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Mummies Made in Egypt Handout

Mummies Made in Egypt Handout

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Published by: Li-hsin Tu on May 17, 2011
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“Mummies Made in Egypt” Social Studies Video Lesson
Do Now 1. What do you know about Ancient Egyptians’ religious beliefs? Make a quick list here.

2. What was their main inspiration for their religion? Where did they get the ideas? From nature or from other cultures?

Mummi What I know before watching New Things I learned from the video

Questio 1. How did the ancient Egyptians first learn that bodies can be preserved?

2. Describe the purpose of using Natron, a type of mineral, in the mummification process.

3. Which step(s) in the mummification process showed that the mummification ritual is more than just preserving the bodies, but has deeper spiritual meanings to the Egyptians?

Thanksgiving Choose one of the following Mummy/Mummification-related assignments for Thanksgiving. Due date: Wednesday, 10/2/09. 1. Making Mummies: a Recipe from Ancient Egypt. On a letter size printing paper, show a step-by-step recipe of making mummies. Use words and pictures. Be creative. 2. Ode to the Nile: Write a Poem. Egypt’s famously known as “the Gift of the Nile.” In class, we learned that the Nile River inspired many of Egypt’s customs, inventions, beliefs, and ways of living. Your task is to compose a poem from the point of view of an ancient Egyptian, showing the significant role Nile plays in your life and your appreciation for its glory. 3. Make a Brochure. Imagine that you are the owner of a mummification company in Ancient Egypt, make a brochure to advertise your high quality service. (Ie. We have the best group of priests to ensure safe journey to the afterlife; best quality Egyptian linen; best painters, etc.)

4. Write an Essay. The Nile River is the source of many things to the Egyptians, from their religious beliefs to the food they eat. Write an essay describing the significant role the Nile plays in an ancient Egyptian’s life.

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