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page 1 of 3 INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE MANAGEMENT TITLE: PERE OF LOVE a FORM; Screenplay AUTHOR: GENRE: Drama SUEMITTED_BY: Cle: rere PREP‘D BY: Garrett Schiff * deeeeeneeeeeseneeanaeateeeeees eeetseresseees: porters CONCEPT: A rebellious man returns to his small hometown to audition for a local band and in the process confronts his abusive ther. SYNOPSIS: ERIC, 20-30, returns to Hollister, California in a beat- up van with no money and no apparent future. He arrives home where his father, EDWARD, and younger brother TODD live. Eric’s mother, MELISSA, has passed away. ‘The tension between Eric and Edward is thick. Eric storms out and pays a visit to the local blues bar, where he meets up with all his old friends. The band Playing, MERCURY, is in need of a new drummer. Eric is planning to audition tomorrow. As the night goes on Eric gets more and more drunk and gets inte a fight with TIM, DONNA’S estranged husband. Eric and Donna leave together and have sex... Eric auditions, despite SHAREEN’s, the lead singer, reservations about him. He gets the job. Back at home, Edvard shows no sign of support for Eric, while Eric flashes back to the time when Edvard beat him with a belt as a child. Later, Todd tries to tell Eric how to deal with their Dad. Eric tells Todd he doesn’t understand... Eric can’t sleep due to his childhood nightmares and seeks comfort from Donna again... Eric begins practicing with the band and is a quick study. The night before their first gig, Eric can’t resist a friend’s offer to snort cocaine and drink tequila. After Edward wakes him up at seven am to do yard work, Eric almost misses his gig that night. The band is a hit, but Shareen warns Eric not to Screw up again... Pissed, Eric seeks out Donna again. At home in the morning, Eric and Edward have it out. Eric tells him how mich fear and pain he caused him. Edward tries to apologize. They struggle and Eric storms out. He visits his mother‘s grave and is followed there by Tim, Donna’s husband, and another jump Eric and beat him up. Eric stumbles to Shareen’ him up and gets him ready for their gig that night. Eric, putty eyed bur still able to play, plave.great as the band drives the crowd crazy. In between sets, approaches Eric, apologizes again, and a tenuous peace ae