mean a life and speed is important.



~ boat crews have to know not only how to o.perate \....J their craft but.how to pull survivor out of the water I:)J wl"rrokage and to perferm first aid.

The Navy relies 011 two main o/J?es of crash boats fOI' its rescue work offshore-the 1M-foot boat \vith I:wm 1350-hp Packard engines and the fast s3-foot craft with 6l1ll--hp HallScott engines. They will gil about 20 and 311 knots r&specnve1y and ca.:ay J.l men and two oIRcers on the big ones and sir men and one officer on the 63-fooJ~,!i.

While these two t;J,rry the load in the open O(J!*Ul, the Navy also has smaller malt for inshore and other patrol work, inclltcUng a 45'-foater with four men for a crew; "retraevers" with two or three men, and W_gel boats. The latter- have armor-plate topside ana are 115eo in dive-bomber and b mber Iintinlng. 111(')Y eruise o-K sbor on he gWlllety areas. Planes make runs, dropping small dumUlY bombs. Because of their proximity to operanens. they frecjuently act as resoae Cl'Q&.

Life aboard these ruget craft can be nerve-wracking.

One Marine skipper got his radio inst;rrwoons wrong and &tiled to close the armored doors and! batches. Planes screamed dewa and droppecl bombs with_light OhaJges that hl,rr~t on the deck, shQweliing the boat with she'll fragment~.



The -pilaf!! luck was phenomenal, hp\ ever, and he was un'hurL

Two other types of rescue er:tft are espe.cWly designed for op rattans in swampy areas whee boats or land vehicles oannot run. These are the "swamp gliders" and weasels." The.former are shallow-draft boatspowered by airplane propeller. "Weasels" are amphibjous craft propelled by lractal' treads.

Not all rescue operations involve plcRSlUlt results, however. since some pilots, and crewmen do DOt SUFYive t11C oesshes. The task of TSCOVerlng fl)eir planes and bodies' usuaUy Ialls til the larger 104' crash boats O.l' the M.an) Ann's, those lUll'lbering barge-like malt with cranes which can )jft many tons. DC('p s~ dlvers can operate off them.

TnE BIG YSD salvuge boats go out as eon as possible ~er III crash to puJl 'a plane oul of the water before oorrosien beg!ns. They take divers willi shallow pr deep Wat-er gear to 'G"ssist in tafsing U}{~ plane and recovering any bodies. II the plane is taken out of water before too many hours, mlll'l)' parts can be salvaged. Another reason For Teoovering it is to deterITIine if possibl e the C~u$e of the crash se that ~tUl'e niles can be averted. OFten a plane is little dama,ged.



Network of Crash Boats and Plcloes Pa'rol Off Coas', Linked by Radio, to Pick Up Survivors

D E~Fl'E 1:111" thO\ls:ani:)s (}f planes t1fat Ay druilY. in all pads ul the world. the number of sea crashes 1.'> (.'Ulliparativel small. Rescues usuallv ure mnrle from fiv~ to ·10 I'lljles el,fsh re, since T,DQ5t guniJ£ry, dh -p(iJmbil1g aud bombing pi ctice uruaJJy is do-ne close to the coastline. Res tie bouts are spotted at stnttegie places along th coast.

Grosh boat-crews life on can ['I)r hJDg huurs tif cli,ll .

Their clays way run from osso to 2000 [I'll' throe days. then tlil'ee dUYIi on-shore duty, emetimes UJey may be on a search 4B til 7.2 hours wlfbulIl ~eiit or 'lit sea a week, )11'11 have to be good sailors to take cl)1;;. rongn seas and weHthltr Pfllmtl1ug Lhrur !l.nlall o:ral'l how' ,(fter hour, Lylng-~o in· volves many horus of boredom with Jrttl to do but polish brass, fight off seasickness 01' read. But they have to b rei\tl,v to go-alld fast-at a ml'lmellL's notice,

A typical example oj how successfnl a.II'~' sea rescue units are in saving U.S, and AJJj d Natiuns pildJS' Ihief; caJI he s. eu III a fe, ngures. fl' the JuoksorMlJ area 1M pilOlS and crewmen wer _ b'U t:d between 1nrch .1!14Z ana J une 1!'~S. FOI'ty.tWCl planes were saJvllg d nu~1 1'1 ~eaplMes to\ ed in, One Wool Coast s~ll)r pulled 192 men out oj Ule water in It pw'Iud or i_fI months while ~~ather saved 9iI in 14 mouths. A tetal or 45l! were saved in 0 tZ-UlCIUt11 pJ:lritld in th~ !]astern sen frontier. Those men ate flying and lighting aglliu, th.Mlki> to the C1'Q$h boats aud DumlJ(J 11!anllS or hllnlIls. l~G."<;l'll.eli !1n('Ut~dly deBe.nd OJ! flight density-more coeur where the

rtltl~l flyiug 'is done, '

III earlier d«ysof We \ ar .. the sy hun r l'e$clling pilots \V,lS lln~ordinllted und haphazard, each station attemprmg ~ tah care I){ it!. OWlJ pralJlems. Air!sep resClte networks were set lip with. Na~. Coast Guard, Marines and .'\l'm.

all coo peru ting, ,

LiF~ jacketsaJ rd _other sah.lt), e(!l:upmt>ulwere iJltlgequate for the task in early days, Because a roan floating ill 11. Mae vVest is hard Lo see, smoke grena.d-es later were flit talihed, dye marker M.d whistles nddE);d-all to help the pilot and uircrewmen attract .attsntfrm of mates anxiousLy trying to find them, TocUiy, aviation survival arid equipment officers um ill seeing that pflots go out with their gear in p£Op~r order. ready For an emergency landing which ne one ex- 1?t'.cL but v 'hleh 0 'Olsjonall happens.

1\l~/$J~A rescue Ilg.encies vcporl many io_te)'es~g stp~es of 1\ re ell s made. Holder of the unofB.clUl utle of Most F'()rtulh\t~ ~1ntl" is an 1"1111 pilot who t-lI:lW his plane mID :'I lake al !liplll. 1\ Dumbo p111lle and swarnp glider crew weut to hunt LOr him, A boat crewman dived undezwater ana fauml only the plal1!J:, its cm~kp!t eucl0"5ure elosed and the piJot's chute in it.

Later tha.t nigllt. the pilof was frill uo wiilndering r au. r miles hom the 1, ke, He had been thrown completely L4r9ugb the canopy ... vhen the pJtme hit tjle waten and was uninjured. He could 11Iil 'rernemher anYfhing tbout cl"aslHng, npr how he got Hut (Jf his liiille, or even remember walking r aur miles,

The- t-,.layport, Flu; task unit Mel thteu crashes r 'ported \J ithin fout mlrrutes, with u pers<Jns ilw()!lIe!l, Dnly five crash boats were it alluble ttl that lime. so II. PT boat undergoing rapafrs at the_ base was pressed into ervice, One' thnr.:

U plane MIS ttlCftteclln the sea, »,IlY tryi.Llg fn rescue the fliars broke its hull on fh~ rangh water. Cra!iJl bntlt.~ then had to saVe twelve persnus Irern L1le tWO planes.



Skippers of (rash Boats Have to Master Wide Variety of Skills; Get Training at NYC Miami

T"RA1NINO of officers and men to handle crllSh boats has tapered oiE, but a small nu.mber ill officers, graduates of midshipman school, is turned out monthly at · ... VAL 1"RATh"WC, cetl.'TER, ,MM,~L TI!er gab furth r traini.flg at Port Everglades or San Pedro

Included in the three-week course given officers at Miami is eVW:':y~g ,&Qm ~l'Inery to ctlmmunieatiQlls. marine ~ngines, naviga.tion arill t'tfCOgUil1oo. rash boats do not new c:at:r)' machine guns~ except ill. advanced l?acifiQ areas. Oue crash boat in the Paclf1e shot down three laps,

One week of the I:rWning at Mia..mi js spent-in engin~eriug sehool and' the other two aboard a \raining crash boat. Under guidance Of expedenced ofilcE'J's, they learn to swing ;ship. pilot. use the lead liner, navigate, oomluet searches, anchor, refuel, keep r~tds. fight mas and doek their beats, Crewmen assigned to crash beats llSIlltUy are eXpetience9 men from larger craFt.

All' crash ticals are not yet equipped with late/it search and rescue communications gear, such as ml?, automatic direetion finders O~ VIW. alth!Jugh a1fthorb:e'd fl'lT the hvo


larg.er-siZed craft. InstalJatiol1 will fuMher facilitate rescue (:Iperatlo.ns since boats then can work more elo~ly to. trace down ca118 Jor help from planes. in tesCllil beadqmirier-s ashore, lullf l1' dozen radjomen stand watcheS" wit!i beadphones, listeui.ug in on various disb:e:ss frequenoies for crash reports. These inoh:uJe the international discreS"s freq.uency. 500 kilocycles; the u\s. EmeJ'gency one 011 8280 K~ '<IDd the 3000 KOS O •• rescue scene of aotlon frequency. pilots about tel dt'am else way cal! for help on Itheir tegularly-assignl}d station frequency orVBF, so aU likely channels have te be listened all at all limes at key rescue mu"1- points ..

An indiClltion oE the impbrt!l!lce the Nary places On i~ crash boat progt'am ill seen in the fact It has more than :Ion of the 63"Footers "8n(ll)O of tbe huger crash boats engaged in Wllt type o£ duly. BOt tn mention .hundreds of the smnller cruft, Blimps and phUl.es swell the number.

RES ·V& authorities estimate about 9~ percent of actual pick-ups o£ SUrvivors are made by czasb boats. The main reason fa!' this is thilt the P-bollts cannot land ·11 r014gl1 \lI'ater I1nd take"o£f with safetv. Their 1101e Illitlallr is ~o conduct ll1e IJ.efiai search ;rod ~tbit overhead unu Lbe crash boat arrives to pull the man out of the water, At all limes they are in direct ra:clio cQmmnnicafion with th boots. and the base dire.eting the seaeeh, for swift inta.rchange of 10- formation. In war zones, destroyers. subs and Dumbos play a large part in rescue aGtivilies, lJu:b thE/rA also ,U0 many smaller crash boats cru.isipg oJIshore .. azound islands wlth air hares. They are teo smalJ to go "With the ~ast task forces.



MarinBs at Cherry Faint opera.te their own crosQ boats; hete mechanics tear down and rep3ir an engine from their rescue .crsft

Kear native buts. eonstructed fut liiming movie at Hurricane Harbor in Florid, studenls &o~ NT(; Mu.Ml prnetiee boat handling

RIg,q an a.rudIOl' and heavin:~ it in axe tasks done b;v. student officers, even ongb their crewmen lafer 0\1 will do th.e work

Sil per of Marine crash boat keeI?B' shup IMkout for plane as his, helmsman watches the complIs.s: seamanship mast be mastered

DB8JI-sea diver on }Jary Ami gets his b.elmet prepllI'3001J: to de ... scending to Rnd a sunken aircraft and preplll'ing to salvage it

Fourra;dlom~ stand wa~l:!h in monitoring room at Mayport rescUe unit, each listening in on different I'lmergener milio' frequency



·Scientific Search iPlons Enable Ma.ny' Rescue:s To Be Mad.ej Hunt MdY Vie1ld Extro IDividends'

.ON UECl!:lVJ.NC'~ .Il rcpo.~-t (!f a . ('rash. the l'eSdlu,) t:as~ 111,liL

commo,l18.er lm!l1ecllil.tely dispatehes a beat and Dumbo· pJnne 10 the r6pf)~t6d <11'00 where the plane. wei'lL dewn. A srnartpt IOf.,. if he hit!! time, wlll tlnTI I:lU Ms Olll'erg_ency- IFF, send _ his poSition, plane type an,d intel'ltf('lrrs. If se;lOOhers can _ Fix bi~ locauen, Te.~eue is comparl1t1V'ely simple. n Ihl." cra.o::h or slItvjYQr is nut irnmediatelv located,a localizecl

swrch is started. •

Two genertll types 01 search usually are lTHdertakcn lu this eo.1t'Jltrll'ie srlU!lff', used for J?lanas find man in the water or life ra.lt low in the ... ~'al·iMT; und IIle par.aUel, l}lle:cl for II: dh;Hbled pl<lIJe on the surface. A variation of Ul(~ latter, ea ned !,,'F'E 1l, lias a plane fiying, the .1:tara11el pllttetrt. ft~ nil !lj! rated III the 0liarl,. and 1<1. bent gowg cUong d1ll~ sbi:mghl llne.

10 Ule :;fjl.IIU¢ seareh, I:hebout begins -all exf13ndiog ~aai'db with legs of the square efjultl ill .t'W\ce UI~ limit of


\-'-(:>ibiH~. ThJs ~j:ill vary wIth lVi,tatIJer Iwi :fhou:ld uutexooe'o ~o~ yards, L~gs of tlle l"1:1J'ilITel:.'Joor(']'1 are \l!>mlliy ID ·nlilt'lS wiE;l.e wiLh cl1;wllce between equal to twice the visibility.

Sometitnt',s sea sei.ttcla_ru; br·iug Imore rbullS ~an ex,pe~te'd.

A hig Armr ~omber was l'tliror.ted I:>r. II bli:mpt~ MV£! ol'~~hed ubOllt 'lOP mj]~ olllillOn"~ \Ylule ~hecrash_ boat was 1')0 the Wtt.l' eut, it piekf:ld.Ul? tiw ~_ilot ;tIld crewmaa ["rollli ~I] S,HIJ that lHj~ ditched ne:u·hy. Whlln they reached the lloaling homber, the- SI~l'I pilaf w'tn~ ahorttd ,mill ~QllectedV'l!lullblfl dn tn Irorn its Instnnaenr pam!!. N,o crew meillllCl'rs \vet« f()und .• f>, l-ank-el' rescued !l !>lDglv sl\~vh!:.ot 11 days Inter.

Another res~u_~, involVillg a big An:!ly (':1.rgb l)l~ne-, eleseI')' plUnllered lhnt, Thi~pfane was clown ano Milers ofFshm·e. f\_ ",'(lek later -a p-'bQaf lii,ghted iI with two rufts lIetuby, Gmsh btlats WEre clispawhed. Oli the wal flUl) Il lo.ok$lut- 011 ruw (If the. boats beard a ·shoot. ScrmlbJigbhl were turned (In IIII'd the ut:tm' uf an SNIl, which no oju:; kne W(tI\. mb;~fn1!l was saved. The- boats proceeded out and also re-stJUecl the ;I.~m>, men, One se<treb 'fQf -tilt 5Jl!!~ pilot d.GWJl lQO miles Qff JUl,1kSm1Ville exten<l~cl oyer seven days, wnll tip ht us IW·· craft and Iour ernsh boats ca.uying !Jut the search,

Towing a ~ea:pl(f.l1e in th@6_f)!.l1l ucean IS nut nil e.u.y hUlk, but one unit rn"de <1; l!lIlg-d!slar~oc job of a I'P¥ lhat was dOW'll 00 miles oat. '('he nfllf>-l1l1lll erew of the. plnne- sLnyQd :1 LiOllnl. but , ~ ecause uf glt1)Gliu e l!lnks ills<i de, eon 1 (} n o t start their Cltg_ilJcs. Thecrash boat tewed tile plane 60 miles in 1'6 haurs, Because l't'lmt of the tow W;1S ,,,t nigh!;. and th~ tn~k a preearious OUl!, bt:/at Crewmen :;tbod bY' iin~'l. tn the e1mw all llig11"t with an a.-x and butcher knife to S6V0f them if I he tow be.catl1e ha.lky,

N~lT AI,L rescue jeibs t.f1-kl;l tt .I~g: tim. e-, JI~\¥eye.T. The-~e was one C(lj's{#r Bghl_er pilOf who ba;Ued our of !'ilS: plane nlter -radlOirlg hi~ ,position: A Ilemrby l!}t' m'lisn bil1!lt arrivt>.d willIii'! the pilot \\'l1S I10t1til'lg doWtI in !-iis chute ltnd rescueel .hhn as seen as be llIt the watru' .

