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‘Schwarzenegger, Amold Governor California ‘STATEMENT caurorniarorn 700 AMENDMENT Please type or print in ink A Public Document OF ECONOMIC INTERESTS 15 ¢6/PaR tow ACTH ee CES CCHHISSIon 2006 JUN 28 AN IO: 44 esse te or rit i faves) RST) coor ‘DAVTINE TELEPHONE NUMBER ‘Schwarzenegger Arnold Alois (918 445-0873 RAN RSPESS acca RT oY SATE ZF COOE — OFTTONAL: FAKTEMAI. MOORES Office of the Governor, State Capitol Sacramento CA 95814 Eee 1. Office, Agency, or Court Name of Offce, Agency, or Coun: Office of the Governor Division, Board, Dist W applicable: Your Postion: Governor ‘= If Fling for mutiple positions, list additional agency(ies)! position(s): (Attach a separate sheet if necessary.) Agency: Postion: 4. Schedule Summary ‘= Total number of pages Including this cover page: 18 ‘= check applicable schedules or “No reportable Interests.” - have disclosed interests on one or more of the attached schedules: ‘Schedule A-t [BJ Yes ~ schedule attached Tavosimonts (ese ian 10% Owners) ‘Schedule A-2 [Yes - schedule attached Investments (10% or sate Ownarah) Schedule B (J Yes - schedule attached Rea! Property Schedule Cf Yes ~ schedule attached 2, Jurisdiction of Office (check at least one box) Bsute Chcounty of Day of Co mut-county Dother Income, Loans, & usiness Positions (came Other ion its ei Renting Schedule 0 (Yes ~ schedule attached Income ~ Gits Schedule € [Yes ~ schedule attached Income ~ Travel Payments -or- (Ce reportable interests on any schedule 3. Type of Statement (check at least one box) [Assuming Offceiinitial Date: __j-_-_ ‘Annual: The period covered is January 1, 2005, through December 31, 2005, -or- (© The period covered is —__J___J__., through December 31, 2005. Ci Leaving Office Date Let: —_s_s__ (Check one) (© The period covered is January 1, 2005, through the date of leaving office -or- (© The period covered is —_J__J__ through the date of leaving office Gi Candaate 5. Verification | have used all reasonable diligence in preparing this statement. | have reviewed this statement and to the best ‘of my knowledge the information contained herein and in any attached schedules is rue and complete, leertify under penalty of perjury underthe laws of the State (of California that the foregoing is true and correct. Flee eagaly sed aaa FPPC Form 700 Amendment (2005/2006) FPPC Toll-Free Helpline: BSG/ASK-FPPC saley 10 1 930g co Pas Taurean w PHT STA aS eA Spa usaaeurr 1550 paTeBU STH aw MOUTH ed en Pas aooTo00" 1S vom 001s dex Funpond swooer ur = OS Do0'01S = 0007S Sanody jo Mandan aT oo Taaaea PaO oo en en oo "Sy ODM NO HTD Ie en pu ab009 OSA oa Eu er SaanBS Wop er 2 SUNDA PI T>SO, ne wed er rasa HT Sus oa TigasaTe PANT SST ep Pas Tatas wou oo Tre oa oa oo Age sae PSHAPT 0 ays PITT 7 peng Teams Tanda TRaD aa, spusunsaauy SO/TE/Z1-SO/T0/10 QUEUpUaUY QOL W404 - I-¥ ATNGAHOS wv Let 900729