Things and people I'm grateful for

Gratefulness is the key to abundance

It dissolves my fears. it lightens up my day in many many ways. the light off the sun clarifies my world and vision. I couldn't imagine my life without wheels! I think it was invented by someone who was very lazy and didn't want to carry to much stuff. very much! 2 . Thank you very. here and now is an immense field off possibility's. I know it's political incorrect to be happy to be a man. they may not remember how they felt when they put down the stones that I walk on. They may even be long gone. They are and always will be a source off inspiration. And the houses that give me shelter. I'm grateful for the sun. I can easily love this person(s) for being lazy. frustration. I wouldn't liked to be born any other time. I'm thankful for being a man. I'm grateful for the people who constructed the things that make my life a loth easier.Things and people I'm grateful for Gratefulness is the key to abundance. I'm grateful for my life. life and seduction. I feel grateful for the existence off women. I'm grateful for being born in this time. and to feel better than other people but still I’m grateful for being a man. I hope they rest in peace or live happily ever after. I'm grateful for the inventor(s) off the wheel. surprise. I'm grateful for aviation and all the people who made it possible to fly. Like the workers who constructed the streets. it's the best time in history so far.

without even knowing me. I'm grateful for all the scientists for explaining the world to me. really hate mosquito's. For they were still able to touch me and make me feel. 3 . I wish them a whole lot off peace off mind. I'm grateful for being me. it gives me the possibility to be understanding and have compassion for myself and others. There examples will always be a great inspiration for me. I’m thankful for pine-trees for giving me the color green in the winter. I am the best me I could imagine myself. I know people tell me not to analyze everything. I hope all the children have a fantastic life. it's a paper potential off things I don't have to by because i can by them. without getting any recognition.I'm grateful for the invention off money. I wish them the reward off a fulfilling life. I'm grateful for being able to kill mosquito's. I'm thankful for palm-trees for reminding me that there are always new thrilling things to discover. I'm grateful for being a psychopath. it makes me happy to kill them. If this makes me a psychopath. I'm grateful for all the discovery’s I’ve done. they make me feel not alone in my daily struggle! They make me a richer person for showing me alternative way's to deal with problems. I'm grateful for all my dysfunctional friends. I'm grateful for all the adventurers and discoverers. because all the women dress lighter and tighter! And off course also for the flowers and other spring-stuff. I'm grateful for all the artists who shared stuff with me. for I really. but that's me and I’m grateful for it. I'm grateful for spring. I'm thankful for the trees with leaves for bringing me in contact with the seasons. I'm thankful for every child that bothered me and pulled me out off splendid isolation. I'm grateful for all my friends. I start to understand myself and all the others.

It's all my fault.I understand the concept ego a little better and I now know that it's something that keeps me and the others alive. a big sorry for you all. I think my life wouldn't be so much fun if I would walk into walls and doors. I also understand that it's not always necessary to obey my self-defensive ego. Sorry. it helps for knowing why I do the things I don't want to do. Jung. for they can't think for them self. Jesus Christ Superstar and all the other wise men. it's the others! Always ! Because they act as if they're normal and I'm not! So I'm grateful for the others. I'm grateful for not being an ant. Al thought I may not feel grateful for being autistic and neurotic. they're part of a bigger picture. I'm grateful for seeing the dark side off every upside. If that is offending for somebody. I'm grateful for having answers that fit every Question: 'God works in mysterious ways'. I sincerely mean it. because they've got a nice sense off humor. for once and for all. I'm grateful for not constantly feeling guilty. And 'it's because it's the will off God'. I’m 4 . many many times! I'm grateful for seeing. It's because they've been kept small and because we have thrown them in the fire for being witches. I'm truly sorry for that. And my favorite answer:' because!' I'm grateful for being able to apologize to people I might have offended. It probably saved my precious life. Carl rogers. I now know that is never my fault. Gandhi. Sorry. sorry! And also sorry for all the people who tried to change me into somebody good and failed. constantly. Sorry to everybody I’ve offended now and in the future. It happens but it doesn't take over my life anymore. So special thanks to Freud. the daily Lama. I'm grateful for noticing that there are way to little women in that list. so I'm told. sorry and sorry. Thanks for making me laugh! I'm grateful for understanding all my deficiency's.

