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Advantages Disadvantages

Run on smaller system Few new programs available

Direct control New program may not work
Boot faster Not fancy
Easier to write program Not compatible with Internet
Stable Command line interface
High degree of customization Bug can cause corruption
Low cost Single user OS
Single tasking OS
Advantages Disadvantages
Basic machine Incompatible
Simplicity Speeding and Crashing
Advantages Disadvantages
Better responsiveness No Multitasking for Win16
Multitasking for Win32 application Weak protection of bug application
Protect the user's current Weak network security
Graphical interface Easily cracked 32-bit key
User friendliness
Task bar
Enhance multimedia support
Better network connectivity
Simplified systems management
Advantages Disadvantages
Compatibility Not very stable
System tools limitation hardware handling

Windows 95

A big milestone (Internet)

Start menu

Windows 98

First version designed specifically for

Works Better, Plays Better