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the good, none


136 From the mouths of babes
Asia's Sex LessonsTheSexGuru shares tingling a history p136 lesson! Red-hot gifts Because she doesn't deserve crapon the 14th! pl38 Donna and Sheena A twin treat fromour February pl40 muses! Ladies' Confessions Onlythe scorching truthherelpl42

51 Gadgetsgangbang
Lap trip Burncashfor thesefive portable PCs! p52 Budget toys Playat will, y o u S p i e l b e r g a n n a b ep 5 6 w ! Budget pack Hotties the for cautious p58 spender!

EveMhinq that -month... tters this
\ o t h i n g l i k ea c o m p r e h e n s i v g u i d e e : o g e t y o u r F e b r u a r y l l r e v v e du p , a -earunng... Gemma Louise Chapman Brit m o d e l ,f r e q u e n tM a n i l av i s i t o r lp 1 6 Jose Manalo The Eat Bulaga c o m i c w a n t s t o d i r e c t a d r a m a !p 2 6 Nardong Tae! LouieCordero's c r e a t i o ni s n o w a t o y l p 2 0 P L U S ! R i d i n gt h e E - J e e p n e y , l o v i n gt h e S u b a r u l m p r e z a , befriending arokya ni Edgar and P reading man books p40

44 Your fashion bible
Wardrobe Basics Scorestyle pointson yourV-Day dates!p44 WatchesTimeto buvthesel2 must-have findsl p46 GroomingYou'll smell goodlp4g Tips What perfume suitsyou? p48


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'Peace,brother!' Counter anger's bad,vilevibes! pl46 Wellington Soong Theluxury car mogul a picture passion! is pl49 of Heart-stopping action Knowwhat to do whenstroke pl50 strikes! Beach pafi How to throwa memorable p148 onel

152 Anecdotesgalore
F a t h e rs c h o o l s s o n o n g r e a t , undetectable scapes! e

145 Life-enhanced!

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F H M F E B R U A R2 0 0 8 w w w . f h m . c o m , p h Y

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In awe, Bro. Allan H and his posing-sawy posse praised their rock god and pop goddesses at the Subaru lmprezalaunch!Specialthanksto Joji Dingcong of JLD Management (sorryfor last month's typol).

Uncle Pauland his niecesano nephews ran wild in HongKong,

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fhe FHM crew toasted2002 awaywith a party Route196.SuperBonngg at gatecrashed, washed dishes then the after!

BabyKiel with proud parents. This won'tbe his lastpic here, we feell

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the trialsthat rained us in 2007, on we stillmadeit through. Youhelped us, too, FHM, morethanyou'llever know,Please recognize strength our and our faithin one another by posting picture. our Thanks! Rochelle, email by

My bro!
I knowthis is too much,but please do me a favor.I havea brod and Hot starter! roommate herein FOREHADorm Thishas beenso far the most at University the Philippines Damn! of challenging M to get a hold FH Los Bafros, who of. Well,lt took me fourdaysto celebrated his buyyburJennylyn Mercado issue. birthday last It was alwayssold-outin every January ldidn't 8. localmagazine standsherein my haveany gift for place. Ouiteunderstandable really, himthenso I'm whatwith the lovely Jennylyn finally begging you now gracing coverof FHM.I also the to publish this realized it couldprobably her that be picture. Please lastalluring sexyphotoshoot.I and publish this in yournextissueso that weather. and the awesome FHM lwant himto see our treasured waitedfor so longfor this issueto he'llknowthat I remembered. Happy issues! Congratulationsalso for the photoin yourmag.Please? He'll happen and it was worththe wait! birthday, Michael! Thanks, M, for FH Philippinesto your amazingfireworks comebacksoonfromhis dutyand Greatpictures and fantastic styling! doinggreatthingsl gift display last New Year! no otherhomecoming is more Youdid one of the mostbeautiful Cris, email by perfectthan this.Youguys rock us! Alex, email by justice. course, facesin showbiz Of Aileen, email by I haveto commend yournew layout. Waiting for Jennylyn! i We rock them! It'sa greatimprovement. go as lwill I'm one of yourbiggest fanshere FHM buyersince Turning i I'vebeena regular far as sayingthat it's probably the in Saipan and I see to it that I don't i my bolriend introduced to me. Japanese it bestlay-out anymen'smagazine missevery of singleissueof FHM.By : Luckily, relationship become I loveyour our has herein Philippines. just have You the way,I loveyourJanuary 2008 new 2008 a way of separating yourself from issue. really Jennylyn I like Mercado. calendar! Hopeyou haveenough everyone! Can'twaitto see it. Her issuewill Thanks for February issuesto satisfyyour loyal arrive herenextmonth. Thank you so putting gorreaders. the way,Arra Castro By muchand morepower. Keeprocking! geousbabes her deserves own hot calendar soon! Christian, Saipan on Keepsurprising us! yourpages. hopeyou also I ; because John, email by Thank you, sir! featureJapanese i of his women I'm a Canadian who currently lives likeAyumiKinoshita and : work,we Survivors i n M a n i l a ,I ' v e o n l y b e e n i n y o u r Chise Nakamura. Please i stillfind Lastyearwas a country for a few months but I i timeto alsoinclude this photoof toughonefor me already got hooked reading your my friends i surprise and I whilewe're and my Daddy magazine.I love everythingabout the i each cosplaying. Mimiw. But despite Philippines-the friendly peeps, sunny other. Arata Kagami, email by i
i ,'


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O f f i c eh a n d o u t
n a v eb e e n zt avid FHM :ollector - .n c e 2 0 0 5 , -y fourlh year ^ college. -re magazine ':ally meansa :t to me. Now :rat I already - a v ea j o b ,: a leading = x p o r t sc o m p a n y ,I s t i l lf i n d t i m e t o 'ead FHM during my break at work. :lnny thing is,my officemates lso a znloy FH M. One of them was even : a u g h t b y t h e m a n a g e rr e a d i n gy o u r s s u e d u r i n g o f f i c e h o u r s .H e r e ' s t o a,l my co-FHM addicl officemates! Keep up the good work FHMI

"While were during we trying capture to a happy moment our joined getaway," woman in Boracay narrates "this Crom, chubby o n h eu n , , , u n i n v i t e d ! " t f

Happyioy ioy

pals Ms, "l took shot myqirl posing thegorgeous lwa with this of "lmagine dismay I saw misplaced when a my Moto," Francis. writes Sus!" the behind speakers.

Tagum City Rocky,

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"l ananged barkada before our lhe nicely taking snaps during Manila pic "lt Elmer reveals.would been good if only guy this trip," have a didn't part itl' take in

..-_ -\\.--Fun "We a photo capture family's awesome atGlobal time my to took part "Then stranger right covering of walked in, Park," Lester. this notes frame!" the
c o o l o w n i n g a K a t r i n aH a l i l is t a n d e e ! Thanks again, FHM Phllippines,I will g b e e t e r n a l l y r a t e f u lt o t h e w o r l d ' s g r e a t e s tm a g a z r n e . M a c h ,b y e m a i l

S ta n d e eh u n t o v e r!
I a m f e e l i n gs o l u c k y a n d s o g r a t e f u l these days! Thanks to FHM, and s o m e g r e a t f r i e n d s ,a n d s o m e p o w ers-that-be.I wrote a few months b a c k , b e g g i n g f o r a K a t r i n aH a l i l il i f e s i z e s t a n d e e a n d p r o f e s s i n gm y l o v e f o r F H M P h i l i p p i n e sT h e f u r t h e s t . thing from my mind was seeingmy l e t t e r p u b l i s h e d .S o , i m a g i n em y s u r p r i s ew h e n I p i c k e d u p t h e N o v e m b e ri s s u e .M y b e s t f r i e n d ,w h o was with me when lfirst saw my published letter,let out a loud scream as I stood beside her totally speechless.

Y o u c a n b e t l ' l l b e h o a r d i n gt h e i s s u ea n d g i v i n gt h e m o u t a s p r e s e n t sf o r m a n y y e a r st o c o m e ! I t ' l la l s o b e c o m e a p e r m a n e n tc o f f e e t a b l e c o m p a n i o nf o r t h e r e s t o f m y l i f e .B u t I d i d n o t f o r g e t m y g o a l , m y Holy Grail. I took FHM's advice and asked around at several magazine s h o p s a n d n e w s s t a n d s .M y l u c k c h a n g e dw h e n o n e o f m y c l o s e ; ' a f r i e n d s r e c a l l e dt h a t a M i n i S t o p i n t h e b u i l d i n gw h e r e she works had been trying t o s e l l t h e i r s .S h e t o l d me about it and said she'd check back w i t h t h e m .W h e n she found out that i t w a s s t i l la v a i l a b l e , ; she reserved it for me. And so the quest r ends.lt's really, eally

M i s s i n gh e r h u b b y
I ' v el o v e dy o u g u y s s i n c e 2 O O . l . M y f a t h e r l o v e sy o u , s o d o e s m y h u s b a n dw h o i s n o w b a s e d i n D u b a i .W e u s e d t o t r y y o u r p o s i t i o n s o f t h e m o n t h ,b u t n o w t h a t h e i s away, I try to ease my lonelinessby . r e a d i n gy o u r m a g a z i n e I e v e n h a v e f o l l o w e r sw h o f r e q u e n t l yb o r r o w m y FHM copies! This letter is for you alll lpagyayabang ko na na-publish ninyo itong letter ko! Good luck sa mga co-workers ko, and to my H o n e y :I l o v ey o u v e r y m u c h . I ' m proud to be your girl!

by S hane,emai l

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.{:.ii+in ri'-i i:..

w w w . f h mc o m p h F E B R U A R Y 2 0 0 8 F H M



t r a v e la r o u n d t h e w o r l d . l w a n t t o m e e t d i f f e r e n tk i n d s o f p e o p l e a n d e x p e r i e n c et h e i r c u l t u r e . I ' m r e a l l y h a v i n gt h e b e s t t i m e o f m y l i f e from what I've been doing now. Ha ha! How's the pafi scene in Essex, England? The party scene is hot on Fridays a n d S a t u r d a y s ,l t ' s l i k e h e r e i n t h e P h i l i p p i n e sb e c a u s e i t ' s a l w a y s great to party after a hard week's w o r k . B u t i n E n g l a n d ,p e o p l e u s u a l l yv e n t u r e i n t o L o n d o n f o r t h e big nights out. Any popular drug partygoers take to get into party mode? Cocaine is popular but I rarely see it. lt's more popular in the city (London). Ever tried any? N o , b e c a u s e I ' m a g o o d g i r l .Y o u ' l l see it in my Facebook. But they say bad girls get more fun than nice girls. I d o n ' t b e l i e v et h a t ! ( l a u g h s ) | would have to say nice girls have more fun. You can go out and have fun with your friendswithout any b i t c h i n e s s .Y o u m a y g e t b i t c h e s e v e r y w h e r ey o u g o , b u t t h e y c a n ' t b e h a v i n gm u c h f u n i f t h e y h a v et o b i t c h a b o u t e v e r y o n ee l s e . How can a guy catch youl attention in clubs? Now you're askingl Confidence is a must but not over confident. I also fall for the kind, funny guys. Looks are always a bonus but I do tend to go for the more rugged types. Who do you like more? Prince Harry or Prince William? lf I had to choose, it would be Prince Harry.William is cuter but Harry is definitelymore fun and rebelliousl Any English culture you would want us to learn? Nothing really.We have slightly different cultures but I like it that way. That's even the reason I always visit your country! How did we lure you to keep coming bad<? K i n d n e s s . h e n e v e rI c o m e W h e r e , e v e r y o n ei s s o w e l c o m i n g . I havemade a lot of friends and I l e s p e c i a l l y o v et h e c l u b s c e n e . , l r e a l i z e dt h a t R n B i s h u g e h e r e a n d people dance amazinglyWhen . I ' m i n t h e c l u b s ,I g e t t o s e e h o w a t a l e n t e dF i l i o i n o s r e .

iIlE$ iTliltFnffiffii'l


lf by chance photos of this babe trigger your curiosity, simply open o . - < your Facebook and type her nameE Ur (J .n Gemma Louise Chapman. In an 7iz instant,all there is to know about thrs ci 5 girlyou fancy appears on the screen. L!^ You also get to see more scorching t!h photos of almost everything she j 8 does, from her travelsto her nightlife. 4< But if you think she's alreadyyour >z f !; * dream girl in cyberspace, ask her F z^' what she looks like in person and she will likelytellyou, "l'm better in =Y 3 S person,you can't just trust photos < t r because they can be editedl' -l a> k But if you still belong to the ? > < guys of Friendster,seeing these q < photos will definitelyconvince ff ,ra> a n you to start making a Facebook Qz account. You're all set to make Yo-a your move after you completed the
O r.!

registration.Try to poke her and you might get lucky if she pokes back! Do you only add hot guys in your Facebook? Not reallyl People I add are usually friends, people that I have met and those I want to stay in touch with. B e s i d e s ,I u s u a l l yd o n ' t h a v e t h e time to browse for cute guys on the Internet.I'd prefer to meet the real thing in personlikein the clubs or bars. lf a guy caught your eye in Facebook, would you go out with him? Ha ha! Maybe if I already met him before being online friends. l w o u l d n ' t d a t e a r a n d o mg u y o n Facebook because you never know who they are.

Basing from your Facebook photos, you seem to be well traveled. I Backhome, usedto workfor a in bankand modelpart-time an But agency. I tooka yearoff just to


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Y l 6 F H M F E B R U A R2 0 0 8 w w w . f h m . c o m . o h

2008 FHM 17 FEBRUARY www.fhm.com.oh


I Vintage 02l0g

The Iast Beetleto roll olf the oroductionline was at its Mexico plant in 2003




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This is about the onlything we have to be thankfulto Hitler for. Notwithstanding is dismal h failure at entering the Academy of F i n e A r t s i n V i e n n ai n h i s t e e n s he was rejected twice-he still i n d u l g e dh i s a r t i s t i ct e n d e n c i e s l a t e ro n b y n e e d l e s sd o o d l i n g , a m o n g t h e m c a r d e s i g n s ,a l l w h i l e b u s y i n gh i m s e l fa d v a n c i n gt h e Aryan race and annihilatingJews. One day he took aside a certain FerdinandPorsche and asked him if he could do s o m e t h i n gw i t h h i s d r a w i n g s , instructing im to build it for the h Everyman.Porsche,of course, was well on his way to becoming a s u p e r c a rb u i l d e r ,b u t s t r l lh e s e t a s i d et i m e t o m a k es o m e t h i n g of what may have probably been at first an atrocious bug-inspired designby a megalomaniac nd a turned it into a work of art. What came out was the Volkswagen,the "People's Carl' And it is, 69 years later,despite its questionable history,a timeless classic. The Volkswagen Beetle is

cramped, devoid of a dashboard, h a s h o r r i b l es u s p e n s i o na n d a p a l t r ye n g i n e r u n n i n ga t t h e m e r c y of a rubber belt placed at the back. Yet you'll have to agree with enthusiasts like the Volkswagen Club of the Philippines-shown here displayingtheir prized babies at theirannualVW Custom and Classic Car Show at the Bonifacio Naval Station Parade Grounds in Fort Bonifacio,Taguig-that they are the sexiest buggers on the face of the planet. lt has curves to die for, it drips attitude,and will run for as long its master wants it to-even o u t l i v eh i m ! P r o o f :t h e V W C P p u t s a hefty 70 percent of its criteria o n t h e c a r ' s f u n c t i o n a l i t yn t h e i r i shows. They have been at this for 2 2 y e a r s .T h e y ' r eg r o w i n g o l d , t h e cars haven't. In fact, these Beetlebums are so crazy over their cars that in March t h e y w i l l a t t e m p tt o s e t a G u i n n e s s World Record for the longest line of Volkswagen cars. Should they s u c c e e d i n m a k i n gt h e b u g s d o t h e H i t l e r g o o s e s t e pt h e r e c o r d i s t h e i r s to keep unchallengedforever!



