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May 2011 "one-year anniversary" issue

May 2011 "one-year anniversary" issue

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Happy Birthday to us, it's our one-year anniversary issue! In this issue we feature the beautiful a talented rising actress Jaimie Alexander who plays Sif in the Blockbuster movie Thor, a great blog portrait from the uber stylish Bebe Zeva, interviews with top stylists from NY & LA, and a music feature on the ultra cool duo the Kids of 88.
Happy Birthday to us, it's our one-year anniversary issue! In this issue we feature the beautiful a talented rising actress Jaimie Alexander who plays Sif in the Blockbuster movie Thor, a great blog portrait from the uber stylish Bebe Zeva, interviews with top stylists from NY & LA, and a music feature on the ultra cool duo the Kids of 88.

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Published by: Papercut Magazine on May 16, 2011
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MAY 2011



photographed by Lara Jade Je T’aime Jaimie Meet THOR’s Jaimie Alexander (sure to be your new crush) The Remarkable Ezra Santos Master of couture With The Tip of Your Hat The Embellished Life’s Jessica Kelly shares her affinity for headwear BUZZWORTHY 24 25 26 38 46 60 New Geographies Emerging economies are changing the face of fashion Fashion & Literature The intersection of image and the written word Eccentric Summer The hottest swimwear.. with a twist.IN THIS ISSUE 08 FROM THE EDITOR THE LIFE 11 12 14 New York Chronicles Status accessories No-Good Bloodsuckers Bebe Zeva shows us how to “vamp” it up All That Glitters is Not Gold Extreme beauty.papercutmag. this month’s musical act 4 MAY 2011 www. photographed by Remi Kozdra & Kasia Baczulis FASHION FORWARD 62 65 66 76 88 102 My Generation How young people invaded fashion Nuclear Future Nuclear power: friend or foe? Something Wicked This Way Comes Fashion’s dark side.com ..88? Meet Kids of 88. photographed by Mike Nguyen On The Verge Three wardrobe stylists who are making waves in the industry Dream Menswear. photographed by Georgie Wileman Party Like it’s 19.

com MARKETING & TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Jamall Oluokun ADVERTISING DIRECTOR & PUBLISHER Shomari Miller FASHION EDITOR Nicole Herzog COPY & WEB EDITOR Nora E. leather skirt by Alice + Olivia. Watts Georgie Wileman Saul Zanolari ON THE COVER Photographed by ALVIN NGUYEN 02 > Hair CHRISTI CAGLE for RENE FURTERER Makeup ERIN SKIPLEY for NARS Styling ALVIN STILLWELL for CELESTINE AGENCY Model ACTRESS JAIMIE ALEXANDER Jaimie wears: blouse by Phillip Lim. trench coat by Pendleton Portland Collection 0 37542 98437 4 5 . S. Gilligan GUEST BLOGGERS Jessica Kelly Bebe Zeva CONTRIBUTING WRITERS arTisTech Nicole Bechard Brittnee Cann Jake Flanagin Christine Mastrangelo Jamall Oluokun Steven Read Samantha Tyler CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Stefani Ania Toufic Araman Kasia Baczulis David Benoliel Derek Blanks Greg Brown Christine Hahn Kathryna Hancock Justin Hogan Lara Jade Remi Kozdra Laurence Laborie Alex Martinez Hannibal Mathews Alvin Nguyen Mike Nguyen Truc Nguyen Sophie Pangrazzi Kyle Reinford Alex Valerio Natalie J.P apercut EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Hayley Maybury CREATIVE DIRECTOR Nicole Bechard papercutmag.

papercutmag.6 MAY 2011 www.com .

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advertising director Shomari Miller. Thank you so much. Steven Read writes an insightful article bringing awareness to all the nuclear talk that has been going on. we were Googling terms on set at our first photo shoot.com . she’s a killer model. there were some not-so-good moments. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart all of our readers. Fashion Munster —for showing us a fabulous time!). In every issue we try to touch upon as many topics as we can. just to try to keep from being yelled at (give us a break. fashion editor Nicole Herzog. You all truly inspire each of us at here at Papercut to keep making the magazine better. and we got to see some of our favs (shoutout to Mike. for this month’s cover shoot. My favorite has to be Samantha Tyler’s article “My Generation”. The whole experience has been quite a whirlwind. marketing director Jamall Oluokun. Kristen and Isaiah—a. along with the rest of the gorgeous editorials. so loved that we split it across this issue and the next—read the first half. Let’s just say it was a bonding experience. With it being our one-year anniversary and all..A. Along with all the fun we had. while Jake Flanagin opens our eyes to a world of emerging economies that are changing the fashion world.k. my favorite being Nicole and my recent trip to L. but this time we decided to dive a little deeper. Hayley and copy/web editor Nora Gilligan). Ms.a year ago. Jaimie Alexander from the new Marvel film THOR is not only an amazing actress. Hello Papercutters. polished up the magazine and got a super-hot cover girl to grace our pages.papercutmag. supporters and contributors for making this past year so wonderful. Hayley and Nicole enjoying LA. like when we missed our flight back home and got stuck in the airport for 20+ hours. I wouldn’t mind missing the flight home on our next trip (spoiler alert!)—London is always such a hard place to leave. and I think we learned a lesson on that trip. Anyway. the entire Papercut editors team (L-R: Nicole. Just as great are the articles we have for you in this issue—let’s just say you are going to want to read them all. we were new at this stuff!). and enjoy! 8 MAY 2011 www... Although. we decided we need to bring you something fresh: we revamped our website.FROM THE EDITOR CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S BEEN A YEAR ALREADY?! NEITHER CAN WE! CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Editor-in-chief Hayley Maybury and creative director Nicole Bechard with cover girl Jaimie Alexander. and I absolutely love it! We have had some great adventures along the way. now we are jet setting across the country—and even to other countries—to be on location for the wonderful shoots that are being put together for our magazine. you’ll love it too! Saving the best for last. You are going to love the editorial that Alvin Nguyen and his amazing team put together. and where we are now.a. Can you believe it has been a year since I sat down to write my first editor’s letter for Papercut magazine?!? It almost seems a little surreal—to think about where we began. It was such a great weekend..