.t\l11&tber s:peedy rescue was made In il river u few 1\1.1]1- drerl vards ft(t~ Il boaL faailHy. A plane hil the WI\~et just litter 'lake-off. 1\ !lA) pe1'$oul1el boat rushed to the spot, bllPYIJd the plane's lOI,-atiun ~ntl reseued the pil~t. :who \vn!f::QU off the \~itlg without even getting wet: Eight minutes ~lEtar 11e hi~ the water he wf\sollck Oil Ihe nir!l:trip.

Outi 3ctl iilh sLlb,Heu.tlmant developed ellgin{> truuble over the. Adaillk but baa enough altilude gt~ that he WIlS direlltecl by. !he bout G.ollttol officer via radio tQ llo landing a,iongsiae ,a nearby cr~l:>h b·oal. He WIVl ruso()@ l'\:Hl'ilf ditching. bardJ)' g.ettrn g- wet,

P.!'AbabJy the odde.st re[Cu{> ~'toc)' 'Is thM ~f a fighter pi!pt whu crashed into sume trees, ,!Zl'cU::killg the t:n:in'k of one but not breaking it Unhurt, fh~ pilt'll' eli~bed .out of his P~Il~ and ,50'1 ilo\V1l un a .nearby log: to awaIt artrval of thel.'l't1sh party. While he- was si~Ung theue, the tree broke ufT uncl l.en OIl him, l'l*nwg him slightly.

Qadi b'Qats speild 11Iany lol'lg htlur;> ;;ehrclling tlre neeans Jor -pjJotli anrl therrail'.oJ;ewn:ll~n. Qfte.n 'their searQbe~ ·am f ljtile !.1ecause thr: pHol Wit'S unable 10 give sufficic'l'1t infpr& maliCiliun Ilis po&il'kl1'l so the bnats can locate the sput.

GoNE'. .GnASR Jji):lt skipper and hiscrew e:rrDe-d the undying gn!-titl.ldlil IOf tile mother of 11 Lfbe1"lltorCl:ewmao wbc' Wns killf!rd iDa -crmsh off~hnre, Re~~~1.se sh~ fdt ll{l,i:l!u;Uy rlhout hls being lost at sell and his body not reeovered; she came: to the btlfll fl1e_ili~ near the >lreR. A cl'ijsb hOiIt tn,ok her Ullt to lha s1301 in the ",oeatl.

A el1a,plain accompanied tham on the lrl~ and sa..id Ii pril:yer lor the san \vnili';l' the, -crash bMl cnn:red over the plf!~e wbere he ~(ld. :rbececemonies helped ruistJa~ l~le mother's grief and she :returned hOll"Hl, h!'!1i mind nt -rest, IS r. .rrrno" "'CTO"j" Ma4~2'. "AljJ.';j~" l!esem<:' "or 1"u.", l..flIlO~k"l

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NOT EVERY ODe in naval service has to know the ins and outs of navigation. But those who must know mU$t khOW, and there ean, be no questions about it Whether you a,l'e a navigator or not, you'll prebably enjoy this quiz. Se the eorrect answers on page 48.

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2. ...•.... 4. '........ 6 ..•.. , •..



~ MOAS CHElUIY pQlN'f:....The '\!el1' ploo;s. ing aroma wafting froID ~n Wll'~ ei,gm-et:te doe' no! iDdiQ1jt..: that -®J:! is smoking A ipecial or expe:usfve brond. ByeJ:mi"3 lady Lea.theniec'k poured I.alE a bottle or her most ''stinl,iIlg . pel~ inw Ij. Ugbtar before realiZing that it _ WIIS not llghmr (luiu. N(l!ldl~li III say. her erroneous act hll s d e::o,'elCl]?ed tnt 0 n j;n:!ihio p :ftrt omet WOll'leullelierves.

• MCA$ Ik Tono-MClsl people Ggree that hnving II platul'll tak('n is more Bntnful "Ill the :subject than i ~ i~

to the Photogr.aPher.r= .

but- the Ill. bills 11 1'1 va .'"' ~ ~

boon turned, Apho •• ".' '" "-"""'''-k.rr--·to_gmpber~et()lIt to· - "_~~I. sboot some beet and got shot bmu;e;ll.

For 'more than a 'year .ilI sw~nn or bees ill III de !.heir home belweeu the walls -0£ lhe pho~ lab, The 'SW3'mJ t\lptiner.ellS'tng and somenne had to l:nQV(I. Nllfldless ttl ~ay, the- bees \lIt'le "ir",

Theydid1"t 'Ii!.."e U~'" idea e'len a little bit, IUJd as their combs W~ beil1g moved inln -a ho), 111f!y went OJ] a DUl'Ipngc. 'l'lle phtltt?grlIpll(lr grubbed h~ ClmefU 1l.1ld the bees descended OIl him. ~ow the. bees have "II the luI.Jm tbey V.'t1.111.

~ NAS HClNQLUJ..:V-A yeUp'lan jill') wIs base bad nllqUii'ed SUM a .llil'ge coUc~efulll of ekilues of WAvE!!.. WACS I.UId civilian FEMS that .he found himself slowly glJ,~g b~'"Il' trying to hurEraroes s,o becou1d brIng out th@ lIner pOln_l$. in hIS -nrt cotlection. '1'0 _sol'Vtl 1& probliim 10 dm::ided to gOl .into tI:Ie plctw-e &rune business for himself. He U DOW taking orders~lll 1700 to lSOO each day.

~MCAD M];~-Ao(lordilllg to 11 c.omhat veteran, a":\:l)IITJD1Jdb tions 111 th e P~cifl 0 indude the "F1ysp:d H"~el," so nanmtl beenuse it is loooted nn lin island that iii n tntlJ'e. dot ill the middle o£ 1'1I.IlJiiIl_g,

Tl'(JnSu;nt pilots are the gq~t:;, ann a.;c-. eDwil)udatipns h1altidfl t.«:nU in wh.ich c<ll.s are reserved for them. WhnL the hotel lacks in m-oderl1 Q:)nvemenOf!$ is made up by the ;geniality _ of the cElf.tai 1'1 ( m lIXlager ), His trusty ·~[tesk darks: lllquire e~'ery new trMWellt to sign Ih~ hotel regS~{e:r.

~NAS O~Wia-ldlng <I bottle (If tlhnnlpagne and I!lutteriIlg a preyer, th!' t'OlID1lll1lilln,g ..,JUQet reGeni'll' JlI.lllmhed n new j'OunullJ~'ic: ship. Th/J Oflk LIJg,

<'Dedioatad to the mtJl1 ",11m serve tJncle Sam here 1'1:1 I>IAS !i}~," .LLe!1~ipJ?er UlIJiQIcUICIlI-'\. Ar!(~"J'1I1J. Log s1tppoounsteadily into the bubbli:ul!: wnhns oE NIl.'V\Iue. ~ •

"NIW:l&OtlOll of our nc," 'ship' will be up to the enlisted personnel ba.scdat this Muffon:' the s1Lfpper went 011_ '''There hnVI'

been rnan v Fe,] nests hIT .1 S ttl tion newsp!! peI u.ncl beJ(~ll 1&. Take her "way; f'!ie's YOlU'S! Full, iipll~d ahood, ~d w<!1Dn the lUfJ.!erJoesfn

.. NPFS .. r\T.l"reNs:-A jllQll'lt grnde lielft!.mal1t, tr!!.ittiIl.g officer WOIl lOp cash priZe of $20 in tbe 8ru.tIbn's .!Illl1uaL Wr:!orygarden (mllte~t th<rt was julig ed by. <L pl'ofes sor of I:h e trl'Liver.sily ~£ Georgia', College of Agri-

eulture, -

. Second prize [If $1.5. went to '8 SJ' (.II); while tbe tlrlrel pri:.tc .of $10 went- to a l!1llvi.gfltiOIl inStrlllJtOI'. A. Fourth ~~ Df $5 Wtl.~ givell the htb{)r tlilgirlecring: offieer.

Th~ ~gtioolrufe pl-1lfeSilOr saW the gm-d en ,.1, Itt wrm fuot I1'riZI;\ W1.\6 OIl e o~ tim best h~ hMI seen il~ this pal'L I"IfGeorgia and was remukAl,le ooll!iiderlng the \ml1S1.IfLl hck of rainfl.1L

~ NA.5 Pl'" Ifl, rL\JlJlQ(I:~H mn)' pta...-e a bit" dIOie til t fur 11 ~n'(, ... ) Clf the Mil leli!: DeparhutluL to keep a; preVioUS cngageIl'le:Ilt .even thougn nill ~epLl~n Q:S A PflYi':tu~J.:el, It 1. det\IDSEl ward en, ts a ts t:lke.

Now _ in the Nav)! tt yell t. lhis' SF (l\) rer-e:i1,lM a delnYl!d MliIf'®tlOil by J;lis home tOWflclvillan defense; council to be on the:bllil dUril1g 111NlAY. The lelte:f £O!I<JWB,:

D~ Sir: I'll Ov...,j, of VE,D",y. ~1.m t~Pol1. !D FIn'! HeadQtl:l.ttet~, :R"osevcil AVellIIll-.Y11U wtU be lI¥I>ln~,J II) "Ilrlo~s "'0<11111)5 ~ 1Jlo <lilY to [l3tl"llil :w d IlrO\e<,1 Fi~e 1'1 ""''''' ~d awillt t<l ""'<i!ltllinlnK' 'mr~r in 111~ cit1 of iP~~tu~. TI"," idm: )0" l III vour P \"tit «;If OM, F !"e' ",.in,

Vnytn.ly- 101l~

}am •• F. ~1i;II\f re r.

"l don'tl:billk 1 carv mil Ita it this w.QI'," the !iF( A) remarked n hil &;jelly.

• MCASCw>ruw POlNT-A.viation 'Trllllspdi"t. Division, tmrriers e'! !:be Wing'smaDf tol'll> of tl.'tpress ft~t be.twj3et1 - Cheny Point mId outTymg fields, put in mote than MOO. hours:, It 111~nth ~rryiflg e~e:rytil:Ung hOlf! l!l!e cream mu. to airplane wmg.s.

. ~-m -pilot!!. b~ ve performed, mer.-ay. erT~nds Dymg emer:g4lley CIlli~ to l.o_.qn~b; drOl'PeiI, par::l!roop ers i,n q:I (I ¢k a ~ta~k prublems: £to,w u nllvig;:! ilimal hops lor 5 rud eats.; tTnilsPQI1€cl gflJleml~ and privn[~!r, as well ·l\S-IIDWtain6l'S. tn. M ruin e 'baseS.

,,:-.lAs !lonoLu):.,Q-WJ)}]e a sailnr wa:.~ t,,-lk~ iug II) it civilian ot$ide the g,edu.nk f~.(!~ t'f)lY I'et'untly, ·Ure ideo thtrl II ~owd was ~'i.th"'iiug .. subcoosdollsly dawned U!l MIlL Looking hellimI him, he discOVIilTflCl that

A.vance Bases LET UN.EI. hEll FIDM rOUl

IIO! had b(lC;;o;>me the head of u I!''''g: lill\l' "vaitlng for 5t1U)t'thing. 'IVllat t!:tat snmething was, will neva be Known.

''1l'_B a petted 6XlU'lll'ie of what hahtt !ltm dill. to a man," the !iilill'lr .sUhi as he S u,da (_tnl_v mail tl himse If SOlJ'l't'e.

• MIl.A:S FALl..QN-'Vhnt IS' probably the 1J~!ly amateur flying eluh_ for nnwl pe!"S'Oaad flJ(i!its ELt Wi!> stlltlQI).

. Thi~ Uy1n~ dub, dllbb~d. :'The . :-'lav}' Sag!" ]mp(lt'rs, was firs t OOIl{!lll\lEld UJ i:lil.! mind nr 11 seaman, ~llo ill October 1MI' asked an ell~IJPl. CASU Edueuti01Jlll Offieer, (Dr orgfluizlllion~ !lid, 1JJld by t1\I)' end of tlw.t mealh, 31'" members hIld JQmed up. The. club now has about 1:00 l,liIlcets ,.mil men, IlIMy 1'1£ whom have soIoed~

B>" tb us bllLldir!g LOgeUtet, they I~a 'k: 5illClQt~cd 'iii geHing r:edlli!ecl lnt£,s f!':lf their fI}'lttg time. Uslng the TIJ!JIYdef'(lf~$. of II l'Jen 1 school of eerenou l.il~> ulub to ellJb ers rirle dual OJ solo fQl' rerl.lldl!ld prices.

'" AS AN.'(CCI$TlA.-When boy meets horse • t.he l'e~ults <In" not -always too htl~py,as an ~RMJ.G!t!:A tlooljd -here can I'!t8dil.y te;o;tify

The sailor me@r!UK four-footed' Waterloo :It Aiken, N. C, where he bad flown as II transpcrt rndiormln. Aiken i& ""eU known

u~ II h~ahl! resort, anrl is partiClllarl}, noted for itt: bI!iIlIlUfulb'!UIs.

The bhlefaoket GetideQ l~ Illflkegood ow of hi:s few hours l.ay~Qyer by f'xplt,dng these .trails. Enter OlB horse. The meetin.s; was DO t low at lin; t mgllt, nnd the fugitive from the surrey wtrh the&!llg<: t)n top grllklrorJ our Ilt:l"o ~'ffth a ]d1!1< tfll '1 oIs port .II ppendllge~

- R~u.II'5! a h:ip 10 .neHI~dn 4.url an overii\Te~~ C<lClit, The sailor is t":,l:Upllrtltillg nicely, and as snon us the cast 15 removed fTIlIJI' hill l~g; he ·\\0111 taKe a: .seven-day leave, Cl' is M! fl"i. td SHY I hI! t . th is fly in g sailor will Hot go borse---bul'k Ti(hug.

~ "-AS HUN".rlll l-fn.I.-_}( IlOI·el o..mmpnigtl ·wa$ B,,'II.f.:~ Inn~~ lifl.iIl with t],C1),lIlOUnI,lC- 1I11ml ,,1 dnHIllge toi1!!' currier U,SJ). Hunker 1-/11t. 'The- doy tll~lteW5 wns mode (Hlbl.lc Ule W~ BCl1ld, OHic~r dll.signated lite oomp!,l;lgtl "Cet the B!ln!..w lilll "ad>; Into Ole FIght,"' and p(15te~s were made f~;ltllting Ll'e\x<sp(l,per cfJppfngs of the action. PllotO,gnlphs or petsomurl b\l).fug lmnds fur tl,elr ll1Ullesake wer~ made. 1Uld s wries on I II e 1:1 ()\<el~Ulpll:lgn lIlildc .I'l ews!lJll,e I'l> H I(Oll.gllol:l t· I he M [dtI1r W 1lS_l. OlVer &til.QIl!) W{ll'til !')f e.TI1'a bonds wete .sulP. a goudly por.tioll f;}>:nkad br 1:11"val tie .. in.


Un.nned ov's -preliel1t ti.:fs)' Uvrget to IilJilffmy a:ntfaireraft "nn!;l srpaU O,1'1Tlll flm: Marine gyoulld crew gas&'eS lip Fer a nether Jlighl

Marine ox observaliou plane IDes low over 'ruined N. lin. 0kfn. nwa's IDain otty, helping to direct us. attack on Jap def5llderli

the ~o o.l!t and. through c'SA,aoy aad all lh~~e commands may re_qu~t millstons of the SAO.

.In an an1l?hibious npera:~oQ" the SAO may be employed prior to D-day for M1 apptapriale missien wbich JIl.ight include, such jQos US to verify t,e,rain information 0): data Ioundin aeriai photos, to locate mdtab1e targets for immediate air strik-es, or for naval gunfire or ventual artillery tnrgelis. A third task migb l lie 10 acconll?al1)' arid lISSil;l the air ccerdrnator.

At ODe l::ii)::Ie,a prior to D-day mission fot the SAo was to determine condition of surf; reefs and bcad:ws, includJng, if possible, presence of obstacles 011 beaches and reef-s, and the physical consistener of the beach. Now the- job is done by Hydrographic- Observers.