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z v. L! I 0z

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l 8 F H M F E B R U A R2 0 0 8 w w w , f m , c o m . p h Y h


r =
As the ever-famous dung excavators of the metro-Malabanan-will definitelyattest, there is indeed money and instant fame in shit. Starting in 2003 as a penon-bond-paper,photocopied DfY comic, Nardong lae, the filthy creation of internationally renowned artist Louie Cordero was manufactured last year into a limited edition toy-hand-painted and crafted by Cordero himself and distributed with the help of renegade toy store Fresh. Sadly t h o u g h ,t h e o r i g i n a l1 0 0 p i e c e s o f Nardosold out duringits unveiling. So for toy collectors who missed out, this will probably be the closest you can get to ogle this masterpiece of feces. Now, some of you artsy fartsy folks may be asking how such a crude creation received cult following. Well, that's it exactly-it's s o c r u d e i t ' s g e n i u s .I n t h e original comics, Nardo started out as an ordinary guy who got hit by a meteorite made of feces, transforminghim into a half-humanhalf-walking-talkin g-shit Nardong Tae, with fecal powers to fight evil. For us, though, Nardo's catch phrase "Bwakang ina mol" was what reallymade this one a classic. We can vouch that it rolls off the tongue quite nicely!

P ct

:k was l{ardans Tals hunan namebelorehe ne the ha[-man-hal|lecesswefiero.

F f '

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After Pac-man was devoured the ghosts finally were contented


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= z =
I |.L

U) ut E. F z


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o z


20 FHM FEBRUARY 2O0Bwww.fhm.com.ph


/F\ '\*r+
JRa v e O 2lO 8




At the_opening the famed New York nightclubStudio 54 on of April 28, 1977, they reJusedentry to Frank Sinatra.



Theclubsto qo to when you'reon thiprowl



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EMBASSY. thereigning Stil super high-end We club. hear they have interiors it's new and amazing. house rivals The room thehappening abroad. clubs The hip-hop may may be room or not asluxe, then but hip-hop heads don't much. care


a w o r k i n g - c l a s sh e r o w a s n ' t c l a s s y , but I was only too happy to oblige. S o t o f u l f i l lt h e p a r t y p a r t o f t h e memo, off I went to Club Ascend at BonifacioHigh Street to attend a r a v e .N o w , a s f a r a s I ' m c o n c e r n e d r a v i n gi s f o r l u n a t i c s - t h e ya r e , a f t e r a l l , c a l l e d e x a c t l yt h a t : r a v i n g - b u t I a l w a y sa p p r e c i a t eh a n g i n g w i t h m y k i n d a n d g e t t i n ga l l t h e p u b l i c i t yI c a n g e t . A s e x p e c t e d , t h e p a p a r a z z is w a r m e d m e a t the entranceand the hangers-on t o a s t e d m y a r r i v a l .A f t e r w a r d s , h o t w o m e n d r o w n e d m e w i t h t h e i rl o v e . A n a t u r a lr e a c t i o n ,I s h o u l d s a y . I was better than Tim Yao. W h a t w a s u n n a t u r a lw a s h o w the bouncers booted me out the c l u b l a t e r .W e l l , n o b o d y e v e r t o l d m e t h e P 1 0 0 | h a d t h a t n i g h tb a r e l y c o v e r e df o r t h e d r i n k l

TABU.The rising ol star Makati's nightlife. known lt's for people frequent theheautiful who thevenue. also You don't to have pay entrance. a bigplus. for That's

E a r l yt h i s y e a r , I w a s t o l d b y m y FHM bosses that there would be s o m e c h a n g e si n t h e m a g a z i n e that includeda full makeover. t A first I thought they would say, " T h a n k sf o r t h e m e m o r i e s , " n d a I w a s p r e p a r i n gt o r e t o r t , " W e l l , g o o d r i d d a n c e ! "i n r e t u r nb u t a s I s u s p e c t e d ,t h e y c o u l d n ' t a f f o r d t o r o s em e . In fact, what they wanted me to do was upgrade to classier a s s i g n m e n t s n l i n ew i t h t h e r a g ' s i spiffy new look. "When you do l (-) s p o r t s ,i t s h o u l d b e o f w o r l d U) # c l a s s c a l i b e r .W h e n y o u t r a i n w i t h x a t h l e t e sy o u s h o u l db e w i t h t h e , o U g r e a t e s t ,W h e n y o u d o s t u n t s , i t I s h o u l db e t h e e x t r e m e . n d w h e n A r c y o u p a r t y ,i t ' s g o t t o b e i n h i g h O c l a s s , "t h e m e m o r e a d . N o t t h a t r) F r.) s t a n d i n g o n a n e m p t y p e d e s t a l a s

CUlSll'lE.0wned the by group, Embassy Cuisine by has, great The itsname, food. best thing thatbecause more is it's of a lounge you and don't to have pay getin. to

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a bitotftheclub radar, located in theoldMakati butyou to go area, Warchouse theway rabidly nvers gototheirparties-to your enhance senses, know wemean. if you what

22 FHM FEBRUARY 2008 www.fhm.com,ph

LU Ltl Ltl

The Wiliys Jeep,wrth its characteristicradiator Eill and olive drab color, is the iconic WVII leep.



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l s i t p o s s i b l ef o r a k i l l e rt o b e a l i f e s a v e rn o n e f e l l s w o o o ? i L e t ' sl o o k a t t h e P h i l i o o i n e j e e p n e y - a t r u e i c o n ,y e s ,a n d o n e w e s h o u l da l l b e p r o u d o f . B u t i n t h i s a g e o f g l o b a lw a r m i n ga n d a g a p i n g h o l e i n t h e o z o n el a y e r , t h a s s a d l y i b e e n t a g g e d a n a s s a s s i nW h i l e . t h e r e a l t h r i l li n r i d i n ga j e e p n e y i s i n k n o w i n gt h a t i t ' s r u n b y a r e c o n d i t i o n e d i e s e le n g i n e a b l e t o t h r a s ha b u l k y s t a i n l e s s t e e l b o d y s bloated with putty any way the driver w a n t s i t ( t h a t i n c l u d e sb a n k i n ga n d akyat-sa-bangketa tricks),it pleads g u i l t yt o s p e w i n go u t f a t a l l e v e l so f c a r b o n m o n o x i d ei n t h e p r o c e s s .

w h i c h c o u l d b l a c k e nt h i s p l a n e t soon, Then comes an upgradeAnd . s u d d e n l yt,h e j e e p n e y i s p o i s e dt o become a savior, Plying the posh streets of BelA i r a n d R o c k w e l lM a k a t i - a n d s o o n your city,as soon as they become street legal-is a fleet of electric j e e p n e y sm a d e b y b o f f i n sf r o m S o l a r E l e c t r i cC o m p a n y I n c .T h e , 1 3 - s e a t e re - j e e p i s p o w e r e db y a '12 f i v e - h o r s e p o w ee n g i n ew i t h r that can be fully charged batteries f o r e i g h t h o u r s o n s t a n d a r d2 2 0 - v o l t power sockets. Did you get that? Power from a standard 220-volt socket.That m e a n sy o u c a n p l u g t h i s r i d e i n t h e s a m e p l a c ey o u h a v e y o u r t e l e v i s i o n . This vital feature,says the Solar E l e c t r i cb o y s ,s h o u l db e a b l e t o offset the e-jeep's cost of P550,000 p e r u n i t a s y o u w i l l n e v e rh a v et o w o r r y a b o u t s p i k i n gf u e l c o s t s . , On the downsideits top speed of 40 kph is no match for the patok j e e p s c u r r e n t l yr u l i n gt h e s t r e e t s . P l u s t h e e l e c t r i cj e e p s w i l l h a v et o e m p l o yb e t t e r a i r b r u s ha r t i s t si f t h e y aim to be as interesting s the ones a they are goingto replace.





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I Lunchcomic 02/OB

qK--} r.( f JoseManalo's first appearance Eal ErlJagal on was as a contestanl one of the show'ssinqingcontests in

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pala.kami. Ang pinag-uusapan kasi rito hindi yung kung nag-drama ka, kundi yung pag-arte. Kung paano ka nakatulong sa movie. Kung paano mo dinala yung characler mo. So do you plan on getting drama roles? Gusto kong mag-drama para mailabas ko rin yung other side ko. Lahat naman ng artista hindi gustong isa lang ang ginagawa. Kagaya ko, tawa ako nang tawa; paano mo paiiyakin yung isang taong tawa nang tawa? Actually mahihirapan ako, kasi masayahin talaga akong tao. So what would be your dream role as a drama aclor? Retarded. Kasi sila yung matanda na pero bukas. Lahat totoo, walang kunwari. Lahat ng makita nila, tama. Lahat ng marinig nila, tama. At kung ano yung nasa kanila, yun lang yung sinusunod nila. Hindi pwede yung, "Hoy, wag mong gawin yan!" Kung ano yung pumasok sa rs4onila, gagawin nila. Do you eventually want to do something else or do you plan on acting untilyou get old? Gusto kong maging director. Sa drama sana. Pero mas maganda kung sa comedy kasi hindi ako mahihirapan. Pero sulit yung drama kasf challenge kung paano mo imo-motivate yung artista. Yung comedy alam ko hindi ako mahihirapan sa pagturo kuhg ano gagawin. Kasi yun yung forte ko. Where did this aspiration come from? lt seems like quate a iump from comedy. Dati nung sa production pa lang ako, pag meron kaming i-shoot tapos wala yung director, bilang assistant, ako na yung nagdi-direct. Dun ko nalaman na masarap din mag-direct. Kasi pag tinuro mo sa kanila ang gagawin, parang pakiramdam mo ikaw na rin yung umaarte. So kung wala nang kumakagat sa pag-arte ko, yung kaalaman ko pwede kong i-share sa ibang artista. Kasi kung ano ang ginagawa ng artista, ang reflection noon sa director.



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Do you have a certain comedic technique or is it all improvisationwith you? Natural ako eh. Kung anoyltng dumating, yun yung type ng comedyko. Walaakongseript. Hindi ako nagpla-plano. Basta kung anoyung ipagawasa akin, gagawinko na langon the spot. Despite your willingness to do anything,was there a certain instance when you weren't comfortable with what you rrreredoang?

Siguro nung nag-suot babae ako Na-challenge ako. Pinagaya nila s a a k i n s i J e n n i f e rL o p e z S i n c e nakasasayaw naman ako, hindi ako nahirapan, pero parang asiwangasiwa ako. Kailangan kasi yung kilos mismo magawa mo. You won MMFF's Best Supporting Actor award in 2006. Comedians rarely win acting awatds, you know. Maraming nagtaka kung bakit sa comedian napunta. Marami rin namang natuwa. Napapansinna rin

: a F H M F E B R U A R2 0 0 8 w w w , f h m , c o m . p h Y



I Jokes 02108
before they enter Paradise. They're a l l l i n e du p , a n d G o d a s k s t h e f i r s t o n e w h a t t h e w i s h i s ." l w a n t t o b e g o r g e o u s j ' a n d o G o d s n a p sH i s s f i n g e r sa n d i t i s d o n e ,T h e s e c o n d o n e i n l i n e h e a r st h i s a n d s a y s ," l want to be gorgeous,tool' A n o t h e r s n a p o f H i s f i n g e r sa n d t h e wish is granted. hisgoes on for a T w h i l e b u t w h e n G o d i s h a l f w a yd o w n t h e l i n e ,t h e l a s t g u y i n l i n e s t a r t s l a u g h i n gW h e n t h e r e a r e o n l y 1 0 . p e o p l e l e f t ,t h i s g u y i s r o l l i n go n t h e f l o o r ,l a u g h i n g F i n a l l yG o d r e a c h e s . , this guy and asks him what his wish w i l l b e .T h e g u y c a l m s d o w n a n d s a y s :" M a k e t h e m a l l u g l y a g a i n l " flowell,by email


T h e r eo n c e w a s a m a n w h o l o s t h i s arms in a car accidentOne day he . w o n a m i l l i o n - d o l l al r t t e r yA f t e r a o . m o m e n t o f t h o u g h t ,h e r u s h e dt o t h e h o s p i t a l n d a s k e dt h e i r t o p s u r g e o n a w h e t h e rh e c o u l d g e t h i s a r m s b a c k f o r a m i l l i o nd o l l a r s " W o w l ' t h ed o c t o r . r e p l i e d" l j u s t i n v e n t e d c o m p l e t e l y , a voice-activated mechanicalarm, but I c a n o n l y g i v e y o u o n e ,t h o u g h JS o ' h e s h o w e dh i m s o m e o f t h e s t u f f the arm coulddo and the man was amazedand bought ihe arm, The nextday he went to the pub with h i s f r i e n d st o s h o w o f f h i s n e w advancedarm. As they sat together he told the arm to pick up his pint o f b e e r a n d g r v eh i m a s i p .T h e a r m d i d i t p e r f e c t l y n d t h e f r i e n d sw e r e a amazed,After a few pints the man w e n t f o r a p i s s .H e t o l d t h e a r m to take his penis out and away he p i s s e d , h e n h e t e l l st h e a r m t o " g i v e T i t a l i t t l es h a k e l ' T h ea r m d o e s a n d the man seemed to over-enjoyit, and s o h e l o o k s a r o u n dt o m a k e s u r e n o o n e i s l o o k i n ga n d t e l l s t h e a r m t o g i v e i t a n o t h e rl i t t l es h a k e ,H e g e t s a b o n e r a n d o n c e a g a i nt u r n s a r o u n d to make sure nobody's atching w a n d t h e n t e l l s t h e a r m ,' U e r ki t o f f ! " T h e a r m p u l l so f f h i s p e n i s a n d t h e m a n s c r e a m so u t , i n p a i n ," F u c k m e ! " S o t h e a r m t h e n s h o v e sh i s p e n i s u p h i s a s s .T h e m a n e v e n m o r e s h o c k e da t t h i s s t a g e s h o u t s o u t , " H o l y s h i t ,w o u l d y o u l o o k a t t h a t ! " T h e a r m p u l l s h i s p e n i so u t o f h i s a s s a n d s h o v e si t r i g h t i n t o o n e o f h i s eyeballs. Chdstian Salaysay, email by

