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#1 pet peeve of journalists. People who call and pitch not knowing what they cover. Do your homework.

100’s of engaged followers will do more for you than 1000’s of token ones.

After a pitch, make sure you give several contact #s to a reporter. The press waits for no one.

Ally yourself w/local charity, sponsor sports teams. Commitment to social responsibility attracts customers.

Remember the 5th “P” of the new marketing mix, Presence. If they can’t find you, they can’t work w/ you.

Instead of asking for new Facebook “Likes,” link your “Read More” email mktg campaign messages to Facebook & encourage feedback.

Your “About” page is often your 2nd most visited. Focus on you & them. Tell a great story of who you are & what you will do for them.

Transition from thinking about how SM strategy helps your biz to how SM strategy helps your customers. Then you’ll see results.

Think about the phrase “You can’t change what you can’t measure.” Are you using your analytics strategically?

SM is all about THEM, not all about YOU. Do an audit of your networks. Is it just about you? Commit to engage to get results.

Acknowledge tweets, emails, comments. It’s not good PR or customer service to ignore anyone.


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Ask how customers heard about you. PR is an ongoing process & needs constant tweaking.

Be helpful. Reciprocity produces incredible returns on a simple tip or referral.

Be on time, or early. Punctuality is a sincere form of courtesy.

Be sure & have press materials ready to be sent at a moment’s notice.

Be real, honest, genuine. Authenticity is catnip. -- Networking

Always pick up the check. People won’t remember what they had for lunch, but they’ll always remember who picked up the check.

Transfer the enthusiasm you feel for your brand to everyone you meet. You’ll see results.

A good press release - about 400 words. Shorter the better. Just enough info to secure an interview.

A great pitch - Story angle tie-ins, description of where it could fit in the media outlet & a call to action.

A happy customer is your greatest endorsement. Respond promptly and honestly.

A media angle must have some distinctive quality. Journalists sniff out what’s different, not what’s the same.


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A quick call or email to a journalist outlining your pitch tests the water.

A site that blasts your pitch to reporters & bloggers nationwide -http://www.pitchforpr.com/

A strong brand can make any business stand out, particularly in competitive markets.

Always say thanks to a journalist for a story, mention, item etc.

Smile, look engaging. Networking.

Apply for an award. Ck local Biz Journals, chambers. Like positive news stories, awards confer credibility.

Segment your market based on consumer lifecycle. Provide content, add value for each stage.

Make an editorial calendar & stick with it. Use as a reminder to add content, update photo’s, Facebook, keyword research, etc.

Need inspiration? Keep a list of your targeted keywords at your desk. Use as content/headline/alt text inspiration.

Schedule a free webinar: “What You Need to Know About....” or “5 tips to...” Great for SEO, listbuilding.

Web copy should sell benefits not features.


As you increase your network. news releases are only as valuable as the keywords & phrases that are contained in them. Karma. Are you prepared w/facts & figures so you can respond to a PR crisis quickly? Are you ready to handle the media’s questions -. FB. Solicit feedback. Add your voice & personality. By email. People find your site while looking for a solution to a problem. Appreciate at least one person daily. thinking of you. sign up for http://www. remember follow up is key – b-day. If you haven’t already. You have seconds to grab their attention & provide the solution. twitter.Google alerts for Twitter.no matter what they are? Are your news releases objective? Backed by facts & figures? Focused on 1 or 2 main ideas? As a marketing tool. phone. Commit to updating your site at least once a week.com. Invaluable for business owners.34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 Don’t just share links on Twitter/FB/LI. 5 . Search engines love new content. thank you. Are you monitoring your presence on Twitter? Try TweetBeep .helpareporter. holiday cards. Connect to convert.

Look w/in your circle for a connection. They make their living talking to people. Email messages should read as if you’re telling a story. read several issues of magazines & blogs & a week’s worth of newspapers. Watch TV. your competitors. Plan to meet at least one new person a week. Network weekly. your industry. You’ll be able to converse w/ any CEO. Be productive. Do your homework. Reach out to new clients and friends. Create columns for keywords. what’s different about my message? Attract followers in your target market. Join the conversation.45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 Assume your audience is inundated w/info and ask. Use a monitoring app like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. The media are trained to investigate and they WILL find the truth. Be honest with journalists & reporters. but arrogance will get you nowhere. On the phone? Relax. Journalists & bloggers need content to fill their pages. Be authentic. Be humble. 6 . Bad PR? Respond immediately and never lie. Always. Why care about 1000’s of followers who don’t care about what you have to say? B4 you pitch. Be briefed on current events. You’ll see results. Be proactive. Just ask Tiger Woods. They know.

Find yours.56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 Have a new product/service? Select a few customers or clients to be “beta” testers. read reviews about you. Be in love w/ & inspired by your brand’s mission. Leverage each other’s networks with discounts/promotions. Be thankful for every mention your company receives. avoid marketing speak. Be friendly. craft targeted messages. they feel good about being hand selected. There is no such thing as a small hit. loyalty. 7 . Get feedback. research your competition.. Comments create authority. Good press will follow. The key to high quality. Your customers Google you. short. If possible. avoid requiring login. Be your brand. Do your homework to know what resonates with your target. difficult captcha’s. There is a balance between personal branding and blatant self-promotion. Lead times vary & media outlets can have a one-day to 4-month window. Monitoring matters. Trial & error is now trial and measure. Write copy like you talk.all before making contact with you. Create co-marketing opportunities w/ complementary businesses. Ask yourself before you publish “Would I respond/react?” Be realistic about when the media will cover you.. relevant content creation is knowing your audience. Make it easy for readers to leave comments. This translates trust & authenticity. identify opportunities. Focus on analytics to study onsite behavior.

