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Mer £ | C64. pa), ‘TWTLE: MESSIAH, 4 cENeE ALTHOR: JORDAN SOLOMON ANALYST: DAVID ADAMS DATE: 299 CIRCA. Days leading up to 200 CONCEPT: Nearing te turn of the century, the himune hoy war between the forces of pred and evil will decide the fate of the worsh. Nick Cneimaoghoer. 2. Sem York City cop, iovestspues the saranpe happenings tt occer leading wp wo this praible: commadiry. He Giscomers that he it 2 pirnrn im this plan and bis actions cond determine the fears of amd. SYNOPSIS: NICK. catty thirsios. and bis paruer ACK, late twenties, axrive om the sorne of a recent murder in 2 Cownenns New York spartment. They Sacover 2 partially burned bible with pages torn ox and tossed scound the room. They also find 2 sheet of paper tue Nice desermines to be Hebrew writing with the weed ELOHIM wren om i. The dead boxy tht they find has all the thon denied fromm it body. Jac takes over the: invetipaiicn 2nd vende re crkantted Nick home to sleep. At his apartment, 2 2e%8 benadcaaner speaks of the Judgment Day sppecacting DAVID BENJAMIN is asleep om 2 park bench when we mcet him He is woken by = pokice olfices. David takes the officer + nighastici wd theeatens hie belowe the officor rans off to irvestipste 2 pm then. He cescovers 2 group of pecachers beating on a old ms. He rans to the man’s aunistance, casily Cuponing of the thave preachers. They try to shoot ham, tnt David i enteric Nick and Jaca then come: to investigate this scene. They dink coffer, smoke cipuenes, ‘and Getermine Ghat thes is 2 vigilante crime. Back wory seveals that Nick's som was a Iollewer of the cult growp headed by MICHAEL ANE. He says his son took his own lie stuer becoming involved. Michael preaches 12 his followers 2 an underprousd subway tanec. He burns an ‘Aackbiabon alive who will nen waccumb to the evil. Two icone are also introduced here. 3 ‘A bhack rose that Wischae! sets on the dead body and 2 glowing red whistle that he weary ground his neck. Bad exposition reveals this the whistle was 2 gpft from an old man. SARAH COHAN, a member of Michael's army listens on intently. Meanwhile, David knocks off 2 couple more thugs in the park and Nick finds a picture of | Devid ater looking theough his files. He is somehow able io make a connection between a mond that he saw at the apartment theee years ago and asheet of paper with the same word on it that he saw recently. ‘The old man reappears 2 the Kaballah center where David is and tells him he will help David rediscover who be really is. The three preachers killed were minions of Michael. Michael decides that David must be found and dealt with. He sends four soldiers owt on monorcycles to discover who David is, but they are uneuccessfl oleh Sek aR 2 batch? Te stevia nei