It'sall in the mind
A well-dressed an walked m into a psychiatrist's office one day and announced,"Doctor,I've g o t t r o u b l e s lA n s w e r e dt h e ' p s y c h i a t r i s t , ' U u l it d o w n o n t h e se c o u c h a n d t e l l m e a b o u t t h e m l '" l t ' s t h i s w a y J ' t h ep a t i e n te x p l a i n e d".l have a lovelyfamily.We live in one of t h e m o s t l a v i s hh o m e s i n A l a b a n g .I own a yachtand a helicoptero fly t m e t o g o l f c l u b s .I h a v et h r e e c a r s and two swimming poolsJ"'Wait a minutel'interruptedthe doctor."That d o e s n ' ts o u n d t o m e a s t h o u g h y o u ' v eg o t a n y t r o u b l e s ! " B u t y o u s e e j 'h e c o n t i n u e d " l o n l y m a k e , P 1 , 0 0 0a w e e k l '

her. "Sister, I couldn't helpbut notice thatyou put P4O,00Oweekin the a collection platej' stated. he "Why
rrorro v -"-ry weeKmy son r o qet , eh,a r o n l i a r i vt c sendsme money, nd what I don't a n e e d ,I g i v e t o t h e c h u r c h l " T h a t ' s ' w o n d e r f u l lH o w m u c h d o e s h e s e n d y o u ? "" O h ,a b o u t P 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 a w e e k l ' " Y o u rs o n i s v e r y s u c c e s s f u lw h a t , d o e s h e d o f o r a l i v i n g ?""H e i s a v e t e r i n a r i a ns'h e a n s w e r e d " T h a ti s l . a veryhonorable rofessionj'aid p s the pastor."Where does he practice?" "Well,he says he has one cathouse i n P a r a f r a q u e n d a n o t h e ro n a O u e z o nA v e n u e l ' Thunderkid, email by

Chavi Sievert, Cebu

Uglyno more?
A b u s c a r r y i n go n l y u g l y p e o p l e c r a s h e si n t o a n o n c o m i n gt r u c k ,a n d e v e r y o n ei n s i d ed i e s .T h e y t h e n g e t t o m e e t t h e i r M a k e r ,a n d b e c a u s eo f t h e g r i e f t h e y h a v e e x p e r i e n c e dH e , d e c i d e st o g r a n t t h e m o n e w i s h e a c h

Every Sunday, littleold ladyplaced a P40,000 the collection in plate. This wenton for weeksuntil oastor. the overcome curiosity, by approached

An man on beach.soots old is the He girl pink and abeautifulinahot bikini "Lady, to your walks toher. I want feel up "Get from brea$sl" exclaims. away . he you old me, crazy man!"she "l replies. t,tlartt y0ur t0feel breasts. give I will you pesos? P500," "Five he says, hundred you Are nuts?l away me!" Get from the "l really to lady shoutsdisgust. want in your feel breasts, give P1,000," I will you "No, he insists. pervert! away Get from "Two pesosl" me!" thousand he offers. pauses about but She tothink it, then comes sensessays, t0her and "lsaid no "0kay, ifyou me !" P5,000 let feel y0ur breasts!" he exclaims.gives She it "Well is and seems athought, he old, he harmless After P5,000 enough, all, isa "Well, lotofmoney..." she Finally agrees. okay, only aminute." loosens but for She part her top. g0 an bikini They t0 isolated ofthe beach there slides and he his hand underneath and the bikini begins t0 feel ladys breasts."0h the soft my God.,. 0hmy God,,, my 0h God..."the old man, sweating, on keeps sayi|.|g caressing while the woman. ofcuriosity,asks 0ut she him, '0h "Why you saying, my oh do keep God, my God'?" continuing her While t0feel " 0h God... breasts, he answered,my 0h my 0hmy Where I ever God... God,,. am going P5,000?!" toget AlYin Jesus, mail de by


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rh€re: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 rL€t il's about: The Orange -,',e'sfive-games-in-one ' . . - . - : a . p a c k s a w a l l o p .H a l f - L i f e - , - ' J o u r s e ,t h e m o s t f a m o u s o f - . : - - c h - o n l y t h e s e q u e lt o o n e ' - = - o s t i n f l u e n t i ag a m e s o f t h e l : ,.- ::cade, it also comes with its s - = : a r d - a l o n e e q u e l s ,E p i s o d e That's already three - -: =^d lrazo. - : -:s for the priceof one. But , : :rere's more!Order now and , - aiso get Team Fortrcss2, a r : - : : C m u l t i p l a y es h o o t - ' e m - u P -,: s i ke The lncredibles meets f - , - - : e r - S t r i k e . . . m o r eu n t h a n i t

s o u n d s ,r e a l l y lB u t t h a t ' s n o t a l l l Y o u ' l la l s o r e c e i v et h e u n i q u e l y s a mind-blowing nd positively inister puzzle game, Po rtal-absolutelyfree! T h a t ' s i n c r e d i b l es a v i n g si n j u s t o n e video game boxl What's good about it: This kind of vrdeo game value reallydeserves its own infomercialspiel. Five games for the price of one makes i t h i s a n o - b r a i n e r n a n y o n e ' sb u y l i s t ,c o n s i d e r i n gt h e s e g a m e s a r e a l l too-notch.instantclassics.Half-Life 2's greatnessneeds no preamble; even after two years, its Game of the Yearqualitystill holds up pretty well,

and the two other episodes flesh out the dystoPian universequtte excellently.Team Fortressis wicked f u n a n d t h e b e s t t h i n g t o h a P P e nt o multiplayershooters since CS. The epic tale of two warring construcs t i o n c o m p a n i e s ,P l a Y e r s t e P i n t o the stylizedshoes of one of nine character classes, all of which proceed to shoot the shit out of each o t h e r w i t h s h o t g u n s ,f l a m e t h r o w ers,and RPGs. But the biggest surorise of all is Portal, which, on p a p e r ,s o u n d s l i k e t h e l a m e d o g o f the bunch. Turns out to be Orange's m o s t p r e c t o u sg e m . What's bad about il= Portalis too darn short. For the brain-dead, i t m a y b e a g o o d t h i n g ,b u t t h e s u b versivelyfunny story needs a bigger

20 w w w . f h m . c o m . pF E B R U A R Y 0 8 F H M 3 3 h


LIJ I consoled ,,|//////////////////////////////////ffi1lm=g-'****r'"*n*toputt'rirehisvideo o2l08




PC, X360 PS3, graphicss0 they've the Crysrss are g00d become cLtrrent benchmark performance-if your forPC rig your ain can't Crysis, rig t worth G00d run squat. thing game beautifully{r*{c{r* the plays too

stageto strut its stuff.(Say whatyou will,we're voting Weighted Companion Cubefor President o n 2 0 1 0 . ) h eP S 3 T versionof Box is alsomarginally de-

fective compared to the other versions,no thanks to a


PS3, 360 Xhox Proof-positive World ll shooterjust that the War has as much relevancelrillanes asa walkout,genre the po$er barely boy struggles toaverage-ness with its newest installment. only itsthe We c_an hope la$..but somehow, it ***** we doubt

better, and not filledwith crap.And legal. Let'snot forgetthe legal. *****

PC The spiritual successor //got share toDiablo its ofknocksitsdrab design graceless for level and grinding, our lt's lwel but here'stake: more Asian-flavored anything Played MM0 than else with this expectation and really fun inmind, it's rather
***{(:F Where: Wii B o l d l yg o i n g w h e r e n o o v e r w e i g h t I t a l i a np l u m b e rh a s g o n e b e f o r e , v i d e og a m e ' sm o s t r e c o g n i z a b l e icon is back, and he's in tip-top form, Mario has always been about r e w r i t i n g h e r u l e so f t h e g a m e , t a n d t h a n k st o i t s ,a h e m ,s t e l l a rl e v e l design, Galaxyquicklytakes its place among the other Mario greats. T h e s p i n n i n gp l a n e t o i d o r l d o u r f a t w friend has to traverse(with their wild gravity, fantastic architecture, and g o o f y p o w e r - u p s )m a k e f o r s o m e g e n u i n e" W o w l "m o m e n t s - a n d i t ' s a f e e l i n gt h a t s u s t a i n st h i s g a m e r i g h t to the very end. **{r{r{c

PC(www.triachnid.com) Afinalist 2008 atthe Independent Games FestNal, lri-Achnid funatitsfinest, isfree where you control a three-leggedum, spider, thing acrossalien an landscape. yet Slmple $rangely invigorating *****

3 4 F H M F E B R U A R Y0 8 w w w . f h m . c o m . p h 20


LLI I T i l f s0 2 l o B

Thegligrnql story{rom Taes ol 1001Arabian //rgrlts begrns with the Iine,'Aladdinwas a littleChinese bov "

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LUCHY SD( It'sthesixthllepp-Iim Burton up.Their team first wasEdward Scissorhands.

Who? Johnny Depp (psycho), Helena Bonham-Garter (blo o dth i rsty), Sacha Baron Gohen (fully-clothed mofo) What's it about? Ouite aot for m e a t p i ej u n k i e s , h i s h o r r o rm u s i c a l t i s b a s e do n a f i c t i o n a l1 9 t h - c e n t u r y s e r i a lm u r d e r e r h a t b u t c h e r e d i s t h v i c t i m si n a b a r b e r s h o p - s o ro f l i k e t w h a t J a c k t h e R i p p e rd i d b a c k i n t h e d a y b u t m o r e h y g i e n i cI.n t h i s d a r k l yd e l i c i o u s u t i n g , h e v e n g e f u l o t Sweeney(Depp; slaughtershis v i c t i m s h i l eh i s l a d y l o v e , w Mrs, Lovett(Carter), bakes the c o r p s e si n t o a y u m m y m e a t p i e t h e n servesit to family and friends.The center of Sweeney'shomicidalrage is t h e c o r r u p tJ u d g e T u r p i na p e r vw h o , had the barberarrestedso he could steal his wife and baby daughter, What's good about it? Veering away from the Broadway musical, direkTim Burton made extra s u r e t h a t t h i s o n e ' sg o i n g t o b e bloody-thinking hat the bloodless t stage version robbed it of its power. B u r t o n m a d e i t c l e a rt h a t h e w a n t e d to lift up the gory bits intosomething s u r r e a lt o t h e t u n e o I K i l l B i l l . , What's bad about it? For those w h o j u s t c a n ' tg e t d i a l o g u e s h r o u g h t song verses,his couldbe a long t t w o - h o u rs i t t i n g , The verdict: With the play of b l o o d a n d s o n g s ,p l u s t h e g e n e r o u s s e r v i n g s f h u m a n m e a t p i e ,y o u ' l l o p r o b a b l yb e h o o k e d r i g h t a f t e r t h e o p e n i n gs c e n e .* * * { c *

Adrien Brody (needs vitanins) What'sit about?Sisterly bonding, rift departurehome-if and from this t,veren ( Ihe t directed Anderson byWes Royal [annenbaums) veeasily it could been jaded y0unger ol YaYaSisterhood. the bro It follows journey three hoping the of bros to getchummy each with other quest Ihis hits few a stlags including 0ne inv0lrling c0ugn attd pepper ltsa syrups a spray saner version ofAnderson caoable s works you ofmaking ballout little like girl Useful/useless Wilson bit: slashed his wrists days seven before world the ***** Dremiere

Who?BennisQuaid(shifty) MatthewEox William bteril
Hurt (shol), SigourneyWeauer 6tillhot) What's it about?This edge-ofyour-seat about Secret thriller two Service agents scuffling their to protect 0n t0es the president make glad weren you you will t plot: elected office burning [4r into The (Hurt), was President who stlpposed t0 attend a global summit, shot war was right setting inSpain as after foot And thetitleimplies, story the unfolds through points wrtnesses the vantage offive Useful/useless Inanepisode bit: of South a dead was Park, horse mistaken to beSigourney ****{r Weaver.



Who? Daniel Day-Lewis (hairy) EliSunday (preachy) What's it about?Your with time period baseda b00k Upton this flick, 0n by will Sinclair m0stly spent be examining the intricaciesDaniel of Day-Lewis's hair facial rather following complex of than the story a how poor suddenly gold man struck This, despitefilm noble epic the s and depiction ofgreed c0rrupti0n thepursuit the and of American dream Useful/useless Daniel bit: DayLewiss debut inan acting was adaptation ofan Paton where plaved Alan novel he a black boy.




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To help achieve the sound of thousands of rats in Indiana,lones,sound desiqner Ben Burtt used the higher registers ol thousands of chickens.

I Night in 021O8,,t,'t,


Who: Tony Leung; Tang Wea What's it about: Ang Lee narrates an e s p i o n a g e h r i l l e rs e t a g a i n s ta b a c k d r o po f W W l l t S i n o - J a p a n e s e a r i n 1 9 4 0 s S h a n g h a iW a n g w . , J i a z h i( T a n g )a m e m b e ro f a p o l i t i c a r e s i s t a n c e l f a c t i o n ,d i s g u i s e sh e r s e l fa n d g e t s e n t a n g l e di n a raunchyaffair with Japanese collaboratorMr. Yee ( L e u n g )i n a m i s s i o nt o a s s a s s i n a t e i m ,W a n g h s t r u g g l e st o k e e p h e r t r u e i d e n t i t yu n k n o w na s she gets dangerouslycloser to her prey. Extras: Extendedsex scenes you can replayover ano over. Verdict: This is the same director who was hailed all over the world for putting two cavorting c o w b o y sa l o n e i n t h e m o u n t a i n sY o u c a n ' t , u n d e r e s t i m a t eh a t k i n d o f q e n i u s . * * : l * { c t

Theratherexplicit scenes sex were shotovdr 11 davson a dosedset,with onlythe main cameraman sound and personnel present


For filmthatruns more Who a for cares it'stwo il than and half two a hours. pay hours I'lleven long? you already a clear have to watch Pittsitting Brad picture what of happens with ona donkey chasing while the alone. the title But visual tumbleweeds That allday. eyecandy and setting superb stare electric. is acting this make movie haunting,ina good but way, This been movie has a plotin about other 50 mob-themed movies. Give it a rest, there's really no point trying doanother to TheEodtather-type ot flick. I don't towatch need every scene Eva with Mendes five freakln' | getit, times! she's hot. Shia laBeouf supposedlyHollywood long was love one thechoicesplay of to movie You title. know. Robert butwas Ford, deemed Chinese movie sometime$ justone young therole. too for lt charaster. Finish. eventually it tothe made Very remember. easy other choice, Affleck. Casey

According aninterview to withMark Wahlberg, Joaquin Phoenix would throw snide comments at Robert 0uvall get to intocharacter between in greatly takes, which upset thelatter. Inone thescenes of shot intheattic hideout there isa picture the of on wall Steve thecreator Niles, of theoriginal Days Night 30 of comic book.