8 . Know your target market. read their last 5 articles in full. seminars. Brainstorm various story ideas & angles. Blog. Execute your plan via speaking. volunteering. Each message needs its own presentation. blog. Before you pitch -. Pitchrate. HARO. PRSourceCode. site. Who do you want buying from you? Build relationships. Understand what holds your customers attention. network. Social Media. ProfNet. trade events. Brand yourself. Make use of Leads Services. Boost your brand awareness. Be sure your out of office reply includes links to your profiles. product or person.Know editorial deadlines & be early. they will invest in your brand every time. FAQ’s landing page. Branding is complex yet simple: the creation & development of a specific identity for your biz. You are an expert in your field.67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 Before meeting w/ a journalist. Who is your competition? It’s no longer the local competitor but breaking through the noise. approach & delivery. Build relationships – lunches. When people feel they know & trust who you are.

not spam. Makes future volunteers/donors envision working w/ you. Instead of just using testimonials (I love this product!) use customer case studies (this product/service resulted in..78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 As the saying goes…Building a community is more effective than building a following. drives people to your site. Submit your content-Benefit from their traffic & search power. When people feel they know & trust who you are. Use @socialmention’s Q&A feature to find ppl asking about your product/service. Foursquare. Answer w/ a link back to your site. Having 10K Twitter Followers or FB Fans means nothing if they aren’t buying from you. Take 5 min/day to send a personalized message to new followers about their bio/site.. webinars. Makes you the expert. 9 . Monitor results. New channels=New Opportunities. Make it about them. Quality over quantity for true success. they will invest in your brand every time. Nurture your relationships. Look for industry or location specific sites that allow for blog creation.. Stop using auto DM’s.for me/my biz). Everything you share should have that in mind.. not you. Segment sign up for interest & increased targeting. bonus SEO. Try a new platform each month–video blogging. Set clear expectations of how you’ll use your opt in list & deliver what is promised. Not sure what to blog/post about? Focus on client/customer stories. Provide value.. Schedule 10 min/wk for blog/news commenting.

it’s people w/expertise & contacts. Create & participate in special events to attract attention & customers. You’ll see results quickly. Consistency is king.for public viewing. Fairs. Building your media list .Are you on deadline? Community newspapers . FB.89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 Build your list. Call your media contact with a brief phone pitch before sending materials -. Consider DIYPR for your biz. trade shows. It’s not always the $$ that you need.Customize the story to their local readers. Consistently. Build your team. LI . conferences.for a heads up. Make sure to monitor daily. Identify people w/common interests & different skills. Calling someone in the media? Your first 4 words should be . Come up w/your 10-second elevator speech & use it. Joint ventures w/experts who have an established database. Conversations about your biz occur every day on Twitter. 10 . Excellent option for any size company.news editors decide which stories will be covered by which reporter. Create & maintain key relationships.

commission a survey. http://www. You need one to feed a journalist correct info.100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 Create a fact sheet for your biz. Create an online newsroom w/ press releases. links & PDF’s of media coverage. Create a media kit. Create links in releases to deliver potential customers to landing pages on your website. give expert opinions. Start a Hall of Fame. This offers you the op to drive coverage of your good works. Partner w/ talented and super smart people. etc. Carry print ones in your car. Create valuable content targeted at solving problems for your customers. letters to the editor. or create your own. Offer solutions & you’ll receive enormous return. comment on blogs.submit articles.mhprofessional. 11 . Great story angle. Create strategic alliances. Create news by staging an event. Make it downloadable on your site.com/category/?cat=3 Create alliance w/ charity to benefit from special events. Create a story angle by tying in with Holidays. Induct some of your industry’s top people. Create PR ops .

are underfunded & looking for guest contributors. Creativity & a clear. Identify pain. Have a happy customer? Ask for a video testimonial. great list building tool. focused. understandable message that can be communicated in seconds is paramount. your org. Added value for your existing list. easy to optimize. If repeating the same message on FB.111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 Creative releases can lead to stories that increase sales. provide a solution. Repurpose your best content by creating a drip email mini-course campaign. Share on site/facebook. Use analytics to determine what is resonating with your customers/clients & to craft future messages. Do a search for your target industry+associations. more authentic than text. Being an information source=return visits=loyalty. Most produce newsletters & content. Ex: if promoting event repeat the same concepts w/ different words. your key players & your competition. enhance credibility & give you a competitive edge. Can the person monitoring your SM (ex. 12 . Create a resource section for your site–tips. how to’s. vary the language. have communication plan w/ the ppl who can. More personal. Twitter or LI. events. Don’t sell or broadcast. Know what is being said. Create alerts for yourself. reports. Apply the social strategy to your email campaigns. marketing) address questions? If not. identify opptys the competition misses.

PR is a powerful tool & a successful campaign lends credibility. 13 . engaging & have a clear call to action.Make lists of leading. Develop a mission statement that shows your reason for being and the value you provide to your customers. Explain remedy plan. Brevity is key. Crisis Checklist . Using video? Remember the average attn span is 20-30 seconds. Be professional. own it from the start.122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 Before sending an email campaign. Make sure you can support what you’re hyping. you’ll fall off their radar screens. difficult & tricky questions that could be asked & practice answering.Acknowledge quickly. check every link. do a complete audit. Crisis PR . Whatever the scale & type of Crisis PR. You can contain & minimize if you take control early. Develop a low cost PR campaign & handle in house. Develop calendar of events & make your biz visible in areas related to potential clients’ interests. do a spam check. keep statements factual. Daily Newspaper deadlines: every day. usually at the end of the workday. Customer service first. Customers have choices and if you’re not consistently vying for their attention. The customer tells the true story. Proofread.