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papercutmag.com .10 MAY 2011 www.

it is a very tricky business that requires a lot of skill and precise movement. and walking on a tilted. music. bags and jewelry. additional status points. of course. Many subway travelers choose to keep their sunglasses on while riding the train.                 …AND I WOULDN’T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY. the shoes you wear become the car you drive and additional accessories are. Their shoulders are screaming and their neck is sore for days afterward. Finally. and also their own driver at their beck and call…that is the place I want to be. Except.brittneecann. …AND WEAR MY RAY-BANS IN THE DARK… This idea might finally give an answer as to why on earth women wear certain things while they’re just running errands or shopping around the city. It would make much more sense to put on some jeans and a sweater with flats to get things done. toting around a heavy. AND DRIVE MY LOUBOUTINS… A person’s house and car are generally accepted as the two big-ticket items that project his or her social status. BRITTNEE CANN is a freelance fashion journalist for StyledOn and also writes about fashion. Towering platforms are uncomfortable and completely impractical.com. but it’s important to them to have a bag that represents where they stand on the societal totem pole. Perhaps people keep their sunnies on just to show off their designer shades and prove their affluence. fashion tells more about you than just your style and personality—it also sheds a bit of light into your bigger world. Most of the things in this bag they probably won’t even need all day. isn’t taking a cab (sometimes) fancier than having your own car? A place where a woman can have drool-worthy shoes. so I’m inclined to believe that it all started happening in a very organic way. in a city where everyone rents a shoebox-sized apartment and either walks or takes a cab. though. well. even though it is decidedly not sunny 300 feet underground. art and other cultural musings on her personal blog at www. So why don’t these women wear sneakers instead? Because—there is no doubt about it—a pair of Prada pumps makes a bigger statement than some canvas plimsolls do. oversized bag is miserable when you know you’ll be walking miles at a time. It only makes sense that statement-making accessories are the placeholders for the house and the car—the bag you carry becomes your mobile home. It’s likely that a lot of people do these things without even thinking about it.NEW YORK CHRONICLES STATUS ACCESSORIES Written by BRITTNEE CANN I LIVE IN HERMÈS. New Yorkers have to rely on other things to express their place in society…other things like fashion. I can’t imagine that anyone ever set out to use fashion as a way to make up for their lack of motor vehicle—more likely than not it just naturally turned out that way. I wonder if this is the same kind of phenomenon. but a lot of women opt for heels and a dress. but women still do it. Seems that in the City that Never Sleeps. JUSTIN HOGAN 11 . unsmooth sidewalk riddled with subway grates is like playing that old Hasbro game “Operation”. Still.

JUICY COUTURE. he explained that he’d be running through his entire act while wearing a cape and vampire makeup. the perfect look to pay homage to my best and only vampire accomplice. so the concept of a vampy ensemble warmed up to me instantaneously. VINTAGE “My Beautiful Rocket” lipstick by LIME CRIME www. Posted and photographed by BEBE ZEVA My best friend invited me to watch him perform a stand-up comedy routine at Hollywood Improv on Melrose a few nights ago. I’m no Lily Munster.papercutmag.com . but at least I give the likes of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen a run for their money. 12 MAY 2011 Secondhand hat from URBAN JUNGLE Sunglasses by PARTY CITY Feather earring handmade by THE DEATH QUEEN Secondhand robe by MUSTANG EXCHANGE Metallic crop top from GOODWILL Maxi skirt by FOREVER 21 Belt is vintage Secondhand Doc Martens from BUFFALO EXCHANGE Necklaces by ADRI LAW. I came up with “METALLIC VAMPIRESS”. and purple maxi skirt and crop top. As a comedian and a performance artist. I immediately wondered why I’d never thought to dress in a style reminiscent of vampires before—I’m an admitted gothic-enthusiast. Pairing a metallic navy sheer robe with a metallic black. pink.NO-GOOD BLOODSUCKERS THIS “METALLIC VAMPIRESS” LOOK IS TO DIE FOR.

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While many refer to the “Asian Tigers” in this vein. nothing will ever replace suppleness of Italian leather goods. Brazilian brands are becoming frequent features in American and European magazines and participants in various Fashion Week events. The debut issue of Vogue Turkey (top). harem pants and iconic Turkish blues. Fashion in Turkey is taking off so quickly that Condé Nast launched their most recent international edition of Vogue there. That fact is swiftly changing. which has long produced more top models (Giselle Bundchen and Adriana Lima. the global spotlight is inarguably on Brazil. or the envelope-pushing radicality of Japanese street wear. as well as the country’s surpassing of Mexico as the fastest growing economy in Latin America. that is bursting for global recognition.NEW GEOGRAPHIES Written by JAKE FLANAGIN New York. exhibiting a DESIGN SENSIBILITIES FROM THE WORLD’S EMERGING ECONOMIES ARE CHANGING THE FACE OF FASHION.” And. She and fellow designers like Jacques van der Watt of Black Coffee and Gugu Mlambo Msombi of Gugulam. Turkish garb: tunics. Milan. France. and reflexively. the expansion of the markets in these countries has cultivated a newfound design society through which exciting. through lively but elegant designs that abstain from cultural clichés of African aesthetic. From Miuccia Prada to Yohji Yamamoto. have become equally expansive markets for fashion retail. Turkish and Byzantine inspirations from our culture and present them in a very modern way. for example. Rio de Janeiro’s major coup in the bid for the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. an injection of new talent and cultural inspiration might be exactly what the industry needs to kick it into the next century. In other industrial sectors. Who’s to say there isn’t enough room on the global runway for everyone? 24 MAY 2011 www. The Los Angeles Times and other widely read publications. and their respective countries.papercutmag. not to mention the market for luxury goods is far more prevalent in these parts of the globe than in. Kutoglu told the Associated Press. as the secular headquarters of the Islamic world. For many. This is in regards to global commerce. the majority of commercial agency lies in North American. China and Russia. then we must in turn accept the inevitability that eventually. which have been featured GREG BROWN in Marie Claire. Elle. the geographic designation of buying power will shift. most major designers can trace their provenance or training to one of these five great metropolises. sub-Saharan Africa or Southeast Asia. are championing the vibrant but much overlooked design community in South Africa. let’s say. Turkish designers will certainly wield a monopoly on the restriction-ridden female clothing market in the Middle East. are the epicenters of activity in the fashion world. European and East Asian economies. At the moment. the grip of the “first world” on fashion is slipping. Clearly. innovation in fashion. In 2009. with their rapidly expanding upper-middle classes. incorporating silhouettes derivative of antiquated.com . Along with peers Carlos Miele and Oskar Metsavaht (of Osklen). But frankly. for example) than top designers. True. and that’s a good thing. uniquely Brazilian design sensibility for combining the practical with the whimsical. Designers like Thulare Monareng are putting South Africa on the sartorial map. Atil Kutoglu’s designs are reminiscent of the Ottoman golden age. of course. if you consider the fashion industry to be a generally accurate reflection of the global economy. Monareng subtly incorporates black South African culture into her versatile designs. the coming century will be the era dominated by emerging economies. it would be foolish to ignore the burgeoning potential of the world’s other powerhousesin-development. has garnered attention the world over. “I use Ottoman. If we accept that the fashion industry is a reflection of the global market. Appropriately. This is relatively understandable. The Paulistano designer Alexandre Herchcovitch garnered international laudation for his avant-garde collections. This is no exception for Brazil’s fashion scene. a look from Paulistano designer Alexandre Herchcovitch’s F/W collection (right). promising talent is being fostered. London and Tokyo: these cities.

