Presentations The presentations of the speakers about "The Future of European Health Care Systems" Jeni Bremner BA MSc

RGN "The European Health Management Association" Download (PDF, 120 KB) Prof. Dr. Thomas G. McGuire "The Future of European Health Care Systems from the U.S. Perspective" Download (PDF, 600 KB) Prof. Dr. med. Reinhard Busse "The Act to Strengthen Competition in German Statutory Health Insurance - Expectations and Effects" Download (PDF, 341 KB) Prof. Dr. Alistair McGuire "Regulating Health Care in the UK: Recent Perspectives" Download (PDF, 14 KB) Prof. Dr. Hans Maarse "Market Reform in the Netherlands: Results and Issues" Download (PDF, 139 KB) Günter Danner, PhD, M.A. "The Influence of the European Health Care Market on Patients and Health Care Providers Chances, Risks and Perspectives" Download (PDF, 344 KB) Dr. Luigi Bertinato "Regional Strategies for Tackling the Health needs of Tourists in North East Italy: The Experience of the Veneto Region" Download (PDF, 10 KB) Mag. Karl Wulz "SANICADEMIA as an Instrument for Cross-Border Projects in Health Care" Download (PDF, 921 KB) Martin Plachy "Experiences of Cross-Border Health Care from the Czech Spa and Rehabilitation System" Download (PDF, 762 KB)

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