~Customer Satisfaction With Idea Cellular Services¨
·Introduction to the Industry
·Introduction to the Organization
·Research Methodology
Title of the Study
Duration of the Project
Objective of Study
Type of Research
Sample Size and method of selecting sample
Limitation of Study
·Analysis and Interpretation
·Fact and Findings
·Recommendation and Suggestions
The telecom network in India is the IiIth largest network in the
world meeting you with global standards. Presently, the Indian
telecom industry is currently slated to an estimated contribution oI
nearly 1° to India`s GDP.
The Indian Telecommunications network with 110.01 million
connections is the IiIth largest in the world and the second largest
among the emerging economies oI Asia. Today, it is the Iastest
growing market in the world and represents unique opportunities Ior
U.S. companies in the stagnant global scenario. The total subscriber
base, which has grown by 40° in 2005, is expected to reach 250
million in 2007.
Major Players
There are three types oI players in telecom services:
· -State owned companies (BSNL and MTNL)
· -Private Indian owned companies (Reliance InIocomm,
Tata Teleservices,)
· -Foreign invested companies (Hutchison-Essar, Bharti
Tele-Ventures, Escotel, Idea Cellular, BPL Mobile, Spice
. There are around more than 40.9 million subscribers in
India compared to 150 million users in china. Granter at
a compounded annual growth rate oI 46° over the next
Iive years till 2010. We hope this will boost the Indian
Indian regional operator IDEA Cellular Ltd. has a new ownership
structure and grand designs to become a national player, but in
doing so is likely to become a thorn I the side oI Reliance
Communications Ltd. IDEA operates in eight telecom 'circles,¨ or
regions, in Western India, and has received additional GSM licenses
to expand its network into three circles in Eastern India -- the Iirst
phase oI a maior expansion plan that it intends to Iund through an
IPO, according to parent company Aditya Birla Group.
Objective of study:-
Customer satisIactions with relation to IDEA prepaid and postpaid
would be the Iocus oI our study, conIining mainly to
Sriganganagar region. Company`s services will be adiudged on
the basis oI many Iactors.
Type of researches: -
Descriptive research:
This research is the most commonly used and the basic reason Ior
carrying out descriptive research is to identiIy the cause oI
something that is happening. For instance, this research could be
used in order to Iind out what age group is buying a particular
brand oI cola, whether a company`s market share diIIers between
geographical regions or to discover how many competitors a
company has in their marketplace.
Sample size: - 100
Methods of selecting sample:-
Probability Sampling
A probability sampling method is any method oI sampling that
utilizes some Iorm oI random selection. In order to have a
random selection method, you must set up some process or
procedure that assures that the diIIerent units in your population
have equal probabilities oI being chosen.
Scope of study
Project type: - Customer satisIaction is the most crucial Iactor Ior
sustaining in the markets Ior the longer period. Especially in respect oI
'TELECOM SERVICES¨, Customer satisIaction plays a pivotal role.
Idea which is the part oI 'Birla Group¨ is a new player in Telecom
Services and still is in expansion mode in Sriganganagar.
Area covered: - urban ...
Primary focus:- people who use Idea service ...
Due to sample size
The sample size oI our proiect is particularly small. A small sample
size has a greater probability that the observation iust happened to be
particularly good or particularly bad. ThereIore it is harder to Iind
signiIicant relationships Irom the data, as statistical tests normally
require a larger sample size to iustiIy that the eIIect did not iust
happened by chance alone.
Literacy level
In earlier days people don`t prior there children`s on studies but
Iirstly let there children`s learn business techs but now things are
changing people are know understanding that due to lack in studies
they are lacking behind .so know people are making their new
generation literate
(a) Prepaid 80%
(b) Post Paid 20%
Q. which service you prefer?
CŦ wh|ch serv|ce you prefer?
AnAL?SlS Anu ln1L8ÞL81A1lCn
(a) Þrepald
(b) ÞosL Þald
(a) Better Network 23%
(b) The services provider of your acquaintance 43%
(C)Better complaint handling system by the service provider 26%
(d) STD tariff option, local tariff plan and other services 8%
C what compe| you to be the part of Idea?

(a) 8eLLer neLwork
(b) 1he servlces provlder of
vour acqualnLance
(C)8eLLer complalnL handllna
svsLem bv Lhe servlce
(d) S1u Larlff opLlonţ local
Larlff plan and oLher servlces
(a) 200 37%
(b) 300 41 %
(c) 500 13%
(d) >500 9%
C what |s your month|y uses?

(a) 200
(b) 300
(c) 300
(d) ƽ300
(a) All local 40%
(b) STD 45%
(C) Other purposes 13%
(d) Ìnternational 2%
C What do ¥ou seek before opt|ng the
Idea connect|on?
,. -. c. /.