During early hours "fan invasi(m. supp rt air observer plane fli~s off currier decks. Later fhey operate from bases on land

IN PRESENT-duX ampJtibious opeI.-Ulions J rQ~l:t d.Jffel'en;_ttypes of aerial nbservers are used, each for a specific puq>ose. There are Su.pport Air Obssrvnrs, Artillery Sp(ltters, Naval Guufhe Spotters (though usually speelallytrB.inetl pilot:> do "this job), and Hydrographic Obser ... ers,

iill Marine Corps offioers -flyjilg- as observers, fJ;'gardles.s af type,nregro\l.nd olKcers who, for eompensation PUlp ses, are cl~gnated as ''se!"lal tactical and gumrery observers," entitling them to $6Q a menth additional Cl'lrnpen!;Q-_tion 31](1 Bigh.t g_ear. They are not


authorized to wear <my type of wings.

SUP-l?i.'i:t Air Observers:, (sAa) are Army and Murine officers lmined in techniql16 MId tamties 'Of gJ'ound WSl'fare, Generally their lilnctllm is to patrol In minimum altitudes, the objective ar~, from n-day until the eb[eetrve is secured. They report on enemy activi!:y~ the tepuin" prngre5's of Irlendly grQund forces, likely bmgets.

The S_AO makes ill bis reportS uver the SAO radio net to the Commander Support t.\im,raft: (esA) A~ the- SAO repotts, his information 'is s_ihmltaneously available to aU commands monitoring


HOWOUI 0,,,,11 ttOJ1pll 1Il'!' doing 01) 11\11> 111'<lQhhclld, loo;tLij)b nf shifls uno illrelllioll 01 ruuverneut nre- n~pllrt!ld' on hy the observer

WfllLl;( a1r~rne and en ~1.atiQn omUl" ;nl,un;phibil'lus operu:t:io.m. 'the 5 • ...0' is ,I fust...J.l.i~no, OI').~Ule~Seefle -source of il1FQtjmatimti to give nash repetts Ol'l; 1. PJ'Qg:re$s of Jru.u:1ing waft to the h~cl1. 2. Landlng of ~\i'1j'S, art)l(!JI'cd vehicles and supplleli. 3, Friendly broops, snch uj!; prog.'es-s of l'l'!QOpS- inland, !runt Iine 19cation.s, direction of movement. loeationa where Hatoe tmolvel's are I,lSt:G, 4. Any type Q{ enenl)" ~otivity-loc.'ltioJ,l ef anti~bOi'lt gunK, ru1:i]]ll:ry, runphibious reserves capable ef COtinmattack!i, bivouacs, observeriOt! pGsfis, mecih!lnized _ forces, massed trf)OpS~ def~n'sive Li1Stlll1~lidIiS, dUlTlp's" 5. Res~tg and e£l'e~t:s .of na~al gunllle and artillery, 13. Shrppwg, friendly and enemy. 1. bamage to la!1ding m;afl. B. Gondiliijn oj Janllin,g beAches, Hbw 01


L,otaUon.s of Jap aef~ns'tl iriiMIJ";.:t1oriS, -such ~s these lr'llaval,guns WI Tru:awu, 1U6 ,roparled by SAO plane fl)'lng enrlsingover:IieaJ

tu;Lffie .. 9. Bf!!iU Its ann e£fecJ: of Clnse Air S~pp01t.

Oftim the: .:'S"-- T'I')IlUl'l:St5 w!;l"tber ,IIPI)I'!i or Hle sao for a _weOiJic 3jTea to detemline fe;JSiBilily 0-£ pulting au air strike into the area, 'Ihe SAO often .is moo to contact Irie'l1dlypnlTOls 0]' eheck oamuuBage and c:unou&ge discipfine of &i:enBly traops. Thq may direct artillery or TIa'\!a.i ~1'6".

At present Were is- ne standal'd training for SllppQt:t kiT'. Observers. Theil' ItnJlIing is a resE0l'i~l.lilily of t1\le DlvIsion !;If Corps to whinh attaohed, This tramill.g includes sunbt:l1iflgs as a rer ke$lJ,er eourse .in infarH.ry and anlRnib:ious tactics, reco.g_nition, ]:6~iew 01 Jap tactics, J';lcllO procedme and cOUlmuniea:tirn:!l.s. Farnil'imiza Uonwith all types of air oI!J:SeJ;mtiol) planes, patticu1ii1y the

TsM, l"eJl'esh'el' lIlll1p l:Ltld liEl.l'i:l] phf)togpmpby Interpretation, spotting gurulrc. eotttnnmicll.tions aua tr.#rtitlg ex,eTcises in -l"e-dOguj~iflg_ wea;pons, tr,t;j(:IJ:I' eumbars, calibel's of w&1pOns.

He. 1;13.'; to know wea[hill' u:nd bydrography sulfioienl: to desorihe weather c!ilndlliion~ 1rl. un al'ru.t.als\~ the Manfle Corpsl:l:J.bJ-es df Otg~~tiQn-\VJ):l1t e:ve.ry type or unit Has in the way of men, material ana weaP'"',ns.

_ Other training includes c..'tmOuBa_gff, theory and p~ael:iee of ait ollservartion. ohecl~H)ut in life raE!: and survival use of p.aMcimte:s" tel:T~ :liuciles and aerial gunnE:l!7. The, little '1:)Y Hlanes afford the SAO little. protection from enemy ~mfire ortl.ttackiiIJg p[anll:s. ill ,ea.'[).iflr ph~ses, . ,of an, iHvasi~n ·.l1.e)' OF .. , e~t~El"(1)m cam.erJ!:. hl;~er moVing fo lano bases,



Plans w:etr;: madr: 10.:1' e,st;abliilirt.i.ent of a phDtllgraphic. labo:tatcruyat Pensacola, ana l\icb'ludson 'Was sent to the nec\\I Army school of photogr.tphy ill. Washington. Here he prepared him.'je:lf for a m::l.]or rolf! .in oparal:ian ,0£ the NavY's fust phutographio lab.

By 191:8 llieb~ had been eommiss1oned,e.nd he rel:uri:'J.ed to Pensacola togiv;e impetln to the d'rgat'11zatioll whic4 today controls such :vita! .mili,tary func:,tibhs as aerial.: ,mapRmg. and the nraking oI all. trammg filnIs. In 1lJ2e. Ldeuteaant Richardson was pmc'ed on im1eb\le duty as an officer Md r,em. stated ill the Navy as a c.:i~ilian with the designation Senior Scientist.

The pass.lng of Walter Ridha:rdsOD in fW';le .194:5 recalled to many the ploDe~r~, days ,of naval aerial phot{)gt!!.phy wl1ieh ipspfreQ.Uevelopment of equipmmrt'idt.al 10 !'he: Navy in World War II.

Fmsr pictures of U.S. Jlllval vessels and niremft in a.ctio.1l ware taken by a young unrated 5ruIor wIth a boxCariJ.era, Walter L" W.cbar&n"n, who ntlw is. regarded. as the Father of naval photography. III 1914 Ri. ·~.ar1;iSOD·S eI£arlll ptO* voked only mlld mterest as those "fan ambitious amateur, but ill 1915 be was rated a lilac·hlui~~s mMe second class, and combined ins duties of servicing alrplane engines with ta.king phot(}graphs \vitb a newspaper caraera reinforced against I:he . wind with e.igmbellX slabs.

_At Pensaeole' he '3.t!:rllcted the attention of his superior Qffice:r~ and ffuiilly W8_S lilamoo official station pbotogtll.pner.


Thi~ was -the l1n't time iu the hiSl;ory of the Na.vy such a d~ignation had been made. Sl!1ooess of bi"s efFOrl:'.s with crude eqllipmen_t led to devel~pment in 1916 of a more COmplelt but ·effiei·errt telescopic ®rialcamat1a, strictly Hand-held and fiht of its k:iJ.'ld produced in the United States.

By this time. the value-of aeria] photography as a weapon Of war was bcooilllDgap. parent, M,d the Navy decided to promets it as no efBclal fI.ctiv:ity.



'"X TfIEN a Stlilplan.e loses a wing £loill V'll and the 'vlng is ~llght ill the water. the plane ~ftell oapsizes and sinks. This 11appens b ~USI3 !:he res.cpe Clew is unable to put $u1Bcient weight on the up-wing to foroa it down. or the plane is in sUcb a po~tio.n that \ Ind on the up-wing forces it still higher.

This is a description. of. a simpJe method developec1by twG elrief boatswam's mates at Saipan for bundling u seaplane with a sunken wing. TII~ ht:>at best Stted for the operation is the standard Navy real:l1rlng boat equipl?ed with a two-Iold block and tackle secured to the forward lifting pad eye in the boat The nm:nil:tg end Qf the t<J.ckle is hooke€! ioto a padded wire strap long enuugh to take II cotPplete round turn about a Y.dn,g tip (MeOlotl).

When the emergency crew is noti1ied 1.h!lt a plane Jlas a broken Wing'1I0at, it proceeds at once to the scene with a rearming boat. equipped as described. The boat npproaclies the plane from the stern (step 1) .. When under the good or IIp-w;mg. a heaving line is passed to a man on the wing whp secures the ~trap. When this is secured and eyes &vened up, the book on ,the nmni:ng end of the tackle is hooked through the eyes.

Ddring the first part of the opel'ation. the coxswain of the boat keeps enough way on tG keep under the- wing, iF plane ts ill tow. When taclde is secured ttl the strap the crew in the boat heaves in and takes a ste{l.dy strain (step 2). It is best t{) have the h!lul'mg part ef the line around a cleat to hold the genT taut.


IT ~y b~ ]?ossihle to heave down the \Vmg with the tackle; but usually the best pmctioe is to let the motion of the boat exert the strain, the crew taking in slack as it comes in the line.

When the ~ving sU1l1$ to leveL 'vitb ease, the boat ooxswaln shears BUt, alloWing the sound Boat to rand. in the water, The beat sraw puts adequate (enders between boat and float and secures boat alongside the.Hoat (ot-epB). Now plane Dlay be towed OD even keel.

In the event tfutt beth wing· Boats are druna-g_ed, pToClildure ill the same, Elltcept that before proceeding to ramp or tender, the wi.ag tip of the up-wing is heaved down and lashed to the forward part of tearming boat (step 4).

[D ..... 'Il.<IHDIY S. L. W:lIU'I'UI. c.~. AltO H; JOIlC;~N'~. CilM)




~CERPT F,ROM AN ACnON REPORT.: "The firing af d

fr .. "nd1r phlll! WI1~ unforn!n~le bUI \Ii" Z,,-ra I .. "get, anl,lfll aud gljde-approach made by the S,B2C made it ·difficm£t 10 dirnllsul"h ilFro:m !In OSC''''1'" Jill Ot Z'e.kt, ap':) k maIn> wne,J .... ddiaU"ly hostil~ ;lrrilud" af aflpr",""c:h. The excC$> 5iv~ ddal' il'! some g1.1~ lleB~ing lUe on 0rd"t' was due to the noi~il of p.I"·l:Ies on the Aigl" ckdl; [Drtling up 'l'J1;ginel\ .in

addition 1'0 the n!Ji~e pf 'gun lil"(,.'1 - ,

-.,_, " HEIrs ':;,nholJthel~ tihnst~~ce, lJ\'. WbJr_<lf a hO,.,5s~~e ap. prO!"" .ment e IfueeOOSSlty (If ope,rup nre on a

"!reud1( oairk-ra!t Ivhlc;:h W.JJz a-?oin "Wlfrendll: things, We mite l'amn1t tbu( 01l'1" • .'! a hIll shIp starts a-shootin, hit's 09( e',tv ttl stop the Ilow uv hot lead instuJlldr atterlhc mi..'lsteak fms bin diskivtlTf;1d, One ship in rnaldn an unfrendly approach sturs up a _ helluva S.lOl1'1l U'V hot lead that starts a-comiu I'll re Ql:HJl which ginnel·aDykeeps all a-eemin until ye fl nd yarseJf in tllll drifl k,


l§ O,,(;tl1Ilbl!r tile. fuilt VFN Ie! te.!(ih A-- S1tW ~"v';1'4Ili;g:hl! 0]1 the $t~iJi!. Tbe. ,pilm blinked .his running ligllt, -al1drlic. Jap qbliging:ly turned on. _g'ore ligbh. at wbitb Ihe VFN prompily J6'tnl"d the f\eld nnd: pl"oduc:eiI the de.ir..d eft'""" (:QJI\P lete bl~d:out."

. E. P I BEJ',pn;UliIU'Il'ightl~, We had ~ Salli~ thiflp ~o

, happen to 1lS back m the resnn twenties. t s (1,-

h~ at jolt-wagon load of herbs to Gtf!IlDUp.sbnrg tn wet men S plU'che-d gullets. r bnd 24 milk 001.1.5 that llelt five galloIJ a-piece and ll; few ll'rtra jugs. I had 'em kivered with a lOll:d of fodder. Firm lli-h-tg I kflQwed three- men rode .do_WI> the ~tty .raad on mules a~gi\o'Ll me rhe t~ght signal v.<1tlt nasl1hghts.

Then CO)clfiin MillaTd give 'em our si.gml,l an4 SOQIl as !:herd rid up besIdtlus ilnd thar mules stn.rteri:r"'pi9kjp FoilcIer offe-n our wagrJJ'\ I saw we'd beel1 tricked. They were !evfllloo~~. We wuz a!re~e~. and o~t good h~arHI' Qoured Ul 'l.111l- flV~L 1'oS!'1UfI1. who S JiSt "II sI:IUp of a boy filcn, gQt


dnwn ou I.W knees to dr,illk QUI' herbs: hom the 'Ti.mer as lh . y'~ a.'flowill into the river. They arrested 11;;:; fer 3- WllIkJil. in' a dry sea~~m. TIus is whut I'd call i-dent-i-neatioll ~ ro"el'S~. I:I.it's ~ ligljt Vilben yrJI'e out ttl _gj~ ,me ~n'my I rn a-tellio ye hlfs shore bad whell it h",ppeml to you.

ACTION REPORT; "Two PoF's orbi1iiogover the Watet tWO miles -nortb .of Zamht-M,~aki ~aw .a plane being takan unde.r AA lire by ·u~fo.(!e. 1'~!Scl5. Ditl.lng d;,wl\: to 7,OU fen altitude to investlgiLIe, the .Nan.r undll' me turned our t~ be 'a, F4U. To dtdW the' £rl.l!ndly $lJdacc f<)fCI!!l that .!.Ittl}' we"e mi)lg OJ) a friqlQly p.la.t1J! thul' Hc.w wing on til", F4U, 80tb pI31leli wer" alut ta:k~n ll"lldlll' AA flrll and crOSlltng Zatnbi.Mis"Jd IJOward, Yo.n~ A.icli~d.g:I"OUDd forecJ t_,k the p!a.n:& wtdO!f :AA fu·e, The. P4U UDal be4ieved ~o bavebeen hit, hut b,Qtb planes fro,m tbis ship Were d'amagi\d. on .. lan.dl~g "lid ground loopmg I)n YWlI2n, the other madtl it ~,., .. !ih hmdlng, nea,r thl! KaielU) Airfrdd. Th"plaoe I>Inding on Yoman WfIlI -subsequently ·rcpai~ed a-nd returned (0 the '~hjp. The ,plane whiCh censh-Iended at Katen!! .... ,~ ·a total ro~. The pilot. !W.jf:l!ted t.,-eel'.acioD$-.o" lh~ fOMhep:J, a splinter in a.,.," e)l,e and shrapne! in the fight thigb. Afle~ a ,perio:d q£ co.n:"ales~C8- the pilot wa~ r~lu:ncd tel: the ~hip.!'

, TfflS ..... "(ION reporl almost OOIlsLi.tpots a lromedil} UV errors if bit WUZB'l !~rlhe. .£aek tba~ one pilo~ wuz wounded, one FGF WI.J:t lostand aneother da.mma~a. Tbe"Q,oil SatnarltUJl_" aek whiehLhe two F&~'s Iliad. I:e akompUsh wuz foiled by uad rCck-og,-n.iShwn "r wu-z hlt b.eew-e tl1tlll.'lri<le pl:mes Hyim;l .In formashion looked menane. mg? Mehbe the gun hues ,vuz: purry trigger huppie that day becuze of enmy alt;UlR. En)"'vay goorl--reok-og-Ilishlon wood surtal.nly have saved the duy.

Not a-kuowin )le!: fread oaa be even rnnre tru,gIck than nQ~

a~J..m"wJu yer enlriy.

