“Why I’m supporting

Janice Hahn for Congress
on Tuesday.”
–Bill Rosendahl
Los Angeles City Councilmember, 11th District
Pa|d for by Jan|ce Hahn for Oongress | 2513 Pac|fc Ooast H|ghway, Torrance, OA 90505
“Janice Hahn knows how to get things done.”
—Councilmember Bill Rosendahl
'The |A T|mes was r|ght when they endorsed Jan|ce Hahn for
Oongress. The T|mes sa|d she was '..a pass|onate advocate for
her d|str|ct and and a sta|wart env|ronmenta||st fght|ng for jobs.`
Jan|ce ||stens to her peop|e, hears the|r concerns, and fghts for
them. Jan|ce Hahn and l have stood together on the O|ty Oounc||
and fought for more jobs, a c|eaner env|ronment, and government
transparency. Jan|ce has been and w||| cont|nue to be my partner
|n advocat|ng for the commun|t|es surround|ng |A× and Santa
Mon|ca A|rport, and l am proud to endorse her for Oongress.
P|ease jo|n me |n vot|ng for Jan|ce Hahn th|s Tuesday."
– Councilmember Bill Rosendahl
To read Janice Hahn’s Green Jobs & Peace Plan go to www.JANICEHAHN.com.