Don’t forget -. Be helpful. something you always want to convey. Research topics relevant to your biz & who writes about them.com or Bloggers. Stake out a leadership position. Develop your PR plan of attack. Editors receive several pitches a day. Show expertise & reputation will grow. Your voice will be sought & respected. Don’t overly promote. Don’t be scared to call a reporter. 14 . Add to your media list. Don’t take “no” personally.133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 Develop your 10-sec tagline that expresses who you are & what you do. Familiarize yourself w/the outlet & its focus.Bloggers are journalists too. Find them at top100bloggers. What communication vehicles will you use? Did you know that as many as 80% of job openings are filled by networking? Do your homework before pitching. Dignified dress is a sign of self-respect. You pitch your company every day to customers. The media is no different.com. You’ll meet & help others. Dress appropriately. Don’t just donate time to an organization.

http:// hlmediapartners. in your elevator speech. Find execs to follow on Twitter .follow reporters you want to build a relationship with. Give to your community.144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 Effective PR doesn’t have to cost a fortune.exectweets. Use it everywhere. Biz happens while volunteering & gives you a legit aura of leadership. Entertain while you inform or you won’t be noticed.the most effective & underused method of communication. Figure out your uniqueness.com. claim your handle before someone else does – like your competition. Face time . FB. You must bring the noise to your release to make it stand out. Find them at mediaontwitter. Use this as part of your brand. Empower your life. 15 .com/. Everyone is clamoring for good press. Find story ideas in the course of your daily routine. Engage media on Twitter .com. Focus on the brand of you to take your biz to the next level. Twitter. People do biz w/who they know & trust. You’ll be surprised at what you find.http://www. Think about DIYPR. Keep a notebook handy. Even if you’re a Twitter naysayer.

For marketing purposes. Show some personality in your SM efforts. You have one chance to make a 1st impression. Good media angle? Determine need. 16 .Media Trust http://www. resolve in private. Give several contact numbers to a media contact.org/. Your website is your most important piece of real estate. Eye tracking studies reveal our eyes are drawn to the first few words of headlines. assume that elderly consumers are 15 years younger than they actually are. focus on connecting for community. Your brand is no good to you if it’s not delivering what customers want.mediatrust. Look at it as a customer/client. Are you impressed? Is it helpful? If not. People do business w/ people they like. fix ASAP. Select headlines carefully for maximum impact. Is your idea beneficial to others? Does it serve a purpose? Find a negative comment/post/tweet about your org? Acknowledge in public (shows you’re listening). The press waits for no one. Get your release off to a strong start w/a compelling headline.155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 Focus on what your biz achieves for clients. Free service for non-profits to help maximize media coverage . Conversions will follow. Instead of focusing on connecting to convert.

bios. links. Backgrounder. Having a successful PR & branding strategy is not all about you. Write sales copy how customers/clients speak & search. Review each invite before you accept. Ex: Include an email opt-spin form on your Facebook page. You are the best salesperson you have. What is different from those you don’t? Apply that to your own campaigns. photos. Face time. viewer will react. Need ideas? Ask them to tell you in their words what you do. Make clear the value for signing up. Integrate your efforts. Host your own event. Make sure it’s a fit. Keep a list of emails you subscribe to that you actually read. Great stories can lead to awards & prestige for the media. People do business with people. quotes. How your information is delivered and framed impacts how the listener. reader.166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 Forget marketing speak. Have press materials ready to be emailed at a moment’s notice. Promoting others builds your audience & reputation. Grow connections in categories you need to reach. How would you sum up your business if only given 10 seconds? Perfect it. Honor your process. That’s why they’re always receptive to the next great idea. 17 . Know your work & don’t undersell yourself.

Take it everywhere. It’s not good for your professional image. If you really need something done. Karma. If someone reaches out to you. Facebook & Linkedin. ask a busy person.Helps you identify & track awards. If you believe in yourself. If the media is covering a national story of interest to your biz. If your release were about a biz you weren’t familiar with. I’m loving Twitter.http://www. If you sell a product. carry pictures.177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 Don’t swear on Twitter. Customers will recognize your conviction and that translates trust. One successful contest can double your biz overnight.awardsync. If too big. respond quickly. Facebook or Linkedin.com/ . I love contests as part of a PR strategy. It’s essential for good business & a happy life. carry it with you. offer up a local angle. 18 . but don’t ignore face time. would you be interested in reading it? I’m loving this site -. just try missing one. you can sell anything. If you don’t think every day is a good day.

high-res photos. media quotes.http://www.ipl. Continue to learn.188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 In press releases.org/div/news/ It’s Twitter Karma to RT. CE courses. In the event anyone asks about negative comments found on the Net. It’s much easier to reach the corner office than to stay there. pr. Keep basic PR tools updated -. Give them what they need in the form they need it. Keep biz bios updated w/ links to recently published articles. have key messages of explanation prepared. Q&A’s.com.well-written press releases. Free Press release distribution @ free-pressrelease. Keep advancing your skill sets. Be grateful when they choose yours. These will boost your ranking in search engines. backgrounders. prweb. press kit. key employee bios. pay attention to the key words.com. speaking engagements. Journalists & TV producers receive tons of pitches & story ideas daily. fact sheets. Respect their time frame. Journalists work on deadlines. Journalists want 2 things: reliable facts & an interesting news angle. 19 .com Internet Public Library -. Increase media coverage.

Reputation is everything -. It’s critical for good customer service. Identify where quality traffic comes from & site behavior by monitoring page views.always. goals met. VM’s short & to the point. List who you’d like to reach this year & their potential influencers. Keep up to date w/newspapers. etc.org/. You don’t define success. you’re able to steer the conversation your way. expert. Honor it. Keep your media list updated -.199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 Keep pitches. You have 3 choices: invisible. Learn to work the media. Know 3 easily recognizable advantages your product has over the competition. target. bounce. magazines. NewsLink -. websites. Let your customers know that you listen & engage on Social Media.http://www. Listen attentively during your pitch.in business & in life. Develop timetable & calendar of outreach. By listening. your customers do. Having a SM strategy is important. Let your work speak for you. 20 . time on site. but not as important as being flexible. Quality over Quantity. trade & professional pubs. newslink.

A trend may be starting you can tie in to. Social Media isn’t about selling. focus on what you need to keep them. This starts your media list. Be interested & engage others.making it easier to survey their needs. Having a call to action is irrelevant w/o a clear follow-up plan. complete. 21 . Don’t forget the “social”…it is what makes SM effective.send additional info. Then research the right contact before you pitch. Your followers will tell theirs. Make sure you @ reply on Twitter. What media outlets do they follow? Find out. Make brief phone pitch . Be sure to include localized keyword terms for people searching for local solutions. Don’t focus on the lead. Claim. Make sure you know an outlet’s readership. Localize your content. Too many miss the oppty of Google Local Listings. follow up. Listen to questions your clients ask you. Listen to your market.210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 Studies show reviews are the most effective advertising. Consumers are all over the web . optimize & learn from the analytics.have your pitch points in front of you . Make a list of your best clients. Encourage your customers/clients to share their experiences.