.ACTION: REPORT: "AI I as" Zrkc appro;lcilld onl! of our awn dest~O}\OltS UDdetec:u~d until d're pl"n~ wu onl)" .35:00 )'a~ds away 311m altitude 0;:,£ about 1500 h. The.Zeke made a "luillow c:!iVIil on tb. .. d~sII'O:Y"~ •. ,dr.opping a lio:m,b, ~,!I"dmated (0 be abuu[ the _,i2e o! .. 100 pound GP .••• It fel1..approxj. !!laTely :50 yards. elr th<:c starboard qll(lrl~ wid!Q1J.t ~_ploding. The encm >. pla.n~' pa!!Sed directly overhead ill m,,~,ng: hi5 amurk, ludling OUI 3fQ,boOI 200 feel over me ship. Tbe Zelie WII~ 5Jnoking -a,~ itlfuappcared uno n eloud and wa:s. lat .... 5h"t do,\\'n by en e. or oW< P4U,. The fililul:c to observe th .. Zeke ~OOl1cr 1":t5 "ttribllt~d to me fam that. the Z-ekr 'i<'as lnilling about 100 YArds beb.i1ld and bet'l'cell 1W6 fr'iebdly P4W., a ,position Wl1d .. C be wowa be secure,"

W· j;! ~V(,l.,OD rCaZ!ilD. alll,:! explo!al .Uisb'oycr JQOkouts to DO thaI reok~Qg,tlishion at least well enuf to tell n Z(!ke frurn 11 Gor.i!ir. We wood tusoexpeot that tJJe

l"iU pilPLS SI1lillliniy wood ud :tLle ttl tell lhe difference betwixt It Jnp and ~hllf own plauc.s, l?!iTticlmlarly when 8;yin frJr:m<l.:Shiofl. ReazQ_oabJe. assompbioos granted, hit fOllats thut Rcrlrnps b~rh the pilob 'mY !:he sWpwuz not quite on ther toes. Y(}u rna¥ no yer own Teek-og-Il:ishinn, be. n whili~ie-iliJ>.zieat hi1 in fact, bill it don't m~lre no n:eve.rminrl if you're ~leepridjn' and a-,-havil'l sweet dreamso' :SUD) purty gal





OPl:lflA, 1.',L"'G almost :vithiu Sight 0t the Jal_ilooese slroreline, a Navy Mapiner teamed up with a. _ S1J hmarine le rescue American alFm¢,n downed at sea. The Navy exerts every effort and throws evety resource lnll) its rescue operations, This l"n~{, and others like i based at s Iormer Jap seaplane. station, take off regullu'Jy to scour the ocean Ior survivors. VV'here necessary, seaplanes make the rescue. Usual1;y the reseue eh\Jle dreps a life ralt, prQvjsions Ilnd signalling equlpment to these pilots and airerewmen and direetssudllce vessel or stlbnlilrine to pick up dtiftltig survht(lI: . s, DIRECT!;;D TO SURVIVORS BY THE PBM. A SUB SURFACES AND TAKES ,{I:IRMEN ABOARD

R sbrlated- 31


FIGURING at the rate of two eyes per head-s-serving in billets ashore or at sea-that makit$ 10 officersa:nd men whose peepel' should light on the pages of this single copy of Naval A viation News. ~ ~ So if there's something you d like to mull over in the magazine, but can't now. why not route it on, then catch it fUrther along 'on its ltinerary? In that way, Naval Aviation News will reach i,ALL its readers ... an.d~ooner!



Servin, Board b Time Server

NAS SAN DIECD-.By~ means of an aD and electrical seTVIng-board stand devoloped (it thiB actMty through the Navy emplo~es' $u,gpjsstion program, servicing Of both compressed alr M.d electrical cu:rretlf in areas where aircraft is being repaired. is simpli1:l.ed greatly.

The Wood stand includes six llo-~Glt singJe.p:base receptacles, ODe 22o-~o1t. !h:ree~pb!tse female xecep!:adle, one 2* volt rirale receptacle aud four Hanson connections with n~e.~~azy pipe fittings. Two Ua.nso,1). oon:oections are at the rear of panel and do not show in the pieblre.

This ftxtutc earl be made up Eor pEtmanent installation, or it can be used as a pemb1e unit. with casters.installed on the legs. The stapd has redueed the number of connections and .6ttings needed by a substantial amount It has maae tbese services availllbJe


where and when needed more quickly and at less cost.

[nT~I"l'fEIl 'B-.:' La" lIowwo!.>I J

Fender Protech Seaplane Hull

DilB<.'UJties experieneed in forward areas in reI1lc,Jmg seaplanes in the water brought a requel'lt Irbm CO'MJ\IRPAC for an impruved method of protecting seaplane llUlls &orn damage durilig ri:!fueliJ1g operatfnns, Yo meet this· demand Bl,TAlll'R n-a ohtuined pneumatic fend.ers. fnbrical \<1 of rubber-coated cluek. eaeh 16 feet long by 2"- feet in diameter, for Us on the u.-loot refueling boats and the <lo--ancl IiQ.-Ioot mater whale boats thflt are equipped with bowsees,

Tests ecnduered at NAIl PATUXE:~I' lltVER under simulated service eondilions Indleate that lli~ new pneumatic f!ln~er. when rigged outbon;:d IiIf .refueling uoat SG El:iRt fender Jusf skims sW'~ace of the water, will absofb the euUre shock of e.ol'ltact wilD a seapltme.

In tests it also was Ieund that shock abstJ1'bing qualities of this fender were superior to thosJ! of the rubber seaplane mooring bl.loy whleh, il is understood bas been used in the past. These fenders are dJ)Sigoed for use In seaplane f{l{ueJing and servicing operations only and should mit be used as a general utility fender. as equ(pment Is of pneumatic construction fntsnded for oontBot wilb only sttJOQtb surfaces.

This equipment has been giV611 S'J'ocrc NO. SJI"!!lP-IU(I and .has been admed to the- Section o allowance list for se.'lpl<lrrc tenders. Dlstrtbutlon t!!l f·orwa~(l areas is under c~gtill:ance ef tba AMO. CoMl" .. :n~~A. The equipmllllt will be made II,vnilable to lJ. S, stations upon request to BuAElt

Come-Along Helps Moor "anes:

.S.$. LUNG'" POll<rr-B:Bfl-VY w~tber securing equipment developed and used aboar,d this vessel appears to possess se\'er.al ad'llMtages over ('jth~)" methods advsneed heretru0re. The equ·pment features use of .R come.-i1lQllg 0001 by which ends of the mooring caGle can be

bl'ou~bt tautly togeth 11 in sil(lr't orl'ler and held there while being secured with ii U-bplt.

In securing pll,lMs, twQ erews of tWo rnen each are used. Ea;ch crew has a eome-aIGIJ~g. One mall hand Irs the co!'Ilealong wlrue the second crewman gwdes ilie cable .into the tool and fastens it together with U-bolt:s. This secures one side of the plane and the two-man crew moves on to the next plane. By this method a plnile can be seeured with. i~" cable in three or IollI' minutes.

Anotb~ advantage is fue fact full there Is only one Foint of corl1l.ection. A single cable is used in each ~ide Of the plane. .Aitf;lt it is pa.<;s d lhwugh ~e airCraft tie-down Htting and under a series or finge( d~ts> at least two feet long, the cable is doubled back and sellUred. to itself with U-boJlts,

This system can be used equally well on Hight or hangar dedlc. and, since equipment is ~ry compact. it CIIll be


employed in resbiictecil areas, SinGe [he handle of the c;ome-alm~ is 2~'( Iong. there is tmough leverage f.or any desiJ:e:d degree (]If tautn~ in seCUi'ing the cable.

BuAn Cqmmoot-Thil; eome-aleng appear, to be eUthought OUI <lad provia~ Im~l(CelleD( and necessaey piece. (>£ heavy weatheT securing elquipln.enL :A s-Lrtlila'l' device, the Wood, Calill!. Stri!tllbel', ha.. been £u:vDished flluet ualvities by Com_Ftili Alameda, and i~prried lb stoc:i: <II NAS Alameda undm- nock No. (L}41-T-4080. Howevl.'t, the come-along deKdbed ile:r hII$ lh nd'lantageovet the Woodl Cllblc Stte!ichel' in thaf there .i5 less ""'tuh mg of cable whw tensioning. BuAer bas under I:ol:utd.etatio.n deveJopmefl1 of >'i.sfilndard c'Jllle-aloug For iI; ue to vaeious- Fleet unib.



liondbooll on 1'6F COlIIero 'ndoilotlollS

Aerial camera instaU«l"iolll> in tltel:~Hll' mid il'aiJ.:1JI'aft are d~.cdb,ed a.ude:l.lllaiullli! UI a Dew h!ll.ld'book of lw.troetions. N \' 1':11 l,O-l~11, \I!hicb has been cUstributed 10 llill Fteet.

"Fe>tlurlng a eamera rol)U(lt ollli'tnwwd III u(:coroaru!!1 \rill, SIITI Diegu Local Chunge ~II). ua, the new FSF 15 the most completely equ.ipped elllTier-based phutn. grll:phit pllIlie In use, as well as one of t!lK most versatile of 31'1) type of rOOOllDal~ sance plane.

The Silt! Dfeg9 Local Ch.'lll_ge NO. ns lll~unt is designed lu c!tJ1y. smg,1y or in various combinatieus, U, £oUowh~g camel'B.S: "-17, 1t-18 • .Jt-z:; IIJ1d 1'-li1i. One eomDlIllition. for ex..'iJllple. eomists of Lbr!l'() 0" ,,-t1'~ iv.tri-_metrogon an:angem 1Dt nnel .. ._.3~ ITll1\mtNlllrt tn ~bdot obliques.

Ito, Shipment of P~otogropbl~ Material

1)1 ,}[ogTuphi • lJ.Ctjvi\les forward i n{l; eq nipment ttl the newly-eslullllshed R 'P;ltr, Snlvagt' and Oonserv.ution f l'hot· gtapbk

) htleri.u Unll, <1.1;1) l't'i:n.Jlm.'LI'I'l!lA, nr

cautioned that certa.lo pernne:ot 1n1.arlllatlt'.Ll mu.l IlccOmpauy tln~ ~hip,mtmt. 'rltis inf l1J1< !:ion shoulu b IVriUtm, placed in lin eavelape IUII:l aUl\!.lhed to the equip- 1I)(;lI1.!; b tIt sh:1P?irlg activit •

II t.h· eql.lJ pmen t ~~ hI I!.W~Sli. if 1 t i~ T, <)11' (\ n d ill all nlspl!ot 6t· forre- issue. or if it is used end with mtoor tepnirs Cl'It hI! 1:ilt 101<..(1 l sreele, il should be SI) stal1ld. Include nll jnfonn~Hon t:!i;f! \\'ill b· ~ ast!stnJ,ct: ill ra J?ldly determining ~teO:t (Jf repuil's n ·~SllI'I')'. W).t'D (;l(at~ nature of repairs is not known, indicate the plll'til,tllar

llillQ.Ll1 experienced ..

MllllU'ial mu I be tonvllJ'dc:d eomplule, Inc;luclm' 1111 lenses lind 1I(!<.'(l8snries. OMe(ul pa 'hging or v1to.l paris tor l'iipmeflt )$ jmparw.11!.

L\'DS elements sl)bukl be pndked ill colton or utlrer suitable m!ltt!ri:.tl. He Ct1l'lam IlU bello ..... ~ assemhlles nre shipped closer]. Proteetlon of reflll()MlI'S can :be assured by '\vrUl'piilg Lheul 111 nrdbonrd tlT dOll.. Whel1 sl.tj~ntenl is Ql'\Jted, uttnost care should be tllke.n tQ preven any fllrth r pOll il ilit of dtUH ge wI,LIe It b in t:l'lUIslt.


BaA,er Sfudles Ligh'ning Damage . If llghtrJing rip hales in nircra11 llilats and wiligtips, clon't throw them .m~ay BoA.R;(1s.k~. Even the w1ag.ed piece may help prcVeJJl Iuture tr(\uhlc.

Cnrf.l'iul study of these- parts is coosidered MglUy important,

l"ie'ld reports indilltlte that holes like the Diles illustrated have been caused b lightning amI have made floats no hm.ger watertlO'bt. BuAEn hopes to work out cerreetive mt'l!Jsures: hut needs actual ~'alnples DC the damage done. Therefore, it asks Geld liCti -tie$ not t{l) destroy darnagetl Hoats ar d wingtips hut to request shipping iJ1Sb'uotious ! rom B AR'R SQ LLat- the pieoos can b

!i nt to 11 Special lui oratory for stmly.

I r Work Sf.Qlld for Marlin Mariner NAS CoRPiJS CUR1STJ~Ortl-4 bas developed a sloping work stand to aid the 'trLJ(!hu:~{l gang muke repairs and checks

'-- ...1 un tail and Wing surfaces of the

Mariner. Use llf the stand has reduced Ule m,Ullper of mart-hours refllJix!ed for ~G-h01lJ' checks.

Other 'lations Wishing to copy thiJi idea shOLlld tOllow dtmeuslons (,Me ClIt) fairly dosely because of the small eleeranees allow£!.d. The first pl~tfol'ffi must not ex.ceed 1(( from the groW1d.

~ B.rtAer Co1tlmelll~A mOT~ pO$lrive method of p .. evebting thii stand. (rom ~oll. ing, once in 1'0$1110", shQuJd be provided. All edges. and c:otnc:I'f Uh(y fa come io 'conrad wi1h any .part of th""iJ;erait should he pi,8d d to pr"vent IIny po"ibleirlJI1~.

New Sing'e Assembly [Jlle Saves In Perso"ne', Time and Space

. ATB Pli:NSA OM - A predsiQnlimed single as ernbly line that enables the final assembly section to adjust itself 10 inereases or d~~Fease." it! preducden with a mJnirfnllll 0 dilll ultv 11a5 been set up in the .... MI departnle:nt '<It this ne ti II iby.

TIle new as embly liae, which, replaces an old type double-line. is. made

up of 28 sta tions, all located In one building. LULUguration 01 ilia new type <lssen:l'bly line lut" resul ad in n substantial decrease. in number or personnel needed, and at the sam time (:OJlseNeS -;puce. 'rh~ line Jlbw oocupfes less thau half the spaee formerly used. In addition it; provide a gre.ater lItlKibiUty in the line In plane output and personnel.

Dope 0(1 Shrrorg* of Col(lr M.fe,.h.b

U ne.'lflCiSed color S1m will remain III good C Ildltion Cw periods v.nrying from four days ID eig,111Ete.ll UIOJl,thS'o. oltpendh\g uFolI 1:itbrng.e teliiveraml'(.~ ac.ct)rding to r\ stuU), of k eplng quatilfes recel'ltly t!OmpleteJ by the Eastman Kodnk eompuny of Hml11-

stet, N. Y.

K(ida(.'(Jlot flero r versa] rilld elllllntlHap;e. debmtitHl films. ~ttlrod ln tilt: original pn!lk. age, will ~iV6 inferior 'rcS1,Jlls £te.~ foqr oay. al' 120 f\ airel' two weeks nt 100" " aflal' tl:vo months a:t 8.5' v, ruter s!~ months II 7:0" Y. and after 18 months at 5tl" Y.

The phrase ~iBfmor r~ltlts" .t6fers tn an llppreciable elllwge in e~lQr f1uII1Ily, a cendition that )tenerolly develop before tbllf i.e. ~y slgnill.cuut le!!1Sening or flli:n's speed.' PUlWE ON THE END OF ASSEMBLY LINE MOVES OUT RSADY FOR INSPECTION AND TESTS

40 R8ktrictel}



A t,#,cr r;b,PII ell f 'Qr 101110' 5ha:cile Morlll 4

A Brnggl.\ls(:ion for ellmilluJing: lOIfl'!il'Teuce between the r~d~ natnllti;oO' the w:m1u:g ;IOU rclBMt! levers of the lIO~Tlh Shuckfe Jl,I;Ut£<1 type in ilie 'l'lW-TliM bomb bny has been mild' bv MAG U. 4TH ,;l.UW.