or more aptly. fashion. but she sews her own clothes and is able to afford pretty material. his Juliet Capulet wears Luella. and testament to our fascination with fashion and literature. Chaucer dresses her in scarlet red hosen. ANNE SHIRLEY OF ANNE OF THE ISLAND BY L. what she wears tortures Gilbert: “Gilbert was looking at Anne.com/) imagines what beloved characters wear during important moments in their literary history. The heroes and heroines are completely modernized—he takes images from Style. Dress. she made him think of a white iris. heightens a work of literature and creates characters we will remember. when fashion intersects with literature: SAPPHO The women of Sappho’s poetry—their hair. Here’s my list of favorite moments. staining her “death robe.papercutmag.” HOLLY GOLIGHTLY IN BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S BY TRUMAN CAPOTE Think Audrey Hepburn and the film’s team of costume designers were responsible for the little black dress? Truman Capote wrote Holly wearing “a slim black dress. I’ve often been struck by the powerful images authors create with their characters’ clothing. Margaret Mitchell’s Scarlett O’Hara is Vivien Leigh. how does the character want to be viewed. such as / I wore / and my mother / always said that in her / day a purple ribbon / looped in the hair was thought / to be high style indeed / but we were dark: / a girl / whose hair is yellower than / torchlight should wear no / headdress but fresh flowers THE WIFE OF BATH IN THE CANTERBURY TALES BY GEOFFREY CHAUCER Was not reading the “Wife of Bath” the most fun you had in English Literature 101? She is a woman who marries five times. supple shoes—who wouldn’t want to marry her? LUCY WESTENRA IN DRACULA BY BRAM STOKER “Is this really Lucy’s body. MONTGOMERY Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe are Canada’s Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. dreamy imagery. We are only lucky enough that Hepburn was able to step into his heroine’s shoes with such grace. for example. The Wife of Bath duly states that she “nil envy no virginitee” (meaning. and the details she writes of the Grecian women of 6th century BC are like pieces of treasure for poetry lovers.” Her hair has darkened and blood drips from her lips. Here.” She finishes her look with “a pair of dark glasses” and wears “lizard shoes. with perfectly arched brows and a velvet green dress swathing her body like the curtains it is made from. Cleis. Fashion in literature fascinates because the following questions are constantly played with: how does the character view herself. marriage to five husbands allowed for a sexual freedom born out of her duties as a wife. like a 14th century Elizabeth Taylor. An enjoyable part of the reading process is when readers create images in their minds of favorite characters and essentially dress them with their imagination. or only a demon in her shape?” Poor Lucy’s most memorable adornment becomes the pinpricked marks on her neck that oddly never close or heal.M. whether it is purported by speaking one’s mind. a textured headdress and new. Charles Perrault’s Cinderella becomes Disney’s girl with a bun and a crystal blue gown. white lawn frocks. but she refuses his proposal flat out and dates Roy. the author becomes akin to the stylist—choosing what the protagonist will wear in a scene of great importance. with her slender delicacy. Little does she know. I’ll let the following fragment speak for itself: Don’t ask me what to wear / I have no embroidered / headband from Sardis to / give you. Erin Fetherston and Chanel. which is often how we immortalize literary characters. Flair is often brought forth through a character’s clothing or extension of clothing—the accessory. skirts and figures—form lovely. taking action at the moment or grappling with some intimidating. A character’s greatest moments are often marked by what she is wearing. Indeed.tumblr. TEXTBOOK is a visual delight for literary fans.com and juxtaposes them together in Photoshop. She wears sweet. his black cape swirls in the wind on a dark night. very rich man on campus.FASHION & LITERATURE THE INTERSECTION OF IMAGE AND THE WRITTEN WORD. as she walked along. or she enters the courtroom with her head held high in a blood red dress. at the all-new www. and is just as glamorous. Who are your literary fashion icons? Talk to us. how is the character viewed by other characters and how is the character viewed by the reader? This image-conscious scenario opens the imagination. and her hair spreads against her pillow in sunny ripples—until she becomes un-dead and clothed in “cerements of the grave.com! 25 . she will not envy any virgin) and that her husband “shal it han both eve and morwe” (she’ll have sex with her husband any time of the day). In her white dress. If the character is in luck. A stylist could create a whole editorial on the images the author conjures. Written by CHRISTINE MASTRANGELO There is no doubt that our favorite and most enduring literary heroes and heroines possess the element of flair to reach some greater goal. black sandals. Gilbert loves Anne.” Alas. a stake must be driven into Lucy’s heart. John Jannuzzi of TEXTBOOK (http://textbook. he or she will be brought further to life through film-making.” Capote immediately created an icon. a pearl choker. Only fragments of her poetry survive. Anne is a farm girl and studies to be a school mistress—she says she’s poor more than once. One fashion blogger does this wonderfully for us. the very handsome. incendiary force. creating the complexity and layers that great literary works contain. Darcy.

N.C.O. Styling and manicures by KRISTEN M.ECCENTRIC SUMMER Photography by MIKE NGUYEN Hair/makeup by BARBARA YNIGUEZ (CURRENT STUDIOS LA) using I.com . STUART Styling assistant NADINE PEREZ Model MALENE SØNDERGAARD JENSEN 26 MAY 2011 www.papercutmag.

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com .28 MAY 2011 www.papercutmag.

sunglasses by MERCURA 29 .THIS PAGE AND PREVIOUS Bikini by TAVIK. necklace and ring by CHARLES ALBERT.

bow tie by HOUSE OF PAPILLON.com . bow tie by HOUSE OF PAPILLON OPPOSITE Bikini by LAUREN ELAINE. ring by CHARLES ALBERT. sunglasses by MERCURA 30 MAY 2011 www.THIS PAGE Bathing suit by TAVIK.papercutmag.

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com .32 MAY 2011 www.papercutmag.

necklace by and ring from CHARLES ALBERT.Bathing suit from MYHOTSHOES.COM. sunglasses from MERCURA 33 .

com .papercutmag.34 MAY 2011 www.

bow tie by HOUSE OF PAPILLON. necklace and ring by CHARLES ALBERT.OPPOSITE Tankini by LAUREN ELIANE. necklace and cuff BY CHARLES ALBERT 35 . sunglasses by MERCURA THIS PAGE AND NEXT Bathing suit by TAVIK.

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Education credentials? I went to school at Florida A&M University and graduated top of my class with a Bachelors in Fine Art and a Minor in Graphic Art/Design. But all that means nothing. [Working on] the spread was awesome. I can’t have great styling if I don’t look at my finished projects as “great” works of art. my latest project was serving as a creative director for a spread featuring Laurieann Gibson. California. You have quite the client base! Who are you currently collaborating with? This is true. and I can’t create works of art if I don’t design great styling. I got to select the team. I feel if I don’t look at my craft as absolute expression.HANNIBAL MATHEWS BALANCING ACT Interview by NICOLE BECHARD Let’s start with the basics: name and where you’re from? Hi! I’m Toye Adedipe. and luckily it’s garnered a great response. I’m originally from San Jose. Lady Gaga and Keri Hilson to name a few. She’s the powerhouse choreographer behind Nicki Minaj. and now reside [back and forth] between coasts. then I have failed my mission. to the design of the magazine cover. Are there any particular periods or movements you’re especially drawn to? Yes! I’m totally into Art History as a reference point. As you are trained in both fields. At the end of the day. in order for me to be successful. but this is only a glimpse of what’s to come. contribute TOYE ADEDIPE HAS HIS HANDS FULL WITH ENVIABLE EDITORIAL AND CELEBRITY PROJECTS. We’ve heard one of your trade “secrets” is utilizing the field of art history in your work. I’m balancing my craft between editorial and celebrity projects. At this point. now that I’m a rock star (just kidding people—I love my Alma Mater!). and currently has a reality show in the works on E!. STEFANI ANIA 40 MAY 2011 www. do you see styling as more of a form of art or design (or both)? For me. I have a couple of fashion spreads due to hit the stands.papercutmag. style “her” and direct the behind-the-scenes video clip of the shoot.com . So whether I’m styling a client or directing a spread. I’ve had the pleasure of styling everyone [and everything] from Jennifer Hudson to Ocean Drive Magazine. to be inspired from the past. I even picked the theme song! It was a true honor. it’s both. I’m a freelance stylist that stays humble and hungry for my next gig. I have to look at my talent as a means to produce my highest potential.

