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Narrative Report-mam Monsanto2

Narrative Report-mam Monsanto2

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Published by: Annie Lucrecia Mallari Aguinaldo on May 16, 2011
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May 1 , 2011

EVELYN TINDICK-MONSANTO, R.N., M. Ed., M.N. Chief Nurse- Zamboang City Medical Center Zamboanga City Medical Center Zamboanga City

For the past 3 months, I had my training as a nurse volunteer at Ward 2/3, the orthopedic and neurologic ward. It¶s from January 3, 2011-March 31, 2011 with 5 days payback so I ended up on April 5, 2011. First of all, I sincerely express my heartfelt appreciation to Zamboanga City Medical Center for giving me the opportunity to be a nurse volunteer in your institution. And also thank you for giving me the warmest welcome and the opportunity and privilege to be part of the health care team as a volunteer. The experience was really worthwhile. I was molded with not just my skills but also with good attitude in handling different personality including the hospital personnel and the patients as well, the first thing that cause into my mind was that I needed to establish rapport with my mentors which are the staff nurses and with my co volunteer. On my first day of duty, 7:00AM-3:00PM shift, affectionate and friendly smiles from the nurse on duty and other volunteers welcomed us on the first day of our duty. The night shift endorsed to us the patients for continuity of care. After the endorsement, our nurse on duty for the said shift oriented us the physical set up of the ward and he discussed to us the standard operating procedures and what to accomplish during the different shifts were dealt upon.

ECG was done in some patients and gladly I was able to assist the staff nurses. Vehicular accidents are most common factors of the patients¶ hospital confinements.What I learned from my stay on the orthopedic/neurologic ward is precious and priceless! To enumerate them would not be a waste of time. of which follow-up checkups and most of the casting are done.M shift. morning care is part of the nurse¶s functions and I have accomplished such including changing of linens as well as changing patient gowns. I was able to perform S-pin care in an aseptic manner. Sometimes during OPD days. such preparation are being implemented before transferring the patients on the operating room which depends . For me the most toxic shift was the 7-3 shift. I have learned the different types of casting and as well as the materials that are being utilized. I have assisted my co-nurse on duty during the application and removal of weights for patients receiving skin and straight skeletal traction. Also.M to 3:00 P. I was able to observe on how the nurse on duty prepare and perform blood transfusion and IV insertion. doing spin care and cleaning the wound but most especially the OPD days. I have made requisition of supplies from the central supply room during the 7:00 A.M shifts as approved by the nurse on duty. As a starting point. Also. I have gained more knowledge on cast care and have carried out related skills in the actual setting. Preoperative nursing plays an important part for patients that are to undergo surgery. which have been constantly considered as the busiest day at the ward. patients that are being admitted are those with orthopedic and neurologic cases.M to 3:00 P. I have assisted the physicians on the OPD days every Tuesday and Thursday from the 7:00 A. Patients seek medical attention due to fractures and those with alteration on their LOC. And that¶s my first shift there¶s a lot of things to do like doing the morning care. moreover. we had our lunch at 1:00 pm or 2:00 pm. assisting orthopedic clerk on duty on wound dressing and irrigation were also part of the daily practice with.

I also observed that pre-op medicines are given by NOD prior to transporting patients at the operating room. In addition to that. it has been an unforgettable and memorable experience and exposure in the ward. I. My last day in the ward was really the memorable day. Health teaching is being conducted prior to surgery and I myself have obtained the chance to do such. But we can¶t do anything if God is calling.N. patients are received with a complete assessment and are considered critical. Lastly. that day I witness a dying patient. and institutional worker. Thank you and more power! Sincerely yours. Ward 2/3 is now my third home. Post operatively. I felt the sadness inside. we continue to do manual ventilation.on doctor¶s order and which includes the counter checking of medicines and materials for OR us. Aguinaldo. my other covolunteer and or nursing attendant was the one doing the manual ventilation and the clerk was the one who does the CPR. Still. It¶s really a sad and memorable day. R. It¶s an OPD day and we serve 64 clients that day. The relatives were crying and very emotional and I can¶t help it I¶m also crying. We tried our very best to save someone¶s life but God really wants to get him. physicians. I witness and assisted the physician and the nurse on duty that day. midwives. Nurse Volunteer-Ward 2/3 . Informing the OR and AOD is one of the standard chore whenever patients need to undergo operation. Annie Lucrecia M. Close monitoring and attending to patients needs are of chief concern. Patient was intubated. Thank you to all the staff.

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