As or-ig1milly imihll1ed. these llIcrun,tin" .rods have onlv n minimum, clearance . .it t1rey are berl duting bomb lllijdillg or ii: lldjl,lsb.neJit is clmogeo by \lih)'lttion durin$! Iligll't. t11i;':te i~ danger that btJ';: laok nut el !..be mmiIlg rO:d win l1eoome [ouled \vifu tile spring all HlEl' relei.u;e red. Whim thls oeeuns, tlie arming lever may be pu1Jed


into the tnil' ann ed pOSition by a131:.u:tticm l)fthe relea~e lever, thus rrevMling "safe"

rel ease will.!! jel~is<i!$l g born bs, ,

TQ J'llllledy this treuhle, ~~ 11 has de\'15,00 an e%tensiun to the IUTltin'g lev.er tltat was t~"foo. in Ai,~~(!ir., I)f VMTIl-1M and Ioend s UJ:.'(!I"jsfIJL Tlleref (We tbi:; item is r:ecom'mended rar all such irulJ:allitlollS in ViEW of fue delay in retroactive repla.oement of all Bomb Shackles McAllK <1: and ).IQDS hy thlf new NuillK 11 MOI~ O.

As Eubricaled by ,M.All n, this extension eOD~st.~ _01 two slightly curved ~lrips of ,,040 stamless ste.elil.pproldmawly 112" long tllld ~~, wide, I"itb ears welded togetbet fQ form one. piElre_One end of thiS' exten~jon is bolted tg- tile arrnulg lI:'vciI'; the Qtlmr ene] hlls..<l holl! sllitnhle (tlr aecammodatfng th;;. ra,nmug levCJ' Tod. Th~ remlrtng addeo dtanltlCe b'tllw .... l'l this roil ,I'nd tlw relense lever rod pt"~~ts cantnel' ullder uperating tVodItjollS.

'rl:le,kat "o.r AI J( 3 net c:/de FIts AII·8 10

The bOfnb lug- dtspIacin1!; btacket deSigne.d (:"0, USf" wfUl the MAliK 3 type homb shrt.ckle. (8'ee N.A vOw IiIMl >15-411 ~ when in:suilled ,In th .. .Bomb Shru;tl,:}e T~e AN-9JO, alloviAtes IlRIIg-t;pS Cllusedlly tnct'lmpleN QP(m_lq!t' of ~1~spens1ofl lloul,;s during g,lidc or dive l1mub!ng.

Nt! modifiOlllif1l. ('If 1,11(> l1IQ ~hn()kle is requirei! for insttJ.1Tntion of this bracket, how-


~Vl<r. Tl~e ~a<':,'ket only reoe}l!;1y bas heen pluced lllto the supply ffYStlej'n- and ma)' net be rendlly uvailable at ce,rwu aclivi· tic"". The brmtb lug displacillg b~}Jcket mest filI~illar to Fleet udivllie~ at the present time i!> the One de,ig!llecl for me on the M!UlK 4 ~ypc bomb .shackle, This Iol'lUikM may be jnl{!{d]ed on thl} Bt:lmb ShnckJe A!\fEW by drJlling thrQugh lhe shadkle side plates. (Seq tljly J !.ttlfe fif NAN'FjWS Jor i,t!form¢lfJ~1 on l1M11J1h;tltJll J.

80mb Shaddto' Mort S Mod 0 Will Work

Ent!y production .Bcutl,b Shackllili l<'lAliIJ::

II :\~ou I) wIll (lon'od (J t"Cl th e 1tX{(l.n t thn:t relc(\s!) failure mily occur unless they iln~ maintain"'" PfO[?ori)" Proeedure fot ma.fufenoIlcZ'c of these bpmb. shlltil:les W(l.S Qullined TU I he April 1,li, -i$su~ of N Ar~t:ws. This irlrOrini!nOft was tnken Irem 01' l3t2. W hich has bePi'l released fol' distribntiun.

Composite Sfllllldtou 6'B reports having made- 3Q2f.1 clwps with the MAiIK 8 MOO 0 !ihiltkl~. Lrea'ti.'tI as r~C0l11tnfmded, with no 111ll.1funo:..1iOIC! or :w.ng.ups ow.ing ~o faulty opefJ1JIiOfi or I he bomb sheekle,

, AcHvilil'S Cl,noomed me urged to fDlltlw this TeCOUJ.I~l!tll!lerJ ma1u~c,l'l!lll()I::. for I1U

BO/llb CarrIer lo.r L'ocal Manu fad lire

, Recent ~ests ij.t :O:PG UMJLG",EWN have Pl'IJdueed a I:umpla cradle type of bomb carriel' tl III I BlJO!1.D conslders suitable fOT local J11oJ,ll1.tiabt TIre. It Is ustiful lu lo~diug [he wmg rtl~ of any air.cmR 'With \l!~Q.,soo lb. bonihs, including depth bomb,S) provided these T:16kS (.'JlI1 be reached conveniently from the loading sliIl'fac,e or piat-

form. '

AIthou,gb a cHmer of this type WIlS jndu~ed l\(l'Iong oth~ suggestiOlI~ Ill) h!Jmb .hamlling equipment ill NAI'OIlll O'l'l 178,249, IUlclll[0111ai !~I'LI~ hilI/I!! busu (hMgl1ed and nlt1.Dufaclmi:>d indf.FOOUenUy, iL.is be]j~ Ihllt certa ill footUIl'S' of this carrier will be

:\s.~ru;; 8 :l>tOO tI bulllb ~h!l.tklM tu {ll>!iuu" sn Dllfac.lory performance.

New C-able CICIIII,PJ fOT AA To-rget Reols

~~ity squadmns have found that by II~mg 3. c-aljle ciJlfl1p or lbl! "~hic:1_ago" grill t YP!!. frequently rclf!.l'l'ed 1(:) as a." (,o-oriw ... Qc]ong," to transfer thctl1'~g straitl of targ0l ~ble &·Ofll 'feel to rntm~ of plane, wear and d~muge to led,!! lms beell re.:h,!l.'ed Illalemilly.

The clamp, ll!tilched by means J'lI n line to a co tlvrmien t pUll of Lb e red nitnm't or WI' fl'&:nw. rnay be F-'lll.l.':ed en, We, cable, !!1ld the. relll, ·U, ... n bn,eked off to remove the gtr4in trom th~ level \'Iilld rnechnnism, reel drum anci brol.-e~

AqJ;l.vltltl$ bused wit! lin the (lontlnelltul limjts in thi<! past h:tvil been able 10 IlQtaIn tliese ~lf,I;mpS' Iocany Without greal illltCulJ.y. hut S!'}1Illd1on's 0ulS1:ile LtU: cnunlry llil"lll ]JOt. In view Df tlti!> !SituaOOJl. and ill orJe.r 00 4ccrease reoI malntenance probI.cms, BuOM 11M }iIl9Cured t\ qlJDlltlty of clam ps lhnt are ueing issued' to \ltility squndtons. including· !-',llIIines, andtLe ~".(Cl·C p'fa"uIKl~r Utili. AddltiolJa] d,ilJl!PS ma)' bit ob.ta!Il;d by !lcUvilies usilJg: pnwer-drlven ~lnUlU[crnfL target J:eel.~ by lllquisit1()n tQ DUCIID, .• Usi"g fl1i~ _ fil1ml:"nclature~

'C:;~T~. "Cn leAr"," ,(CADI.Jl C~ mR AA

T .. rlJ):'" £1.>:",.",,) Ku"~ '6Il"lO". S'Nlc,I, NQ.

.!.~ l~t>t>


CAa.t.'" CLA,MP ffeDUCESSTR,.II,1 i'I O~ R£lE1..

'i'he-se ,gri@s haveb1:onze-1i:rted jaws. 11 maximum opening of 0.21.". are designed fol' 3. S<lie.lo(!.d or 1500 IDs. ,and weigh ap~ pliOlIDJ1ately one amI eoe-half Ibs. each.

'o! intereSt to activilil;OS eo~twoting [jew units,

.Readily aue.mbled, 'the eJlITiJU; oonti~loi of tvva sections of steel pIpe 9.@.pro<dmllte1y 2'" in d.ia:me:ler and 7' long. which ~pru-t {-nrn curved steel slr..lpS surl'ahe"d with brake liu!tl£ 00 the oonGa;ye side. PositiGning of the atrn_psis IUlcOInplished by row dnllled lug:: welded to i:he Iltraps and .l;:lJhueded b~ pins tQ ,£o!HT~ffttings welded to the pipes. ChltrJ'ges. in st:rnp ,settings to adapt for < .... uyJtlg bomb Ieng:lliscarl be accomp'llshea by use oI lh~o;l T-f!tl.iflg~, Four flilgS ~veldud on the 'pIpes prevent the carrier from sl,iding forwar,tl wl,.:rn iL Js used wIth a Bomb SlIid MARK 1 MOD 1.



TN 60-45 Gives Data Of' IfF Use

llnsatisiactory IFF 0pl:liaUoJ1l bas been report d. 0 <ll'riet~bn!ied aircraft equipped wilh ,NEA-oi .and .:>.'EJI,·S gelL. enrtnrs, I'ha unsa Uniacb)t)' operatlnn has be can ed in part b_ po r voltage reglollation of the AC power ~\lpply that is due t'O i_plprOpel' a olus:tmel7f of the volt, gc regulators aud to drift of the

regu]:.rtecl vollage tflglllabJl' heats,

Complete, up-to-date trlfOnl'lllt1UU on adjusting AC vultage re-gujl;ltOl'S fer the most sati~rRdtury Jlperat-inn oJ N£A goo· eratur is coni1uTl{£d in <IN ~!}-"5, dated ILI!y 3, 19~. T st circuit, t l oondltions and adjuS'tll1ent pro~edllre eantafned It! the loohnical note IlClulJ Ltl to!1[1wed even when Ihey coulliet with e;l.isnng iul'onrlation and procedures Illlbh heCl elsewhere. Sh'iel eemplkmee '>vjth pmoedure given in 'r:-. 60-4:; will result ill satisfactol'. opcrntion ill #~c carbon-pi! regula.tors ,

Issue NO'. 14. ot the AMlomt' Electrical Mtl;,ntClla'1l0C L 11t4~c contains a repl1nt· of:FN all-.ll.!; as well as ge II eral in fUI'l'l'111- Iion on AC aircraft electrical sy terns that will be helpful to umiel'stancling reasons for poor vottuge rcgulation. CUTVes have been provided to show the generatur ReId eurreuts aud reguhuc>d. IVo'tage for various coadielous of opel'll ion of thCl Eclipse ~E.\-I; genemtol'. the one tln, which regulation troubles have recently nee!l repuJ"te€i. lind of the General Eleo!ric Nl, -s.

Privafeers WUl Get Relief TII,bes

Produeti 11 1>144\'-2. type nirplunes now lire being equipped wfth a n wly designl:d ~tetlJnb1e l),Fe relter tube tllllL 1<; 13vAEu's answer to complaints regurdin.g the thankle s task of eDlltyipg_ waste- tanks M bags. Other reports hila eomplamed that venturi type wast outlds were erea iog rieus maintenance problc;ns Clwhkg to Im pin gement of wil1Sle npDl:l aircraft empellllages CHUSing 5uhs"9,lloot cout mlnation and c rrosion.

Til: new e;>:tennable type relief con" sists uf a tube mHnbJy- giiidcd aud supporled l'hJtt is free to extend through a hule pl'f)vided in the ,;kin of Lh aircrafi.

relief horn aud plastic tube am COBnt'Gterl to the 0PPojr end of tuhe, By UeprC$Slllg g rO@l pedal, lower end of tub is extend d 16'/ beyond the hull of the airCI':Ut, w;<;clmrging waste ill

sueh a manner thal impingement all aircraft IlmpfJlllJ.uge is precluded, Relellwg [Dot 1 ed.il anmv OJ spring to return the tube within the plane.

!\. tet;hnica! note descrIbIng the a-:tendabll type relief tube in detail is being prepared for ilifbrrrlfltlon of ['111

~ ,WAnui\j~ I J~5<i(!~",,_; 1£:" IU\:!~ 1

AeUEF TU8£ £X'T£NOS 16" BnOW i"ULJ.

ac~vi.l~es. It 15 be~~v~d Il1at sllppo~g maintenance activities call hll:>I'I£3.le 3{l(1 install units in service aircraft if they are desired 'by squadron co's,

SOSU Uses Pilot's R.adio Board

SOS U 3-A cumpreheusive pJ10l'S radiu ill struction brxlLd. designed by an enlisted marl, nnw j~ in nse her .

Ugbts lit'e placed uver piclmes 01' transmirtera and r eeiven and are conueoted in series with wttehe on the con h'u I 11 n I ts t hat i n d lea til IT::W smitter '1r r11ceiYeT 111 operation. Ligllts also are used tv Indieale chru.wel and fr quency rAe Vm!' iir oJler~atinjj en,

No lights will IigIlt unless the master radio and battery switehe are in the Q:"Ij pCi~ili~Jl);. Th~ res-radle ~wih:h, ituCfQpbc'lOe and trammitUllg l1gllt ate fn se,rie, and the light will not Illumlnateuuless the res-radio sWitch is in t1,e radio position aDd th microphone button pressed.

[D ..... eNl'(P av .1, E. PIl~~RM!f, Al'1'2r:l


Cowl Flap Actuator Is Designed

VR.-I-Chronic 111alfunoLlontng iJf 11:;0 cowl fl. ... p~ 1 rI thL~ sym.H.ll'OII'S eug:itwerIftg department to d vise a fOUl) of cowl Ihlp uct:uation nut prllviot,sly used Olj lb, t lyp llircm1r,

The hydraulic uotu<ltihg strut on the after side uP «ngine dinp! r<lg.m was FcCpltt· d. with II Leo« jack screw and P(~wcr unit. The instalhLtiDTI USC~ the same ml)uuling points aud fell n:ir.es virtuallv no l'ework of the pres~!lt lOW] flap m(}~h,~ntclll .linkag-e. The screwjacK ;~t'llUltor j~ drivel.! tI1nmgh a chain ()f .reduction gears i!hal eHnlfualf.!& U)~ pOb'Sihil1:ty or CIlV I tl81) C]' ep and atIorcls accurate positionin ,of flaps.

,in;;: '(1W 1 H,rp a tuators ate clec-

111h;;fLI1y -opera.ted, th~ 110 lont1(H' depend on the hydraulic system, rTLdivjd~ 1J{11 Lhr.· ee-positi"lk s~l:tdrc.s uffotd t'ont1'01 of th flaps. und II quadruple tndicutm' dial located adjacent to the cylmcl l' lwad tenrperature gauge 011 th overhead instrument panel !lU ws fue-~xaC'l position {If ~acL Hap.

Pewer units ai' equipped with 1iU1H swil{'he$ thnt ;nH(Jm<iti<'~l!t.Y ~l-rIp travel of the cowl !hlP> in eillrer TttLL 0PEl\. Of l"ULL CLOSED position. \Vitll the cock'pit swtkh ill OtF position. cowl lIaps may be locked ,11 any interrnl:ldinte p@int between thes two extremes, Tile standard cowl !lup actuater permits only three !lap posiuons; TIIA:JLJID .• OPENED, QLoSED,

Aocurate pO"lritioning of Ilaps for preelse regulntion ,It head teJIiperatnres is irnpos Ihle wHh the shun:d,tfct OOW] .fl.a1} actnatnr, and tendencles toward cr ep· ing. hyd.-r!iulic Hlle Jeaks and brokeu lines make censtrrnr attentien to c-ow} Ilaps a necessily.

To date only ens prutotrr instnllalion has been rnutle ill nn UQU. The installadon is still {;m1Sider~d experin1fl.tl- tal, and ~hll ~~l_nadl'Clll wil] aecurnulate more O1,erating and maintenance experience belere II ~OI'-ulal reconnnendation can lJ1! submitted w J3:Ul\.Eu i?or II serviN! chfl.n'~e.