don’t exaggerate. it makes me want to show the industry—and more importantly. and gaining a deeper understanding of how far my craft was intended to go. and actually got pretty good at it. But the principal is all the same—I dig deep to produce great work. and when you look at my body of work. Aside from styling. Aside from that. What can we expect to see from you in the future? Do you have any big events coming up? Definitely! Right now I’m becoming more focused on branding. in the future I may host a class or create a “true” internship program with the possibility of assignment. what I would like people to see is my eye for detail. and if all that’s not enough you can Facebook me: http://www. myself—that I’m just scratching the tip of the surface.I love the Rococo period of the 18th century. What do you feel you bring differently to your styling that maybe others don’t? To be straight up with you.toyeadedipe.com. I get a lot of requests to explain how I became a fashion stylist.facebook. catch my lookbook of some of the hautest shoes on tumblr: www. they may all have different reasons why they’re drawn to me. I try not to compare myself because the only thing I know how to do is “create. several years ago I took up boxing as a way to relieve stress. So. but what really gets me geeked is collage. I’ve been so awesomely blessed to even have the chance to work. I’m a huge fan of layering. Part of that is giving back to my community as well. and most importantly does not work for your body type. and get excited to see modernism that dates back to the 1860s. Don’t get me wrong. your best features! And take some time to figure out what does.tumblr. when I’m in California I hike to clear my mind. I find myself becoming more successful. now that I have a diverse body of work to market. Romare Bearden is my favorite collage artist of that time period. do you have any other hobbies (or maybe even hidden talents)? Believe it or not. or horseback riding when I’m in Georgia. How about a styling tip for our dear readers? Accentuate. [Branding is] an essential tool that everyone should and can use to make a name for themselves and establish their consumer base. contrast and proportion. DEREK BLANKS ALEX MARTINEZ 41 .” It’s my authenticity that can’t be duplicated. and I know a lot of aspiring stylists want to jump in the market but don’t know how. The future is so bright it burns! Links and other self-promotion? Catch me if you can: I’m on Twitter at @toyeadedipe. When I focus on my true self and the talent that I was created to do. Anything active and challenging is a good way to engage my spirit.com/ToyeAdedipe. and that truly speaks to the other artists that have come before and inspire me. I think my clients see that.

I decided to play the field a bit. personal styling. Do you focus primarily on creative photo shoots. but on the business side of it (my family runs a retail consulting firm). Also [memorable] are when I was living in Paris and working on the couture shows. How did you first get involved with styling? I mean. What does a typical day now look like for you? It all depends on if I’m prepping for a job or shooting. Dolce & Gabbana and then W magazine. pick ups. REPEAT. Overall. But once again. what was that like? Yes. on a shoot I get the merchandise together. it’s the risk and knowing that the future is always up in the air. concepts. which is what led into assisting different freelance stylists in New York and Paris. When you work in-house for a magazine it’s harder to do so. When did you decide it was time to branch out on your own as a stylist? A year and a half ago I decided it was time. what exactly is a stylist? A stylist interprets trends and concepts into a visual reality. it’s not like there is some sort of school for this. age and where you’re from? Ashley Pruitt. if I am doing an editorial I start looking for signs of inspiration and put together concept boards and then start organizing my requested looks from the runway shows. Education credentials? The school of life. I am from Boston. The morning always consists of replying to all the emails on my Blackberry. right? Well. or a combination of all of them? A combination. one of my old bosses was a contributing editor for the publication. and then I work alongside the photographer and model to create the perfect image. doing my first celebrity shoots in Los Angeles and doing creative shooting with my 42 MAY 2011 www. The disadvantages would be that REQUEST. returns and then all over again! How do you come up with outfits. I have some crazy memories from those days. PULL. and that the job is just dressing people and going to fashion shows all day. looks. shoot. it’s all on me and I have nothing to lean back on. What’s one thing people probably don’t know about being a stylist? That there is a tremendous amount of prep and organization that goes into a job. 22. I stopped working with Carol and landed internships with Barneys. So. I always knew I was going to be in this industry—it was in my blood. I like to roll the dice. Also. For example.VISUAL REALITY Interview by JAMALL OLUOKUN The basics: name. At that stage I was learning and growing. really getting to know the process. who owns a prestigious buying office here in New York. this has become an important part of my repertoire. I always wanted to run my own shift. MA and live between New York City and Los Angeles now. Recall one of your most memorable jobs or experiences. I started out in buying when I was in high school and worked with my first mentor. I felt it was the right time to make that leap and take the risks. I grew up in this insanity of an industry. What are some of the advantages/ disadvantages of being an independent stylist? An advantage for me is that I get to work with all different clients across the board. it’s about efficiency for me. There are certain time frames for shooting for each client category. You have styled for Spanish Vogue. It was the first large-scale client I worked with. so I graduated a year early and started working with her company full time. so it was a tremendous amount of work but the experience and energy the day of the show was so special and exciting. STYLIST ASHLEY PRUITT HAS GOT IT DOWN. Also: plastic shoe bags. [for example]. I am my own boss. for your clients? It all depends on who the client is. The artist we were styling was up for awards and also performed. I also work very closely alongside a designer as her consultant.papercutmag. I have a lot of great memories! Working with one of my old bosses on the MTV Video Music Awards. it changes every second of every day. Most people think of Rachel Zoe when they think of stylists.com . I get hair and makeup going. pulls. for some of the rookies out there: according to you. PICK-UP. I became insanely addicted to the business. Let’s just say [the industry is] not for the faint-hearted. etc. Carol Hoffman. For example. drinking tons of iced green tea from Starbucks and then running around like crazy! Requests. which then lead me into different avenues. my schedule is not nine-to-five. pins and Delancy Car Service are your best friends. ad campaigns. It also depends on where in the season I am.

good friend Alex Valerio, where we have no rules or limits; we can just be free. And some crazy experiences you’d like to forget...?! The list of horror stories I have I am fortunately able to laugh at now. I have never liked going from airport to airport, sitting in Customs waiting for a piece of clothing to arrive and then it not even be the right look requested—or never come at all. Or waiting for DHL, praying that the look will show up in time to shoot it. I can’t stand the waiting, period! Any advice for a wanna-be stylist? Walk around Manhattan and get to know every garment and press building (for example: 530 7th Ave. or 450 W.

15th/[Milk Studios]), because you will be visiting them a lot, believe me. Also, make sure you own a pair of Converse sneakers to run around in, and that you love the hustle. What does the future hold? A lot of new ventures: my store that I plan to open in August 2012, creating my own private label and growing and building while maintaining bliss. Links and other self-promotion? Ashley@blksretail.com and I have just started Twitter @Ashley_Pruitt.