And maybe also for all the unemployed. There's a pain that can really take over who I am. I'm also grateful they're mostly sociopaths who are afraid off other people so I don't have to be friends with them. very much. the community who pay's for it. the staff . because it's the first time in history I'm really thinking off you as givers! I'm grateful for the invention off the internet. they all deserve a medal and they have already my gratefulness and love for the rest off their life! I'm grateful for being able to read. I'm grateful for not having a toothache. that's almost everybody. the inventors. I don't want to be seen in public with a nerd! I hope one day these people will be able to become happy and meet a nice person who really loves them. like writing this small book.sorry for them to. I'm grateful for not being born poor. It feels good to kill all the bacteria who come to life and reproduce into my mouth uninvited! As if they care about me! I'm grateful for all the people in the freeware internet society who made it possible for me to do lot's off cool stuff on my computer. I really feel connected with the world and all the interesting people in it. thanks for trying! Thank you very. So thank you Bill Gates for the invention off an operating system that made it possible for me to communicate with a machine and the rest off the world! I'm a real fan off you. Thanks library people. So thank you dentist and manufacturer of toothpaste and toothbrushes! Thank me for having the discipline to brush my teethes. ( I'm grateful for thinking realistic!) I'm sorry for being so nasty! I really love these altruistic girls and guys. Or maybe become happy without the need for an other person. despite all the negative publicity I'm still a 5 . you should be proud off it.

sorry. I accept the bitches because they can't all be as enchanting. Or at least not an active serial-killer... 6 .. sorry. Not that I mean to say that women are just things. I know I could be more productive if I wasn't always thinking off the nakedness off women underneath their clothes. but most off them. better than ordinary things. besides women that is. Because it's possible to encounter a serial-killer that isn't active at the moment so you wouldn't even notice it. they are real persons with. they are not things they are creatures not necessary build to give me any pleasure! They are centers off the universe themselves just like me! Or maybe they are the real centers and I'm just a pervert! Sorry for all the confusing. I know it's wrong to make women into objects of lust! I know they are real persons with real feelings and stuff! So I'm grateful for allowing myself to be wrong and feel good about it. It gives me the opportunity to listen to women who are real bitches but have a nice body.. so they are special things. but I’m not an Apple fan and I'm grateful for it! I'm grateful for the nice curves in the bodies off women. Maybe not all off them. That would be ridicules! I'm grateful that I never encountered a serial killer.believer! I know the Apple sub cult is convinced you stole it. I'm also grateful for noticing all the other nice thinks that surround me. with nice curves. You might even be friendly to this person. I know this. it's me. no. give him the idea that he's alright! It's completely the wrong signal! So it would be you're fault if he does not stop killing! So I'm grateful that I never encountered a serial-killer for as far as I know. I think it's fair to say I'm very grateful for the existence off women. not you. But still I'm grateful for all the work I do get done. real wishes. No. So it makes me a better person because I pay attention to people even if I'm not really interested in what they 've got to say or who they really are.

I'm grateful for being manic now and then. Like the drops that drip down my collar into my neck and start tickling me! If this happens I stop feeling sorry for myself and start smiling. witch is the majority! I do appreciate the drops that do fall on my head because they give me a chance to laugh with myself. it's something that makes me feel happy. I know it can't become something I have to do because then it's a burden! So I have to let go off the idea that I can grab it and keep it. Thank you very much for reading this!! I do love you for it and I don't just love anybody you know! Written by Rigo Renders. it's a great invention. where no one has ever gone before because they didn't felt as bold as I do! I would be grateful if I had a little bit more structure in the way I think. because I could become bored with myself. especially for all the drops that don't fall on my head. It's the best inner state anyone can ever be in. I have to force myself not to force myself and then everything will be alright! So I'm grateful for forcing myself not to force myself and ignoring the paradoxes off life. I'm grateful for the rain. 7 . I'm grateful for the discovery off gratefulness. I know I loose my sense of reality when I'm in the zone but there are a loth more reality's out there. so you don't get frustrated any longer when they don't come truth. I am grateful for wishing wells. but I'm not complaining. For you can trow all of your wishes into this pit and forget about them.

8 .

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