Datastage (Parallel jobs & server jobs

DATAWAREHOUSING CONCEPTS Introduction to Data Warehousing
What is Data Warehousing? Types of Systems OLTP,OLAP Data Warehousing Life Cycle

Data Warehousing Architecture
Source, Integration Layer, Staging Area Target Analysis & Reporting ODS

Dimensional Modeling
What is dimension modeling? Difference between ER modeling and dimension modeling What is a Dimension? What is a Fact? Start Schema Snow Flake Schema Difference between Star and snow flake schema Fact Table, Different types of facts Fact less Fact Table Dimensional Tables Confirmed Dimensions, Unconfirmed Dimensions, Junk Dimensions, Degenerative Dimensions What are slowly changing Dimensions? Different types of SCD’s

Introduction about Data Stage Difference between Data Stage 7.5.2 and 8.0.1 What’s new in Data Stage 8.1? What is way ahead in Data Stage? IBM Information Sever architecture Datastage within the IBM Information Server architecture Difference between Server Jobs and Parallel Jobs Difference between Pipeline Parallelism and Partition Parallelism Partition techniques (Round Robin, Random,

Hash, Entire, Same, Modules, Range, DB2, Auto)
Configuration File Difference between SMP/PMP(Cluster) Architecture Data stage components (Server components /Client components)

Introduction about Designer

Different types of combining and collecting techniques. Classic federation and netezza Database Stages Dynamic RDBMS Oracle Enterprise ODBC Enterprise Stored Procedure Processing Stages Change Capture Compare Stage Difference Stage Aggregate Stage Transformer Stage Difference between basic transformer and transformer Surrogate Generator Stage Join Stage Merge Stage Lookup Stage Difference between Join/Lookup/Merge Difference between Join/Lookup Remove Duplicates Switch Pivot Modify Funnel Generic stage Different types of sorting and sort stage. Parameter set Difference between partitioning and re partitioning Run time column propagation . External filter and switch stages. SCD stage Encode and decode stages FTP stage Adding job parameters to a job. Filter. Palette Type of Links File Stages Sequential file Dataset file File set Lookup file set Difference between Sequential file/Dataset/File set Overview of iWay. External filter Difference between filter.Repository.

PeaK Row Generator Column Generator Sample Containers Difference between Local Container and Shared Container Local Container Shared Container Job Sequencers Arrange job activities in sequencer Triggers in Sequencer Notification activity. Execute command activity Nested Condition activity. Reference Match stage. Scheduling Batches Creation Cleaning resources using Administrator Web sphere Manager in Designer Introduction about Data stage Manager Importing the Job. Tail. Importing Flat File Definition Routines Dataset management and ORCHADMIN Quick search and Advanced search Data stage Administrator Creating project. Routine activity Exception handing activity. Exporting the Job Importing Table Definition Different types of table definitions and their differences. Editing project and Deleting project Permissions to user Different kinds of variables in Data Stage Cleaning resources using Administrator Web sphere Quality Stage What is Date Quality and why do we for data quality? Integration of Data Quality in Data Stage? Data stage Quality stages Investigate stage. End loop activity Adding Checkpoints Data stage Director Introduction to Data stage Director Job Status View. Wait for file activity Start loop activity . Terminator Activity. Survive stage .Schema files Debugging Stage Head. User variable activity. Standardize stage Match Frequency stage Unduplicate Match stage. View logs.

Components of Standardized rule sets.Standardized rule sets. .

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