Myuncle, Tondo do a mafia same. play They money and gun day, nosexy all but time gals. with Boo!

You'll never somuch see suckingany in other flick, and not good of it's the kind sucking talking we're about, Rememberfirsttime you the saw Freddy Kruegeraction? in Yes, probably your You'll wet pants inthis again one. Ben Atlleck's looking at another 0scar forthis nod directorial debut. Thanks to him, castlooks the solid together, his even littlebro, gives Casey, his perlormance hest to date. Mustbesoawesome being Atlleck. an
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Why don't kill he try vampire garlic with and holy water?

He's loyal a husband, a caring and big dad, a time Hollywood Why director. doI suddenly Jennifer hate Gamer?

The release UK in postponed hasbeen indefinitely to the due movie's similarity the to real-life of a young case girlwho disappeared from family's her holiday apartment Podugal in early year. last

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Architecturein Helsinki
Places LikeThis[Universal Records) is This thekind bursting you'd of energy expect kids from who get aches, painshigh 0n don't back knee 0r blood g0es with their latest, Architecture all0ut bleeps sound eftects happy and lt singings almost sonic the equivalent offirst-days-of-summer calling ofclasses 0rsudden off Ihere's airoftriumphant an happinessadults t that don get often. song:"LikeorNot.' ofthe Best lt One mosl geeky-fun ever Sober. you can have. *****

Did you think Parokya would last 13 years and 10 albums? Chito: Hindi, when we started our goal lang was to sing sa Ateneo theater. Gab: Before we knew it, banda na pala kami, naging regular thing srya hanggang naging hanapbuhay na namin talaga When did you realize you wouldn't be doing anything else but this? Gab= Nung pumunta kami sa SM at nakita yung album namin. Ghito: Oo, sa North, Akala ko yun na yun, hanggang doon na lang, may album na. Na-su-s urprise pa rin kami na hanggang ngayon, buo pa rin kami, bumibili pa rin yung kids ng album namin. Nung nakatugtog kamias front act ng Eheads,feeling namin, wow! Iapos nakapasok kami ng Dredd,parang feeling namin naachieve na ang rurok ng goals sa buhay. Sabay nagkaroon ng album, so para talagang ganun? lt started out as a joke, Nakagugulat. Hindi talaga namin ma-absorb. What would you consider the peak of your career, then? Vinci: Para sa akin talaga, nung kumanta ako ng "Picha Pie."Ha ha ha! Ghito: Para sa akin,it's coming up with this 1Oth album.Hindi lahat nabibigyan ng sampung album. lt's a peak for us. Maraming mas sikat o mas magaling sa amin but it's a l s o a n a c h i e v e m e n tn a w e ' r e s t i l lf r i e n d s .


ls having a side project or another band an option? Chito: Si Buwi ang feeling kong mag-so-solo album. Mayroon siyang project band ngayon. Dindin: Hindi pa siya talaga tumutugtog. Chito: Pero fan na ako ngayon pa lang kasi ka-banda niya yung tagaU r b a n d u ba f O u e s o . Dindin: Ako fan ako dahil naroon si Buwi. Do you consider yourselves rockstars now? Chito: Hindi. Ang rockstar,si Bamboo. Pag nakita mo siya, yung aura, masta-star-struck ka. Pag nakita mo siya sa SM, magtataka ka, bakit andyan yan? Yun ang rockstar, Hindi kami ganun-makikita kami sa tricycle,parel Vince: lsipin mong kaibigan mo kami na hindi mo madalas nakikita. Sabihin nating si Bamboo nasa mall, dudumugin. Kung si Chito pumunta roon, "O, Chito!" gaganun

1 TrackNo.1 2 Macho 3 Siga[igarettes 4 Nakakainis 5 Alone With You 6 Akala 7 felfone Wallet B Eman I Amats 10 Anti-matter 11 Pompiangan Na 12 Don'tThink 13 How to Make
T nrrpcnnn

probably morning 8s lhe You dislike Club Soywill changethatlf morning optimism asound, all s fresh had would this record beit lheywon't yotl scare shitless with positivism, Ihey offtherecord chirpy though. start slowly and calmly picks speed then Llp without overdoing the you any energy annoying with ofthat and zest-of-life vibe 'ln " ***** Bestsong: the Morning

14 f,elfone Celfone Wallet 15 Iisa Lang BONUS TBAIK 17 Nescafe 1B Lastikman 19 BoysIJo FallingLove

lang ang tao. Chito= Hindi kasikami celebrity lifestyle. Sa tricycle,hindi
nagugulat yung tricycle drivers. Babatiin kami, "Pare, idol!" Hindi ko alam term doon, if it has a term.

Under Southem lights IEMlPhilippinesf (track One help wish like isEasy" can't but tracks "Life (track appeared earlier six) "Evidence"seven) and either intherecord spread bettleen other or otlt the songs. Very and these sound breathers the laidback easy, two like from heavy assaultsDub's songs. doubt, of other No Urbandub proven a isone unit talented They've that tight of mofos just long ago.ln time Southern they're reiterating lrghls fact. the Bestsong:Kat Sinosikather of lends vocals tothe lrack"lnsideMind aKiller,"***** the of

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plays were originally All of the roles in Shakespeare's actedbv men and bovs.

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The Modern Gentleman: A Guideto EssentialManners Savqf & Vice Mollod Phineas &Jason Tesauro
(Ten Press) Speed
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The Art of War Sun lzu
(Delta) W h a t ' sc o o l e rt h a n a Z e n m a s t e r ?A Zen master of war, of courselWritten morethan 2,500 y e a r s a g o ,t h e a n c i e n l i d e a si n T h e A r t o f W a rp h i l o s o p h i z e
lpadprchin "r e"n- d *

" n i c et i t t i e s i t r y " l o v e l y ' t b r e a s t s l ' T h i so n g u e g i n - c h e e k u i d ew i l l take out the excess i of savageryn your system-that is, a s s u m i n gy o u c a n r e a d i n t h e f i r s t p l a c e .W h i l e c h a r c o a lb r i q u e t i q u e t t e m i g h tn o t f i n d a n y use in your life, wineknowledge ill w definitely ome in c h a n d ys o m e d a y .

t a c t i c si n t h e b a t t l e f i e l dB u t n o t , just for your average ammo heavy wars, it transcendso subject t mafters that can p o s s i b l y e a p p l i e dt o b modern-day ctivities a l i k e s p o r t s ,g a m e s , s e x a n d h a g g l i n go f , course.









Pulutan:From the I{itchen Soldiers' Elmer & Emerson Cruz Rosales
Thewayto a soldier's is stomach through pulutan, seems. it
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The Book of the Penis
Maggie Paley (Grove Press) I t g a t h e r se v e r y t h i n g t h e r e r s a b o u tt h e w a n g .F r o m p e n i s w o r s h i pt o p e n i s fashion. hisselection T c o m p i l e si t a l l .F r o m c i r c l ej e r k s t o p i e r c i n g s t o k n o w i n gt h e p e n i s s i z e i n a n c i e n tG r e e c e a n d R o m e ,t h i s b o o k s h o w sy o u e v e r y t h i n g you wanted to know a b o u t y o u r l i t t l e[ i n s e r t s e c r e tp h a l l u s a m e n here]but were afraid
+^ ^^t, r\{ ^^,,-^^ rv 4Jn. \J I LUU | 5t:,

365 CarsYou Must Drive Matt Stone, Mahas John & [|an Gurney
(Motorbooks) Some of us would be l u c k ye n o u g h t o d r i v e a t l e a s to n e o f t h e m i n a l i f e t i m e( H e c k ,m o s t w o u l d b e p r e t t yl u c k y to sit on one for that m a t t e r )l e t a l o n e 3 6 5 o f t h e m .T h i s b o o k i s droolworthy otjust n f o r t h e s h i n yp i c t u r e s , but for the info it has on eachof thesenast, m o t o r e db e a s t s m a k i n g , us appreciatemore the c o o l e s ta u t o m o b i l e sn i the history f mankind o Back to Sarao for now.

The Complete Meat Cookbook AidellsDenis Bruce & Kelly
( H o u g h t Mn f l l i n ) oi Dropthe machismo a c t f o r a w h i l e ,g e t that spoon and start s t i r r i n gC h i c k sd i g . men who know their w a y a r o u n dt h e kitchen,and by that we meanmorethan t h e g e n e r a lv i c i n i t y f o t h e r e f , l f y o u ' r eg o i n g t o l e a r nt o c o o k ,m i g h t a s w e l l t h e h e l le n j o y i t .T h i s t e a c h e su s a l l the ways to a tasty b e a s t ,w h e t h e rd o n e by you or your ladyf r i e n d .S e e ? E v e r y o n e ' s huppy.

as a gastronomical
.J^l;^^^,. uEilL4Ly, ,.,,+ ^l^^ UU L ArJU ^^ AJ

a h i s t o r i c an o v e l t yo f l s o r t s ,s i n c e t h e a u t h o r s were part of 2003's f a i l e dc o u p b y t h e M a g d a l o W r i t t e nw h i l e . w the soldiers ere in d e t e n t i o nt h e r e c i p e s , were created with your bayaw in mind, t r a d i t i o n aa n d n e w l d i s h e sf o r o u r f a v o r i t e tambay sa kanto.

b o o k s o n v a g i n a sa n d b r e a s t sa r e f u n , t o o .

4 2 F H M F E B R U A R2 0 0 8 w w w . f h m . c o m . o h Y

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rf he 2005 Dd - tsrd ona comic I tbbed withthe If !i!


j {. -- =SDAYS10 P.M., 5 " r ' E L YO N A X N

PREMIERES DISC()VERY CHANNEL, FEBRUAHY 26, TUESI|AYS 10 P.M. (sticky) Who? 0ilriggers restoratron of What's it about?The the havoc wreaked byhurricanes Katrina and in New Rita 0rleans thehighlight is of reality Apparently, this series the storms rt not brought and only death damage ripped the fields a result As also apart oil oil 20percent ofUSAs supplies were you shut overnight ofreminds Kind down hard on ofyour work a SIM gane City by bratty sibling challenge destroyedyour and destroyed Fastfacts: Katrina Rita platforms 148 and 121 and rigs oil gas pipelines asfive aswell major refineries.

FEBRUARY P.M. 10,9 PREMIERES HB(|, Ziyt Who? lhang (waifrsh),GongLi (jealous ) ismuch What's it about?Girl{ight go Men men squabbling on scarierthan girls plot others pissing matches, each Men and up; downfall kiss make women note make kiss upthen amental to make go on each Samurais sword ostracize other gelshas each s backs, then fights, stab other Scary into rival secretly their s 0kiya creep film a of Fastfacts: The got lot flak the that inAsra there concerns since were could asgeishas actresses of ca$ing Chinese sentiment anti-Japan rouse

24,9 FEBRUARY P.M. PREMIERS HBt|, DiCaprio Who? Leonardo (despente), (distressed) Hounsou Dlimoun turn What's it about?Diamonds best as to a out be guerlllas friend African their At rebels it tofund arms the use isDanny of business Archer centerthis (DiCaprio) cynic anrlnreconstructed a racist-it thief possibly smuggler,and suit how characters shows amoral iust well. the DiCaprioAlbeit politicaltheme with this brimmingaction one's amid released an Fastfacts: lt was publicity the about in media upsurgemass a Kanye trade conflict-diamond including documentary West and VHl song a

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card stole frh r ?68 SIIHC youcould of rErr ',,m minutes high-definition full 12,000 resolution rErr r over like ryrphs. Oon't to gohi-def? 36 of to over hours L'f r able take Ml-lnltty vids.

Aiptek AHD200 Pro
l f y o u ' r e s t i l l n o t s o l d o n t o t a l l yu p g r a d i n gt o a fully hi-def camcorder,this pocket cam is a great The small form factor and the relatively alternative. c h e a p p r i c e p o i n t i s e n o u g h r e a s o nf o r y o u t o g e t this-let alone the fact that it's capable of capturing videos at 720 progressivelines.There's no fancy hard drive or tape deck to bulk it up. Just a SDHC card slot that could simple, state-of-the-art accommodate up to 32GBs of memory.lf that's n o t e n o u g h ,t h e n i g h t s h o t m o d e l e t s y o u t a k e videosin low lightareas-don'tget any ideasnow. P9,995 ; www.aiptek.com

Y w w w . f h m , c o mFp h R U A R 2 0 0 8 F H M 5 1 . EB

Photography ChristianHalilr





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Why'sit good? DU26 1zTX It'scuter Hayden than Panettiere Why'sit good? it but kicks like Larter. ass Ali That smooth ceramic is finish you still it Alaptop-if can call enough even great togive the pocketablepocket Ron that-this and Jeremysevere ofthe a case goody friendly deserves towin tinglies, it's Sure expensive but gadgeteers given impressive its thehearts common of its styling, penniless the a.k.a, nerds world quality, itspower, build and this over. you're lf looking brute for Pav one is sweet machine, lt sets computing strength, certainly new this standards, that showing you isn't one end search, could theprettiest onthe the to your be thing probut allyour mobile for other outside, stillhave brains but the to ductivity look further. needs, no backallup, it Gimme: Pl9,800 Gimme: P79,950 uruvw.asus,com,ph www.hp.com


2 HPPauilion

Why'sit good? Got cramps women? neck ogling Face your isn't it, neck designed to swivel far,not this that like laptop. The 2710P's twisting unique LCD screen as writing doubles a surface lets jotdown that you notes and the without surf web clicketyquite clacking keyboard, on a lt's you heavy, so better though, do some curls the bicep on side, Gimme: P'|20,000 www.hp,com Why'sit good? Don't it small? like Wellyou will soon you your once get hands on this. Blue This Ultra-Mobile PC isyour home desktop laptop and soueezeda box. runs into lt Windows (or XP Vista) the is but 0S sold separately, Still, makes Pahl it piece. one helluva conversation Gimme: P35,999 www,ilikeblue.net

UAl0 Sonv EN-IIX37GN

Why'sit good? We're just not talking a about cheap, whitebox knock-offs from here, China IhisisVista
very, well) thepalm very at of hand, little This marvelfilled is

tothebrim features is with and atrue mobile companion forthe techie thego, forewarne on Be price though, six-figure lag the hurtmore getting than kicked in the nuts. Gimme: P119,900 www.sony.com.ph

| 0 2 /08 G adget s

P h o t o g r a pC y r i s t i a n a l i l iI hh H

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Why's it good? The bang for the buck is unbelievable y c o n s i d e r i n g o u g e t 3 2 i n c h e s( w i d e s c r e e n ) , 7 2 0 p r e s o l u t i o na n d t w o H D M I i n p u t s .T h e , s t y l i n gi s n o t v e r y p r i m i t i v e i t h e rb u t i t c r u m b l e s e i n c o m p a r i s o nt o a S a m s u n g B o r d e a u xt e l l y .l t ' s s t i l lw e l l w o r t h i t , t h o u g h ,i f y o u ' r ep l a n n i n gt o g e t s t a r t e d o n n e x t - g e ns e t u p s . Gimme: P44,950 www.skvworth.com.hk

tE llu380
In an effortto make "3Gfor All" mobiles, Korea's 2 no. manufacturer churnsout this sexy sliderwith the miserin mind.Fullv 3G-enabled complete with multimedia capabilities, no it's different from the morEexpensive 3G phones. yet it And allowsall the same services suchas high-speed browsing andvidEo calling. playsa It varietyof file formats, too. P 6,3g0i www.lgmobile.com


Why's it good? Forone,it'sgot huge capacity, nd secono, a i t ' s v e r y a f f o r d a b l e .T h e r e ' s n o r o c k e t s c i e n c e h i n v o l v e d e r e s o w e ' l l s h u t o u r y a p p e r sn o w . N i x the DVD-Rand go for this instead. G i m m e : P 1 , 8 0 0: w w w . t r a n s c e n d u s a . c o m


56 FHM

F E B R U A R Y2 0 0 8 w w w , f h m , c o m h p

The lirst call lrom a handheld nhonewas ulaced in New York in 1973 by a Motorola employee.