News Angle Create & promote a special event. Make sure your marketing materials are downloadable.Media Angle How was your product/service technology discovered? By whom? News Angle Increasing employee numbers due to business success. News Angle Is your biz involved with charitable causes? News Angle Make sure you’re always briefed on current events. 22 .221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 5 reasons why your product or service cannot fail -Media Angle Celebs who use your product. This empowers you to converse with any potential client. Headline . . Make sure your press release contains 3-5% SEO keyword density. . .Media Angle Family-friendly initiatives. Subscribe to USA Today.Media Angle Do you have info that people always want to know about? Tax tips? Nutrition ideas? .15-20%.

Market to where your clients are to be found. Tie-in with a current trend. 23 . not what’s the same.children think they’re 5 years older than they actually are.. social media .news editors decide which stories will be covered by which reporter. . Exposure creates pubic esteem and action that affects your bottom line. News Angle What makes you unique from other biz’s in your industry? Media Angle Media angles must have some distinctive quality. .Media Angle What has been the personal impact on those who are using your product/service . Marketing to kids? Remember . Online. as opposed to marketing w/in your own service industry.. Journalists sniff out what’s different. offline.specific examples. Your Media list .all build respect for your business. Know deadlines before calling. Media folks are stressed & cranky when on deadline.232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 Make your message count. It should be compelling enough to attract attention.News Angle Top 10 tips to .

Should include your call to action. link Facebook to blog.Useful advice. split tests. blogs. Engagement. Think local links. listings. Ask yourself: Is everything we do creating an action? The Features Editor decides which longer articles will be included in their pub. Study contact forms. Using Facebook for your biz? Make sure the “About” block includes keyword rich copy. networks. click rates to find what triggers a response. 24 . Don’t assume where your customers are or what the competition is doing. For online lead generation. Be where your customers are. Customers don’t want examples. Consider the “What’s in it for me” perspective when considering sales copy. Be mindful of what is “above the fold” on your site. other ways to connect (FB/Twitter). Twitter on biz cards.don’t focus on what you do. Influence & Action. 73% of online activity is local. How can your biz make life easier or better for the customer? Cross market your communities. Have data to change what you assume to what you know.243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 Media Hook or Angle . Think about results in terms of Exposure. opt-ins. Conversions come later. Include Facebook on email sig. directories. they want real world applications. focus on how you fix their problem. RSS. Understand emotional triggers for your customers. Offer unique content on each.

.edu/news/ U.com/ paper.refdesk. Monthly pub deadlines: 3-4 months ahead of street date.http://www.http://www. Monitor mentions of brand names and key execs daily – Set alerts using @socialmention.Media Angle Did you recently launch a new product or service? .Networking Creation of relationship w/ local charity. .Media Angle 25 . Be honest.html Hundreds of news resources world wide .org/ Media Relations is 98% prep & 2% execution.uncg. polite and fair & be sure to follow up.254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 Comprehensive listing of world newspapers .com/paper. Monitor your reputation online on a daily basis. Newspapers .refdesk.html Media Lists . and Worldwide newspapers -. Make sure to research the media outlet first.S.newslink.U.S.http://library.http://www.

separate. Practice good communication skills. what drives them to make decisions. Do your homework. Think about your most common offline sales objections. Networking When attending events w/friends.265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 Be open. honest. Find common denominators. Authenticity is catnip. positive. Target the right audience. addressing & overcoming these objections. genuine.Contacts are the building blocks of a career. Keep referrals informed. Write web copy anticipating. You never know who you’ll meet & what role that person might later play in your life or career. 26 . supportive. where they play. Networking – Talk to everyone you meet.Networking Networking . Groups are intimidating. . Craft your messaging around who your audience is. .Networking Networking – Make a strong first impression. Hand your biz cards out like candy on Halloween.

monopolize.276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 If traffic is the metric of quantity & community is the metric of quality. Never commit if you can’t meet the deadline. Be helpful. brag.Authenticity. Copying what others do is not a strategy. Focus on usability. Your site appearance is only a fraction of the user experience. They prefer to report stories what are not overexposed. misrepresent or overextend. sell. Never burn bridges. Networking is about being you in the best form . 27 . Never discuss other media coverage w/ a journalist. easy goal conversions. ease of information access. interrupt. Show expertise & reputation will grow. People always remember who screwed up. Your voice will be sought & respected. Never go ‘off the record. Never overly promote.” There’s no such thing. Questions you should be able to readily answer: Who are my site visitors? Where are they coming from? What are they viewing? Networking Don’ts – Don’t act desperate. community should be your priority. understand their needs & be clear about how you provide the solution. Today’s intern could be tomorrow’s CEO. Know your customers. Everything is on the record when you’re talking to the media.

http://library. PR. Never send journalists attachments via e-mail. No one uses the phone anymore. com Newsworthy – Market research that led to a new business ides. ewebwire.uncg.edu/news/ News angle – Customers like to know who has the best quality. Surprise! Notify media of conferences & events with media advisories.com. Never send attachments to the media .com. Make a short pitch via phone first. PRWeb.287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 Never pitch a story to different journalists at the same outlet. 28 . Part of relationship-building. Cut and paste your info into the body of the message. it’s texts & emails. News releases are only as valuable as the keywords & phrases in them.Use free at PRLog. News and Newspapers Online -. Newswires . Unbiased tests that prove it? News angle – Statistics to show business growth.com.without permission.

Good branding strategy. Call daily until your party picks up. Media coverage will increase. publicity reprints. Only pitch to those that would be a good fit for your news. Always include a photo with a press release. Photos boost your chances of getting your story covered. You’re building your brand. Pitch Phone Rules -.never leave more than 2 VM messages for media people. When done appropriately. bios. participation creates leads. speak. Read past stories & check contact prefs. most recent press release. relationships & targeted audiences.Research the reporter.Research the outlet. show in at least 2 national & local industry conferences/year. Online – If you know the answer to a question – answer it. attend. Participate.298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 Offer useful info on your site & journalists will get used to turning to you as a resource. 29 . Pitching the media .Fact sheet. host. Participation in conversations builds audiences. backgrounder. Perfect Press Kit . Don’t pitch more than 1 @ the same outlet. Pitching Process . present. Find the appropriate editor. Participation in Social Media builds trust. testimonials.