Irnmediut$ after the prototyp installatioa was completed, lhe usn was taken on a spet:iallfi zht 3t'ros:> the contin Ht uncl~J' comnumd of tbe systeol'll designer. Whilq tlie aircraft WIlS on the West C()a~t. Douzlas repr{:Sentuli e -Inspecred th illstJktion and were much tnterested in t11 future PQssibillnes.

ar .. Oil' ,11" job fI;,l.,m Fire Calt sO/lnlls, ',o,~e Ifll(ls ~_6. ure Ilj.W.1l1!S Nlclwd.um/ 1rajlltA 6ft! tiIiJ~tl!Y:; in osbesto» Sllits Himd Ii~' rolwn ,.fmlll~ lake off or lolltl. Haw ,l:l,uy /umdle tiff elller1/iI,m;y ;"}J SliJHflli il~ IJ (Iarrlnri('crk ,fire, ft'11l/1U·,.tj v .. !/'" fJ/Jp.rui/6- /J~. In 'his ills/lllIf;e, 1m Kllm.iklll.e 'rl'(1,~ !lOW. 1'lun!lJ9 WIl7I1 Imm;,,!: ill for If lanJi"e wlw" a ()elly to"k fle .... ' Ifl(I$C II Q,rr (}1'" lind t!z-pla4,rl, !.MtJ~l'j",. fir .. ~lle"l!lc ,j"r.k. S!.ip fire figlll"11'3 we", '!/fa «clio" im.medilJf4Iy. brillgi!lg the 111'1;; .. "dt:r (!olli-FQl ;11 ""(111,',- III mrlwllf/l.


La'lIl b .. jot'o :/ n/J l{omiinlz-es entered ,/,,, picttlre the N iJf,lJ! J'(Jfl n€tllflli;:ea illilMlml (1.1'1' 1/f,zilYdll "f ("{u'ril!rs muJ !lfld 4cl<r.d Qt· t:()l'ffj"8/Y. Will'" P"e-s breAk o lit. men ill (I IlUrJ,,/I-/: jllUlllf IIIII-St b" ""$cu .. d. '"cc blue 11 ·ti,,!!;lci '/I1J11 mid Jt!ch cielfred foy 'ltcam, h"ll pl«,/fBS. r f ,~ .• (JIiI.S'WflfIJ Wl1tk., Inll Ilwr~ (fr(' t1'(llllt>d 'rtll'fl at liu/ld lO: I,allifl" s,II'I, rmef'geHri IS. D(lIIIIIA'~ <,oull'ol uows




K-20 and K~25 Now Can beF'o£used for Closeup Type o·fOperations

A FOCt1&INC . altaohment for. K-'20' and K-4i5 aerial cameras, both 'i:videly used t!trQuglll.lut the Navy. now is being issued to photogr~pWc actlvitles. The fflv,orite action cum eras- of H1any Nllvyphtltngraphers have become more \l(jfS!llile tmd more useful to the seryiC"e than, ever belore,

Tile a-su is a small, hand-held aerial CIImeI'a that uses roll £lIm -and produces' U',S-incll ·negatives. Easy to 'Ci'lITy and sill:lpJe to 01' el"itt-e-, it' prow dlts a rapid and dependable source :for aerial oblique phntographs. H haS' been found valuable in. seareh nnd rescue- 'WOrk anel alto as an ~uxiliary tG larger eameras on wcorrl'lfni~sallce lllis.siol'lS.

!\~avy photogrspners have di:seovered many t'l'tlJei" uses tor rue eamera and have DOt oon.Hned it striotly to aerial p}iofog~aphy. B~aUBe of its speed ln opeI'aQoJn, it has. been usedt0cQVer ffight-deck operrrtinus, atfitoks by enemy planes. mid other cpmb~t act"j.Gp.. It has: been partietllarly. useful when. ever a tapid seqpen~ of pictures was needed. The N-20 is faster in operotiou tha:n aD}" 'standard hana-neld camera and prov.idep gt8fftur 61u1 eapildty, :;0

~llpO!iw:e8 Leing: the usual slal'ldll:td load.

With development. of the r<rrodel 1><-'2 "(;lousing Attachment. the j{~l!O now be" .eonres a highly hnporte.nt~l'Uund earn{10m in additiOn to its aerial usa, It will undo1Lhl:edl.).o _find still wlder act;!_~ptanoo for recorumg eombat action b!lth uS:lUJr~ lind aboard ~hip.

THE It:. -~.o. with ifs original A.xe.d-!ornll:. _ could not .recunl. a sll,ru;p unage within a distance of 188 feet with the lens wid~ open 91 r/4.~ or within 75 teet \villi the lens stopped down to flu. In9taih'itiofl of fh~ focusing device DQW makes it p()ssible to Ioeus the lens at 1lDYpoiot frOID 15 feet to jnliDity and produce sh!U'{1 pJctlttes over ll~~ ~Iltite range.

The K-1!iJ aertal camera is, .an.eleUtrleltl1y~pernt~d ad~l?tatioo of the K-2b, I t was developed primarily tb reeard t>ombing rims (IIi subm;trlne~ dt!l::h:lg

the Batele of the AfJantic. Sinc.e that tune, it 'boo found !I -variety of other 1.;5j;l8 in reeouualssanoe, bomh-dmnage essssanenr, aad 00 mbal ~reoor-djng photography.

Unfil IfJOently. tliecamera has. heen us~d i:lKclnsiyelv Ill> an aircraft 1ll1stltllutiM. A few ~(!fIth5 ago, a haud-held converslon kit wnsClevelopedand procured, IJnd the £-25 no" v haslteeu !'ut to g~eraL use, l~m:~ed only .. hr length of the electriCal conneCtil'lg cords, battery arrangenumL,:md hed fOOllS 'of the lens.

Wm! lIDselecttiealoolli::r'ols and tdgger action, it- rar smpassesthe K.-2_0 in speed of operntion, being ,cap~ble of making Hve expesures eve:ry b¥O seconds. S:ince it has been (,'00- vetted ro harld-lleld OpB'raHorl, the lt~2:S is' being used to' cover a variety of pho t'O gru-p h i!! a!iS~gll1he L1 ts $ inJ.ihl r to



tho e of the K~:1I1. ~ri1h utklillOD Ij[ the r cush1g att::l liment, II will have still zreater versatility.

Tn'S :1,100£1.. -2 focuslbg attachment 1:' a mpa:mtjvel ·i.mple device "lilt reildily can be Installed and calihrated on shipboard or at advanced base h~bofll'tllries. Oul' ordin.try shop f(,cilitie~ ure necesSu III make the ill' stallnflon,

A r\~clJ:Sfl.lg [jug fits over the nos f)J tile camera and, oy fl simple thread arTllllgeUient, moves uke len.'> mount in 11m:! cut <l. the OOD.e. New adjust:lhl wind and trip rods were designed tlu~1 willi JengUlel'l or sllOrleu to ooltresp'ol'ld to movement J tl e lens meunt, Instructlons fur in ·tkllaHol'l and 1 pel'ltiflll ar illrrrished wllh each uttuchrnent.

ldea and speeiflearions ,for the f()()u~. b)g tt,ll¢hmenl were d veloped by ;l photogl'ut)her' mate a board an escort currier ll11ing aori-submarine patrol in LUe Al1i}.flllC. Nil chang,e was made in tho basio des4,m of tllEl cru'1ler<1 .. 'TIle dey! ~ as completel fabricated v Ith materials tlvldla.bl aboard ship and forwarded 111 B1Jf\P.ll for cl1spo$itiOll.

It was N'!J llTeu to lhe Phorogrephy Dh ision lor test 1In.c1 valaation. Only min r reIiucments It' the illtlldunen t ''''t:J:ra lJ(lce~Sllry, and specifioatioJls were 1n,Iae available t u rnnnufaelurer lor ~)r du,t1lltl rlf Ihe prototype model. Upon acceptauee of the protmyps. ti contract WII.!! Ilwaf~II:ll.J fo1' Pl'OCllWtiofi ul tile fo('usinl! attachrucnt. It is a story of C'nmdinuted dev lopmenl, ilIllStrative ef the growth of nuva] photugr~phy during tll( 'VV.

• The phOl? "l'nphEfs mate who brigmat d the u:Jea has been cemmended b Chief. BI1.\En and Cnmm.Jl!Jd'el· ir Force, A lIantic Fleet, lor "Ids initiative and ingenui in developing such a valueble irrJprov6luenl aboard ship, under conditicn whleh c(JufCl not have been ideal for experimeutaticm,"

T .' FO SING attnclun 'ul 1I0W il, lt10decl at photllgraphic lIupiJl pn[otsand c~eady for issue to up[!raling lmits. It is carried Uhdljr Slllndard Sluck 0, lS-P-4,U;tO-I!Q. A Imndu(')ok ol ill ·trul~ltiOU instrtl tlUtui (NavAer lO-l~!!5) httJJi boon drsttib\l1ted to all photo-graphic aetiYities. Additinmil cop;cs may he requested from BuAEn, PublipaLionj) Bran 'h,

It has been f01.Jnd thaI the f .. sl recvo]lng nf t1le K,-?$ LS liol eIill'hely suitable 101" haud-held operation of the camfll·,. A reductjo(l ellr that sl(')ws the 1"e-whltl rnech:lOisfliI to R I)n~-secoud ioter-ro.l has beeD p.I'ooured, It now i~ iu slock tit all supply poiuts ami Ul,W

. equisilil10ed under tandaru Stock :-';0. lll-c,..S£rr·.5.

ll"ltC!I!J lI'<' ATT,I,C'lril ~'l' 'D~Vl'J.n I'J'J1 .q1/ 114CJL;",TII"~''' • .£ ..... ,.1> J .• Pw;.MJc)



EJt MlIsc!u MN-J48l

• !rtJ'1>/I ,.j l/ir 1>.t"0 ,0, nl«r .\fUJeit'J 'L·tJcl,..';r,~,1. 7 mil]

Know ledge ol sttl1¢j ure and lUJ'JctioJ') 01 the extra-oculnr muscles is n~ed d ill wagllQSis of tn'ioal muscle dekds such as pore5i.'l ani:! paralysi~, Dl!lgJlm1s pn'Seflt ~1J'chil;l;idl.ute of tlie e e, ami color atlUnltlion iUustrat ' conuflcliOD oj muscles and nlQI'1"rnent of tJ I(! eyeb Ill.

feal Qulllll:Dd Tlw world of the ~l\lJ ousoious, still t dark and my tl" .. rlUI,u, realm, is beginnilH' 10 see the light of modern medical Sci.()III't'. In tjlll; hlu".ly Wr3.1whed plotloor field. war 1m" pll~ht·d the clock aile(l.d UTld Iostored successes -1:11111 would nut hav Ol'wn thou llt P lIii'}lf' tf'fl }te.ilJ'S ago . .Partioulurly ~Jlf'OblC'ltl.(I:f in fl!SUlts: is tlie uppllcathrn or rnf'Jltfl~ lbempy to CaJl~S' of combat f{ltigH , iJIW 1)'1" Clr WIIh'll j ,,~.wCIeti tu!

MN·. 2Sc L ."'/"'( f"ti/,ue - 1r'nf".~i/' jll', It". rl.nt'.tl, 35 mit.

Tlu~ PHllclll ill this 'lose htl:s reached a ~(.Itl' ()( ('t(IJ4,ltlumil unbalance brou!,!ht I\honl b a C{flJlhintt·(1rjn of f"'Hr .md firr ·ll'II.ti'nli. Flr(jrlmll th(lIlrd a wanhipl hi .. task cnnn)!, ~lJlllblLt III til ,u:liu~t valves, H~ nlS('I'It~ I.hi~ luwlv 1.lJ~lc nnd hR~ nn nutlet for tl-!l~(jl'l." Ih;.(lllliill IIp itl hi)1I as lie pktures the !'e:I b"tlle It"ing nn far ,lhOWI him. I L f!'l't~ trapped an I Imsrrated, When hts ,hill l~ t'urp,,~Iol!(l. he I..: fit flrsl glad te bl' n~Jetl:serJ frmn his it1latitlll. 111(,,11 tnrlured t1) fe'lings lIt /i1111t or leeJiJlg tlUll way.

n h .. wl', th 1'l1iJuI.;lL 1I11ilflUV 1,11' 'om hat Inti_gtl" . )ltlws. ~ts(llf i11 syqtpinTlltl of extrume .!ttJt!l,'bjlit,,·. He berrnnes ,~"n$ltive ani! jtlml')' 11 1.irlg himself in "10\1'11 t Ihs of ~empur ont \11' all pr()porliol1 to the little I:hli'lJ:1~ Lltal cause the (Tutbtu:sts.

Finally, ill Ul£ uh,t1arstlltldhig JutT'lds of (I ':>:avy speci1lJist, the \ ielhn gI'<lduaUy 15 ll'tl Qt of his n ,tlNl is, The docter keeps probmg ih!! 1?~llilJul's sub 'fJOst·jlJU f!i'eLing~ untIl he hits upon i'11e dangcrtlUJ;ly hllried lhlJughtil CfI ush If!, all the trollb~e. Ollt;!' CJ<lI1~ \'mcl;:u tbat ~ <;nrp Wlt)' to beat f('l1f :ll1tl other S1-,hmerged feeJinS!$ lit to rUt~t' ~hflm Itnd Ilud£-rstund lhlun, tilt, P(ltrotrt be~ns to ln11Jnwe. lid fil~ally rl~(wer.s \;\lith the :u(1 uf ncoupal;lmal tllcrapy llnd i1~tllu5il'e Ell)''>lenl ll11illjfl~_

A$ tbe ~l)lo~[ve patiL'nl, (".ell' ~ lIy IIf llnll 'Wooo h(lndies II. [{lag11 9ssigo;nenl in 4-stnr ~tyl e.

fav8$lIfapping. lIy film SVBIl \\1 Ith Cermany . mnshC'etl, dilltlr)1'J('{l nd ocoupieu, inlereJjt in NllzIs' war ,eqllipll1llJ1t iiugefs <lTJ RnPllT [l fsa)ll1 I \ ill fuld prollt<lbJ "eave. d rop.

lug" in the rron-.1 ,If a Qlll"tuted tl7j

mntiqn picture:

MP·: I )11. ("I'I"""~ ("lrflllJj Tf";"h,~ p;r'IJ--[JIIPfor/ rW'''llmf') R",lrli'IK!, ~ mi'll

1'11(' RIm e~~l:tiu~ til pu.rpf'SI" of "th'Pprj" lilld tell~ 111M hi recognIze it LuJ tile scope. Anul'll'Ltild st'Gu(,II(:f!$~hO\iI h!'!w ~dllppd" jnt'effcn:~§ with mdaT Teeeptim'l.

Infermution j giYell n 110\'1 to dIsfInguish hetwt'eu "duppel" 11.11 I the plane wllil.:!i drops it.

The motion plcture provlcles 1\ source of pUSbVE-Dny sutiltfaction in t1le t-."o\vlcdge llial A1He~J Interference bothered !the NilZis to SU'~l an extent thai Lhey produced a :91m. Io ",('lmI54t our jam Sf'S!;iQI1~.

All BU15 Keep Ollt!

l>'lN·Hllf C,tn uI ./Jp $.cli {I"II 1,,· 11''''[ by F/n;$'p(tal CQ~P'''''''I-T/J~ C~'~~II cf Aui'.jt-1.'ndas..Jfutd, 2S min,

'potlights ijl(~ absolute fleet! f_ r IollowIIlg the steIiI~ teooniq ue t" the h:l1:et, il1 ora er to llvtliJ I_lJltj lid hlll!ltoria enter a fly open gale of the QOcAy d-o,:rffig an opfli'aLIOn, En1phaJIIz~s the i1nportilIlre of st rile 11nens and llJustratt>.<> pr -operatlve JS'Tllparanon dE the patlent, ~t:J'l.li)b.illg ttl~I:IIli(llIt', getpng the operllting room 'Tellely 1U1d mainlainlng the ci11aiu \.Ir l\.gepRis <luring an o Pl"''tfIDOTI.


MN.~S9G4tl ".J"'''"' I N"'''JI"lllu~-Fif' ,jrotl r ~,"-ll".t1'1r.t'{lt!, 7


ArlOtJH~r "eaf' in 1111 ulreudy romrous I,JlIIlh get.~ its pl'll'traJ[ pll!ntecl fflr r~',;'()gniti"'11 'purpnSlls._ Identifying ft'1\turl;S tlr the N.II 's Ill'sl \wirl-e~ine fiiht\tr are rilll~d lip by t1w use Llf aull1'lu~lil'u. stop 11I0ti III cmd 11I0dcl philtll.!!rp;thy.