Ph ot ogr aphy is ti a nH a l i l i Chr

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Why's it good? T h e r e ' s 2 G B m e m o r y t i c kM 2 a s provided the box so that'sgood, in F i l li t u p w i t h 1 , 8 0 0s o n g sa n d playthem on the Walkman Player 3,0 software and you'reboundto experience wholenew levelof a m o b i l e u s i cM o r eo f a g e e kt h a n m . a m u s i cl o v e r ? h i so h o n e ' s l s o T a ,.,i fully3.5G-compatible, than more e n o u g h p e e d o t i d ey o u rt e c h i e s t nunger. Gimme: PriceTBA; www,sonyericsson.com.ph

Why's it good? Sleekand sexywith a camera that'sout of this world, Samsung phoneshavegenerally beensweet o n t h e e y e a n dt h r sn e w b a r ' o goodness takesimaging new to heights. Armedwith a 5-megapixel autofocus camera with an image (yowzal), G600 stabilizer the your retinas attacks with images that couldrival yourexisting digital camera, Guessit'soronounced geeeeee 600, Gimme: PriceTBA www,samsung.com.pn

Why's it good? T h i sp h o n ei s a l l a b o u tp o i n t i n g you to the rightdirection: got lt's b u i l t - i n P St o g u i d ey o u o n t h e G road, Wi-Fito assrst you with officework,and Carl-Zeiss optics on its 5-megapixel camera give to you the best imagespossible. It'salsodamnsexyso that may y a l s on u d g e o u rs t y l ep o i n t s p a u smidge. Gimme: PriceTBA www.nokia.com.ph

(-l G, A,it 5 ril G I, t(t E G l - . / 8 (-l (r-t
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Trillo Quote Unquote Dennis

In real life, would you want to be a defender of tlre universe? Why not? lf I have the power, di ba? Haha. Ang sarapsiguro ng feelingto be a superheroand battle evil. Sa Zaido nga, show pa lang iyon and not real, but the childrenalreadylook up to you. What more kung totoong savior ka na ng universe? What was hatd about being a pulis pangkalawakan? Before namin ginawa yun, we underwentweeks of trainingon ridinga motorcycleand attended fight classeslikearnis,trampoline, and harness.Ang pinaka-na-enjoy ko talagayung trampoline, tapos motorcycle. Nung una kasiwe didn't even know the basics of riding,but we were fast learners. Now that you know how to ride a bike, what type of woman would you want sitting out back? I'd go for those who are not high maintenance. lam more attracted to simplewomen ratherthan those na medyo maarte. Who would she be if she were a stal? Siguro si Angel Locsin. Siya na kasinaging partner ko when I was just starting. I felt na nakuha na namin yung npporl and chemistry that's why when lworked with her, I was reallycomfortable. Would you follow her, though, to the other side of the fence? I don't see any reasonto do that. Wala akong masasabisa pagaalaga at suportang nakukuha ko ngayon. I also want to prove to them I'm wofthy of it all. lt's not my goal to be a superstar.Gusfo ko lang parati akong may trabaho, yung lagi akong nariyan. We hear you're into heavy metal, but in SOFs music video awards you won singing the Air Supply classic.All Out Of Lovel'What gives? Sa tingin ko, magaling lang talaga yung gumawa nung video. Maybe the audiencesaw something different in it. Medyo dark din kasiyung theme.But I'm happy

considering only did that we music video for five hours. Does that mean you have a tendency to leave acting for singing? That's tough kasiparehong matimbang. Pero for work siguro I'll pick acting.You can sing even in the showeror when you're alone. Pero kapag nagact ka nang mag-lsaespecially in crowded areas,people might thinkyou're crazyl Do you have a dark side? Ha ha! | know I'm usually stereotypedas a nice guy because of the roles I play. But like Peter Parkerin SpiderMan 3, I enjoy playingcharacterswith a dark side. Not that I haveone, but it's very challenging playing someonewith a somewhat twisted personality. You could have experienced more had you committed to purcuing your degree in Psychology. Ha ha! ActuallyI finished International Studiesat Miriam College.My first coursewas Psychology. Nung first day ko naisipkong parang hindi ko kaya, fapos some of my friends were taking up lnternational Studies. Sabi nila sa akin, doon na lang daw ako lumipat kasiwalangMath. Lipat agad ako! Ha ha!

Bata pa lang ako mahilig na akong mag-drawing.There was even a time na gustung-gustoko talaga yung concept na ginawa ko kayal had it tattooed on my arm. Pero ngayon,if you notice,it's fading. Pinabubura ko na rin kasi. Wry, the fickle-minded bug bit you? Ha ha! | reallydon't know,but as far as career talk goes, I've always been the type of personna wala talagangambisyon. I'm so differentfrom my friends who had a clear idea of what they wanted to be. Go with the flow lang ako. Good thing show businesscame along. You say you'rc always serious. Do people mistake you for being a snob? Most of the time! Minsan kasi. sobrang tahimikako. But I'm just likethat. May pagkalqner kasiako and a bit antisocial. not the I'm type of person kasi opens up sa mga taong hindi naman gaano ka-close. Ever had a any weird with fans nila na lagi

experiences with them.Thereare ko evenfanswho giveme things,like a gamingconsole kasialamyata nilang mahilig ako sa video games.

Wrat would we find out about you when we see your collection? That I'm into things artistically done. I love movies.I spend my free time watchingfilms or playing video games. Minsan nga after work hindi ako kaagad natutulog. I even havea collectionof DVDs ng moviesthat are hard to find, like those of Akira Kurosawa. How do you express youl artistic side?

Some expensive bounty there? Any other gifts you Gar€ to declarc? It came from a priest,this image of Jesusna parang nasa crib. He even wrote a wonderful letter to go with it. Hindi ko lang iniexpectthat someonelike him would appreciate what I'm doing. Wlry hasn't there been any action figure made in your likeness? Action heroes ale entitled to one!

Sana! Nung una ka pa lang nakitayung costumesnamin in Zaido, naisip ko kaagad na sana magkaroonkami ng merchandise. It's now a hit amongkids so maybe papatok din siya sa market I recentlywent to Japannga tapcs I devoted some time lookingfor a Shaideraction figure. Kasolang wala na rin akong nakuha. Do you still have time for things like, say' sporG? Lately hindi na ako masyadong nakapaglalaropero I used to regularly play badminton. can't I say l'm that good pero siguro mga sevenout of 10 naman ratingko. Do you still commit bloopers? MaramilPinaka-recentko nung pressconference Zaido.lnaabot of ko kasiyung microphonesa rsang writer. Malayo siya sa akin. Tapos when lwas goingbackto the stage,ltripped kasimedyo malaki yung sapatosko. Good thing hrndi namanako tumumba!Ha ha! How imposing a dad will you be? l'll be understanding. Like if he wants to be an actor,I'd support him all the way. He should be seriouswith work and he should be a professional. Those two are the main ingredients para hindi siya mawalan ng trabaho. Pero sa tingin ko mahiyain din yun paglaki katulad ko. KunS papasok man siya, unexpecteddln. llUhy arc you such a chick magnet? Ha ha! | don't reallyknow but if you want me to give a hunch,siguro tahimiklang kasiako,I'm not the type of guy who is out there. Sabi nga ni Popoy (Caritativo, his manager)mysteriousdaw ang aura ko. Siguro yun. So what's your game plan this February? Mahirap kasi mag-planobecause of what I do. But if ever I'd be free,I'd spend it with a special someone kung meron man. Kung wala naman,lwill spend it with my family.FHM lnterview by Janelle D. Guce

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pero, ewan ko..siguro... hindi ko alam. Pero kapag nagshoshow ako masayanamanako na maraming nakakikilala akin. sa Going back to that very first calendarshoot you did with us two years ago-did you really think it would do you any good baring yourself like that? The peoplefromGMA ArtistCenter weretellingme thatyou guyshad really wantedme so bad.That mademe veryhappy. remember I theyshowedme FHM pictures of nd what has she got to say for all AssuntaDe Rossiand asked,"Kaya of this? 'Hindi ko alam!' mo ba'fo?" ltold themI couldonly She doesn'tknow.Katrina, wear two-piecepero beyondthat it appears, not good at taking is hindipa. I don'tevenremember stockof the massive now kung readyna ba ako o fameand fortuneshe has considerable hindi. Bastamasayaakong gusto in amassed four quickyears, ninyo ako. Kasiganon ako-kapag A good thingand bad thing nagsho-show ako kahit isangkanta lang, kapag naramdamankong both at the sametime,if you give gusto ako ng mga tao kakantaako it somethought. Whileshe has definitely cashedin on the destiny kahit ilan pa ang gusto nila. Now we all know how that turned accordedher earlyon in the first StarStruck search, fairlyor unfairly, out, in particular makingit all to the top spot ot FHMs 100 as the bad girl most likely be the to Sexiest List twice. lt can't be any nextmajorsex kitten,Katrina says more beautifulthan that, can it? giveit all she wouldjust as quickly up and go backto her hometown Yanang sobranghindi ako El Nido,Palawan makapaniwalal and forgetshe Oo, masayaako, everwas a celebrity. but I remember whenI was walking As you'llmostdefinitely glean downthe catwalk the 100 Sexiest at from this latestinterview EvenIhindi ko naiisipna akoang with pinaka-sexy ang ganda-gandakol the currentkontrabida queenas at Well, one million votes can't be Angelikain Marimar, FHM triedits best to get Katrina say so herself a joke. Are you still the reluctant to that she is richand famousbeyond star-fame or no fame, it doesn't matter-we read you to be when herwildestdreams, eitherin a But humble a coy denial, just plain you were just slogging it out in fit, or not givinga heck,she downplays Starstruck 1? her successand repeatedly Yes,ganon pa rin ako hanggang makes a casefor goinghometo Palawan. ngayon,nagkataonlang na Ouitehonestly, couldn't we maramiakongprojectsand shows. get it. We're thrilled I'vealwaysbeenjust thankful that we had with a handin making superstar what I have,ine-enjoyko lang. a of her.We want her to be as rich and Hindi ako naghahanap wala ng famousfor as long as she can hold ako.What really gets me going in on to it. Other starscan only hope this business the support the is of people her of matching feat of toppingour who really me. like 100 SexiestListtwice.Lord knows To what extent have fans, the guywho boughtthe Katrina especially the male ones,gotten Halili life-size standee herto out of their way to pleaseyou? for (Veryexcited)Hindi ko inaasahan sign wants her.Justwants her. yung autograph Oh, you knowit, Katrina. Even signingng 2OOB if you don'twant it, somebody FHM calendar,may nagdala ng else is boundto tellyouthatyou haveit, standeenatinl Meron pa siyang got And admitit,you've to loveit,.. dalangstuffedtoy and lettersaying how he had beena fan sincethe She got fame Darnadays.He said he had written Katrina,this time we're really you guysa letterbeggingto buy a sure you are famous, even standeeand that it becameletter superstar material. How does of the month [Mach,Letterof the that sit with you? Month,November 20071.Sabi Hindi-hindi pa rin ako sikat,hindi ninyo raw hindi ibinebenta yun ko siya nararamdaman. kaya magtanong na lang siya sa Although I will say na malakiang naitulong mga newsstand.So ikot daw siya nang ikot,nagtatanong sa akin ng FHM, pati ang soap kaya lang walangibinebenta,hanggangsa operasdahil hindi ako nawawala

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tinulungan siya ngfriend niya na makahanap store at nakiusap ng silang ibenta sa kanila yung standee.Na-touch akol Gonsideringyou were deeply touched, would it be possible for Katrina Halili to fall for the normal guy moving mountains to please her? Pare-parehonaman tayong lahat, di ba, so hindi rin natin masasabi.

lutting money to worK
Of course, you're richer now than you ever were because of the success.We hear you bought a new car recently? Ah, no I still havethe samecars I had two yearsago: the Nissan Serenavan and a Honda City para

sa.nanay Sa susunod na ako ko. bibili, wala nang budget, ha ha ha! Ah yes, the trusty Serena we alwayssee you in on location shoots. What about real estate? Meron akong farm sa Palawangusto ko roon tumira pero wala pa siyanglamanl l'll probablyhave a lot of animals there.I lovepets! Ewan ko ba, gusto ko talagang maramingalaga. Kahit nung bata pa ako,di ba sa labasng school may mga nagbebentang mga ibon, bili ako nang bili noon tapos nakakalatlang sa kwarto. What about getting a luxury condo unit on the 21st floor like this one we're shooting in? No. The plan is to put up a condotel in Palawannextyear.