The basics: name, age and where you’re from? Alvin Stillwell. I am permanently in the age of now. I was born in the Philippine Islands and have lived in many places globally. Education credentials? A lifetime of digesting fashion magazines, and lots of sewing and design classes. You are quite the multi-tasker, with experience in both fashion and prop styling for editorial and advertising! Do you have a favorite or is each its own adventure? I enjoy doing both wardrobe and prop styling, each offering different challenges and rewards.

Do you have a specific methodology or approach when it comes to your work as a stylist? When I am hired to style an advertising campaign or an editorial, I usually come up with a narrative. A clothing story that speaks to the product we are trying to sell or a concept that the editorial is based upon. I am always on the hunt for upcoming trends in fashion, interiors, music and pop culture, and I find that the world of design is interrelated. On average, how many jobs do you complete in a week? On average, I style one or two shoots a week. I don’t take it for granted that I am busy. I am represented by Celestine Agency and they have been

great with me. I also make it a point to always test with new photographers, because the things we are getting paid to do are sometimes not what we want in my portfolio. Plus, it’s just fun to creatively flex when we don’t have a client other than ourselves to please. What is the best gig you’ve ever done? Any favorites? My favorite jobs are when the creative/ art director, photographer and I are all on the same wavelength. When we have a well-seasoned producer on set, our talent is bringing it, my assistants are being smart and organized and [we have] a good craft service table! We had a great time styling our subject Jaimie Alexander for the current issue of Papercut Magazine!

MAY 2011

Do you have any other hidden (or maybe not so hidden) talents or hobbies outside styling? I have a strong streak of wanderlust, so I travel as often as I can when I am not working. Any styling tip for our readers? Fit is paramount. You can make something inexpensive look great by choosing the right fit for your body type. And, also, choosing quality over quantity. We are all guilty of having too much stuff in our lives, and I think when we own things we truly love, we have less distractions in our wardrobe choices. What can we expect to see from you in the upcoming year? This year so far, I have editorial stories coming out from Vanity Fair, Wired,

Glamour and—of course—Papercut. I am also styling ad campaigns for Nintendo, Amazon, Eddie Bauer, Microsoft, Google and AT&T. Links and other self-promotion? I have started a Facebook fan page, and it’s updated frequently with current shoots I am working on: www.facebook.com/alvinstillwellstylist My website: www.alvinstillwell.com My agency portfolio: www.celestineagency.com/#p=artist/ stylists/alvin_stillwell




Trousers by GIVENCHY GAP. jacket by MR LIPOP. human hair necklace by TWO WEEKS 46 MAY 2011 www.com .papercutmag.


48 MAY 2011 www.com .papercutmag.

OPPOSITE Sweater by AP. Head piece by LARA JENSEN 49 . trousers by MR LIPOP. head piece by CULIETTA THIS PAGE Jacket and shorts by THE ONLY SON.

50 MAY 2011 www.com .papercutmag.

backpack by MR LIPOP 51 .THIS PAGE AND OPPOSITE Jacket and trousers by THE ONLY SON.

papercutmag.com .52 MAY 2011 www.

trousers by THE ONLY SON 53 . Hood by AP THIS PAGE Printed cap and gloves by AGI & SAM.OPPOSITE Jumpsuit by THE ONLY SON.

54 MAY 2011 www.papercutmag.com .

head piece by CULIETTA 55 . trousers by MR LIPOP.Sweater by AP.

com .papercutmag.56 MAY 2011 www.

trousers by THE ONLY SON.OPPOSITE Headpiece by LARA JENSEN. 57 . belt by MR LIPOP THIS PAGE Dress by AP.

58 MAY 2011 www.com .papercutmag.

t-shirt by AP 59 .Jewelled head band by JAMES HOCK.


As with all creative industries. probably most of the file-sharing sites (oops. I hate how there wasn’t as much porn made then as there is now. It’s rather simple really. How do you prepare for a live show? We all have our various warm-ups. Hailing from Auckland.S. Jordan and Sam get immediate cool points for being from outside the U. Dance. somewhere. or what new chord progressions you’re laying down. Pink Floyd. textures and genre references. Which leads me to this month’s featured musical act. it sets your ears up nicely for the finale. They were an absolute delight to dance with. define your musical style? Acid. You currently tour with a guitarist and drummer. The live aspect is such a different experience. Pop. varying. a group with some serious style. they go to great lengths to experiment and infuse their music with new sounds. but it’s quite an individual sport down here. however—I don’t usually have anything interesting for breakfast. Lucky for our ears. a spacey arpeggio is introduced. An example of this can be heard in SQRL. we always feel like a foursome up there. the start of the Human Genome Project. The duo’s edgy electro-rhythms shine through their hit single. a year that saw Robin Givens filing for divorce from Mike Tyson. this fact hasn’t discouraged all from the pursuit of originality. As the song progresses. And. yet sonically pleasing. and synthy. are you intrigued yet? Answers From Sam McCarthy In three words or less. a “zooming lazer” effect and your standard clap sound (in place of snare). New Zealand. No matter how cool you might think your sound is. So. Take their name for example. What do you like most about the ‘80s? What do you hate? I like the analog production and perfectly reverberous drum sounds. Teengirl Fantasy. a four-on-thefloor digital kickdrum. (chalk it up to the same reason we love U2. has done something kind of like what you’re doing now. the real style of Kids of 88 can be seen in their live shows and their music. Spotify…and let’s be honest. while the band will be the first to tell you that their music plays nicely with today’s pop sentiments.Kids of 88’s Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy. Facebook is great for keeping in touch with the beloveds whilst abroad. Marvin Gaye. People can find us on iTunes. Kids of 88. What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you during a live set? We had someone clamber up on stage mid-acid trip once. Coldplay and The Beatles). it’s very hard to be original in music nowadays. Any chance the duo might expand into a quartet? Jordan and I still continue to man the creative helm. photographed by Kyle Reinford (right). we’ll be back on the West Coast early May. now there’s a moral dilemma). nutcases in home set-ups as opposed to bands on the road. What music (aside from your own) are you currently listening to? Theophilus London. I can’t say I’m an avid tweeter. More importantly. which oozes electro-progressiveness and introduces new. but both [were] a privilege to perform for. No bottle of 1800 [tequila] just yet. On a more serious (musical) note. What is the music scene like in New Zealand? I can’t say there is a scene exactly. I rely heavily on a smoky voice at the end of the headphones to talk me through some scales. How do you feel about sites like YouTube. album artwork for their latest release Just a Little Bit (below). It has a very organic feel and you can tell it was well thought out and deliberate. belllike piano chords. Any upcoming shows? Links where people can check out the tunes? Forever upcoming. 61 . guitar strums. Just A Little Bit. Oh the Agony! Then there’s the accent. It represents the year when the duo’s two members. layers. The song begins with slow radiant vocals. Twitter and Facebook? YouTube makes for a great end to a loose afternoon. Myspace. you can bet that someone. Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy were born. It was magical. What was it like opening for Ke$ha and Passion Pit? Quite contrasting audiences for one. Kids of 88. CD’s outselling vinyl for the first time and Prozac being introduced as an antidepressant pill for all the people who were no doubt dealing with the fallout from Mike Tyson’s divorce.

