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Tono Systems has been designing and manufacturing innovative audiovisual systems from the year 2010.

In the beginning, Tono Systems speaker stands redefined the design of loudspeaker supports, setting a standard that had not previously been achieved. The revolutionary approach to product design continued with dedicated audio visual Systems that was aesthetically appealing, but also allowed the equipment it supports to achieve optimum performance.

A cornerstone of our design philosophy is to create products that evolve with our customers' needs. Products such as SoundBase™ and HF B501 offer this facility, while achieving cutting-edge style and sonic performance far beyond their price tag.

Sturdy, well-designed speaker stands place the speaker on a solid platform, which helps achieve the best overall sound quality, especially bass. Speakers placed on a shelf or table often causes the surface to vibrate or resonate thus distorting bass. Solid speaker stands isolate the speaker's vibrations from the floor allowing you to hear the bass from the speaker and not vibrations from a shelf, table orfloor.

In Home Theater Systems the speakers behind the listener should be high up. This will give the most natural effect and the greatest illusion of being right in the movie or game.

For this, you need speakers that are adjustable for height and speaker stands that won't fall over, Also the look is important- good stands can really make a room look attractive. Tacky stands with cables sticking out the sides can look terrible.

Bookshelf Placement

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Choose a stand that has a solid feel. A solid stand should have little or no sound when you give it a tap with a knuckle. Heavy stands are often the best and some have a hollow pillar or shaft that can be filled with sand to add weight. Select a stand that complements the style, color and appearance of the speakers.

Make sure the stand is stable and cannot be easily tipped over by small children or pets.

Use a stand with speaker spikes on the bottom if you have carpeted floors, or pads if you have hardwood or solid floors. Choose a stand that places the middle of the speaker at ear level when seated


The Hi-fi Super Series B501 is a 22-inches stand for mediumto-large bookshelf speakers up to 16 Kgs. Its stable triangular base with adjustable spikes give an aesthetic appearance and superior stability. High Quality Stainless Steel 'fillable' column provides superior resonance damping. The steel pillar supports the round glass top plate which is equipped with acoustic foam tapes which provide for a stable, non-slip surface. Pillars can be filled with shot for added mass to effectively isolate vibrations and resonance. Base includes carpet spikes and pads for use on any floor surface. And a nifty wire management system keeps you free of clutter.


:> Isolation pads for stable, homogeneous and perfect acoustic isolation

:> Heavy-gauge steel construction provides extreme rigidity and stability.

:> Height adjustable feet with option of spikes for better sound isolation and gripping on carpets or neoprene based feet for use on normal floorings for maximum stability.

:> High quality non magnetic steel for zero interference to the speaker magnets

Home Theater Speaker Stands


The HTX Home Theater Series is an adjustable stand for satellite speakers up to 3 Kgs. Its heavy-gauge angled steel pillar is adjustable from 26 to 43 inches for optimum acoustics. A stable heavy base features unique design for added stability. Includes QuickFit Kit for speakers with either keyholes on the back or screw fittings.


:> Classy design to dress up your interiors

:> Heavy-gauge steel construction provides extreme rigidity and stability. :> Height adjustable

:> Easy fitting

Speaker Swivel Mount


Hooked your home theater speakers on nails? What about the home theater effect. You just want to get the every bit from that system, don't you?

Hook your speakers on these mounts and adjust your speakers at any angle which you desire.


~ Tilt Speaker at various angles without using any hardware. Your fingers will do the job ~ Firm fitting reduces vibration

~ Compatible with all home theaters ~ Affordable price


Car Audio

Home Audio


Home Audio

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bookshelf speakers and woofers for optimum bass.


The effectiveness of SoundBase ™ depends on the ability of the material to form an effective barrier between the noise source and the listener. The barrier supported between two layers of acoustic foam creates an absorption-barrier-absorption sound isolating system. This system maximizes the amount of sound that can be stopped from entering the surface of the speakers.

Sound Base ™ is affordable, easy to implement and really effective at decoupling your speakers from your room and all its contents.

Flat Panel TV Stands


SG 5AVRack


e Modular design for a contemporary look

:> Smooth chrome pillars with sleek black shelving :> Top shelf supports up to 50kgs

e Open architecture maximizes airflow :> 5-shelf black tempered glass

Flat Panel TV Stands


Flat Panel TV Mounts



Full motion motorized wall bracket

Sits just 75mm from wall to complement the sleek look of ultra-thin TVs Supports flat panel tv up to 35kgs

Compatible with TV's from 23" to 42"

Dual programmable positions

Safety mechanism stops motion when movement is obstructed

Flat Panel TV Mounts



Full motion wall brackets for 42"-70" LED, LCD,PDP tvs -15°-+15° tilt, 110° swivel

Universal hole patterns 810 x 610mm Vesa compliant

Wire Management System

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