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Since its establishment in 1998, Origin Consultants Pvt Ltd has emerged as a prominent name in the field of Executive Search. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Origin Consultants Pvt Ltd focuses on Talent Acquisition for Top Management, Senior Management and Middle Management positions across Industries, Functions Er Roles.

With established delivery teams Er technology infrastructure at Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and New Delhi Origin Consultants Pvt Ltd partners with Professional Organizations as a Human Capital Advisory Services (HCAS) Provider in a Human Resource Consulting Process aimed at Recruitment and Selection of Organizational Leaders.

With a Strong Network Of Professionally Qualified Er Experienced Candidates, Origin Consultants have conducted numerous successful Executive Searches for their Clients and are dedicated to identifying individuals who stand out from the rest, whose qualifications, skills, experience and ambitions make them the right candidates for the organization's success.

Customers of Origin Consultants Pvt Ltd range from Startups to established Fortune 500 Clients and From the Largest Indian Corporations to Global MNC Multinationals. With over a decade of experience in recruiting talent for various global organizations, comprehending the challenges faced by these organizations has become effortless facilitating us to recruit the best and the most appropriate candidate for the clients.


Our core purpose is to deliver professional employment search services to our clients as a trusted and reliable partner.

Our vision is to provide exceptional search results through relentless pursuit of exceptional candidates and thus be the best provider of managerial talent to our client's.

Our belief is that each search assignment conducted for the client should propel them towards success.

Our mission is to empower our clients with professionally qualified and experienced senior and middle level management executives who can lead them to success. We foresee our success in the success of our clients stimulated by the leaders we recruit for them.


Everyone who comes in contact with us must realize by our actions and conduct that we are fundamentally sound, professional and honest in all of our dealings. Every assignment that we undertake is based on PRIDE. PRIDE is the set of values assiduously followed by all at Origin Consultants. These values have enabled us to provide the best search.


The confidential nature of our business needs integration of high level professionalism. Each step of our search is carried out with the highest level of professionalism. We believe in taking time to understand the nature of the job, candidates' real versus perceived skills sets, the hiring organizations' culture and belief systems, and candidates' career motivations. It is this professionalism that brings success to each assignment and the overall business.


We value the relationship maintained with our clients. These relationships are characterized by honesty, objectivity, accuracy and respect for confidentiality. While dealing with our clients and building a professional relationship with them, we are emphatic on building an enduring relationship. Though our primary relationship is with the client, we establish professional relationships with candidates. We maintain the confidentiality of information provided by prospective and actual candidates and ensure candidates provide accurate Er relevant information about themselves. We secure the individual's consent before sharing his or her background information with a client and advise him / her on the status of their candidacies (including limitations to advance them) as the search assignments progress.


Integrity in business is considered mandatory at Origin. Integrity is discerning the right from the wrong and acting accordingly. We believe in taking impartial and honest decisions. We accept only those assignments that will not adversely affect our objectivity and integrity. Any limitations arising through relationships with other clients that may affect our ability to perform the search assignment or any business or personal relationships with candidates that might affect our objectivity in conducting the assignment are disclosed to the client. We present information about the client, the position, and the candidate honestly and factually, and include reservations that are pertinent and important to the assignment.



Discretion is integral part of the kind of business we are in. We act prudently while dealing with the clients. The identity of both the client is kept candid until the finalization stage. No competitive information is revealed between clients and between candidates. Confidential information received from clients is used only for purposes of conducting the assignment and disclosed only to those individuals within the firm, or potential candidates who need to know the information.


Excellence is an obsession with us. Quality intrinsically satisfies us and hence we insist on delivering the best. We believe that every search assignment is a placement of trust by our clients to find them the best candidate, and a placement of confidence by our candidates to find them the best fitting job. To promote a successful search we aim to live up to both expectations

Lalit Bhojwani

President Er CEO

Apurva Mankad Chief Operating Officer

Apurva Mankand holds a B. E with an MBA (Systems) and CISA and is responsible for the Systems, Processes Er IT Applications. His experience includes IT Audit, Project Management, BPR and BPO. In the past he was associated with Infosys Technologies Limited as a Business Analyst.

Lalit Bhojwani equipped with a B.Tech from BHU-IT (1977) and an MBA from 11M Ahmedabad (1979 - 1981) oversees Business Policy, Strategy and Customer Relationship. He has a vast knowledge of the Engineering, Telecom, IT Er IT Enabled Services Industry and has served as the President at Sat yam Infoway (SIFY) in the past. The other foot prints left by him are his positions as the Vice President at Gulf Oil International, General Manager at Crompton Greaves and Regional Manager at HCL Ltd.

Nita Thaker

Yogesh Mhatre Chief Technology Officer

Yogesh Mhatre has vast experience in the field of Electronics, Computer Networking and Embedded Technology; his expertise is Hardware and Software Design Er Maintenance. Associated with Leon Computers as a Director, he is a Post Graduate in Electronics, Communication Er Networking.

Chief Human Resource Officer Er Head Executive Search

Nita Thaker is an MBA in Human Resources and her key responsibility includes developing the best HR Practices Er Processes. Her past experience is in the Telecom Industry and Customer Contact Centers. Prior to joining Origin consultants, she was the HR Manager at Motorola.

Priya Warier

Head Talent Acquisition

Priya Warier is an MBA in Human Resources Er an MA in Psychology and has handled challenging assignments during her past employment with Reliance Industries and Aptech Computer Education.


As a part of the search assignment our consultant conducts a detailed interview with the client organization's hiring manager and management team to develop a full understanding of the position to be filled and the profile of the executive to be recruited. A summary of this understanding along with the scope of services, general timetable, and a statement concerning our policies on fees and expenses is communicated to the hiring manager at the outset of the engagement.