Quite to the contrary. some figures seem to be ever-present and omnipotent (to such an extent that it can be irritating)—but their reigns can’t last forever. they are a genuine crowd and HOW YOUNG PEOPLE INVADED FASHION (AND WHAT THEY COULD DO WITH IT IF WE LET THEM). new guard. because the newcomers storming in to take their place at the throne are not just a handful in number. so why are we pushing the emphasis on a handful of beginners now? First. nowadays. the right lyrics might be. These days. Second. brands.. As if it were raining genius. At the head of the main houses of couture. Based in Paris. she has been awarded by the French capital. is one of those watched designers. Fresh blood is becoming an obsession.com .” Youth.. has quickly launched 62 MAY 2011 www. a myriad of talents of unique ideas and possibilities. labels. Modernity and the dedication of some enlightened spirits have allowed a fruitful harvest. Yin has a very sculptural approach to garments. and not just because vampires are trendy. Already in her career. stimulated by the growth of the Internet.” Agrees Yiqing Yin. The young generation wants to take its destiny in hand and to shake this world. the term seems to be a real mantra in the industry.” Those were the words used by English rock band The Who 46 years ago.MY GENERATION Written by SAMANTHA TYLER “I’m not trying to cause a big sensation.papercutmag. How can we explain this trend? ROOTS OF THE PHENOMENON It is a combination of different circumstances that have favoured this young. ‘cause it is a big sensation. and the unexpected aftermath of the financial crisis. But the most important reason has been brought by people themselves: the idea of a change came from the United States—after the election of Barack Obama—and took the world by storm. because our society is ageing. “I’m trying to talk about my generation. I’m just talking about my generation. who at 26 years old. and so is the industry. But wait a minute—all the biggest actors of the present fashion world have been young at some point too. groups and magazines. “There has been indeed a sudden interest for the young designers lately.

as is the case of the majority of young workers in today’s world.” Material constraints are not the only fate of young owner/managers. The pair decided to collaborate.” HARD TIMES AND SUCCESS Despite Saroya’s positive attitude. the young generation is taking advantage of its effrontery and candor: “It is definitely the age of entrepreneurial skills and self promotion. Others have more than one trick in their bag. the Regiona Teodolinda bag from Sara Battaglia’s F/W 11/12 collection. The timing was just right. Sara Battaglia started creating bags at 16. STIMULATED BY THE GROWTH OF THE INTERNET. who has since been appointed new creative director of Parisian fashion house Thierry Mugler and of Uniqlo. easily because their parents are the creators of the successful French brand. a piece from the Rich&Rebellious jewelry collection. David Benoliel. the fashion scene is fishing for fresh blood and for new proposals. A clever way to avoid years of internships and of hard labour. met another type CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Portrait of designer Yiqing Yin. There’s always a question on how your company will be perceived and if it will do well. I want to contribute to what’s next!” While their elders are more cautious with the market’s evolution and the whim of its clients. The usual clash between small towns and big cities has been accentuated by the restriction of success in major locales. AND THE UNEXPECTED AFTERMATH OF THE FINANCIAL CRISIS. Now. Rich&Rebellious: “The industry can’t only repeat itself. The rest is well known. Italy: “In the beginning. but we don’t always have an eccentric singer at hand. “At a time when the job market was scarce. When you are not “son of” or “daughter of. “I am aware that. and on her own perfume. The Lithuanian-born young woman won her spurs in Johannesburg. it has to evolve. and have been seen on the arm of celebrities. and he became her official stylist and éminence grise. If Gaga is one of the undeniable figures of fashion. famous brands are safer.” Indeed. The name of Nicola Formichetti was unknown to the public until it was placed next to a certain Lady Gaga. OPPOSITE: portrait of designer Sara Battaglia. photographed by Laurence Laborie. Difficulty goes up a notch when uprooting comes into play. young designers have to work harder to prove that their shoulders are strong enough to carry the pressure and to prove their reliability.” it is another song. But it forces youngsters to push the limits. South Africa before settling in England: “It took me some time to adjust to the UK fashion industry. in Europe.” Saroya maintains. along with many other honors. at 25. but mine is built on the concept of fearlessness. the acknowledgement is the same. blogger and owner of an online jewelry store. she is also a genuine master key for Formichetti. it is difficult because people think MODERNITY AND DEDICATION OF SOME ENLIGHTENED SPIRITS HAVE ALLOWED A FRUITFUL HARVEST. 63 . Le Comptoir des Cotonniers. rewarded only by their steadfastness and passion for their art. introduced at London Fashion Week in September of 2010. She says. at a time where institutional brands often become very safe. Sara’s creations are often featured in popular magazines across Europe and United States. It wasn’t an easy start for me as I had to build contacts and establish working relationships from scratch.. a look from Yin’s F/W 11/12 collection. portrait of Rich&Rebellious designer Saroya Norris. have easily launched their preppy rock label. it seemed to be the best to make my own way. If I can. Victoria Rangayah is the head of rising label Z Mode.” Across the Atlantic. and.her own couture house and is now working with many great names.. they want to recognize a logo.THE YOUNG GENERATION WANTS TO TAKE ITS DESTINY IN HAND AND TO SHAKE THIS WORLD. creatively ‘wise’. The brothers Elicha for example. such as Swarovski. Saroya Norris is a proud New Yorker. a 35-year-old Parisian settled in Miami. having the best intention is certainly not an “open-sesame” in a sector renowned for its harshness—and even cruelty— and all those fashion offshoots are not received on an equal footing. she decided to create her own label in Milan. The Kooples.

London and Paris. three capitals are claiming the title of Queen of the fashion world: New York. mine were edgier and more modern. Students come from very far to have the privilege to be associated with Saint Martins. but the avalanche of names stops here. I am also working on long distance projects with people in New York and Asia. in fact. photographed by Natalie J. I am working with the main agencies. There. Opening Ceremony and Rodarte have been quickly sent to the pantheon. who is.” recalls Yiqing Yin. based in Shanghai: “I think that China and emerging countries are the best for the young generation now.com . though. Each year the city of London disburses enormous sums to promote its designers. photographers prefer the ‘beach and smiley’ pictures. The two first are very important in terms of success and creativity. but its engine is still humming pleasantly. and many of the trendy designers of the British capital are foreigners: David Koma from Georgia. Madrid. Even Canadians Mark Fast and Erdem Moralioglu. a photo by David Benoliel. It continues to be a great training center for foreign talent. I had to work harder.of obstacle while working as a fashion photographer: “I had trouble imposing my style in Miami. At the moment. Mary Katrantzou from Greece and Michael Van Der Ham from Holland. Saint Martins attracts all talents and scatters its graduates around the world. the most renowned school of fashion in the world. telling me that it is a more youth-friendly environment to FROM TOP: Z Mode dress. Maybe it is due to “crisis of the creativity” noticed by Newsweek.. and it took a little while for the other professionals to adapt their vision to my style.” Where to start the climb to creative success sounds like a complex dilemma. Asia in particular has been a focus these days. The United States is still considered a long-time favorite due to the seriousness granted to the fashion industry. But for Sara Battaglia. And it’s here that is located Central Saint Martins. but Milan is where I am happy. or perhaps the giant was resting on its laurels for too long. Paris and Milan. and influent fashion editors have started to do the rounds of Stockholm. start a career. Last year. To be continued in Papercut’s July issue! SAMANTHA TYLER is a freelance writer and curates her blog The Column at http://samsensibility.” Perhaps this is the trick of the youth: they let the world come to them.” Other global capitals are claiming their piece of cake with the launch of their own Fashion Weeks.blogspot. But now. But it doesn’t mean that I sell here. especially those just emerging on the scene. and of course— its profits. The States have given birth to some of the most interesting designers of the moment: Alexander Wang.000 employers. and many great brands are going after the Chinese public with special shows. It is quite striking that the new darling of New York is designer Joseph Altuzarra. Amsterdam and Beijing. 64 MAY 2011 www.papercutmag.com whose goal is to decipher contemporary fashion everyday. it is not: “I live between New York. exclusive collections and tributes. the British Fashion Council revealed that fashion was worth £21 billion to the British economy. One can’t help but notice the spotlight elsewhere of late. neighbors of the United States. in every house of couture. Paris has lost a bit of its magnificence. chose to migrate to London. a piece by painter Saul Zanolari. I [had] been advised to move to New York by some people. Watts. due to its halo of prestige: “At the beginning. French. and that the fashion industry was the largest employer of all the country’s creative industries with 816. Notes Swiss contemporary painter Saul Zanolari..” RECONSIDERING FASHION GEOGRAPHY At present. “But I love my city and I think Paris is still the best window of the world when it comes to sophisticated products.