Post special events on an online publicity calendar so clients and prospects can know where you’ll be. Positive PR begins as soon as you meet or are seen by others. bold text to grab attn. Cost Reduction? You must identify how you define success before you attempt to measure. 30 . fair. What is your success metric? Sales. Positioning: Be prepared. Write copy for both ppl who like to scan & those who like detail. Focus on your site search for insight into what visitors want & what questions you aren’t answering that makes them leave. It’s how you treat your clients. Use H1 tags. Position yourself for opportunities by joining clubs. Dress appropriately.309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 Pitching: Remember the 5 F’s -. comment.be fast. groups & organizations where you’ll meet new people. inspiring & creative stories. Polish your image. then provide details. factual frank and friendly. Qualified leads. twitter. Write an E-book. Ask friends & family what impression they have of you. Position yourself as an expert & provide media people w/original. Good PR is generated when you’re perceived as an expert in your industry. blog. employees. Have your 10 second elevator pitch on the tip of your tongue.

PR can establish you as an expert w/ just one article in print.320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 Use a free tool like goTwitr or Buzzom to find new connections based on keyword. PR builds identity. Focus on Conversion optimization. PR & SM blend – speaking in messages vs. engaging in genuine conversations. compels people to buy. Think: user friendly. increases visibility. Prospects are more receptive to sales calls when it’s about something they’ve heard of. PR efforts generate sales. PR – most overlooked marketing tool – least expensive. Learn from bounce rates. least risky. If visitors use site search from your landing page. location or mimic others. invest. & do business with you. PR can soften the public up to your product or service and separate you from your competition. most effective – if you understand how to use it. change what isn’t working. Want your customers/clients to listen? Specifically address their pain points instead of a bullet point list of what you do. rework. PR compels people to buy. generates name recognition. fast & easy. sends your message. 31 . Landing pages should deliver what you promised to make them click.

PR Goal . PR is 3rd party endorsement.331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 PR Fact . PR increases visibility AND credibility.Pinpoint media that your potential clients read. 32 . This influences & persuades opinion leaders. employees. listen to. About how you treat your clients. PR helps attract new clients. PR for new Product – Build a story around the product’s usage in the lives of the reader.PR begins as soon as you meet or are seen by others. Find bloggers in your niche to pitch to. or see you speaking. To be successful.com or Google your industry+blog. you are automatically considered an expert. you need to market your biz daily. view. gets your message across & builds your identity. vendors. PR is a full-time job. PR is a building process that gains momentum over time. PR increases credibility. Don’t spam. PR generates name recognition. hear about you. mediaontwitter. Use Twitter search. People do business with who they know & like. When people ready about you. it starts the second you walk out the door each day. It’s also about human relations. Someone other than you telling your story.

Website. Everything. what you’re wearing. reconsider your message. From the about page on your website to your Facebook posts. List building is important. Determine what your value proposition is. One clear point. PR is also about how your phone is answered to how your employees present themselves to the public.Reminding your contacts of your message until one day they realize they need you.342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 Do an audit across your channels. but retention is key. Craft every message based on how you are providing a solution for your customers. provide a solution. call to action. don’t sell…tell your story. partnerships. Be a great storyteller. Learn to DIYPR. PR is soft-sell. sharing. PR is extremely cost-effective compared to other marketing tactics. PR is about how you interact w/ & represent yourself to the world. subtle visibility. Provide value. PR is about follow-up . 33 . Consider comments. Have a clear understanding of how you want to be perceived to determine your brand voice—before embarking on a campaign. logo. If you aren’t soliciting a response. tweets. Just price advertising. interactions. PR is every outward expression of you. Deliver it.

promotions. Do your keyword research to know what translates into sales. See the good & bad. PR ops . & the chance to tell your story. Remember. PR levels the playing field. Doubt the power of Twitter? Do a Twitter search for “customer service”. search engines can’t “read” photos. use an editor. Give great service & your customers will share. Be diligent about Alt Text. Feeling overwhelmed about blogging? Think of it as a key oppty to differentiate your business. reviews.New product launch. new hires. PR is the best marketing tool -. Make the most of photos. but the game has changed to traditional PR fused w/SM.the least expensive. product specific. Social media drives conversions through conversations only when the story resonates w/ your customers. Read aloud. charitable activity.if you know how to use it.353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 PR is still about people & relationships. position yourself as the expert. PR is very cost-effective compared to other communication tactics. significant anniversaries. Alt text gets you found. Just price advertising. Small biz are made to appear larger allowing them to compete in any arena. Use this data to optimize efforts. 34 . least risky and most effective -. Who else is telling your story? Proofread your content. It may be price. read backwords. It is the first impression of your brand. biz partnerships.

Prepare appropriate PR materials. Communication vehicles. planned fashion w/o being too obvious. Prepare pitch points w/all pertinent facts before your pitch.a brief company background. PR presents an image of you & your biz in a way that conveys exactly what you want to say w/out being too obvious. Target Audience.Why is your product or service exciting? Press Release Fact .announces info to the public. 35 .How is your product/service better than what’s on the market now? Press release . PR removes price objections.Avoid the overuse of capital letters. Capitals slow the pace of reading. they’ll believe you’re the only choice.Budget. your customers & your competitors.364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 PR Plan . measurement. Referral sources. This sets a professional standard. the media. If people believe you’re the best choice. Goals. your investors. They’ll pay. Present your message to your audience in a controlled. Press release .End with your Boiler Plate . Press Release . Press Release fact .