Attributes Network Tariff plan Complaint
Ìnternet facility
Response of
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
CŦ G|ve your ranks |n the sca|e of 1 to 5 for the fo||ow|ng attr|butesţ where 1 means
1he |ast and 5 means the max|mumŦ
or neL work for Larlff plan
for complalnL handllna lnLerneL faclllLv
(A) Retailer suggestion 45%
(b) Family opinion 10%
(C)Friend's opinion 25%
(d) Others 20%
C ŦInf|uence to se|ect Idea
(A) 8eLaller suaaesLlon
(b) amllv oplnlon
(C)rlend's oplnlon
(d) CLhers
(a) Excellent 13%
(c) Good 41%
(a) Fair 32%
(c) Not satisfied 14%
CŦ now much you are sat|sf|ed w|th Idea serv|ce?
(a). Full talk value 50%
(b). RCV with longer validity 13%
(c). Reduced tariff on group talk/SMS 10%
(d). Direct communication about schemes & tariff 27%
CŦ What serv|ces (re|ated to kecharge) do you want from Idea ce||u|ar?
·ln Lhls pro[ecL lL was seen LhaL cusLomers was chooslna ldea cellular
because of (1)Ŧ ull Lalk Llme value
(2)Ŧ Low Larlff plan
·lL was seen LhaL ma[orlLv of cusLomers spend normallv upLo 200 Lo 300 for
Moblle servlcesŦ
·lL was seen LhaL ma[orlLv of cusLomers were saLlsfled wlLh ldea servlcesŦ
·MosL of Lhe cusLomers aoL lnfluenced wlLh reLallersŦ
· MosLlv respondenL were be Lhe provlder bv Lhelr acqualnLanceŦ
AC1 Anu lnulnCS
· S1u Larlff plan ls beLLer because mosL of respondenL prefer
lL comparlson Lo
· Local Larlff planŦ
Accordlna Lo selecLed aLLrlbuLes ( wlLh hlahesL rank )
43 Ʒ respondenL flll for beLLer neLwork and alve 3 rank
10 Ʒ respondenL prefer Larlff plan who alve maxlmum rank for
10 Ʒ respondenL saLlsfv wlLh complalnL handllna svsLemŦ
10 Ʒ respondenL prefer lnLerneL faclllLv wlLh hlahesL rankŦ
·1he lmporLanL facLs whlch could be concluded from our daLa reaardlna Lhe
awareness of people Ŧ lL was found LhaL people are noL so much Lechno survev as
much as Lhev have LoŦ
·lL was also seen LhaL people were noL spendlna more Lhen 8s 200 Lo 300 monLhlv ln
ldea en[ovs Lhe aood share of buslness ln alobal markeL
cusLomers preferred S1u Larlff opLlons for selecLlna ldea
·neLwork coveraae and Larlff plans are kev lnfluencer ln declslonŴmaklna process of
subscrlblna Lo a parLlcular operaLorŦ
·As maxlmum averaae calls are local cenLrlc so companv can lnLroduce new schemes
on local callsŦ
·MosL of Lhe respondenLs remember clne sLars and crlckeL sLars as Lhe
ambassadors of Lelecom brandsţ Shahrukh khan for Al81LLţ A[av and ka[ol for
1A1Aţ vlredra Sehwaa and AmlLabh 8achchan for 8LLlAnCL and so onŦ
·Consumers verv effecLlvelv relaLe Lhe lmaae of Lhe brand wlLh Lhe publlc
lmaae of Lhe celebrlLlesŦ
·keep lnnovaLlnaŤ seamenLaLlonsţ and compeLlLlve dlfferenLlaLor wlll lead Lo
arowLh paLhŦ
·kev developmenLs for lncrease for usaaes and awareness of vAS
·Acqulrlna loval cusLomers lnlLlallv
·Should focus on adverLlslna of ldea aL Lhe cenLral as well as local l
·ÞoslLlon lmplles LhaL verv less number of people was comforLable
(a)ŦÞromoLlonal campalans are musL ln Lhls era of sLrlnaenL
· Companv should conslsLenLlv Lrv Lo lmprove and uparade lLs
Lechnoloav wlLh Lhe alobal
SLandard ln order Lo provlde excellenL cusLomer saLlsfacLlon
·We know LhaL ln Lhls world of lnLense compeLlLlon evervone ls Lrvlna Lo
prove lLself besL ln lLs respecLlve fleld Lherefore we can conclude LhaL Lhere
ls alwavs an edae of lmprovemenL and hence Lhe brand should work on LhaLŦ
·LsLabllsh and coordlnaLe buslness relaLlon wlLh bla corporaLe houses across
Lhe counLrv
·Companv can lmprove upon lLs efflclencv bv noL chanalna lLs sLaff
frequenLlvŦ 8v dolna Lhls companv can conLlnue Lo creaLeţ malnLaln and
arow sLrona relaLlonshlp wlLh lLs exlsLlna cusLomers
* ldea behlnd Lhls ls LhaL sLaff whlch ls alreadv worklna for ldea ls well
acqualnLed wlLh Lhe naLure and wanLs of Lhe exlsLlna cusLomers