Yes,the businesses.You have a lingerie line now called Playmates,some pieces of which you wear in this pictorial. What got you into it? Nagkaroon ako ng ideafor this business when lfirst madeit on top of the 100 Sexiest List.During the show,. found myselfenjoying I the ramp part at parang gusto kong damitanyung sarili kotThen another time,lwas included a in fashionshow fapos naisipko uli na gusto kong gumawa ng sarilikong damit. lthoughtlcould come up So with a concept, thenget a designer friendto makethe piecesfor me, whichlwould keepto myself. So fromthis idea,thisyear'splanis to stage lingerie fashionshows featuring collection. my



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ffiFcirls of FHM Katrina Halili
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Girlsof FHM Katrina Halili

So we can buy this stuff now? Hindisryaavailable market, sa sa websiteko lang.And madeWhat will happen to-order srya. nag-showako is, if, for example, ngayon tapos meron kaming ginawang10 designs tapos , nagustuhanko apat doon, magpoproduce ako ng ilang pirasonoon taposyun lang ang ibibenta ko. they havethese vending In Japan, machinesselling used schoolgirl panties.Don't you think that's a great idea-stuff with your "l UsedThem" sealof approval? Ha ha ha, hindi ko siya maisipl Becauseyou now have an endless supply of panties and bras, would you likely give them away to fans? Like April Boy Regino throwing out b a s e b a l lc a p s ? Hindi ko rin siyamaisip...siguro pwedel Mamimigay ako sa FHMI Then there's Barracks.How's that doing? We're 12 partners the business in but onlytwo peopleare actually hands-on. one of them is Allan and K. So far magandanamanang takbo niya, maraming tao palagi. We don't think you're a big fan of booze-at least not when you work with us-so does that mean owning a bar makes you drink more often? Hinditalaga ako umiinompero enjoypa rin kasi masarapang iced tea naminlOr sometimes para I drink frozen margarita, siyangjuice! Given these businesses,do you think you have the knack for entrepreneurship? Actuallyang plano ko nga roon ako sa Palawan,magtatayo ng grocery,bibiling jeep pampasada. Kahit anong papasukinko, ganoon business ka-simple.

Not fade away
How long do you think this will all last? Sa maniwalakayo't sa hindi, since I started binilanganko yung sariliko. Sabi ko threeyears/ang ako rito, tapos uuwi na ako ng probinsya.Mag-a-apatna taon na ako sa showbizdi ba?l And it doesn't look like the r i d e w i l l e n d a n y t i m es o o n . l s i t s p o i l i n gt h e g r a n d p l a n ? No, bafa pa namanako. Nagenjoy na ako rito. I mean ready na ako kung hindi na ako active, okay lang. Nagkaroon na ako ng

mga soap operas,nagka-cover ng FHM, dalawangbeses naging Philippines' Finestsa 100 Sexiest, nagkapelikula. Ang dami ko nang maipagmamalakipagtanda kol Don't you want to grow old in show business?What if you become a successfulcomedian 10 years from now? Ayoko namangmagsalitanang tapos,pero gusto ko talagangtumira sa Palawan. Pwede pa rin naman akong magtrabaho showbizkahrt sa tagaroonna ako. Huwag lang daily dahil di na carryyun! You never miss a project, yet you've been hospitalizedonce and frequently sick. Don't you think parang lugi ka? yung mga ospitalat sakitActually, sakit na yan enjoynga ako. I get time off and rest.I stillwork kasi kung minor lang o sakit-sakitan lang nararamdaman There ko. was this time na nasaospital ako for minortreatment, meronakong ribboncutting sabi ko, "Teka may eventako, lalabasmuna akol" Have you given any thought to what you might look like when you're 60? Siguro lola na ko at may mga apo na ako. Pero siyempremaganda pa rin dahil aalagaan ako niDr. V i c k iB e l o ,h a h a h a ! Or if you have a daughter,will you want her to pose for FHM il t h e m a g a z i n ei s s t i l l a r o u n d ? Why not? Ako kasineverakong nag-iisip pangit gawin yun. na Kasi di ba may mga ibang tao na sinasabi "Ayokomag-FHM!" na tipong may kadirieffectpa. Minsan gusto ko silang tanungin: "Bakit, ano ba sa tingin nila ang pinaggagawanamin sa FHM?" Nakabubuwisit sila. Kasi ako-and for sure lahatnang nagka-chance maging cover girl af nai-feature ninyo-hindi nalalaswaan. Ang sa akin lang, siguro hindi sila confident.Sabihinna lang nila na hindi pa nila kaya, na hindi pa sila ready.Aminin na lang sa sarilina hindicarryl Finally,if you are offered a role in Shake, Rattle and Roll39, willyou accept? Oo naman, bakithindil Go lang yonlexlltr For more photosof Katrina,log on to www.fhm.com.ph brt <FHM or Babe'sname) ON & send to 7399. Vi it www.katri ahaliIi.com.ph for s n more details about her lingerie line PLAYMATES.

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F 2 E B R U A R YO O 8 H M 7 3

G i r l s f F H M Amirah Gazallah o
Would you care to give us a holidays?ChineseNew Year is modelprofile? c o m i n gu p ? I am half-Filipino, half-Syrian. I'm My familyis in anothercountryso fromManila, can tellyouso much I find comfoftin spendingholidays I but aboutmyself let'sput it this with a few of my closestfriends, way:Justlikea bestseller,can be I They'remy family. book or a paperback- Holidayswith friends often a hardbound way I'man openbook. either mean endlesspartying.Do you Y o u h a v ea n u n u s u a ln a m e . do it full-tilt? "Amirah" meansprincess in Partying me holdsno to English. expectations becauseit just , H o w d o e s a h a l f - F i l i p i n ah a l f happens. What's important is S y r i a ng i r l l i k e y o u s p e n dt h e you'rein good company and involves tons of non-stop laughter and funnystupidstories. And it's priceless, too. But believe me, I'vedone the usualparty things-getting drunk, hopping, bar dancing the morning. till What kind of man do you want? I want a manwho can be "quitea character" and not just a character. What should a man who is "quite a character" do to get on your better side? Justbe cool and sharelots of fun. crazystories. guy with a sers€ A of humorand wit alwaysgets --. attention. Pleasegive our readersan advice:What's the best way to treat a woman? ArethaFranklin said it best: R-E-S P-E-C-T. rxu

For more photosof Amira,log or to www.fhm.com.ph Ert <FH!,, or Babe's name) ON & sendto 7393

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j iti



hetheryou'vecalledit love quitswith a longtime partner, or a months-only it won't be easyto just chuckthoseprecious of moments feedingeach ds Fncit cantonand pickingout names dprr unbornkids.Who did the dumpingis Linportant. Chancesare,you (and hopefully, slc, too) are dealingwith withdrawalsymptoms w- Faceit, dude:Youmiss her.Do you want FNFT A

a you'remissing bedmate her back because painstakingly whose oralskillsyou'vealready Or fine-tuhed? do you feel likeyou'd ratherburn than livewithouther? your entireporn collection Takethis quizand find out why the hellyour heartand other more importantbody parts are yearning yourex... for Pointsfor each answer are given. Add up the values fo see if you should run back to your honey or move on to other potential ex'girlfriends.

it's the e of the crimein orderto pinpoint criminals, stateof mindand figureout why and how m-a-breakup eractlythe shit hit the fan. Was your breakup of telenovela proportions? A) Yes,we calledeach other names and tradedX-ratedinsults.(2) B) Sort of-we said we hated each otherand that was that. (1) we're both nonC) No, because (0) confrontational. text.( 2) D) No.We brokeup through What was the first thing you did after you called it How w?s lour relationship before You broke up? A) She made me feel like Brad and Pitt,Superman, James Bond all rolledinto one! (2) B) Away-batiall the time, but we were in love.(1) (0) C) lt's complicated. D) ln the first place,we got togetherso she could have to someone presentto her friendswho already-married her were pressuring to get a man-anyman-ASAP!(-2) How long wete you together before your


A) I cried in the shower.(2) B) | erasedher numberfrom my I but cellphone, then I realized had it. memorized (1) already C) | calledup her best friendand flirtedwith her! (-1) and D) What else?| got dr:unk her! (-2) startedbadmouthing What do you think led to your breakup? A) We werejust too muchalike.(2) B) Thingswere just goingtoo fast too soon.(1) C) We were both makingsakal eachother.C1) D)The moreI knewher,the moreI hatedmyselffor beingwith her.(-2) Describe the look on hel face the very moment your relationship flatlined. A) She cri€d so hard I had to look away.(2) B) Likeshe just foundout Santa Clauswas a fake.(1) C) She lookedlikea zombie.(0) laughed! D) She actually C2)

partnership ended?
A) A few years.(2) B) Arounda year.(1) C) A few months,(0) D)A monthor leSs. G2) What if you find out she's already with a new guy, say, five weeks aftel you've called it quits? A) I'll show up at her doorsteP (2) and go ballistic. B) l'lljustlet her be with her new man.(0) C) I'll ask her what the otherguY has that I don't have.C1) D) I'll considerit my de facto to license haveas manyone(-2) nightstandsas possible. What was the scenario one week after You broke

Did you establish anY breakup rules early on in your relationshiP? We A) Bullshit! thoughtwe'd be (2) togetherforever. B) We nevertalked about such (0) emotionalstuff. C) We agreed not to badmouth eachother.(-1) D) ls askingeachother not to break each other'sheartcounted?(.2) What triggered your Post' breakup meltdown? of A) The merememory her scent.(2) Miles"by Vanessa B) 'A Thousand (1) Carlton. C) What meltdown?Youjust feel (.1) aloneat Jollibee. weirdeating D) The fact that she still has Your pissedyou off' (-2) CD collection


A) We didn't heara word from eachother-but I kePtvisiting sites' and Friendster her Multiply (2) "How u?" B) We exchanged (1) SMS messages. C) She avoidedmy calls.(Damn l c a l l e r D ! )( - 1 ) said I lookedat D) Everyone least10 yearsyounger. C2)


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You go, "What can I do to take away your pain?" She replies... A) "Let's to talkabout try our
(2) problemsome moreJ' B) "Maybewe just needto take a littlebreakfrom eachotherl'(1) C) " NakulBwisit ka! You'rejust h o r n y !( - 1 ) " D) "Die,mother*****.! Die!"(-!) She asks, "Can we still be friends?" You say... A) "Okay,let's give it a try. Youca the shotsl'(2) B) "Sure-butI'mstillin lovewith y o u J(' 1 ) C) "l honestly don't know if I can do thatl' (0) D) "Yes-butonly if we can have sexl'C2) "l think we got into bed too soonj' she reminds. You retort... A) "l don'tthinkso. I had issuesl' (2) B) "Maybe, greatsexwasn't but J' o u rp r o b l e m ( 1 ) C) 'Are you sayingyou didn't like i t ? "( - 1 ) D) " NakulTwo monthsnga ako (-2) naghintay,'nol"

Thoughit's beensaidthatthe battleof the sexesis bestfoughtin bed,womenusually to lashout opt with words,See how you stackup whenyou'reforcedto toughit out through talk.


You ask, "How could you give up on us so easily?" She answers...
A) "How can you accuseme of that?"with loadsof tearswashing (But she awayher make-up. doesn't carel)(2) B) "Our on-again-off-again status just makesme crazy!"(1) C) "l feel likeyou'veturnedmy heart intoyourpersonal pifiatal"(-1) D) With a bitter,BellaFlores(-2) laugh.

a compromise abouta bunchof (' t h i n g s J1 ) C) "Malay ko bal" (-1) D) "lkaw kasi, Ano ba masama ehl (-2) sa threesome?!" "Why were you so cruel to me?" she laments. You answer... A) -lf lwas, tell me what I can do to makeit up to you-evenif you'd just want to be friendsJ' (2) B) "Sorry. didn'trealize I lwas (1) suchan assholel' C) "Whatthe hellare you talking about?"(-1) D) "Cruelka diyanlCruelis when you askedme to hangout with (-2) yourfamily!"

"What went wrong?" she asks. You respond... A) "l think mostly faultJ' (2) it's my B) "l guess didn't hard we try enough figure howto reach to out

92 FHM FEBRUARY 2008 www.fhm.com.ph

The FHM Ouiz

womencan get when theywant to just Neverunderestimate how well and just how devious givenyour ex enoughpsychological unwittingly you'vealready messwith your mind.Remember, moves' to arsenal innihilateyou.See how you stackup againsther crazy-bitch

When you ask her how she's doing via text, she". you A) Sends a solosmileY
which meansshe'ssad message, but doesn'twant to giveYouthe that satisfaction she is. (2) B) Doesn'ttext back untilafter at you'vesent the message least fivetimes.Thismeansshe still doesn'ttrust herselfnot to beg you to come backto her.(1) C) She textsback:"Hu u?" She kindof wantsto triggerYour ('1 breakdown. ) nervous D) Goes overto your houseand a givesyou the finger, movethat speaksfor itself.C2) You "stalk" her online and you find that... A) You'restill in her Friendster now.(2) list...for friends B) Her blog aboutyour breakuP 'waswithoutits dirtydetails.(1) C) She bloggedaboutYouand all (-1) habits. yourannoying D) Her friendshavebloggedabout habits.(-2) you and your annoying What cuss word did she use a lot when you had that One Big Fight? A) She nevercursed.(2) B) She said,"Shit!"a few times.(1) C) She said the F-wordto mYface.

"You took me for grantedi' she complains. You say... A) "Sorry,I shouldn'thave ignoredyour calls when I was (2) playingwith my PlayStationl' B) "All you had to do was speak up to make me stop being a j e r k . "( 1 ) C\ uKungganun eh bakit naghintayka pang lumala? Di mo rin palal" (-1) kasalanan D) *Eh, ayaw mo kasing mag-roleplaytayo na horny robots!" (-2) Transformer "Have you told your friends that we broke up?" you ask. Her response... A) "No, not yet.Theylikeyou so I (2) haveto break it to them gentlyJ' to B) "l'm planning tell all of t.[em I'm at the sametime...when sureI anymorel'(1) won'tcry easily C) "Theydon't want to hearabout up us breaking for the nth timel'(0) to Theypromised host a D) "Yeah. breakuppartyfor mel' C2) You follow up with "How about me? Should ltell people na wala na taYo?" She responds... A) "lf you'rethat excitedto move (2) onl' (Don'tmissthe sarcasm.) B) "lt's up to you. Do it if you think there'sno chanceof us getting (1) backtogetherl' C) "What for? We're not in showbizl'(0) it D) '^Goaheadand announce for changedmy all I care.I already statusto 'Singlel"(-2) Friendster You ask her, "How do we deal with each other now?" She replies... A) "l stillwant to keep in touchwith youl'(2) B) "Let'sjust be civilto eachother if and when we run into each otherl'(1) C) "From now on, wag na wag ka nangpupuntasa Robinsons Galleria kasiyun ang favoritemall run ko. I don't want to accidentally intoyoul'(-1) D) " Bahala ka na sa buhay mo. I wish you infinite nalas!' (-2)

awayor makeyour mamaproud and pursuea happyending.UP to you.(2) all B) Returns the giftsyou gave her.Sadnessmakeswomendo crazythings.(1) C) Takesall the stuff you gave her and throwsit into a bonfireshe buildsrightin front of your house. She'seitherPMS-ingor reallY withyou.C1) disgusted D) Startsflirtingwith your best friend.She's out for blood!(-2) When her friends ask her about what she misses most about you, she says.'. A) Yourabilityto cook sinigang rightaftera hot sessionin bed' (2) skills.(1) B) Yourhandyman C) Yourcar.(-1) (-2) D) Yourmoney.


