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A solid academic background in biology and agriculture, enhanced by hands-on wor

k on significant scientific projects with distinguished researchers. Acquired e
ight years of experience working in several administrative and management positi
ons while completing a Biology degree.
Currently seeking a position in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry.

University of California, Fullerton B.S., Biology, Chemistry minor (3.3 GPA,
June, 2000)

Laboratory of Dr. Jones, University of California at Fullerton
Research Assistant (Summer, 1999)
* Selected to work with Dr. Jones, a widely published expert on the subject of i
sland biogeology, because of a strong background in agriculture.
* Project involved studying humming birds? pollination patterns to determine whi
ch plant species were more likely to become extinct for lack of pollination.
* Made detailed observations, analyzed data and interpreted results, referencing
relevant scientific literature when necessary.
* Awarded college credit and an ?A? grade for work on the project.
Laboratory of Dr. Smith, University of Alexandria
Research Assistant (Summer, 1991)
* Worked in the field on a project to determine optimum yield for corn and soybe
an crops. Collected seeds, took measurements, analyzed data.

ABC Corporation, Huntington Beach, CA
Manager (1996 to Present)
* Worked as a manager at ABC Corp, a holding company and owner of several retail
businesses and commercial real estate.
* Worked with vendors, coordinated delivery and billing.
* Trained staff in customer service and data entry.
Assistant Manager (1995 to 1996)
* Supported a business manager by handling bookkeeping and other administrative
Cashier (1992 to 1995)