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I was born in august 21 of 1993 at the General Hospital, I grew up on Medellin,

Antioquia, when I was child I were lived in Girardot whit my mom Claudia and my dad
Henry, she was a housewife and he was a policeman. Then in 1994 when I was only one
year I gave my first steps, in November of that year my mom became pregnant of my
brother Juan Esteban, at that same year my father died and my mom looked up a work as
Health visitor and was hired , my brother was born on 1995. Three years later I started
the kinder garden until my first grade on the 2000. After 5 years studying the elementary
school I started the high school in the Sorjuana Ines de la Cruz institution until nine
grade, I was a very good student, I liked to sing and because of that I was part of the choir
of the church. On the 2009 we went to Robledo and lived there, in that moment I was
doing ten grade and my brother was doing eight grade whit my at the UPB. Mounts later I
got interested on model and I joined an academy. Then on 2010 I passed to eleven grade
and I got graduated in December 3 and went to an amazing party where I had a cool
moment. In that same year mi mom went to Manizales for looked up a better job, off
course she called us every day and pay a lot of attention to us. In 2011 since January I
were studying English, modeling and I want to study medicine at the U de A on the