Obviously. Chernobyl.3 billion Euros. That amount of energy will have to now come from an increased dependence on fossil fuels. Nuclear physics has proven its ability to transform a force that many see as uniformly dangerous into applications ranging from power to medicine that are immensely beneficial to humankind. If more nations choose to follow Germany’s path it will increase the pain and costs we face with coal.S. I am become Death. and delaying the building of more modern facilities risks worsening the energy gap between dependence on fossil fuels and relying on alternative sources. according to the European Nuclear Society. media perception has done much to skew public perception in another direction. The vast majority of nuclear power generation has been clean. upon realizing the destructive power of the atomic bomb. Either newspapers and other media organizations are tremendously incompetent. there hasn’t been a media outcry for the end of hydroelectric power. Public perception of nuclear power is extremely negative—in much part due to incidents like Three Mile Island. Nuclear power plants cannot be easily started on a whim. Germany—a landlocked nation located in one of the most tectonically stable regions of the earth—moved to dramatically curtail its nuclear power generation in reaction to the Japan disaster. The risks of nuclear disaster seem all the more terrifying due to the invisible nature of radiation—people fear what they can’t see more than anything. However. scientific director of the Manhattan Project. through knowledge and training. nuclear power isn’t a panacea that can solve all the world’s problems. 51 of 52 plants survived a once-in-a-century earthquake and tsunami and. with the nuclear arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War bringing the world close to the brink of destruction. Robert Oppenheimer. scientists have done much to tame the enormous raw. Chernobyl and Three Mile Island showed the importance of needing vigilant safety systems and training. but it can help mitigate many. Japan has shown us that it takes two natural disasters of the largest scale to impact just one plant out of fifty-two—it seems laughable to call this a success for nuclear power. Atomic weapons have been a frightening specter ever since then. and the current situation with the Fukushima plant in Japan. To do this there needs to be trust in nuclear power. wind farms and hydropower. media overreaction to the Fukushima incident poses a significant threat to our energy future. It is naive to expect a generation that has grown up under the specter of nuclear war and the catastrophe of Chernobyl to embrace nuclear power without reservations. which means that the nuclear industry should make greater efforts to educate and increase awareness in people. Society as a whole needs to overcome its fears of nuclear power—even if they are rational. There will need to be a significant element of oversight and regulation if nuclear power generation is to continue to expand. 2011. Most nuclear nations are democracies. though. IMAGE COURTESY OF U. In Japan. The Manhattan Project’s work went on to end World War II in a spectacular fashion. scientists and engineers are doing their best to contain and control the Fukushima incident.NUCLEAR FUTURE NUCLEAR POWER: FRIEND OR FOE? Written by STEVEN READ “Now. but in some ways it is. effective and safe. Nuclear power buys us time to develop even cleaner and more efficient power sources. since the days of the Cold War. Of course raising awareness is an uphill struggle when nuclear power’s most visible ambassador for the past two decades has been Homer Simpson. destructive power derived from splitting the atom. The recent catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico certainly hasn’t had any lasting impact to oil companies expanding and drilling. or they are gleefully engaging in fear-mongering to sell papers and capture viewers. GOVERNMENT 65 . and this alternative energy source has proven large-scale reliability and efficiency in comparison to fledgling technologies like solar cells. It is worth mentioning. The risks of nuclear energy should not be discounted. that as of January 19th. The lure of turning atomic power into a bogeyman is too strong for the media.” These were the words of J. At the time of this writing. Unfortunately. and it is difficult to develop political will to introduce nuclear energy as a prominent energy policy when most of the public is ill-informed of the benefits and actual risks. and although recently declassified reports show that more than 26. accounting for about sixteen percent of the globe’s power output. there are currently 442 operational nuclear power plants in the world.000 people died in China due to a hydroelectric dam’s failure. the destroyer of worlds. Unfortunately. oil and natural gas dwindling in supply. through destruction of the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The most obvious and relevant example of this is the production of energy. The monetary value of energy lost is estimated to be between 1 and 2.

papercutmag.com .SOME THING WICKED THIS W AY COMES Photography and retouching by LARA JADE Hair by ALEXANDER TOME Makeup by DEBORAH ALTIZIO Styling by LAUREN ARMES Model YULIANA (IMG) 66 MAY 2011 www.

Dress by H FREDRIKSSON. paper hat is stylist’s own 67 .

papercutmag.com .THIS PAGE AND OPPOSITE Dress by GESTUZ. paper hat is stylist’s own 68 MAY 2011 www. stockings by FALKE.

69 .

com .papercutmag.70 MAY 2011 www.

choker is vintage OPPOSITE Dress by WACKERHAUS.THIS PAGE Skirt by WACKERHAUS. veil by JOHNNY LOVES ROSIE GOLD. bodysuit by RICKYS. yarn (worn 71 around head) by PURL SOHO . ribbon by VV ROULEAUX.

papercutmag.72 MAY 2011 www.com .

paper hat is stylist’s own 73 .THIS PAGE AND OPPOSITE Dress by H FREDRIKSSON.

com .papercutmag.74 MAY 2011 www.

veil is vintage 75 . headband by JENNIFER OUELLETTE.THIS PAGE Headband (worn round neck) is stylists own OPPOSITE Dress by COS.


OOR 77 .Top by MEGHAN. Touche du Boise necklace by N.

papercutmag.78 MAY 2011 www.com .

OOR PREVIOUS Maxi dress and leather jacket by Phillip Lim. blouse by Theory.THIS PAGE Leather jacket by Rebecca Taylor.OOR 79 . skirt by DVF. chain vest by FLEET. diamond pave and ebony bracelets and ring by N. rose gold and diamond headband by N. ring by TACORI.