On agreement and receipt of confirmation of the understanding and policies our research associates conduct a thorough, independent and original research, targeting organizations identified as likely employers of potential candidates. In addition proprietary and commercially available databases are accessed for sources of potential candidates. A thorough evaluation is done of each potential candidate's suitability for, and interest in, the position by conducting one or more in-depth interviews (in person, by telephone or video conferencing).

After verification of credentials and assessment of the individual's strengths and weaknesses with respect to the position the appropriate candidates are referred for the client's review.

We then coordinate the interviews of short listed candidates with clients. Once the organization has selected one or more candidates it would like to hire then a comprehensive reference check is carried out on behalf of the client.

We facilitate the negotiations to ensure that the client has the best opportunity to engage the selected candidate, and simultaneously prepare the candidate to accept the offer. Thereafter we stay in touch with both the client and the successful candidate to assure an orderly transition and assist integration of the candidate into the new job and the client's environment.

Our process is designed to identify the best candidates available, particularly those who are not looking for a position, to initiate contact, to interview those interested and to bring to fruition through an appointment, a first-class candidate who will achieve the objectives of the role

Introductory Assessment

This involves extensive consultation about the client's needs. We start by developing a comprehensive understanding of the organization, the culture, business goals as well as job requirements.

The Opportunity Package

Here we define the objectives of the assignment and develop an ideal candidate profile. At the same time, we put together a package of literature that accurately explains the opportunity to interested parties.

search Strategy

A specific search universe is drawn up and agreed along with the client. This is a critical step because it defines the direction of the search. At this point, attractions of the job are also carefully analyzed.


For each search our research is original and specific. Once the target markets are determined our Research Team begins to target and source the widest possible audience of achievers to match the requirements.


It is sometimes appropriate for the appointment to be advertised in carefully selected media. This elicits applications from candidates who may not be readily identifiable through the research processes.

Initial Contact

Potential candidates are thoroughly screened; their qualifications examined, past performance verified, motivation and personality analyzed and, where appropriate, strengths and weaknesses appraised.


Throughout the search process, the client is kept informed on progress and findings. A list of qualified candidates together with brief profiles is usually presented and recommendations are made on those who best meet the specifications.

Candidate Meetings fr Facilitation

It is then arranged for candidates to come forward. After each session, feedback is obtained from the candidate and interest levels are carefully monitored. We facilitate and, as appropriate, attend candidateclient interviews. We provide feedback, discuss areas of concern about the opportunity and work closely with you to achieve the best possible solution.

Reference Checking

Reference checking is customarily conducted both in the preliminary stages of a search and more comprehensively in the final stages as an individual becomes the candidate of choice.

Industry Practices

For clients operating in selected industries, our dynamic team of specialist recruitment professionals provide high-impact solutions. We have the experience and expertise in making available professionally qualified and experienced business leaders and managers who can help our client organization exceed in their industry segments

• Banking and Financial Services

• Consulting & Advisory

• Consumer & Retail

• Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial

• Infrastructure

• IT & Electronics


• Business Services

• Communications & Media

Functional Expertise

Resu It oriented recru itment strategy requ ires hands-on experience. We have expertise and experience in aligning an organization's business goals with the expectations from prospective employees. Our experienced recruiters have ring side view and have functional experience in various industries. We leverage this insider knowledge to bring value to every candidate that we place.

Whether you are a start-up company, a multinational or something in between, Origin Consultants Pvt Ltd can assist you. Our searches span all industries in such Corporate Services

Our consultants are seasoned professionals whose experience has equipped them with the knowledge and skills to identify and recruit executives with the ability to add value to our client organizations. Through our network, we not only know where people are, but where they came from as well. We have the ability to source back to previous employers.

Each functional area is handled by a team of specialists. Origin Consultants Pvt Ltd has over 100 years of collective experience of sourcing executives across the following operational functionalities:

functionalities such as:
• Service Delivery & Operations
• Corporate Planning & Strategy
• Recruitment, Induction & Training
• Corporate HR
• Accounts & Finance
• Corporate Finance & Treasury
• Audit & Risk Management
• Risk Management & Audit
• Quality & Testing
• Marketing & Sales
• Sales & Distribution / Promotion
• Company Secretary & Legal
• Statutory & Compliance
• Research & Design
• Production / Maintenance
• Sourcing & Supply Chain
• Procurement & Logistics
• Corporate Communication
• Relationship Management
• Information Technology
• Software & IT Infrastructure
• Administration & Security
• Maintenance, Utilities, Facilities
• Analytics
• Analysis, MIS & Reporting At Origin Consultants Pvt Ltd we believe that our success is defined by the quality of executives we recommend, and by the contributions these executives make to the clients we serve. We strive to offer the best leadership solution for every assignment with a commitment to quality in every element of the search: our people, our processes, our professional practices and our personalized network of proven and emerging talent.

Our past performance, completion rate and repeat business are indicators of our capabilities.

Result oriented professionalism, direct communication, fleet footed follow through and relationships based on trust and professional respect have been the pillars of our success.

The unmatched dedication of our practice heads; our ethical outlook and the value-add approach helps us transcend the expectation of our clients. Every assignment that we embark on is consummated with consistency and excellence. Equipped with market and industry intelligence, working with state-of-the-art research methodologies Origin Consultants successfully identify executives across borders and practices. Our global network and generic approach has enabled us to serve clients across borders in every industry at various levels and domains.


Origin Consultants Private Limited 5-A-1, Takshila, Mahakali, Andheri (East) Mumbai - 400093. INDIA

Ph: +9122 2826 1800/28312559/28378171 Website: www.originconsultants.com

Email: info@originconsultants.com

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