Yes. everyday language. PRLeads. You’ll send the message that you value your clients & care about their successes. attention and trust is yours. Want more from email campaigns? Segment your list based on your consumer lifecycle. Increased relevancy=increased loyalty. Press release facts . Press release facts .375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 Press Release fact . Promote others and reciprocity.Use simple. Focus on content. Have a brick & mortar and not sure if online monitoring impacts you? Nearly 93% of us research online before buying off. No complex words or industry jargon. 36 . Delete the promotional copy. you haven’t grabbed them. it matters. Profile clients on your website. Press releases . richer? Print interview? Have someone else in the room with you.What will product/service do for consumers? Save time & money? Make happier. Where are ppl leaving from? Coming from? Use data to tweak messages.It should be a news story.Keep the body of the release under 400 words.org where you can offer story ideas & expert opinions.com & BeatBlogging. If they leave. Look at your bounce rate. He’s a witness. not an ad. healthier.

etc. Check the spelling and grammar or your release will end up in the trash. Magazine. Reason to send Press Release .events. Publish great content online . Recommend your Twitter followers to others. etc.appointments of new staff. Releases must be well written. Trade. Reason to send press release . new services. workshops. Punchy releases are vital.You’ve won a major piece of new biz. seminars. your 10th anniversary.Profitable year or record sales. but direct contact w/news desks to see if what you have is newsworthy is essential.still the best way to get noticed. You’ll give your Twitter Karma a boost. Read a different pub every day. 37 . You’ll quickly build yours. Reason to send press release .386 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396 Propose joint ventures w/experts who have an established database. Daily. Publish reprints of speeches on your website for free downloads. Reason to send Press Release .

how & when writing press releases. drip email campaign or E-news. Seek the wisdom & counsel of others who have been down the road before you. Study Digg. where. Most journalists don’t read beyond the 2nd paragraph. why. Repurpose series content into a free report. Select media contacts wisely.397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 Releases must be engaging and informative with a compelling angle. Respect your team. Facebook data to find what people are sharing & find interesting. Every news item is different. Remember the who. Never ignore the assistant. Today’s intern could be tomorrow’s CEO. Consider writing a series. Don’t commit if you can’t deliver. honor it. etc. Use as ideas for your own work. Securing media coverage – Research the media outlet & appropriate contact & craft a personal pitch. what. Tailor your contact list for every campaign. receptionist. then sit back and see what they expect. Search for key words associated w/ your market in Twitter search engine. Make it count in the headline and first two paragraphs. 38 . Sphinn. Secure a mentor. Schedule a meet & greet with one new person per week. Keeps ppl hooked. returning for more. Reputation is everything. If you give your word.

guest blogging. knowledge. identify prospects. Use badges. Set time aside weekly for dedicated focus. inspiration. What interests you? Self-promotion is essential. FB. With practice. Your audience connected to you on Twitter. Put your RSS subscribe above the fold on your site and include a reminder in the body of your posts. text to explain security. bookmarking. Focus on backlinks: Use your signature on comments. Connect with shared connections. 39 . Think like a consumer. ex: auto DM’s or feeds distract from the human element. Automate your efforts where it makes sense and doesn’t impact the customer experience. Answers you should know about your competition: What keywords are used? What sites link to them? How does their site look to search engines? Self-interested. extolling your own virtues will become easier. Send your press release 2 weeks prior to when you need it to run. share your expertise. LI deserve unique info. This will encourage others to RT & your name will enter the twitter stream. press releases. Use LinkedIn Groups and Answers. veiled attempts @ promoting your biz will fall flat. reassure your customers the transaction is safe.408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 If you accept online payments. Subscribers=loyalty. Share lessons. Only share selected information across multiple networks simultaneously.

about. Going Green. websites. You’ll convert readers to loyal long-term clients. Sporting events.419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 Sing your own praises. Piggyback on trends and localize news stories.org/submit-free-press-release. Back to School. Solicit testimonials & use them.com/ Stay in touch. change often Have doubts about why monitoring is key? Nearly 80% of us trust online reviews when making buying decisions. Topical. Blog. trades. so it’s your job to prove your expertise. You can locate on-line contests to sponsor at http://contests.html Tie in news trends to your online sales copy. example: economy. Story ideas . Submit press releases for free at PRlog.prlog.org http://www. Submit articles. professional pubs. 40 .Listen to late night TV for inspiration. Your PR campaign starts w/you. What do yours look like? Does your site tell a great story? Write sales content as if having a conversation w/ a single customer & addressing their individual needs. Stay updated w/ newspapers. timely. Use creative byline. Opportunities find you if you’re making contacts to find them. Sponsor events & contests. The writers are always up to date on trends.

different? The media will respond favorably when you save them work & put a story together for them. Use your keyword data to identify opportunities & what’s important to potential customers. call to action. photos. The perfect pitch -. The perfect media kit -. Is your idea original. timely press release. If you believe so will others. but can greatly extend the reach of your campaign. backgrounder. Dress appropriately & have your 10-sec message ready to spill. The power of a good headline hooks the reader to scan your release further & puts you one step closer to coverage. What is your business good at? The media are always hungry for something new. Create a description with the human interest in mind. exciting.430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 Fill out your entire profile on social networks. Success begets success. attention grabbing headline. The power of Newswires. 41 . Successful branding is about promoting your strengths. where it fits in the media outlet. story angle. The Pitching Process: Always be prepared to gracefully accept the word no.bios. clipping reprints. Your meta description should expand on your keyword rich. They can’t replace personal pitching.personalized greeting.

’ a quick phone call or email to a journalist outlining what you’re selling never goes amiss. The media needs to understand AND react. The value of a 3rd party endorsing your brand publicly – as in media coverage – is a form of branding. the needs of people and how to reach them. think about the demographics of your ideal client: age. Karma. Teach them to be able to take over your job. There’s nothing more attractive than self-confidence. To find your target media. Things change constantly in the media world. Identify what you want to promote. 42 . The way you deliver your message is as important as the message itself. To determine which words sparkle & which are duds in your copy. Do your own backup research to find the most updated contact info. if need be. geography. read it backward. To ‘test the water. Treat yourself & others w/honor. income.441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 451 The PR & SM blend is about understanding markets. Train your employees well. gender. your target audience & the tools you’ll need to reach them. It will make you look very good. When someone reaches out to you. Think w/a plan. respond in kind.

com/ 43 . make connections (don’t spam). Two of my fave searches are “Working on a story” & “Looking For Sources”.452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 Try sending press releases in slow news days – day after a holiday. then cut it to the bare basics.usnpl. The list separates you from your competition. Create consistency. ask opinions. Twitter brings great minds together & gives daily opportunities to learn -. products.http://www. email this. Update media list weekly. Twitter statistic – more RT’s come from the east coast early in the a.if you follow the right people. Twellow.m. the odd fifth week of the month. Find journalists. Join directories & networks based on industry. Sales copy should be short and to the point. US Newspaper List -. You have seconds to grab their attention & keep it. tweet this. Include prominently on content. Make sure your content is easy to share. No one is impressed by out of date websites. Write it. location. do your homework. Your social network is your real time focus group. Include add this. Solicit feedback. Especially the media. WeFollow are good places to start. Your messages across each channel should reinforce your story.