Cine! filrn$ Rning Sllipp1!iI:


I n (l1iUtde#l- 11 J1u"r ("(litf"ai-

RI1<fiu b. "<'Lq~',n~ - Po'_' i B "'tJ.~lf.FJ_l in.n (1111 f) "k rU)1'~1'~ B f';ill." ~ . "oJ_Iii...!, 10' run.

l"'.lftN"~"t Plip/li (Jo,,(,.,I-

Orirtltu!io .. -th... ~O D,·,""I Sjnm.. UIloI3"li!icd. 1" mill, h ... trlllH"," FIJI/hr c~"kol-O .. .ml~lfw,-:r,~( Ttt"~ P:1>lf~ $V&l~"', :ni!!ltrid~if, 10 !<Ill!.

l .. lll''''/~CI 1"lig/u r.f1l1rrl'l-·O~.,

""~,,If(),,~1i l10k /',mdli'/ S ;.~tcm .. ~tI t(", C/P{l' F" i'!'JfJCIf,j"ri', 01,,;l:o.i1~iftcd. 1 ~ """,

8,,#& U')JdiI'Il.,,!id, l'lndn>l!>,A«l. 9 min.

WfleY,lo Gel 'Em Central Avil'lUhll Film Li· brl'l1'ie~ II.lld suhJ . ..ibr.LIlf!,S ure listed below Chell), YOU1 !Iea.res1 Llhr3l')' before (}vder-


" ... 'at ABATIJ. N'" oSl, Tt,.o1il;o C,AStr. 2', 4. 23. 2~, .,a, J2, {F}qZ

CAS1J CClmD.t,. Purt Dh!!llern"

um1\lrl'l= AlTt>;>.e:SuliComl!w<i

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N I~ll Sc"UI.

NAC Navy t3J49 NAMC Phil.cl~vhia NAOTC Jac.bQ"yilie NAS A1nmd"

NAS ittla"b.


NAS GrnMe J]e :\AS l\a4illk !'>A!' Mntretl N'A!; N~w York N .I.\-S N.Q.f.,Uc ~"S f'.llllIenl

N AS Silt. Dj"JII}

.N : .. S Qno!)<el

1o:A: NlI.v:r:115 I".\S '''"v¥ it 117 NAS !'fav}' :17211

N.\ l'B I'~n~"cot" NATR 'orl11,1 Cl!t.,,,,; 1\ A'I'E L:J 1,cI", J1II ",.;Ivy ~ 33~3

'1','\1 N"l'7 !116

M~.i,," M :AD MirnmM

M $ Cllcf"y Polnt M:CAS 'E:lSl~ ~'ft. t..ke M C' AS EI Cent'"' MeAS XI Ti'trQ MCASMojan

I(A~ Nn'"y :::01 MCAS Pll1'tIt.1&IQ'u' 1'.1 1'\S a",,-utijlll 'Mr.A~ S~rlt:\ fI~t1 .. ta H11 ¥AW


Succeedl: Lin doted 19 JIm" 1945



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A\hiiIlPJ.cnl IU.rOl'nI~t(}D for flm,jng_ Ibl! ne-w ~eirHl1rtl Tlflr.t~r, PSi"! ~ u, W..c;Q71.17

["fll,w"tL'>l1 ,"'. Nuvnr.!QIl "I \ro"ri~MI 1'11'''1>], 1'nl\' rJFlb 11 ,c-J IrIIL~n<I'f' I,> 1yr><t 0l"1!11ik-.2

l'b !,j"" ... .l!lt Wt,1 hill, 1m"",, lIIII1 ,,",lvn~e ~,,,c"ilUl'<' I.". n',,1 l"tt<lel """'ter nne! link ",rl~

1~~rr.."\'11H"} nr tol f.r.l5 ... Hllf' int",! rC.ttHl(!O hut \~!~ mthmurt ~\(}Uutltnr O"(I~~ ~nlS t",u' q'lInd!'T Qi<halllll ~O~1. .",d to> 11 .. .,ndh~ tJj~i'b(MJ, lAt ~llWiJ1'IIJO"

N"w 1:1,j"lcw tI",,1o mol "T'o;"",""

Jt"illfi.rl'inll 1"1111'" dt"lltll' Ih, ""!Irk 1.lliii IUA" eU "lit In I\)o rtl .... nl oJilhu.let Illh11' ... ·"11r d.lefLf:"rllt"ir M-.'W.~nh)~ itt nJlt,lhu~l}h.~ ~'HW'hft

!tot'!!' ri,'! or l'iOW ,,"ell III hy,! fA" I,,· m.\uI>1iJ:).1I' wl~ot or ;·,h" vit f"",1 hole

'r" "'{!limit;., <,11 [,,"1t"11~ IIToliud """ ... ,," ",I tr:.nld", DIJ..e


Th~ ,11'w ill1"hi'lJt', u""lIlol,,'prrl''1l,JU<1lr.lIH~

'gl"l'-.:tti\'if: lu~'~u~l vr ..I"f1rnrditllr c.uri'"o.'1ion .h~ ~lIdJr(.t(\1 l"{tlEulnttlr..8 To "ITo.; Tl'oro yO"lllh ... Bauling 1> .. 1 we~" "uprrdmrgu' lfil",Jrn

iU.Cl.d"rf dtu 1 "n-ffU~(,l

rV}~iJ.ou n~tf'i"IJ1j('" 1,1-'"ql..'t.L_../:leclltar:.rmew. t)/

.1.",,,,,,.,,, B"~rJl.' 'J'jJ,I'''' Dill .Iil t' • .! M_<liri ........ r'fm-

,,,,",,,,. of fl' ~'~11f< [11' ,8R [J., ._,. _ .

flu, l>fjt/lllt~! ,11.ast..,. ftnll .. (,,~, r.ink 111>,1 )10"",,,-

1.li __ '~<;""l/t"'~/. l.i,,,,,.{qr _ .• -.

&.E~~'''' (;ntl'M"" "I'VW~ lotl"fJt"'I~" .... _ ..•

G'"f.il'iI'r}~(J1' Oil T1'ff~ Wit' Pip(f":. PhJ(1 (JiJ~/.."_f!t _

JJ!I.>~~IW ,,<IlIUM,' _bI1'~t1lkl!t-OtMr<11'rr !l"". a,~~.

R<4r " ••

/l(11"lnlo~lI-P,j.1I' n.li- ... r"JWI""". , SfJp.,..h,ulJfiI'" 1,.1/J!Jt , fWI,l R .. 6"", '""/,,

T" O!]'I".lIy 011 ,,"'''-''~''re u~"d wllm) 111'0-,,]1 m~ f!-!S:!ro fl,od U-~HC.}() ~{'T'~ I~hl 'rJf'~

F: ~I."';'lfl flf )lI ",vi-,lolls of orl!tln" I bu1l"1 in l" <,,\'.r blllU']ll1'(.

n:<Itl ... ......, !Ni." "~I"""

1'1 nlpl i tI~~ I '0'" hnfl ,,' N'II· III ~ ill~ I he- «s," ',l:U [ill,.

In.~1 ~1l1~tJo[,l tOllll'utrf iOfl5ot. (or 'P~~:I.t ~F~iO ri1fl:1r,n pi n I1('1t !~ill"~ \"pJ'I'lfll,,~ ~'''>rll,lu", liT "Q''I'r U,,!1>! ...... f"d lfu311"w;. ,>1, ""l'UI""

.IlWtUVt.j.,j r1'f vutha.ul

'1'" 'I,,,,..iill "JJ 1J1l.~"" ....,.,1 ,"Ij~" Ill"i'-Oilill~ Ll'J.fI!!11 1I11L1 Il.j!(jU<I>',joi"""'"d,,@

'1'1> 1l1",liJ'w "1)<Jlcll,'J t'\.~II'''Qllm'~'' Mr hj4~I~ ~\lllj'Ii"

l11U ..... IOI\~ (ortlat Ill"!!"'" "TAI'~'fjl;1 c 1l,R2Wll


(CUllfilllJtfd (lI1 )Jage ~7)

Re,qu at'ed


Indrr.rdor Dvs/gn5 GyrI;!' Tr(';lIln'9 Aid

RecognIzing need Ior an ~g'cl,;:ttve \ Isual alu to fnstrucU()u til Wo"{lpefalliJ instruments, J. D. Sear, .~on(;. o!'lpig):uro ono Sen;,. until rClcently till iOlstrl1otor In lhe in LtIU11!mts t0UI!fC :Jl \!AT:EClltTR",CI;N NOlUJ_U,I, rl s:igne;d the device and with the assistanrc of other iU$tn;!etLlrs at !lIe acLlvilv eeustruetcd it.

Fwidanllffltal pnrpose Qlf the rmilli~llT aid is to teach operetilln of (;Yro-operat~ ill~ struments and how th¢y reaet to diHerlll1t attih,Jde. Df an altplan '11 mght ll!aneuver~

51Th'Ll! wnoden plane is iDoul1\ed on a uulversal jniIlt 'IIttnwcd 0 lb.e center of B large oompu~N r(,I$e, leaving the (llane Iree III pjv04: about thl' vertical axis, The plane ha$ can irutn.llllGT11 panel !lUI!: mount the gyTl)-Opetufeq tnrn :ll1d bank irldieatOJ.

tlirt!(:'lionlll g}'W, uTtili~'il!l hQJ'izall nnrl suction gauge. OlWllili.( j" plexiglu:., r-uc1o~(lIg insU'UlJI<jlls neT tlielr connecting ~ilJ,,", so lrnfll>2e5 llI11y ellsil_ nhserve how

they are hooked "p. .

nderueath the drop-I!;!!!! st Ie ('omptlsS rUSt is 11 1I11-"1l1! (4('('trk mOll1r ltltildll.!tl III

11 vacuum plJ~lp of th' rotary sUillng vane type tha t runs in a constan l ba th_ 0 f o.i I 5upplkd by all oil reservolr, Vacuum Iines tun noon the ]11101P to the. suctien gm~gl> on

the inslrumeu; E and and lhen bJ til itl~ :ltT1JI1I('I)lS,

Ha.'!.~ of the compass rose table also n'l_vu.!lts a 2~·VOl1 b t~ ry that !!n!lf~iz.(.;S a remote irldiualing l.'otrlpass also 00 ChI' III$t!"Ulllent panel. This i part of the rnooku.p, thtJUgh nut gyrlil~ll~e~utea.

Ii tra Inee ~iUin Ul til eeekptt, call nWIIeUV& the plune \\I'itl'l stick uad rudder pedals. He L~tH aj'w~> d~Jllh unrl h'Ulk. (lb~crvi:"g fur Mmsdf how the various hl-

truments record the: pl:l.l!e's attlrude,

When time j~lll)w~. b'lUuct'l; are givell l\ d6Il1fll1l;;t'rntic)U <'In baw tberunpellttu1e a cditlpn.s~ on the groOJld. usiog the remote indkl.lting C011:1pll Ii of the U)uWtup in relation to the compass rose. Oil table.

,Most rnateriul for CQ'nstrur.;liOIll eame trflflJ SI1 h'llge. se of Fh ' devIce has made it possible 10 teach nil the gyrf;J-op rnted instruments togeLhell. Tr:Jneos ()1lJI better JlIldcrstnud how atll] w11Y these gytll"-Ope:rllle« .instruments work Md their rel~tim:z lJ.~ each, othM.U~C raE the device has saved co));~icleIllbl lanchlng flme at tllle ;-In' .


(Continued trom ·page 46)


11-1 Bl-IJ ll-~'l!-tjj


(·.'t""'r~t<>,.. 81.ullllJ.,.g '1·R-.~~"tJ "",J P(f~4"'d.1t 11",/;o"~'!!l/J rv l'l"i"'''ffflt# '" '1'~tt>!II' I <'I I<"uol .it'l'f'rll"ft~J) P-«1'IJI . •• • -t _ _ _ w' • L ~ • '. _ •• n./(!I;lil/il S]fl!' IJt<j¥)~lI" II' n'vl" l[>'IIJ'" I'ljr!.-

Ifrl~ h~, II! jo C~'flr,tj;Wi' _. : ... _ - -. , •

Od 810! THn.Q.""''' _'iJl1!<h:';R'l"" III St']H',oI"".g,,,, 1'/."" 11vt"dt'~ "voN-- p,..",,~{Ott~ lilt _ •.

C'hrbufflJJI' JFIlII~ I (j'8~ Ff'8 Smflllj (''''!''II~ ,

/1.1"';"111'. Pllifif"l'yP', '~"N"1' l'fr<-h"Nlllltr""'d

,JI't1' *ll",Jr'q, R.~fl,jJ~~Jm~~~)rrlrl"t' L''m~/~'11 tn:t~1tl'.

"'~ii/l !"~ . .... . ; - - _. - _ .; _ - ..

tlfl ["Tu"lr< -M ... :n H!W,'-nc ..

p",. .. ",,,,aI'''i< ,'1 ,h/W<lll ''''Jli", "" .. " I

fun"~wn S/~Mrth~f1rJ _flut''!:~e~('"jJj.~n'r)ljlt'j "/CI~c4Ul 'I~'I.

'~I ..... '!J/ n...,,,,,iJ((j",h'ill ,.,1 ,.

O.""".~ 1'111,1,. fH~II.-S."'T'I!i of

u,·.,r.a'" "' err;QI""_LJ,~"y"rlh~" vi (;, "'/'''1.1 t tf'ri~1/ [Ollllj,m nrlmr,...... 'k~ ""(1,,11 Tvp.-Rl!)m,,~!

'r.-u'PQrarY trI."lifil;I>\IQO of lli<.! Qla1)l1l'lJ~1l ~YPl' ""C"I'lell.! m" rUllll'~~ p.ri<u 10 tU rtrlJ)lit(.'~IU'·lfl Wi I II Jl- T hf'Qj fie: f\-,nf.lI81-f1d

""c<icl"",,,J(H! I'u",... - . . _

l';'rU''''''''ll 61 f'lNlI~I.H.lII~ .ll Wltin!d h,.dlotln III "'!l'ur 1l~u.rrnl,!1l t'l!lllOVI'(l f:rom unJ{iil~

['I"'r"ctJon~ r",r f .. wprlrll'll{ j hu QH].I"J',·rlQ'gIl" r<'u "<Il~'\""

UfJ\rnf Dl 'IL~1Hi '~y.nOOr6.u ~~N I()p~ifliurr~ _ I

r ",,( ructiuue I", uwdlf!m.(j,QfI ,,( Holley L6B5l"{13 " .... rbllr~fW. 'ro i)'llll''''''> ,uDI '~lll!lIjl1l1l "'"

ru"("Hl>H"O 'l;,"(rQoliollff for .'I~~!ytlt PI!!,t>" pm r~~1n'l'ij \.""!,~1,1,l. ""m1l1k,,~'1 ~t ,.1Iy,·, rnl"I~I' Nil h,,,,Jfu,',,,"ontin.\l;Uw,, rt.l:etU'~Jjd lwr 1JV-t1f'lilflll

0'01' lJ.tHl 'H,,,dJl, 1.Iil1"il~II"" limits fol' 1l-'.l\lml,"gi/.e"

Genei"G' Engine Bulletins

"_h,Uil .... J /'tI!UtI"'1nff 1'pl('l!,,~ Il"''I1'I~hI. po Y ... aln.l'Hy '""'l";,,g,uf '"Ill till tl.,1!llrr'u1. {'I ·ltl'rm.""d",·" tHtil JV~1t J.1m ... 'U(I HI OJ,lj./f

(I ubl.t-'dUd"" . _ • . - ... ,

.r.J'h<,,~.· ['.n •. , , rt-!lilin F;rt~\,," p,,~j \'", ~j~~l-

It;,work P"'c.,,,g/ .. _. ,_ _ . __ •.