D) She calledme "Lordof the Fliesl'(-2) When you were about to break up, you tried to kiss her and she..,. A) Jumpedyou.This means that thoughher sPiritmaYbe to determined get rid of You,her fleshwill alwayshaveenough to lubrication let you in-in a (2) of manner speaking. B) Kissedyou backbut then Pulled away,saying,"Thisis so wrongJ' Thisis a move luck. Read:Tough straightout of a chickflick,so you'rein for a bumpyride.(1) C) Slappedyou.There'sa thin line betweenlove and hate and she may havealreadycrossed over to (-1) the otherside completely. D)Threwup. (-2) The day after your breakup' she... A) Callsyour mom and makes Thismeansyou'retrulY sumbong. Run a part of her long-term Plans.


You pretend to get sick about three days after your breakupand she... A) Comes you over make a soup to (2) andgive a sponge you bath. B) Comes over dropoff to
paracetamol then leaves after ("1'm threeminutes. Catholic and I'm doingthisas penance all for the timeswe did quickies my at (0) parents'housel') C) Callsyou up and says, "Please me it isn'tan STD tell ( c o m p l i c a t i o n l-"1 ) D) Texts"Buti nga sa'yo!' (-2) A day after your breakup, you send flowers with a cute "l'm sorry" card to her office and she... A) Thanks you,askinglaterwhat she can do to makeyou feel better, Startthe pseudo-ligaw processall (2) overagain, B) Waits two days beforeshe acknowledges she got the that flowers. She's playing hardto get. Step up yourgame,boy!Timeto givehersomestuffed toys!(1) C) Sendsthembackto you.She's serious aboutteaching a you (0) lesson. D) She rips the flowersto bits then sendsthem backto you.Feelthe hate.(-2)


lf she went into a rebound romance,she'd probably pic k . . .
A) Someone who'slikean upgraded version you.She of wantsyou to be jealous, showing you how muchbetteryou could be if you had chosento improve (2) yourself. B) Someoneexactly you. like She's so intoyou she startsdating (1) yourtwin brother. C) A taipan. She wantsto rollin doughto makeup for the timeshe s p e n ts l u m m i n w i t hy o u .( - 1 ) g D) Someone who'searned a reputation packinga big for lightsaber-well, biggerthanyour lightsaber, anyhow. She wantsto get you whereit hurtsmost!(-2) You accidentally run into each other a week after the breakup and she... A) Triesto smileat you and is teary-eyed whenyou take her asidefor smalltalk,(2) B) Wavesat you then says,"Sorry, I'm a wreckrightnowl'(1) C) Runsthe otherway.(-1) D) Pretends to see you. (-2) not


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'* Girls f FHM o
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f, r1::
r - , ' , i .

j i! r i ' . . ' , , . .

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\ .-


igli., . !i

: .{









G i r l s f F H M Kirby Ann Basken o

We don't doubt you for a second. So did you manage to squeeze in any Tequila-races or Tex-Mexbinges during your month in merry old Me-hi-co? Not at all.We had super-strict rules.No alcohol, cigarettes no duringthe entirestay.Not much drunken debauchery underthat regtme, Damn it, we thought you said you were in the "crazy gang"? Thatdoesn'thelpmuchwhen you'reundersurveillance, with cameras and sectrrity guards aroundyou 24/7. So you never got that uncontrollable urge to say something like .,Mexicanfood stinks like a donkey's ass', live on TV? Ha hal Thethought occurred to me, especially when the crowd applauded MissUSA falling for flat on her face duringthe finals. YoungMiss Kirbywas boilingat that point.Fortunatelymanaged I to keepmy mouthshut. Enough mish.mash:Rumour has it that you have a boyfriend? Why? That'sactually completely falselI'm as single theycome! as

As they say in Norway: A.ha? Yup!A localrag wrotethat I had a boyfriend, which is a complete fabrication. Theynevereven bothered talk to me abouttheir to bullshit story,which mademe even morepissed. So lefs conclude: local rafiqt2l jerks. Kirby Anndotally single. We can live with that! So tell us, what kind of guys does Miss Nonlray go for? Oooh,toughquestion. leastI At knowwhat kindof guys I don't go for.Stingy,beer-guzzling football idiotsare not really thing. my Ouch. Thanks, missy.There goes the entire staff of FHM. Ha ha!Sorryfellas, that'slife. but And he has to be at leastsomewhat tallerthanme,that'sa must.And he needsto be older, preferably but not olderthan26. Oh, and I'm a total suckerfor eyes.lf they're prett!, we're halfway there,,. Oh, so you just have to give a drunken little wink with your eyes, and this girl is sold...we get the picture... Not evenclose.lf you'redrunk, just steeraway.Thereare thingsless charming than drunkenladson the prowl.That'swhen all the ancient

linessuddenly resurface, with and that,you'reout of the race. We don't understand.The only thing we know for sure is that your daddy was a thief. What?l He took all the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes! Yeahright.Thereyou go! Painfully bad stuff. On a scale from one to 10: How mudr do you @re about war, peace,politics and all that stuff? Let'sjust say that I don't believe in peacein our lifetime, didn't We get any of thosequestions the in Miss Universe finals. And I was prepared the worst.Backto the for scale,l'll say a cleanfive. You also work at one of those SMS-chat programs on TV, where absolutely nothing ever happens.You poor thing. Oh, I'm having ball!lt's a bit like a radioon TV,and the experience is usefulregardless, lf you had the droie, what would you rather do on Tv in the future? And you can't pid<'Top Model"... I wouldn'tpick that one anyway. It's a bit too repetitive my taste, for Evenif it mightjust be a clich6,I would loveto havemy own talk

show likeOprahWinfrey. lthink that would fit me nicely. Up close and personal,..So, when did you lose your virginity? What the...That's prettypersonal a question! We know. Just answer, please. Not too manyyearsago, So I don't really havethat muchexperience. But did it go down nicely,or what? Honestly, I'm not too fond of no. one-second guys,let's put it that way.My mom mightreadthis! Let'sjust say I'ma verycuddlygirl, We're talkinggood old{ashioned groping. Things should takesome time.Youknowwhat I mean,guys. Time to put in some practice, then. Any bedroom activities you find overrated? Doggiestyleand 69 are vastly overrated my opinion in Righty.So, do you put up a good fistfight or what? Ha hal What kindof questionis that? Fighting was neverreallymy thing.I'veonlydoneit once,and thatwas in my childhood.didn't I start it, either. Would you have kicked our ass? I highly doubtit. lf I did, it wouldbe moresad on your part thanfun on my part,FHM

98 FHM FEBRUARY www.fhm.com.ph 20OB




ahit hindi mo pilitin, if you havethe talentfor acting,lalabasat lalabas sa iyo yanj' said Katherine Luna when we askedher for a quickand effective actingtip. Forthosewho mayhave already forgotten, Katherine starred the 2004 Cinemanila in film festivalentryBabae sa Breakwater, firstfilm-for which her she alsowon her first Best Actress award.And for whichshe also got the rarechanceto attendthe prestigious CannesFilmFestival wherethe film was also screened. But herthenpromising career was put on holdwhen she went on the mommy trail-threestraight pregnancies be exact(she to sharedto us the explanation, albeitquirky, to how this had as transpired). Now she'sbackin the showbizsceneand FHM is the first to take a glanceat the new and improved Katherine Luna. And we daresay, looksand acts she betterthan before.
11 2 F H M F E B R U A R 2 0 0 8 w w w . f h m . c o m . o h Y

Why? Well,for starters, she doesn't lookanything a mother like of three.Child-bearing even has done hergood,firming her up curves and givingherthatfullwomanlook. Also,knowthat for every expression eroticseduction of you see on thesepagesall we needed to do was tell Katherine look to "sexyJ'The was all her.Simply rest p u t ,s h e ' s h a tg o o d . . , t How did you maintainyour stunning figure despite having kids? Actually, really I don't know.Di talagaako tumataba. Wish ko nga sana tumabaako kahit kaunti. I gained someweightwhenI was pregnant, afterdelivery but bumabalikna yung figure ko. Malakaspa nga akong kumain. Good for you! This is your first time to pose for a men's magazine.So which is harderacting or posing for pictures?

Acting siyempre.Mahirap [sa actingJtalaga,kasi everything you do dapatperpektoso you won't be wastingfilm and time. Sa photoshoot you can take a lot of picturesand saka tang pipiti ng maganda. Perothis shootwas hard for me rin kasinga it's my first. We were already existing in 2004,your breakout year. So how did you slip from our fingers? Actuallymay nag-offersa akin to pose for FHM before kaso parang wala pa akong lakasng loob na mag-pose. Nagagandahan ako sa FHM,buI lwas stillshy. And now? Ngayon makapalna ang mukha ko kaya gamena akol Ha ha! We shot you inside the shower, with actual water! Didn't you feel cold? Sobrang lamigl Kaya pina-init ko na lang yung katawanko. Hahal Sariling painit na lang.

n both Babae sa Breakwater and this shoot, You seem to ce so at ease with Performing despitebeing soaked.ls there somethingabout water that makesyou so comfortable? Ano nga ba? | don'tknoweither. lan,g. Siguro bagay Nagkakataon Ha akongmag-sirena. ha! Speakingof your first film, how did you get that Part? ako for nag'audition Originally role a supporting in Babaesa When Direk Mario B reakwater. niya O'Harasaw me, hinawakan yung kamayko and said,"/fo na. Siya na!' Ganoonlang.Rawdaw kasiang beautyko. Ha hal ii'edrd*'(krrow'{/ra{?r?sfl/rrr for was semi-autobiographical you, and that you actuallYlived by the breakwater.". poverty. Thefilmwas allabout Eh doon ako nanggalingtapos nga ako Nagulat breakwaterpa. whentheytold mewhatthetitleof the was kasidoon sa breakwater movie

kamirati.Doon Boulevard sa Roxas ko. yung parents I grew up nagtitinda thereand sanayako sa buhaydoon. Are there a lot of other PrettY lassesliving in the breakwater? Alam mo, thereare a lot of girls mong "puwede doon na masasabi you won't noticethem na!' Kaso mo kasimas mapapansin yung karungisanSo once you livein that krndof placeiba na agad ang tingin sa iyo, nakaaawaka. You've been off the showbiz radar for so long. Why decideto stage a comeback? ko Sobrang na-miss yung acting andyung paggawang films,I really wantedto come back noon Pa kaYa /ang,rragrkalaorrrrarragr*as*'rrtrdko. sunodyung pagbubuntis And how would you explainthat circumstance? Every time I give birth kasisummer, then mabubuntisako ulit kapag tag-lamigna. Yungmga bandang kasithat'sthe time na tag-lamig tag-initkayo. Hahal

We're still feeling the elfects sf the recent Christmas chills.." You mean tag-lamig Pa rin ngayon? Wala.Zero ako ngaYon. Wala akong lovelife kaYa l'm noI worried. Work na ulit. You've done a eouPle of love scenes in the past. Before each love scene, do yctu have a list of dos and don'ts for Your eo-actor? I havepero I don't tell them directly, medyo nagpaParinig lang ako. For example mag-toothbrush ako,l'll say "Toothbrush muna ako, nakahihiya kasi!' TaPos naghahanap ng Pabango. But before each take naman we talk about what will haPPen. /<z!heeer+lateb4'4t+n'J'J"DnJtE"dD you contribute anYthing You've learned from your clwn sex life? Like based on experience? SiYemPre naman. Kasi kung babata-bata ka pa and you don't know that much about sex paano mo magagawa yun safilm? Sa experience talaga manggagaling yun.




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It's the monthof hearts, and I knowwe'reall in the moodfor love...So decidednot to go too I far and dedicatethis spaceto the mind-blowing history of-guess what?-vibrators! Now mostof us assume thatvibrators ere invented w during the 20th century. But electromechanical vibrators have beenaroundsincethe Victorian Age. Backthen,it was used to induce"hysterical paroxysm"whichwe now simplycall "orgasm" (hysteria, the otherhand,meant on "womb diseasel') When vibrators were still unheard the womenwho had of, caughtthe diseasedue to sexual had dissatisfaction to go to the doctors.I automatically assumed that these"hysterical women" patients would be the favorite of doctors,but I was wrongl Doctors, beingall menduring the Victorian age,complained aboutthe difficult task of using theirfingersto massage female patients orgasm. to Theysaid it took so long and required lot of a skill,as each patientwas different and the type of "cure"variedon how the womanpatientlikedit. One doctor evensuggested the to otherdoctorsthat they put one fingerin the vagina and massage genital the external withthe right hand.I canjust imagine how many womenpatients linedup with the permission recommendation or of theirhusbands themto get for orgasms! Sincethiswas a problem, thoughtof a great somebody idea.Backin 1883,a man namedKelsey Stinner invented the electromechanical vibrator and was marketed a gadget as

purchasable these"hysterical by womenl'The vibrator was the fifth appliance electronic devicethat was invented rightafterthe toaster and precededby the hairdryerby abouta decade.The doctorsthat specialized this type of work in hatedit, though,lt took awaytheir dignity and professionalismtheir in lineof field. The ads were all overthe prints,lt was evenmarketed as giftsfor womenfrom their husbands "women's as delightful companionsJ' thought The thattheir missus wouldjust stayhomeand not go out and spendfor shopping, or evenrun off with otherguys,sat wellwith men. So this Valentine's I know Day most of you are preparing a for romantic nightwith your partners.

Some will giveflowersor cards; planning someare probably to spenda nightin a hotelor motel.We knowthere'sa lot of Valentine's promosat this time, Day right?But I wouldsuggest you gi.ve a gift that has a long and her peculiar history. Something that will give her "hysterical paroxysmJ' Havefun and alwaysbe protected as you feelthe thrill!

