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Internal Build Error

Internal Build Error

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Published by: dctrl on May 17, 2011
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Fixed: "An internal build error has occurred" with FB3 & Galileo
Mike Slinn September 30, 2009 | Permalink (http://www.insideria.com/2009/09/fixed-an-internal-build-error.html) | Comments (14) 11 retweet James Ward surprised us today with a patch for Flex Builder 3 that makes it work with Eclipse Galileo SR1. James solved the dreaded "An internal build error has occurred" problem. His solution was to replace ProblemManager with his own implementation, written in about 200 lines of code to the same IProblemManager interface as the original class. This is a 'clean room' implementation, created without looking at the Flex Builder source code. Try it out. It works great for me on Windows. James says it works with Linux. I expect it should work on Mac too. These instructions modify the instance of the Flex Builder 3 plug-in shared between Ganymede SR2 and Galileo SR1. The patch seems to be backwards compatible; my testing shows that the Flex Builder 3 plug-in continues to work fine with Ganymede SR2. Below are Windows installation instructions. These steps take a long time to perform if you are starting from scratch. If you already have Ganymede SR2 working with the Flex Builder plug-in then you can start at step 4 and the remaining steps should only take a few minutes: 1. Install Eclipse Ganymede SR2 (necessary to install Flex Builder Plugin into Galileo.) 2. Install the Flex Builder Plugin into Ganymede SR2. 3. Install Galileo SR1. If you are working with BlazeDS or LCDS then be sure to install the version entitle "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers (189 MB)." 4. Follow these instructions to integrate Flex Builder Plugin with Galileo SR1. Let's call the directory that you installed Flex Builder Plugin for Galileo into {FBPG}. 5. Back up zornproject.jar. My copy was found in {FBPG}\eclipse\plugins

6. Open {FBPG}\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.214193\zornproject.jar with WinRAR or your favorite ZIP manager. 7. Drill into the com/adobe/flexbuilder/project/compiler/internal directory and delete ProblemManager*.class. 8. Add James' ProblemManager.class to the same directory in the zip file. 9. Save the zip file. 10. Start Galileo SR1. 11. Buy James a beer next time you see him. Give Eclipse Europa and Ganymede SR2 a shove! Galileo SR1 is the current mainstream Eclipse version, and I'm grateful to James to making it happen. Update: Here (http://blog.flashgen.com/2009/04/09/reconnecting-flex-builder-plug-in-to-eclipse/) is some background information on how the Flex Builder Plugin works with Eclipse.

Read more from Mike Slinn (http://www.insideria.com/mike-slinn/) . slinn/atom.xml) comments: 14 tags: flexbuilder (http://twitter.com/mslinn)


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InsideRIA: QOW: What new language would you like to learn...


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