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Working in the City

Match the place with the person who works there.

Ex. School teacher

Place Job

1. bakery a. doctor

2. swimming pool b. office worker

3. office building c. librarian

4. restaurant d. actor

5. hospital e. baker

6. theatre f. bank teller

7. post office g. pharmacist

8. library h. lifeguard

9. bank i. chef

10. drugstore j. postman

Read. Write the correct word from the box in the blanks.

train station drugstore cinema florist

bus stop butcher gas station hospital

Ex. You can drink coffee here. coffee shop

1. You can buy medicine here. _______________

2. You can buy meat here. _______________

3. You can get on a bus here. _______________

4. You can watch a film here. _______________

5. You can see a doctor here. _______________

6. You can buy gas for your car here. _______________

7. You can get on a train here. _______________

8. You can buy flowers here. _______________