Press release, Krakow, May 17th, 2011

Comarch organizes a series of BSS/OSS regional workshops for telecom operators
Following the success of the BSS/OSS workshops organized by Comarch in 2010, the company continues to plan a new set of events for communication service providers in Europe.

So far Comarch has held its workshops in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Austria, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. As in previous years, Comarch BSS/OSS workshops will present various areas that can be improved in a telecom operator¶s business and show ways in which improvements can be implemented in practice with the use of IT tools and services.

Workshops are free for telecom operator participates.

When & where? In 2011, workshops will take place in the following European cities: y y y y y y y 31.05.2011 - 01.06.2011 - Stockholm, Sweden 09.06.2011 ± Warsaw, Poland 29.06.2011 ± Vienna, Austria 30.06.2011 ± Bern, Switzerland 05.07.2011 ± Bonn, Germany 06.07.2011 ± Düsseldorf, Germany 07.07.2011 - Munich, Germany

Agenda highlights The agenda may vary from one location to another. y y y y y Rebuilding your IT architectures to support new business strategies New technologies, new possibilities: M2M, soft switches Customer experience in practice Competing and cooperating with Over-the-Top players Case studies based on implementations for European operators, including Vodafone and E-Plus

More information & registration info Comarch BSS/OSS Regional Workshops Series

About Comarch Comarch is a global supplier of IT products and services for the telecommunication industry. The company¶s flexible solutions are industry standard compliant and developed in -house. Comarch solutions constantly evolve based on customer demand. Since 1993, the company has accumulated experience and knowledge in the fields of designing, implementing, and integrating IT solutions. Comarch serves some of the market¶s largest players - such as Telekom Deutschland (former TMobile Germany), T-Mobile Austria, E-Plus Germany, Vodafone Germany and Telefónica O2 Germany, as well as companies from the KPN and France Telecom groups. Comarch provides COTS products in the areas of BSS, CRM, OSS as well as a range of comprehensive services.

More information available at: Comarch Telecommunications Press Office Katarzyna Gajewska | Tel: +48 12 646 15 04 | Gsm: +48 691 464 119 | Fax: +48 12 646 12 00 E-mail:

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