Tanya Blanchetti, a bright stunning pre-med student, attempts to piece her shattered life back together after the tragic loss of Brian Lehman, her fiancé and then their unborn child. Working at a local hospital and taking college classes puts Tanya one step closer to her aspirations. She makes new friends, and soon falls in love. She seems to have discovered happiness she thought she would never find again.

Her hopes and dreams of a new life are brought to a screeching halt when her sleeping and waking hours are plagued by disturbing visions. At first, she dismisses them as a result of stress. But, as they become more frequent and disrupt her daily routine, Tanya is plunged into a nightmare where nothing is as it appears. Adding to her emotional distress, she is stalked by an unknown suitor who sends her anonymous love letters and roses. He breaks into her apartment when she's not home and seems to know her most intimate thoughts.

As Tanya's search to make sense of her tragic losses deepens, she abruptly finds her world turned upside down. Her quest for the truth points her down a one-way street where she learns something so unspeakable about Brian that pushes her to the breaking point. She realizes that some trusted friends hold missing links, yet keep silent for fear of destroying Tanya and those closest to her. It isn't until accidental deaths happen around her that she finds out she’s in real danger.

Caught in a web of lies, obsession, and murder, Tanya needs to draw on her faith and street smarts to face up to the mysterious circumstances surrounding Brian's death. It becomes a battle of wits between Tanya and her anonymous suitor. She must unearth the secret behind his identity before it's too late. And only one of them will win.