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letter is to express my support for S05363A, which is the Companion Animal Adoption & Rescue Act (CAARA). Currently, shelters in New York face overcrowding, and every day, a large number of animals are placed on a ³kill list.´ Unfortunately, current law and regulations have not been satisfactory in the care and protection of shelter animals of New York. Perhaps through CAARA, the State can resolve issues of overcrowding, stray animals, and accountability in the administrative operations of its shelters. For example, CAARA will require shelters to publicize the animals who are being housed. Public awareness of lost animals will help reduce the number of animals who are kept or killed at the shelters. Additionally, shelters will be required to check the microchips of stray animals to better effectuate the reunion of lost pets and their owners. CAARA also supports administrative transparency in shelter operations; convenience killing must be stopped, and statistics concerning the amount of animals killed must be made public. Finally, and most important, CAARA will prevent the indiscriminate, unnecessary killing of the shelter animals beyond the City. The approximate number of animals who will be saved per year throughout the state would be 25,000 or more. I hope that I can count on you to support this important legislation. Thank you very much for your consideration.

Respectfully, (your signature here)

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