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Mayhem - Violence as Public Entertainment (George Haydule]

Mayhem - Violence as Public Entertainment (George Haydule]


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Published by: Gryswolf on May 16, 2011
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Old Pepper's back off the road again and he's got a story about how he paid back Motel
Hell for making his home away from home a very bad scene. Pepper says, "I won't bore
you with details, other than rude, waddling waitresses, food I wouldn't feed to a starving
Contra, a dirty room with a broken TV, and a bed that must have been used once as a
landing pad for flying elephants."

Pepper did a few get-backs and will share some of the nicer ones with you. Because his
room key was apparently a master for his wing of the motel, he was able to get into seven
other rooms, all empty. Here's what he did.

He carefully unwrapped soap, placed pubic hair on the bars, and resealed the soap

He altered the checkout times on the room cards, making it read 4 P.M. rather
than noon.

In some of the rooms he jam-stuck the thermostat on high heat, while in others he
put it on cold air-conditioning.

In one Gideon Bible, Pepper put porno pictures, while in another he left the name
and phone number of a nasty ex-sweetie who lived in the city.

As Pepper said, "All in all, I think everything balanced out for all parties. In any case, I
haven't heard anything about it in the past year and I never returned."

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