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Mayhem - Violence as Public Entertainment (George Haydule]

Mayhem - Violence as Public Entertainment (George Haydule]


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Published by: Gryswolf on May 16, 2011
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Sometimes you get bitten by a mark with short arms and deep pockets. You know the
type. The two or more of you go for snacks or beers and you always pay the tab. El
cheapo, deadbeat, Number 10.

CD got back at one of these guys, a man who had deadbeat him for years, a cheap slob all
the way. Being that both of them were basketball fans, CD fouled him that way.

"He knew I worked for a school district and asked me to get him a free or cheap
basketball rim and hoop. The cheap bastard wouldn't buy one," CD told me.

"I found one we were going to pitch out. I took it to metal shop and changed the rim from
the standard eighteen inches to sixteen inches. It was a perfectly finished job. I painted
the rim orange and had a used net fastened on. It looked new and neat."

CD helped the cheapskate mark put up his "for-free" gift. CD then left so the mark could
get acquainted with his new toy. CD told me that he has never looked back.

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