&r~I"~ lnlf'!;~i' '-',,,/01,,,*1,,,-.,,11'11,,",,,10 'f 1 .", C,cmm"-'1\If!i 1",. 1"tl'-il-l \~tJ...I.!11t 1\'iJ/ iCllaMtl:l~ ,

A t"!rilli EI'III!I,r Cyl'" 11",_ n.,,,,,,,J''''',any "I

fl\u f!illIi1W!.te r~rmrllt:ljon .11 tho :r;:""ld ttUI} to [n.L"":.illl~:rprt'tnLh,u 'Ot

(iniI[.lnW l:MI"r,l" j._

'l'~ ~llw prQ".uret""~l, (l( j1I' ~yJIJ)d~t t"'mm!, ~t" ...... h ... ds Mil. tOQI" _

;P"""en'l)tiQn ml<l"l'u m 0..,"''''' AIr bome 0 \ m;,:ni~.t.Y Pq,"~, PJI" .. I e

'('(1 ~onwrl'o.foA,njuw 1}1'1I!,,,lflll,l';1,Il Mt' 1.0 ~nW"rtoh Mrrl\O"" Wh~'l' .)'lI$lmtl·M 1111l.t~l~ '1l11UJlIlllilll1\lld I,"""'l ~ tJL"~~I1"il: '..o)¢tIl"r i>:r~t' l~ ,!l1lJ'Jty ,~V OTl1t1l1111 bulletlu

! lv,.'Itd..o<~"t\lI"!(m rin~~ ru h~"!'~'1!~~ III I he hllllrc

:\,l\'nJ. ",;l;vil;' ""~rL"Jfl"I~ uO> 1~"·r .. 11 ""~;,,:,, .... """jliru)'

IJrrW~' unit " -

Inslrud11'l1l> for <klWITtlilllnlt dI1;q,<,iti"'ll pf .. ut,jlll'l hafI'lC~'· tl 'ltJirluJt lrUp~'1r

Powe,. Pl'ern' Accessory 8ulletins I

LittlY>ilIttlfIQ 1S1Iftft», -{~"""~tlfl'''' II-.~ /i'ud 1'<u/'1!~, d.~II . ._

ml,l'I\~U. Pw"p,. }'·Jr

ffllii''''JUo P~"'I'~' A·J ~

1~i"~"~l)I""Jw '·I1';r • .,.sI:J ll/"". jOf"<J~r-H",n"k /'",1 m.~I'i"U _,

}'u<i rI,U,,~. ,j.-,!;,

M- 11 'rurM .~ttP,",h""rw ll,!/!.rll/,/jr ,. ""Idll>l. ,!1M"," r: .(0:/ ,," PlJ~ ~'_J. Itt"·1 .... ,.1 "If''.# :lifl .... 11 N,;Jlu-~r{m~ o!J}f' .. th·VJtw~ IlcduttHl" L'~1' .lll-8:t1rcblu In,.. , .. IL ••••• '

IF <II' .U • .j./ II' 1"11- ~ , •... J,,~ o{ ',i, l_J,um~.. f);_'ltm"tl.,r

Hom;ItOIl Stondard Bulletins

To "IWl)<" utt qo! •• "mVt"'" "'Plli 1110 QO ,ott! J~ H) oc W lllO ~ ... .rh""r ,llld aO[l 00 '1'6m

To ~U:nJt>'III' 1;I"'l'~~n li.akri;t~ 'HId ~'OWJ!ji:olt wht"b ~,,"'lh ... (m1" t h'C' dl-y"l11lJ om or tlw \'r'iU!UllOl~' g«1!kf!tt'l. tlt'nit,' ... tJ~t.l\UDJ Hi ",,"'l<t.to 'Yll~ A-12 nud \ N UlIO<H "~y~ell """'\If"l"""

'<.J l!JIlt rJu\QiJ!;I" ~lIIj TI,~"o"lm~ l~ rJ"!lning noil t"j"Jo.lrihlt ~IL "Qdlrr ""'"'1t1! blt '"

T·llll1.~r llT'1lNliliINI t Q be Illl~!L. II I I~~t 1I.~ IIll!:lJl8 ~fi'v~ r. [11 tU.

'rJ··~W~~rraj~'..rlud bh'eMb hv- fQ'~;-QTJ: .Qt DlJrU{l bQclioo :anI.! ,·;.vel .. lu I'",mi! ;0,1 I>1I1I.Ii",; ot h~livl"r ~t.(J.I'

T" l>~(c·oOtud met.1i 1>_.1' t'<li'~l'k vI pUlUp boctill3 o.iJ<l !"If"'''' to 1,,·,mIl Illjotu,U ... liM of i'~""I,,;- L1'rl),

'ru',,!'e !1'~'~I~ M 9U I!~"'O-"~;" iii" em Pump !I'.d T""hmu..tW' U">",, 8h .. tt tiu.llilllr. l~rI N" rpl1~ll. 1<1 p'''Yl,M bl'''''I~'~Ii 11l1.tl""fJ"" l<> III", l ... j,oore~(lI' ,love ~.'"

'q '''"''rP(" .. tI..·" <I'l¥e Bhaft B ill ""r ~I!l0jJl.,]1 l.h,,1 will 1.1" lIlur(' ~'iHIili1 (rlr I<lw ,,,~ull"tIV'tll'tl Ol~i"u

""'''","",,'Y Jllfnrllnltiolt 10 rfln'QVlldQt"c~I,,£ WWl1IN!1I'~ 111"1'0(,,,

Ilnmili.lIt> SM~I'0'iJ, PrMI<!/l'r m"lIe.-AI.ortic 1l"t1lfl1'11'O !n(Mlif}, 11>11 "D~<4Ui!d~Vruinti~.,., ... fIJ""'" bull.ulI

'In"'!ol a.,(<1 l,''!J ·"1.,,/1 ",. . _. 0 • •••• , ,_ •

I1l1!l!#t~I' Si!lf"fii,.,l 8,,,1'1.'" nUlldf: .. -ill'l'rm'ol ,,!. lll' ~!'l!rQYe ffllmUion Ste.ttll~rd 5'~ Il,~l~,jtl.:\"'. '\1~


HiT 'llpn, I

. ~I~gk' 1


17 J

t-,. "

HI 11-12-\';
II t\-:!~,;
Sl\D-J). :i
2ft 1\ ... 10-4ii
Z-4 O-Ig.,j5
S"]1:18' l fI·"l?!!...j·a
<l!1 ;7-3-4.;
ol.~ 7~i.-4o
13 n..zll"'a,;',
711- Ibl.Q.45
~S-Lfi ~i-$-l5
ile,· I
3/)-1..'. "-t",, III
.Ill-Hi 6-~..tii
<1.14" ij-IlJo-H.
42'41> {l~J2"'J~
4~ii &011' ... 1;;
~,) !l--jlM,;
~ ... ....tli lJ-.1S>--!ii
4lJ-lii u-.~-'lii LETTERS


1 her.eb.y cha1leng~ D.de KIm Tussle to au uel, M~ IlO cli:EF.enffl<le as to weupons -sq uiul:' 1 rilles. aha w tflg: terbttccy or jus t pJain 'rasslin'.

No man 0011 tnlk !.hat way ubeut the M(g/~f!f M(",ner flhd gel away with it. ru hav )1011 know there is'rf'l n more heilutiful. state-ly,es VIm queenly, piau In Ow U. " Navy.

Ten Uncle Kim to name the spot sud \ eapens, anJl I'Il be there,

"l'D-1)8 LusU')'1 N .\."!.~. USN~l

Unele Kim, please note]


r WIIS· ~Isl'f',l, in Ihil \'-5 program <IS Sellman second class ytliy 1 ~~ l!)lI:l!; went on active duo/ as avlation cadet November rr, 111~2, and was U'lmml:;stoned etlsign A~V( ~ } Nuv I1lb r 11, l~4S.

nder the JOfC,gOin~ .cirournstanoes, will I be tigfulv for OJ' (Ie 'UJlluliltiVlI of thl" Lunue; [ 50(1 per aouullI bwmls to na nl avlators] when returned ['0 iDll.l'!tiV{l dUly? \rn'F·l Lrv.[T1'ENA NT \ 1(; ) SI'.'lI

11 The Naval :\ viation Cadet at of t!l4l!, appro eel August 4, 104~. establishc(t {he sDeci:t1 ernJi.~t·ed grade of I) vla ('ion cadet, US'NR. All office-rs 00IIlmissioned plilJ1j.uant to this Act whn alta1ued aviatlen eadet status On Or before

eptember 3, 19d2, either by direct enm1ment as avis ion .cadet or by transfer to lhat grade, ate eligible for the lurnp-

11m payment pm\ iJed t r hl S ction 12 of the Act of ~c500 tor each complete year of :Qnllnuotis commissioned servlee.

By Exect1lhfe Order N!). 92Ga til President of the Unit,ed . bttes S'l1Kpeuded the provislene for the lump.sWll payment For the duration of the present WItT to officers who became aviation cadets Oil or arl~! ept .tnLt;ll' '4. 11[142. (Eor complete ttffi' of Settion 12 of the Ntlvol Aoiatfon Cadet Act of 1942011(/ E;wallfitle Order No. 926 .• se Joint Burer« ire, litT. '0. 281-43 and Matille COf'P~ Letter of InSliruction e, 621. Navy Dept. Bul. Cum. Ed. 1948 1" 981).

The Chief or ~avaI Personnel on August 1, 1942,. promulgrtted dispatch 07Q6M1 to all 9.(.1 tivil':ies ha "in g co ri:tW.a1l ce o( Hight students. 011 active duty 0.1: inactive duty. directing those aativitie.s to "transfer all seamen ~eC'ong elass tetor 6ve aval Reserve to the Tuting of aviation «'\det vietor five."

The officer rubmJtdng the foregoing luquiry stat s he enlisted us a seaman

second class v-s on July 11, j942, and reI? rted tor actlv duty as an aviation cadet 01'1 _ ovember u, 1942. fie does net give the date on whtch he was transfered to the grna" of aviation cadet'; how ver, it is presum d he was ttansf~rred to the graue of aviation cadet on August 't. 1942, in aceerdanoe, with _I?royistons of the E,oregQidg quoted dispatch, and that upon release frOUl active dUly he will be elrgible for the lump-sum payment,



In th .. inter l (Jf ~OTT£'ct phutogropbic interpl'etatlVfJ J would like to call your altentlon to a mistnk t'Il!lde in Lh J July issue ef I"'_V"'I' A"I~'vrON ~..,vs. On yage three ther\1 lS on oblique pho~ogr1lpb 0: the southwest till u£ Dulilnri Island at Tru.k includl:og th seaplane base and a potl;iOll of jihe 'tIllcli (ii/age.

.onlecupDLln beneath the pho~bgraph .~t:nt(.\l; t:J:wl \,"0 rubmllJill(!S W'.: "bsetV~d in the harbor, an ebservation that any of !lUI seareh PlIuH$ would be glad La .make-

theu aitaek, The obje<:L called "1;\\10 $l.lU· marines" i$, fn reality, II HVl1llilg dry do 111:, whleh, uJtJlOllgh dlWlaged. is still ill 1,)0111' mijislon.

Enclosed is a vertica] photograph showln~ the c.lrr dock in action,

AdlJanwd Ballf' D. C. Me IU.),lN

LU:QT. USNl\ 1T AI~Ew ~tallJs corrected by Reader M CJ.\1: j J]j n,


Members of this Marine Air Gt~lIl~ were pleased to read about lhe record set by the U.S.S. MatfJllikau on Inllking 602 oarrier landings. FOI your informDtion the ship WIUi 0llllratin_g witJl pik ts or one :Marlne ligllter !l1.jUlu1ro1l ;lOll on torpedo bombing sql:JatlrclIl. w hlch comprise. the carrier nIT group, The landing dgnnl offic.e.rs w re Cllptaill Robert H. Brumley, V.'iMC. and Captatn Hugh. J. urran, USMaEI, whQ \v(1 believe d.es~ve II lul (If the ctedrt, us tb Is WM nrqcmnplislu:d with01,ll 1\~cfdent.

Letters have been written by Adminll A. E. Monl-gomory an.cl Mt1,Tor Cl.lnerru lliude A. L1.1rkill, C:OJnmlluc.Jing those ·otil'.'!.'J1:led.


" For secu)l";ty reasons, numbers n F air ;l'OUp and squadron were iip.leted from this Marine captain"s welcome letter,

P"bl,,~~q, 1)01'('" "''',olllly by Ch,pl 0.1 1>1,,,0' ·OpN"!'''"~ IIrr<l B"r~a~ of "l!"'''''<1<!I.U II!' ,j1 .. ~m'''<JI~ ,,,fely. ,",.1"",1 ,,"" 1~~h"'."J ;"lrcm"rI,,~ , .. Ib~ coroh<>IJIo<1I1 l.r<f!>~,,,,'I7""', C0NtR(B~JtON~ IN'vrTEO: 1\" moil lijollrd b~ u,.d whe,,,, prdelkllbl\l:: h. lnlllre u,~~d. fe.1 'hlm" •• , 'of mall!rlal .u'bmnl~d tor 'Du.bfi.<.olion. add,,,_',,,d ,a.t"lIb".,.: Chid of Nq.·", Op.rqJion.. 1'10'111 A~lofl<l~ N~"I. ~<I.V Oeporlmc"t, Wal~l"'illQn 2~. D. Co


KVlIshu • • • • •

Gl'ampoW 'ettlboQe 10

Old YOII .Mnow?:. , U

Close Aerial 511PJl9rt • 1 '5

Operations In Cotd WIIGther 16

Tokyo TGI~ . 20

Crosl; 80CltS, , , , 21

Shorll! Stations . • 31

Support All- Ob:server • 12

Navy Comeromdn No, I. 34

Seap~alle. First Ald.. .:1 5

!Jnole Kim Tussle " 36

5tJI«(Id :by A Submarine • 37

Tec:h~lt.aUy 5peakirlIJ • 39

Aerial Comera Foc:usillg • 44

Letters , • , • • ~ • '" 48

Glampa"'s QIti~ 12; F'light S .. fd.y 14; Best 1-nrw'l~ 1 S; N .... ig .. tio. Problom 20. 1'41< Quilt 30; PtlotOOtollhr 40~ Avltllion Orctnonu 41; ScrQ~" Hc.., 4S~ Eng'ne SlIlIetln. 46-47; NoTochTraCom 47

• 'IX QUIZ (p.301

1.3 2.2 U 4.4 s.a 6.1

Flimt ayon.bl~ tiom S,I.edai D •• ,,,os OM. sion fal 'holll'lng 11\ 1I1.u.aJ Quftnr. Do .... c. 5-X. SfndOfd s!fl1e mm tetslort III")' h obt"lncd from Trolntllll flinn, BuAtr,

• SES'r ANSWERS (p, 15)

'.b 2.b l.a 4.0 S.b 6.c: 1.c

• N.II.YIGAT10N PROBLEM 1 ... 20 I

I. AdCl.res 2. bfelg:eux

J.Cano,plIs 4. Procyon

.&RAMPAW'S QUIZ (p. I%J t. Right. R.llf.: GAR (1).34{)3

2. 'Day: 8end arm acros,s forehooe! (weeping.!,

Night: fire 'I'd Very signal. R.ef~ BuAer .Manuo', Art_ 6-119

3. Q, For hydro!ll",te, or electric constonl .peed p,ap.e!!er, set o~ maximum crlli~ilng RPM.

b. For erectric propeller, set ig "automatic" ~olition.

c. For .collnte"weight ClIlIstonl

speed propelle,s, ~el ot Fu II bigh pitch Idec,eose RPM). Ret:

TO 111-44.

4. Ceiling 1000 feet on d visibility thref! miles. However, 0 cllrtified tower opc:rmor in 0 radio-equipped tower may outh(>1ize tlight at '000 feet Of 1m wh~n Y.isi"ility is lIot less then one mite. Ref: CAR 60.440. Also see ACL 41·45,

5. Technicol Orders. Ref: .8l1Aer

Manual. Aft. 6-130, (Abo, some PilOI's HlJmlbook~J

Re6tri c:ted

llo,rusde~ilstou it .

Ant/, mells be~n t" d~

1/es pla:n,e is F a, mem'T!j, JlrnJ. 1Vssie"s on the w~


1'1 MERICANS and Aust'.ra1ians £1. rerunedup fQ[ [be surprise landings in Boraeo after enemy defenses had been softened up by devastating pre-invasion plane raids. By July 2. the third landing had been made and much of the important oil territory was dominated by the Allied forces.

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