DO www. shoes by Report Signature. gold bracelets by TACORI OPPOSITE Feather vest and shorts by Alice + Olivia. ring by TACORI. silk 80 by BAN.papercutmag. peasant blouse by Rebecca Taylor.THIS PAGE Blouse by Phillip Lim.com flower MAY 2011 . leather skirt by Alice + Olivia.

81 .

com .papercutmag.82 MAY 2011 www.


84 MAY 2011 www.com .papercutmag.

OOR 85 . belt by Neiman Marcus.Linen dress and vest by KOCH. ebony and diamond bracelets by N.

trench coat by PENDLETON PORTLAND COLLECTION. ring by KIMBERLY BAKER OPPOSITE Dress and muffler by PENDLETON PORTLAND COLLECTION.com . ebony and 86 diamond bracelets by N.THIS PAGE Blouse by Phillip Lim.OOR MAY 2011 www. leather skirt by Alice + Olivia.papercutmag.

87 .


89 .

S. artistry and immortality. Ezra doesn’t just put on a runway show. We first encountered your “Afrique de OR” collection last September at Couture Fashion Week in 2010.papercutmag. debut. Our Fashion Editor and I were in attendance at his Couture Fashion Week show last fall. and it was like a scene from a movie. I always watched [my mom] dress up. What was that like for you? It was a wonderful experience. the first time I saw the work of Ezra Santos hit the catwalk. But what better way than to hear it from the designer himself? Read on as Ezra talks inspiration. Seated in the front row. and I guess the movies. television and magazines influenced me as well. and from then my love for fashion started. It was overwhelming. and the most important part was [that people] found my fashion unique and something different. The couture dresses of the 90 MAY 2011 ‘40s and ‘50s always fascinated me. he creates a seductive fantasy world that commands your attention and leaves you breathless. I was fond of watching the black and white movies. Who/what were some of your biggest influences growing up that really shaped you as a designer? My parents—especially my mom—who just gave me the freedom to be who I am. What influenced you to arrive at that conclusion at such a young age? My life in fashion started at a very young age. I am so grateful that I got a lot www. You have said that you knew you wanted to be a fashion designer since the age of seven. what an amazing show it was! And this was also your U.com . you could feel the electricity in the air.My jaw dropped.

and I am inspired by the Emirati women to love fashion more because of their passionate and unique being. You have to be yourself and create something that would surely be remarkable in the fashion industry. creative director Nicole Bechard and fashion editor Nicole Herzog with the designer after his show. I am lucky to have bead workers from India— they are the best in intricate embroidery. a look from the “Afrique de OR” collection on the catwalk. Market. Each and every component is attached by hand.com. and it gives them a breath of fresh modernity. of proposals right away. Do you have any advice or tips for emerging designers? To all the budding designers. What about a menswear line? Yes. We were enthralled by the intricate detail of every piece! Our intricate beadwork makes my design different from the rest. in provocative fashion statements to great cultural movements. and an experience of a lifetime. with a profusion of painstaking embroidery and jewelry in the form of gold and semi-precious stones. OUR INTRICATE BEADWORK MAKES MY DESIGN DIFFERENT FROM THE REST.ezrafashiondesign. What are the biggest advantages you have found working in the UAE that other markets may not have? The UAE is undeniably the world’s melting pot. Can we expect to see you in the New York market anytime soon? Yes! This is definitely my main objective! To bring my fashion to the stores of New York! [I’m hoping] to start a prêt-a-porter line of wedding dresses/RTW brand for [sale in] NYC. I hope you can come to see it. I AM LUCKY TO HAVE BEAD WORKERS FROM INDIA—THEY ARE THE BEST IN INTRICATE EMBROIDERY.S. Working here is indeed a privilege. from the great artistry of Modigliani. It is a reinterpretation that is depleted of the vibrant palette of colors and yet rich in elaborate symmetry and tapestry. CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: The press goes wild for Ezra and his collection at Couture Fashion Week. Do you have exciting plans or news in the near future that you’d like to share with our readers? We are planning a big show in Dubai. I chose nature as a catalyst for a collection that embraces the nuances of white and black and gold. I would love to… What factors led you to leave your home in the Philippines and ultimately reside and start your business in Dubai? Would you ever return home to work? Dubai has given me the opportunity to have my own atelier. accentuated with modern African ornamentations and crystallizations. you need to have passion for fashion. fashion is a continuous study and you need to be always updated on what’s happening outside the fashion world. For more. And to top it all.as it caresses and shapes fabrics and cuts. Can you tell us a little more about the collection? Who or what was it inspired by? Many cultures have been influenced by Africa. It will be more unique and different this time. It is where you come across and meet people of different nationalities and cultures—so ordinarily—in your daily life. How about your future collections? Can you divulge any details? Yes. [The collection] redefines classic looks 91 . visit Ezra Santos on the web at www. I do love the different cultures and traditions [there]. and I am aiming to [tackle] the U. Matisse and Picasso in their color palettes. showing how fashionable Dubai is. probably in November. to [Africa’s] rhythmic sounds that so captivate the international music scene. to complete a tableau worthy of fashion immorality. It was such a great privilege to represent Dubai in New York. EACH AND EVERY COMPONENT IS ATTACHED BY HAND. I’m [in the] planning stage of my new collection.

papercutmag.com .92 MAY 2011 www.

93 .


MAY 2011




MAY 2011


97 .

papercutmag.com .98 MAY 2011 www.

99 .

papercutmag.100 MAY 2011 www.com .

101 .

blogspot. and I love seeing the flowers blooming. Here is a broad array of the stylish and oh-so-irresistible options for you. I have had an affinity for headwear and this season I am embracing it full force. they match everything. the people emerging from hibernation and one very small thing that tops them all… Hats! Since the days of dress up in my mother’s closet.com/ “Fedoras are always my go to accessory for insta-cool. the Spring weather has finally kicked in.” THE EMBELLISHED LIFE’S JESSICA KELLY SHARES HER AFFINITY FOR HEADWEAR. Walking around New York.com .” 102 MAY 2011 www. For more check out JESSICA KELLY’S blog The Embellished Life at http://livingembellished.papercutmag.WITH THE TIP OF YOUR HAT Posted by JESSICA KELLY Photographed by TRUC NGUYEN “Scarves are so amazing because they can give you so many different looks! I concocted this side braided version after playing around with one to see what it could do…it’s quickly becoming my signature style.

either way they add a little exotic spice to your style.” “Hippie headbands are back and so much fun! This one by GLA.OUS is super hip since it’s a zipper that can be styled many ways.MAR.” 103 . It’s also made local here in NYC which I love!” “Big floppy hats are fun since they play with proportion…and keep the sun out of your eyes.“Turbans can be sold as hats or easily made from a large square scarf.

com .104 MAY 2011 www.papercutmag.


youtube.papercutmag.com/papercutmag | www.com/papercutmag | www.papercutmag.twitter.JOIN THE CONVERSATION www.com 1 1 106 MAY 2011 www. PLEASE ZACK LO: 02 > 02 > FASHION AT THE EDGE 02 > 4 98437 0 37542 98437 4 rcutmag.com .com 1 0 37542 98437 4 www.com/papercutmag P apercut JULY/AUGUST 2010 MAKE WAVES SUMMER STYLE THE BEST OF ETSY: DRUMROLL.facebook.

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