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Nick discovers that the old man has disappeared from critical condition at the hospital They go to his apartment and find the address for the temple. They also discaver a blood covered handkerchief with a Ruby's Tap House logo. Michael returns to the tunnels to discover Billy beating Sarah to-death. He kicks Billy off ofher. Sarah, very upset, decides to leave the tunnels even though Michac! says she can never retum if she goes. Michael and his boys hunt down Cohan, the old man, ‘They try to get information on David from him and when they cannot, they kill him. David begins to come to terms with his immortality after he jumps from a window and ‘walks away laughing. He stops by a gun shop and steal a small arsenal of weapons and a Harley. Nick comes to the bar to question a sleazy informant, Stan, The bikers turn violent and attack Nick. He is saved by David who arrives at the last minute, David is wounded by a shot to the hand, but soon recovers. David tells Nick he needs him and can’t afford to let, him die. 2000 is now just one day away. Sarah goes to a night club to Kill Billy. David is talking to Nick about possibly being the Messiah when he has a vision of Sarah going to the club. When he arrives, Billy is once again kicking the shit out of Sarah. David walks up to him and blows his head off. He takes Sarah to emergency at the hospital. Nick is kicked off the force for destroying Ruby's Tap House, He goes to meet his partner at a diner where they drink more coffee and smoke more cigarettes. David visits the cemetery and sees his own grave with ELOHIM painted onto it. He cries. He then goes to Nick's to Sober him up. David still needs his help. Michae! kills another one of his followers for questioning his word. He tells his people that the defining hour and The Masier are both approaching. Michael meets the Master at the cemetery but is not allowed to look in his face. He then gathers up his TEN soldiers and heads over to the cathedral. They have kidnapped Sarah from the hospital and have her chained to a cross. Michael, David, Nick, the Ten, and the master meet at the temple for their final battle, Michael stabs David in his hands, but Nick is there to pall them out (his only purpose’), Michael blows the whistle and a darkness begins to take over the earth. The SWAT team arrives and everyone shoots everyone, Nick is wounded. Jack reveals that he is the Master, David shoots Michae!’s face off then uses his ‘supematural powers to kill the Master. Nick tries to carry David out of the bumning pbuilding but is unable to help him. Nick barely escapes himself. The captain is waiting to bitch at Nick who punches him to the ground. The captain has IA arrest Nick. David ‘emerges from the building and drives away. The new year comes in without a hitch. The