Abigayle Therese R.

Guiritan 1Nur-5 Target Audience: School Age Topic: The Importance of having a proper nutrition and discussion of the Food Pyramid Goal: To provide the learners with the importance of eating the right food. Rationale: for the learner to understand the importance of eating healthy and make the right choices in eating food. Theme: Advocating proper nutrition for Children. Objectives After a 20 minute discussion, the following should be accomplished: Cognitive: promote healthy eating by increasing the interest of the learners in eating the right kind of food. Teaching Activities Teaching Method Resources Evaluation

Role playing using puppets about the importance of eating the right foods.

Role playing


Questioning -Discuss the importance of healthy eating by asking the perception of the learner about the importance of healthy eating.

Discussion Actual size food pyramid Gaming -Pictures of different foods would be posted in the board and the learner must be able to identify where in the food pyramid the food belongs. . Use of Media Video presentation Photos of foods in Cartolina. Teach a song about the Food Pyramid in order to help the learner retain what they have learned. Singing of the food pyramid song Behavioral: minimize the learner’s habit of eating unhealthy foods.Psychomotor: influence the learner’s preference for food by giving the importance of eating healthy food. Provide ways on how to eat healthy by introducing the food pyramid.

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