Update weekly. We sell our personal brand every day through every choice we make -what we say do.as in media coverage . prospects & fans who can refer you to others. Include customers. and even how we live. wear.your database. What are you known for? Are you influential? How are you perceived & what makes you authentic? Branding. but conveys personality & expertise.463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 Use Editorial Calendars to garner media coverage. Video on your web site not only increases SEO. Look at the pub’s ad or media kit online to find. What do you do or sell? Features of each? What do they offer? Turn these features into news. you become an expert.is a powerful form of branding. Want to interest the media? Punchy press releases & direct contact w/ news desks essential. W/ 1000 hrs of practice. Value of a 3rd party endorsing your brand publicly . Valuable biz tool . Weekly newspaper deadlines: day before publication. Use SM to offer biz tips to extend image & market to potential clients. You are already one. 44 .

Use direct communication to get to know someone. Give something away your competition charges for: free phone consult. ask questions. solicit feedback. 45 . not sell them. Express it. Be an active participant. Create the lifestyle. What do you offer that is so compelling it drives people to act? What matters in PR is the idea & the presentation.474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 What do you offer that competitors don’t offer or promote? They may offer it. Don’t pitch. Tools like FB are built on relationships. not sales. feeling. free report. Craft messages around consumer behavior. When building your personal brand. Listen to your community. experience of identifying with your brand. but if they don’t promote it. You’ll appear more thoughtful and intelligent. Promoting others promotes you. A dissatisfied customer tells 9-15 ppl about it. remember your passion and purpose. recommend another follower/friend. Be known as the brand that interacts. make connections. claim it. 13% of dissatisfied customers will tell 20+ ppl about their problem. Use referrals. If a follower/friend looks for something. free analysis. pause for a silent count of 3 before answering. When asked a question. Spend the time to make it right.

speak w/enthusiasm & vigor. When using SM.publicly. make sure you have more than one story angle. Be you. find quality followers. Use a 10-second pitch. BCC. When sending press releases . If you don’t believe in your message. don’t make it boring & stuffy. don’t worry about the numbers. When making follow-up calls. make sure you record all media comments on a follow-up sheet. When pitching the media. 46 . After that. no one else will.never put all the names in the “To” box. When pitching by phone. When pitching the media. stop what you’re doing & give them your full attention. What you say online impacts you & your biz. you’re actively engaging in your own PR . be brief & to the point.485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 When calling the media leave a max of 2 VM’s. When doing media interviews. When making your pitch. When the media calls. reflect on your words. You’re on the record now. call until your party picks up. While building your network.

Limit to one page. Prepare to deliver in under 10 seconds. current employees & families. use quotes. don’t misspell & don’t get off point. Write brand message in long paragraph. community. Top 10 list maybe? Write articles for trades in your industry. No opinions. vendors? Won any significant awards or had any major achievements? Media Angle Work with the calendar for story ideas. Make sure your articles are educational & not simply self serving. Tax Tips in the spring. Write press releases concisely. Write news releases in 3rd person. Weight loss in January. Use video to allow consumers to really get to know you. When. You are your best advocate. Where. make every word count.Who is doing what.496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 Who what when where why how . How? Results? Who’s your target audience? local media. Why are they doing it. chamber. 47 . You are the brand. Write your press release headline last. Refine to one-sentence tag line. neighbors.

you’re competing globally. congratulate a Twitter follower. It’s a full time job to become a recognizable brand. not for page rank. retention. You can’t sell something if it doesn’t excite you. You’re a walking billboard for your biz. Show appreciation for your customers. reader interest. You have no control over PR. You will have the highest success rate when pitching via phone first. This is part of the PR process. Know your numbers.507 508 509 510 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 Say thank you. Showcase a Facebook Fan. Know what they cover. research. Fall in love. You are your own brand & you must always sell yourself. Find your balance. and then sending written info. Know traffic details. When pitching a blogger. Your primary focus should always be creating content for your users. repeat visitors. Everything you say & do communicates a message. Integrate your online campaigns with offline initiatives. Gain insights and identify opportunities. Your presence matters beyond your geographic location. types of products reviewed. You have control over advertising. customer of the week on your site. Only pitch if there is a good fit. Even if you are a local business. 48 .

Monitor your message. Offer your help. solutions & expertise. Not sure what message works? Use split testing with a URL shortener like bit. Your company’s sales & marketing budget should = at least 10% of its revenue. The more segmented you are. and tweak til you get it right. Your personal brand. the more the ads are seen.make a 1-yr plan. Decreases sensitivity to ad. Make sure you’re engaging. track results and tweak in real time. Your FB & Twitter photos are your brand’s 1st impression. Relationships will be built. What do you want people to think about you? Map out how you’ll achieve these goals . Your current and potential customers look to social media as conversation. Use blog search. track with your metrics. What are you doing to strengthen your brand? What do you want your brand to say about you. Using targeted FB ads? Be prepared to change often.ly or HootSuite. Get ppl talking by developing valuable content. Your brand. With SM you can monitor. Social Mention. Need ideas? What do people pull you aside at cocktail parties to ask? There’s your content. Twitter Search.518 519 520 521 522 523 524 525 526 527 528 Your brand reflects who you are as a company & the values & principals that drive your biz decisions. Find people talking. Track the data to know what sticks. 49 .