Asia would like to thank the following: Belo Medical Group CosmoparkGreenhills Sa/on de Manila PremiereCondoms Asia'sMy Bedtime StoriesDVD stillout! Visit www.myasi anworld.com www.asiastoys.com www.astaspeep.com


1 3 6 F H M F E B R U A R 2 0 0 8w w w . f h m . c o m . p h Y












124 FHM

F E B R U A R Y2 0 O B w w v ; , f h m o m , o h c

Would you do a similar stunt again? Nakuhindi na ulitl Parangnasobrahannamanyata iYonsa Firsttime ko lumabas exposure. local noon sa lahatng Primetime news. Taposna-pick uP Pa siYang efore Manila'sDirty HarryMaYor CNN. Ha ha! Grabe,nakahihiYa! AlfredoLim decidedto be a So what's taking nlost of Your the Puritan, RoxasBoulevard time now? chaos baywalkstrip was a haPPY Asidefrom doing promotions, of loud music,flowingbooze, pictorials and shows,medYo and womenin teasingclubwear nauubos din ang orasko sa Not quite dancingin wild abandon. bagong businessventurenamin ni but likeSodomand Gomorrah, just Rejoice-BaywalkBodies din siYaas interesting. Nagtayo kasikaming rice-in-a-box delightsit offered The earthly stall sa VictoryCentralMall.We central, it not only'made gimmick call it Mixx& Rej,shortfor Michaela it also becamea hotbed for and Rejoice. the controversies, most infamous It's hard to squeeze in a lovelife of whichwas the stuhtPulledoff from the sound of that. by the BaywalkBodies,stePPing singlerightnow and Medyo.I'm out of a touristbus wearing veryopen for datingpero mas but nothing highheelsand a maingatna ako ngayon kasi plasticraincoat. transparent * Nakilala ang last may pagka-madrama kami dahil sa ko. ryon.Now that the Place relationship eksenang Care to tell us about that was closeddown,The Bodies particularromanticePisode? na langkami.Ha ha!" saYssultrY Ako kasikapag nagmahal maY BaywalkBodiesmemberMichaela tendencymaging martir,which Espinosa. doingme good.lfell is not really So to give us a morevivid hardfor this guy dati to the Point imageof what,moreor less, kong maY nat nung na-realize backthen,we took happened girlfriendsiyangiba, I even offered for in the lovely2O-year-old a to be the othergirljustto be with shoot. refresher him. Then... 5o if it was up to You You'd He rejectedmy offer. Sabi niYa rather be called "The Bodiesl' hindi raw niya kayang gawin iYolt' iyon tal4gaang original Actually, Unacceptablebehavior! So namenamin.Ang kasolang nung what type of man might be this members nawalana yung original guy exactly? tapospumasokpaifong issue Weird,but to me it's the eYebrows mas ng group naminsa BaYwalk, Before that I lovemost in guYs. nakilalana kamias the BaYwalk hindi ko alam kung ano ang tYPe Bodies.When we tried releasing ko sa guys until naPansinng mga stuffwith the nameThe Bodies, friendsko na lahat ng mga tYPeko hindi ma-getsng tao na kami may common f actor- magaganda rin iyon. ang kilay nila,haha! Can you tell us exactlYwhat ls it like Richard Gutigrrez'sor happened back then? Goma's in Tuklaw? Funnynga actually kasiang Hindi ko ma-explain,bastqYung intentionlang talaganamin doon na was to do our albumcoverPictorial masculine kilay na hindi inahit pero magandaang shaPe. our wherewe'd be displaying How huge a determining factor bodies.Naieel ko na medYoriskY is it? na siya pero nag-kasubuan kasi maY Let's put it this waY:Beflore kaya hindi na ako umatras' ako sabar na guY.He's na-meet So what went wrong? Aside and good-looking I remember really from you girls being out there naka-cappa siya noon. Kaya lang practicallynaked, of course. nung ma-meetko siya ulit during Ang hindi namin alam,Ihe daY I anotheroccasion, noticedsabog beforewe went there,maYroon ang kilay niya.Mlor turn-off. palang balitang maYmga Ayoko nalHaha! rnu pupunta sa location rallyistang mediasa na iyon kaya maramrng paligid. So nung dumating kami naroon wearingalmostnothing, the lahat silato caPture moment, ha ha! Othersthoughtnga at first na kami yung mga rallYistaand what statement, it was a political we did.
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1 2 6 F H M F E B R U A R2 0 0 8 w w w f h m . c o m . p h Y

1 SENSUAT GAME During eve Valentine's, the of your surprise honey anerotic with game. your with Complete gift an eagerness outfit her. toplay for lf you think a game, "The can't of try Kama Game," is rated Sutra which to bethebest game two, sex for

2 CH0C0 L0C0 Buy favorite her chocolates melt and you them hours before doyour Valentines Just things romp. as are yourself heating excuse up, and present with melted her your gift, Pourover and it her pleasureas her you the lick chocolates her, offof

1 3 8 F H M F E B R U A R2 O 0 B w w . f h m . c o m . p h Y w


P h o t o g ' a p " . ,l a Y f a 3 a - - ' e I

M i n dt h e g a p
We're 49 seconds apart. Si Donna yung ate. Pero hindi naman siya bossy, pareho lang kami. Kambal nga kami eh, ha ha! lt was our older s i s t e r F a m i e l( F H M G i r l s N e x t D o o r T o p 5 0 , 2 0 0 5 ) w h o e n c o u r a g e du s to pose.

DONNA Name it
Kapag may lumalapit sa aking guy, okay lang tanungin nila ytt-: name ko, pero hindi ako sasama .: kanila kasi hindi ako yung tipo r: babaeng ganun.

Weird vibrations
One time sa bar may isang strang:na bigla akong sinayawan at niyakapl lVung time pang iyon, naroon ang boyfriend ko. Nakita niya at siyempre, nagalit siyal

Together forever
Lagi kaming magkasama, asin. Hindi kami sanay na naghihiwalay kasi nami-miss ko siya. Lahat ng gimik namin, magkasama talaga kami.

Same difference
I'm the brave one. Si Donna kasr, pag sa labas may sarili siyang mundo. Ako, sobrang friendly.I s m i l ea t p e o p l e a l o t .

Gusfo ko yung dinadalaw ako sa bahay. Gusto ko rin, liligawan niya muna yung mommy namin kasi minsan siya rin yung tumitingin. Pag ayaw niya sa guy, wala kaming magagawa.

Hot ticket
There are times that my sister and I are attracted to the same guy. lt comes to a point na, parang, "O sige, bahala na kung sinong makakuha." Mas madalas akong nananalo kasi mas magaling ako kanyang mang-akit. Or rather, ho| ako sa kanyal Ha ha!

Ex marksthe sBot
An ex-boyfriend wouldn't want to let me go. Nagte-text siya sa akin, tumatawag siya sa akin na magpapakamatay siya. Or pupunta raw siya sa bahay namin, guguluhin niya raw yung pamilya ko. Pumupunta pa rin siya actually sa bahay eh, nakikiusap na balikan ko siya.

(=F _



-s <fn e-


@; I



=> >T iJ l T
ttl r!
F a l

1 4 0 F H M F E B R U A R2 0 0 8 w w w . f h m . c o m . p h Y



KTVsparks reunir
My boyfriend I decided and b breakduringour fifth yearbearn I thought relationship rd our wre working anymore, honesUyl But because didn'thavesexfuftG we years. endedup as goodftit We though, Oneday, accidenhN we saweachotherat onefami! KfV in Ouezon He asked City. mebihim in a private roomthat he rerH and he requested to standrp me andsing, While singing ttenE our song,he gentlyembraced sun and me,his left handslowly sliding insib my skirtandcaressing priv& my partand his righthandin myshirt leading my boobs, to whilekissirg my earsand neck.He unbuttoned myshirtandsucked my nipsad on gettingundressed. he started He thenpulled downward.facing me him, obliging to do a horsebacftme rideposition. Aftera few pumps, he laidme downon the sofa,raised my legsandstartedlicking pussy. my It lasted a good15 minutes. for He thencarried andhadme leanirg me against wallwhilecontinuously the pumping frombehind. came me We at the sametime, thenhe whispered, i'lknowwhat's missing our in relationship, we foundit now" and "Howdidyou knowthat?" asked. I He smiled toldme,"Because and youdidn't stopmefromdoing this," I laughed gavehima torrid and kiss. Thenwe decided startoveragain. to It wasthe bestKTVreconciliation | ever! am nowmarried him. to And the result our KTVreunion? of A healthy babyboynamed Juke, Juke, email by

Hospital 'injected


We knowwhot theywqnt. Here they iust k"-fon telling us
couldcatchus anytime. onetime, So wejustdecided walkthrough to the My boyfriend the adventurous is forest. the middle our stroll, In of my kindwhenit comes'to sex.He boyfriend suddenly began kissing and wantsto try virtually everything-any caressing whichreally me, heated me p o s i t i o n ,n yt i m e ,a n y w h e r e . a up,He wasso eagerto undress me We've experienced having in the sex rightthenandthere. too,couldn't l, CR,in the sa/a, the rooftop a on of take it anymore-sumasakit rin na b u i l d i n i n h i sf r i e n d 'r o o m , . . a n d g, s angpusonniyasoI laiddownon the the mostexciting nerve-racking ground. and Never mind grass the and of all:in the forest, in literally as sa the insects! sad pad was,after The gubat.lt happened the summer in threepumps shothisload, he and of 2007 whenwe went with my histhingsoftened evenbeforeI got parents a cousinin our rest and my own orgasm. decided stopin I to housein Batangas, whichis located fearthat someone mightcatchus,I at the foot of a mountain. Fromthe was so bitin that it ruinedmy day,He firstdayonward foundourselves kepton tellingmethat he'dmakeup we doingnothing the house in other for it..,which didthatnight he when thanflirting-until we'dbothget my parents werealready sleeping. horny. problem The was,we couldn't Thistime,we did it in the kitchen. go anyfurtherbecause parents my Pink Sponge, email by

Couplesets forest ablaZe

I went to a hospitalto have a ryst removed from my leftbreast for (Thank fear it mightbe malignant. Eodit wasn't!) boyfriend My aEeedto accompany since me no Bnein my family couldmake it so we were therefor the whole threedaysof it. I thoughtit d be a boring ordeal, turns out it was but to be one of my kinkiestsex ever. After my operatiory boyfriend my sleptbeside sincetheyhad me reallybig beds. Perhaps being besideme havingnothingbut the hospitalgown on madehim feelhot and horny in no time. I cculdfeelhis instanterection and was really turnedon, forgetting factthat I just had the my operation. entered in a He me position, spBon cupped other my breast,and humpedaway all the while trying to keep quiet.He cameinsideme, which mademy pussyall mopped And did I up. mention therewere people the in othersideof the room wittr only a curtainbetween with the us, room beingsemiprivate? Mada, email by

Little sister squeals
Onenight, parents my wentout,I asked boyfriend helpme-look my to aftermy littlesister, Whilewe were watching favorite her cartoon, she wentupstairs we thought an$ she wasgoingto sleep. boyfriend My suddenly kissed andwithin me minutes, foundourselves we making out in oursa/a-with lights the on, Whenmy boyfriend wentdownon me,we didn't hearmy little sister walk downthe stairs. Morethanthat,we didn't hearhercallmy mother telling herwhatI wasdoing withmyguy, I wasgrounded a monthafterthat, for Avea, email by

142 FHM FEBRUARY 2008 wwwfhm.com.oh

for a drink at his house, to whicr we said yes. Come 8PM, there rqe were preparing everythingfrorn the pulutan to the sounds, After six bottles of brandy,we were al t o o d r u n kt h a t m y c o u s i n s p i l l e d ketchup on his jogging pants. W-rerwe got home, he went straight to his parents' room and dropped on the floor beside his parents' bed. Recallingthe ketchup stain. h e r e m o v e dh i s j o g g i n g p a n t s . H e was too drunk to have noticed that he removed his briefs too! The next morning he just woke up to the yakking of his mom, who was shocked to see him sleeping naked on the floor. I laughed my ass off when his mom told me this story. Good for him,his dad wasn'tthere. lest he got a good beating.

Rex, Cavite City

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A sermon-laden meeting ended up my long and exhausting cademic a day. On my way home, I was about to take EDSA but first made a stop over at Farmers Plaza. Stressed and tired, I decided to relievemyself by purchasing a magazine.My suki is a bookstore located at the ground floor so I took the escalator. S u d d e n l yI h e a r d a n u n c a n n y s o u n d i n gv o i c e i n l o w t o n e s a y , " Y a n bang sa'yo eh, malaki...matigas... mataba?" Disturbed and astounded I looked in the direction of the source and saw this old man beside me staring down at my crotch! | pretended not to hear anything and proceeded to my destination. When I got to the bookstore, I was happy to find out that the July issue of my favorite magazinewas o u t , S u d d e n l y ,a g a i n ,t h e o l d m a n appeared beside me, sneaking at gay mags, lwas right-that old man was gay and he's following me! To my fear, lwalked away briskly toward the crowded food cour1.ln the belief that I was already safe, I looked back and again saw the dirty old gay bastard heading in my direction.Appalled and paranoid, I ran as fast as I could to the EDSA exit and rode whatever bus was availablethat moment. Blessed I was to cut the chase without getting caught, but cursed I was to take the bus which was out of my route! R,4., email by
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Footprints giue it away Going homefrom school, girlfriend my saidshe wanted stopby our house. to Hearing tha! a spirit in me awakened. VVhile havinga chatin the sala shesaidshehadto pee,so I accompanied to the her restroom iokinglysaid,"Mry I come, and too?"She justsmiledand gaveme a tantalizing look.Since my fatherwas not homeandmy motherwas in the office wentinside restroom, We were I the too. enjoying second our roundwhenI suddenly heard my father's motorcycle. as I was about get Just to out of the restroom, heardmy father's I voicejust outside restroom the door. hadno choice to I but jump off from the restroom window.Eoodthingthe grill was designed fire exitandit was not lockedl for hetendingto be coming from thebackyard started I calling girlfriend's my name, who in turn hadjust flushed toiletbowl.I asked if shewas done the her with her thing,Ioudenough bBheardby my dad t0 thenaccompanied outside. \iVhen girlfriend her my was gonerny fathercalled t0 the restroom me and
pointed at the wet footprintson the window jam. That was the time I heard my dad'sweirdestadvice.He get printed." Mars, email hy

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My two-year-oldchild sleeps on the floor with a four-inchmattressso that we don't have to fear of her falling from high beds, while my wife and I s l e e po n a h i g h b e d . O n e n i g h t , after tucking our baby to sleep,we watched my newly bought VCD about G-spot orgasms.Being hot from viewing the movie,we had sex, my wife coming with the usual clitoral orgasm within 15 minutes.I then asked her if she wanted to try the Gspot orgasm. She was curious how it felt, so I started to finger fuck her, stimulatingher G-spot, I told her that if she felt like going to urinate,she must not hold back, After 10 minutes of stimulating, she told me that she was about to come, all of a sudden, she squirted,wetting my face and my body. She squirted so hard that the spud reached my sleeping daughter and wet her pyjamas.My littlegirl then woke up and said, "Daddy nababasa ako!" And seeing us in 'Ah, the situation,she continued si Mommy nakahubadl"We then dressed up, includingour daughter, and changed the bedsheets."That's it, no more G-spot orgasmsj'ltold my wife before going to sleep. TheGoon, email by

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It happened Christmas Eve o{

game, my 2006.After basketball a cousin lwereonourwayhome and
resoft here in Cavite. He invited us

said"Son" notonly thesand your can ;ffiL::-3::i:il?it["J3"" it's in that foot

your to: True Send entries FHM Stories, Summit Media 1,Robinsons Edsa Level Galleria, corner 0rtigas Avenue, City 0rtryoLrr fax z Quezon 1100. a) (6372206) (fhm@summitmedia,com. oremail ph), month's gets Asian-RX v. This winner the lllatural Penis Enlarger Program woilh 6 4,000 The from loveStore.
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