define objectives & goals . Know your target market. Leave your prospects wanting more. Your message. Share your expertise. eye contact all influence how your message is received. body language. finances. Use it regularly.Think about the demographics of your ideal client. behavior look very different between genders. Connect with influencers. Monitor networks. Use Google’s keyword research tool. Age. targets.specific. gender. Your tone of voice. 50 . speed of delivery. income. Consider how SM factors in and enhances your marketing. Your Target Media . content and trends to look out for. Providing value means you become the source.529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538 539 Data is your friend. Your PR plan . geography. journalists & bloggers. location. resultsoriented & time-bound. It is how you determine if your efforts are working. Your target audience has the power to communicate info about you & your biz. Your PR Plan should be a document that includes PR activities for a 12-month period. measurable. age. Use for optimization of profiles. Social media works best when it is a part of an integrated effort.

call to action. Have a clear call to action. SM is not for you. newsletter. If you can’t answer. Ask yourself—is this how I want to be found & remembered? Create a unique landing pg from your social networks. like and trust hasn’t changed even if the technology has. Give people a reason to opt in. share. Create a giveaway. Makes you human. a tweet or post is forever. Use to highlight key info. The old adage that we do business with those we know. shows what you find interesting. tag. niche sites to get the message out. article submission. Gut check. FAQ’s. 51 . Find out what they find interesting. more about what they do. offer. promo. Upload. Ask yourself: Who is my audience? What do they want/need? Can I commit to provide this. promotions.” Remember. Share photo’s. Offer a unique greeting. Gives instant connection w/o having to dig. Instant connection Your marketing efforts shouldn’t focus on what is “new” or what is “old”–they should focus on what works for your business. The most powerful words in social networking are “Thank you” and “How Can I Help You. email opt in.540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549 550 Create a FB landing page for your biz. Meeting w/ a new prospect? Connect on a social network first. Use free press release distribution. Shareable content sometimes needs a little nudging. make it easy to opt in.

Heather Lytle: When Heather Lytle began her career in marketing. League of OKC and a past member of the Jr. though the technology has changed dramatically. Find her on Twitter @cyndyhoenig. 52 . She has been named 20 Business Leaders Under 40 by the Business Times. Leagues of Austin and Los Angeles. building relationships and generating a buzz. Lytle brings her passion for business and her experience in marketing together to help businesses raise their profile and grow their companies. and 40 under 40 by OKCBiz. Email Heather at heather@hlmediapartner. FOX. Her area of expertise centers on planning and executing media relations programs that achieve high levels of coverage. Oklahoma. Aaron Spelling. Lytle’s work with a Fortune 500 company served as the catalyst for successful corporate marketing and business development initiatives throughout Oklahoma and West Texas. ShopGadgetGirl. In OKC. managing the over 700 media outlets which attended. near her four grown daughters and eight grandchildren. For nearly a decade. Disney Channel. she serves on the Board of Keep Oklahoma Beautiful and is on the executive committee of the Go Red for Women luncheon. Sandra Bullock and Cybill Shepherd.com and partner in H & L Media Partners. She prefers to be referred to as a “strategist” instead of an “expert” and a “partner” instead of “consultant”. the ideas have remained the same. Using her extensive corporate background as well as her intimate understanding of the needs of small business owners.com.com. Inc. She also serves as Communications VP for the Edmond Women’s Club. Edwards University in Austin.About the authors Cyndy Hoenig: Cyndy Hoenig is a seasoned PR Professional who rose through the ranks at the prestigious Los Angeles PR firm Bender. Email Cyndy at cyndy@hlmediapartners. and Google was simply an idea. She has managed campaigns for the Emmy Awards. Carsey-Werner. where she served as Director of the Consumer Television Division. the founder of Facebook didn’t even have his driver’s permit. as well as high-profile television programs for NBC. Columbia Pictures and Twentieth Television. As a native Oklahoman committed to her community. She also planned and managed a program for Oklahoma City’s Race for the Cure which enhanced awareness to a level resulting in a 35% increase in participation. Lytle offers clients a unique marketing perspective with a focus on new technologies. Marc Cherry & Jamie Wooten. and has worked with Jim Carrey. she organized the media campaign for the Oklahoma City National Memorial’s Anniversary. VH-1 and MTV Awards programs. Today. Screen Actor’s Guild. the Internet was still for the elite and geeky. over the years. Her accolades include being named a Ladies in the News Honoree by the Oklahoma Hospitality Club. Matthew McConaughey. Grassroots marketing meant hitting the pavement. However. CBS. receiving a Special Presidential Award from the Oklahoma Heart Association. Hoenig studied communications at University of Central Oklahoma and St. Goldman & Helper. She was the personal publicist for Suzanne Somers for more than 10 years. Hoenig is a sustaining member of the Jr. Lytle has a Masters in Business Administration from Oklahoma Christian University and a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations from the University of Central Oklahoma. as the owner of HVM Solutions. She currently resides in Edmond. Texas. among many others. and the Phaythopen Charity Award from the Allied Arts Foundation. Find her on Twitter @hlytle. Jennifer Lopez.

partner. Thank you for helping us share our message. From Heather: To my parents who have believed in me always.#1 Yankee Fan. To my husband. I value your knowledge.Acknowledgements From Cyndy: To my friend and former boss Larry Goldman -. For speaking & corporate training requests.for your encouragement and undying support. mentor. Kevin. For more about H&L Media Partners please visit hlmediapartners.and the patience. encouraged me often. for all the technical you have to do on a daily basis. Thanks Larry. even those I haven’t met yet.com.taught me I could meet any goal as long as I was laughing.com. To my friends. To Marc Grossman and Karin Olsen . please contact Cyndy@hlmediapartners. 53 . Heather Lytle . his tolerance of the ever present laptop and iPhone. Brilliant beyond Brilliant PR Strategist. To Cyndy Hoenig-genius. Donald Draper .many thanks for your edits. To Shea Moseley for all the typing -. Thank you for teaching me something new every single day. for being my number 1 fan. and supported every risk with a smile. and the man who taught me everything I know about PR. And. and always making me smile.

www.com .hlmediapartners.

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